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au where voltron is actually a top secret organisation that people call on when there’s no one to turn to; lance is the #1 sniper, hunk is their weapons developer, pidge is their go-to hacker, keith and shiro are close-combat experts, and of course allura is the brains of the entire operation and regularly seeks out coran, a previous member and an uncle to them all

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We performed the OP to Season 2 of the TV Anime
For the first time at yesterday’s concert for #TSPOOK !
It was our first time performing the song, as well as wearing the outfits.
At first it was drizzling and then at the very end it rained more, but it was the best.
Thanks for coming to see us in the rain!

I forgot to take a full-body pic…
Took a pic of post-concert Saitou covered in sweat and rain.

artists who play shows as big as Taylor have a “rider” which means a list of things they require the venue to send to them when they get to each city, which can literally be anything from an apple to 2 bottles of Jack Fire from 1972, green towels and one (1) beanie baby™️

and i cannot fucking stop wondering if “scrabble” is on Taylor’s rider fkgdjfslhjkfgjsl

Max eating his candy: Damn. I wish it was Halloween.

Gwen as she gets coffee: eh… guess it’s time to take the Halloween things down.

David as he bursts in through the wearing that one Mariah Carey outfit: IIIIIIIII DON’T WANT A LOT FOR CHRISTMAS-!

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the therapist!touka and DID!Kaneki was actually really good i would be excited if you decide to continue with it

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I’ll probably just leave it as headcanons – I don’t feel too comfortable writing an entire fic about a disorder that I don’t fully understand. But here are some more.

@marliem seemed interested in this, so here you go!

Touka is introduced to the infamous “Reaper” personality, entirely by accident. It was during a group session and it was her turn to facilitate. Touka had done it before – and Ken had also been in that session, but he was quiet. When she had asked him to share with the group about his week, he politely declined as was standard for him, and she had allowed it, not wanting to push him.  She expects the same behavior, but she notices that Ken’s demeanor is different the moment that he walks into group.

He walked with a confident swagger now, and sat open legged and bold. When she glances over at him, he gives her a smirk that tells her immediately that she wasn’t dealing with the standard Ken. He doesn’t speak much at first, listening to a few others in the group share. Unnerved, she decides to direct her questions to the others.

There was Tooru Mutsuki, a boy who was in the ward for violent and irratic behavior, though he had apparently improved greatly over time.   He had chosen to speak today, and she took it as a win as the boy was normally meek.

She’s about to move to Takizawa, when Ken breaks his silence.

“What about you?

Touka blinks, eyes moving toward the man sitting at the far end of the circle. He had leaned forward at some point, as though he was very interested in her.

“Excuse me?”

He chuckles. “I mean,” he begins, stressing his words. “What. About. You? You are asking us so many questions – telling us to speak about our week… or whatever fucked up thing landed us in here. So what about you, Ms. Doctor?”

She’s caught off guard – it doesn’t take much guess work to figure out who this personality was based on the casefile, but he wasn’t normally this chatty. He was generally violent – and downright cold according to observations from the head psychiatrist, Yoshimura-san. She decides to take the cautious approach.

“We’re not here for me,” she says as politely as she can.

“Ooooh,” The reaper drawls, “Right, right – we’re all here to listen to eyepatch over there talk about how awesome it was that he was able to go an entire day without stabbing kittens, right?”

Tooru stiffens, and Touka can tell that the boy has shut down immediately. She bites her lips. Damn, this wasn’t good.

“Settle down,” she says, her tone taking a sharp one of warning. “That was unnecessary.”

“Was it? Mucchan doesn’t mind, right?” He says, eyeing the boy slyly from the corner of his eye. Mutsuki fidgets, and Touka can feel her ire beginning to rise. He was dangerous – she needed to keep her temper under control. This was her first job right out of college. She couldn’t fuck this up. After all, she had wanted to help people.

“So – what’s your deal?” Ken continues, “You seem younger than most of the cronies here,” his eyes slide over her body appreciatively, “What’s a girl like you doing here? Let me guess, you want to change the world by fixing the crazies?”

Touka’s lips curl.

Keep it under control. That’s what Yoshimura had said she needed to do if she was going to work here. She couldn’t let any of the patients get under her skin –

“Or does the idea of fixing the crazies just make you hot? Are you one of those frea-”

He isn’t able to finish his sentence as Touka’s clipboard goes flying right into his forehead, practically knocking him out of his chair from the force of it.

She pales.

“Oh, fuck.”