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Kai Parker x Reader
word count 
: 4 036
summary : Kai is trapped at the Armoury when he gets a surprise visitor.
* gif by me

    “No. Damon, let go of me!” she raised her voice, elbowing the vampire who didn’t even flinch. “I am going to see him and its not up for discussion. He has to know and I have to at least say goodbye to him before you decide to send him away or worse – kill him again.”
Y/N took a step towards the cells when Damon flashed before her. “You are not going.”
   “Yes. I am.“ she said more determined. “You are not going to rob our chance to see each other again.”
   “He is a psychopath !”
   “Just because you all see him like this, doesn’t mean I do or that I ever will! We’ve all done awful things. You can’t judge him for something he did and not hold everyone else by the same standard.” she tried to fight her way through the vampire who tried to push her away. “Damon, move or I swear to God –”

Kai got up, rubbing his sweaty palms on his jeans before roughly running his fingers through his hair. He could hear her footsteps nearing, then it sounded as if she fell and next she broke into a run. There might be at least one upside to being locked up in a cell at the Armoury –he was going to see her again. He missed her and every little thing about her so much. He missed how her nose crinkled when she told a lie, how she ran her fingers through her hair when she was nervous and her smile – her smile with the unbelievable ability to make the darkest moments brighter. Most of all he missed having her in his arms, kissing her, falling asleep and waking up next to her. Not that he’d get to do any of those things seeing how he had just heard her say she was there to say goodbye to him.
After coming back he had tried so many times to find her but each attempt had ended up in failure.Later on had even asked Damon, but the vampire had been so vague in his answer, Kai had almost convinced himself having her in his life had been a dream. That hearing her say ‘I love you’ had been a trick his mind had played on him. That loving her had been just the empathy he had gained from Luke but now he was sure it had all been real. He had never been more sure about anything else – he loved her and he wasn’t going to let go of her. Not that easily.
About a minute passed before Y/N showed up on the other side of the large glass, holding a key card in her hand. Her expression was guarded but her eyes lit up instantly when she saw him. He could hear her heart racing faster than a hummingbirds’ wings and knew it had nothing to do with the fact she had been running. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. His girl had been so impatient she had actually ran towards him.
   "Hi.“ smiled Kai nervously, taking a step towards the glass. A sigh left his lips realising she hadn’t changed a bit. His girl looked exactly the same, perhaps even hotter than the last time he had seen her and his breath got caught in his throat instantly. For someone who usually didn’t stop talking, he felt absolutely tongue tied in that moment. “Woawh, you look absolutely stunning.”
Y/N glanced at her clothes – ripped in the knees black jeans with paint stains from her art classes earlier and a black/white sleeveless t-shirt, her hair was definitely a mess and her eyes were puffy from all the sad/happy tears she had probably shed since finding out he was back. “You must’ve really missed me to think this is stunning.” she laughed under her breath.
   "You always look stunning.“ he smiled, glancing at his shoes for a moment. “D-did you miss me ?”
   "I did.“ she ran her fingers through her hair. “More than you can imagine, but -”
   "Ahh, there is a but.“ his expression darkened. “That’s not good, is it ?”
Y/N shook her head, glancing at her shoes for a moment before looking at him. “I came to say goodbye.”
   "Are you going to say goodbye through the glass ? Cuz that would hurt a lot more than dying and being in Hell ever did.“ he said, unable to hide the notes of hurt in his voice. “Can’t I get at least one last chance to hold you in my arms ?”
Y/N smiled at him, swiped the key card she had been playing with in her hands for the past few minutes and walked inside, the door closing shut behind her. Instantly Kai pulled her in his arms taking in her familiar scent while her arms wrapped around him, holding him tighter by the second. Seeing her say she had come to say goodbye it became clear to him that was not the real reason why she had gone to see him.
   "God, I missed having you in my arms.“ he whispered, finally feeling complete again after all the literal Hell he had been through and everything felt absolutely perfect until the moment she pulled away, or at least tried to.   “No, no. Don’t – not yet.” his grip around her tightened. “Four years. I haven’t held you in my arms for four years. There is no way I am ever letting you go now.”
   "Kai –“ she pushed him away, placed her hands on his shoulders and took a a few steps away from him. “I told you –”
   "D-don’t say it. Y/N, please. I can’t be without you in my life.” he took a step towards her, and another until he was standing so close to her she could feel his breath on her face. “I know I screwed up, repeatedly, and then got myself killed. I know I broke your heart but I can change. I will change –”
   "Kai, don’t –“ she pushed him an arms length away, feeling his heart racing in his chest. His smoky blue eyes looked so blue in that moment it made her knees go weak and she forced her gaze away. “Don’t make this any harder than it needs to be.” she said, feeling her eyes sting with tears. “I – I came to say goodbye.”
Kai took a small step towards her, brushing his palm against her cheek and almost instantly she leaned in towards it.  
   "I hurt you. I know.” he said softly. “I linked your best friends growing up together and made it so you won’t ever see Elena again just to get back at Bon Bon for hurting my… feelings. I acted on an impulse not realising I will lose you … and my head, literally, afterwards.” he held onto her wrist and placed her hand on his cheek while slowly backing her against the large cell-glass. “Losing you, not having you in my arms – that was the real Hell and the only way I will ever feel truly alive again is having you by my side. Even as a friend, however painful that is. Just please –”
   "Kai, I told you. I came to say goodbye.” she said quietly, avoiding his gaze. “I can’t be your friend or love you anymore. I don’t. You have to let me go. It’s for the best.”
   "No. No, you are lying.” he shook his head slightly, seeing her crinkle her nose. “You came for me. I heard the way you spoke. You still feel something for me, other ways you wouldn’t be here.”
   "It’s the truth. I know it is.” he rested his forehead on hers, their fingers intertwining together. “It’s in your eyes. I can hear it in your heartbeat, feel it in your body language. You still love me.”
   “I don’t.” she looked at her shoes.
   “Look me in the eyes and tell me this.”
Kai braced his hand on the glass, feeling the magic coming from the surface and sighed. It would be so easy for him to siphon it and get himself free. Her friends obviously hadn’t had a clue how all the magical artefacts had fuelled the walls and every single nook and cranny of the Armoury with magic. He could siphon it all, wrap his arms around her and whoosh them away somewhere they can’t be overheard and can begin their eternity together just like they had always wanted. Perhaps she was acting like this and saying all those things because she knew her friends were listening in, but he didn’t intend on giving up that easily. Not after everything they had been through.
   "Give me one more chance.” he lifted her chin up, forcing her to look at him, lovingly gazing in her eyes. “I will be good, for you. I promise. I promise, I will try. I love you. I never stopped.”
Y/N snorted. Kai looked at her confused watching her morph into Seline right before his eyes. Instantly he took a step back. A tornado of emotions swirled in his mind in the span of seconds – mostly anger and pain.
   “Owhh, did you really think she was here? Look how pathetic you’ve become.Love ?”
   "You.” he whooshed himself towards her and slammed her in the glass, wrapping his hand around her neck. “Where is she? What have you done to her?”
   "She’s fine, sort of. Taking a magical nap upstairs.” smirked the siren. “You made a deal with Cade. No sentimental attachments. Did you really think you can hide her existence from him ?”
Kai tried to strangle the siren, suddenly realising Seline had been in his head the entire time. The siren lifted her hand, waving her fingers at him through the large glass.
   "If you touch her, I swear I will kill you.”
   "You can’t.” stated the siren. “I am immortal.”
   "Damon !!!” shouted Kai, listening in on their conversation upstairs. How hadn’t he noticed the voices from above earlier? Had the siren been really that deep in his mind he hadn’t figured it out sooner? Or maybe he had let the thought his girl was standing before him distract him from everything else. “YOU HAVE TO WAKE HER UP !!!”
   "They can’t wake her. No one can.” said the siren. “Your girl won’t make it until the end of the day with that thing eating at her brain and even if by some spectacular miracle she does, she won’t be the same.”
Kai felt all air being sucked out of his lungs. Out of everyone he had met in his entire life Y/N had been the first to truly believe in him, care for him and love him so much she had tried to stand in Damon’s way the night of the wedding. The bravest human in Mystic Falls willing to sacrifice her own life to save the man she loved. And he was willing to do the same for her. He knew he had to save her or at least try to, otherwise he would never be able to live with himself.
   "They might not be able to but I can.“ said Kai with determination and closed his eyes, placing his hand on the glass, siphoning its magic away. He tried to focus on what was happening upstairs while the siren started singing, trying to get him to stop which only confirmed his suspicions – he could wake her up. Every time the siren’s voice tried to strip him if his free will he got lost in all the happy memories he had – each of them involving Y/N until the siren’s voice started to dissolve. Kai used magic to choke Seline and stop her from singing. The glass shattered and alarms started to sound all through the Armoury along with flashing red lights. Caroline flashed downstairs glancing between Seline laying on the ground and Kai, who only glanced at her and whooshed himself upstairs in a second.
   "Don’t –” he said raising his hands in defence seeing everyone’s shocked expressions. “– don’t kill me. You might not give a damn about me, but we all care about her.” he pointed at Y/N laying unconscious on the sofa.
Bonnie stared daggers at him while Stefan and Damon glanced at each other and the vampire chased after Kai, who whooshed himself to Y/N’s side in a split second. He knelt down next to her and quickly put on a boundary spell around them so no one tries to separate him from her.
   "It’s going to be okay.” said Kai softly, kissing her forehead while gently stroking her hair. “I will get you back. You and I – we have unfinished business. I have a lot to make up for. We have so many things to do together, remember ?”
   "Step away from her, twirp.” said Damon but Stefan held him back.
   "Bonnie has been trying to wake her for almost half an hour.” said his brother. “Let him try.”
   "Have you lost your damn mind ?! What if –”
   "Her mind is drowning.” said Bonnie, “ I can’t break through whatever Seline did to her. She is dying. We can’t let her die !”
Kai clenched his jaw. “We can argue about it later. Seline is downstairs. I suggest you go deal with that while I wake Y/N up before she –” he swallowed hard. No, he wouldn’t even dare think it let alone say it. No, he was going to get her back.
A moment later he closed his eyes and entered her sub-conscience.

Kai took a step through the doorway, recognising the place instantly – the barn, after he had shattered the glass windows and had killed himself. Worse, just before Damon killed him. As if from a distance he heard his own voice  ‘That’s it ? He just left you ? The whole point was that this would torture him for a while. I mean, you’d think he’d at least flip a coin. Heads he picks you, tails he picks –” followed by a piercing scream. Her scream. Kai ran towards her, right past Bonnie who was being healed by Damon, and knelt on the ground next to her. Y/N was standing barely a few feet away from his headless body. Her hands hugged her knees, blood covered her dress and her gaze was locked straight ahead, drifting from time to time towards his dead body. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she kept muttering something to herself which sounded a lot like ‘This is not real. It’s not real. You are not dead. You can’t be dead.‘ 
    “Y/N ?“ he gently rubbed her shoulder. "I am here. I am here, I’m not dead. Well, I am but I am not. It’s complicated, I guess." 
Y/N looked up confused, looking straight at him but her gaze was so unfocused it didn’t even appear she could see him. Her hands shot for her head and she screamed in pain, repeating the same words over and over. He took her hand and gently kissed her knuckles while she looked around and right through him. "N-no. S-stop it. I can’t – please make it stop.”
    “Stop ? Stop what ?” he asked, hearing his own voice again. Kai looked up and saw himself, looking around confused just as Damon had left. Then Y/N showed up almost 5 seconds before Damon did. She tried to stand in the vampire’s way but Damon pushed her away and she fell on the ground, her scream piercing the air while the eldest Salvatore raised his hand and swiftly beheaded him again. It took Kai a split second to realise Seline had trapped Y/N on a repeating loop of the most painful memory in her life. 
    “Listen to me. Hey, Y/N –” he cupped her face. “This is not real. I am here with you.  Look at me.”
    “No. No, you are dead.” she sobbed, holding her head in her hands while the memory played on repeat. “Y-you died.”
    “I’m not dead, trouble.” he brushed his palm against her cheek. “I’m back. Seline trapped you in your own mind. Hey, look at me.”
He tried to get her attention but it didn’t seem she could even see him. It was almost as if a part of her mind had shut down and he tried and tried to figure out what to do to get her to snap out of it. He gripped her wrists and did the first thing that popped into his head. He kissed her. 
At first her lips didn’t respond to the kiss and she continued to trash against him. Then she stopped and returned the kiss, their lips moving against each other like they had thousands of times before. Slowly he pulled away, gazing into her eyes. 
    “K-Kai ?” she said, shock and surprise flashing on her face in the span of seconds. “OH my God !”
    “Ahh, there she is.” grinned Kai, instantly pulling her in his arms. “You scared me to death ! Y/N –” he cupped her face. “– tell me what happened so I can wake you up. What did Seline did to you ? Did she say something ?”
    “Seline ?” she asked confused. “W-wake me up ? What are you talking about ? H-how are we here ?”
    “We are in your head. You came to the Armoury to .. say goodbye and Seline, the siren you know the tall dark haired one, did something to you. You um –” he glanced at their fingers intertwined together. “You will die unless I wake you up.”
    “I – I don’t know what she did.” she wiped away tears from her cheeks and took a deep breath. “I was – I was walking down to the cells to see you and get you out. Someone jumped me and smacked my head against the wall. Next thing I know – I was here. Watching you die again… and again. I – Kai. Kai, I have to tell you something.”
    “Whatever it is, it will have to wait.” he swallowed hard, noticing how the lights around them flickered synchronised with her heart beat and were slowly starting to die down. “You can say goodbye after I save you.”
    “Goodbye ?” she questioned. “No. I didn’t come to say goodbye. No, I came for you, to tell you –”
    “You – you came for me ?” he smiled and she nodded. “Whatever it is, you can tell me later because you are
not dying today. I will not let that happen.” he said determined. He looked around and closed his eyes, muttering a spell after spell holding her in his arms tighter than ever as if doing so would protect her from whatever it is coming next. Y/N cupped his face with one hand and pressed her lips against his. Instantly he returned the kiss before pushing her away slightly gazing in her eyes. There was nothing more he hated in this world than seeing her eyes filled with tears. Except maybe realising the spell he had tried hadn’t worked and they were still trapped there. He felt as if his heart was being ripped out of his chest watching the lights around them starting to die down, but refused to even let the thought inside his mind. 
    “There might not be later.” she said quietly. “Listen to me, if I don’t make it… W-when I’m gone –”
    “No.” he shook his head feeling water start to pool in his eyes. “Don’t say that. You will be alright. I will get you out. This is not a goodbye.”
    “No. It’s not.” she smiled. “Kai, you have to tell Caroline I told you about Peter. He looks so much like you, by the way. Actual mischief in human form.”
    “What?” asked Kai confused, remembering how she had told her friends that ‘he has to know’.
Y/N smiled through tears at him. “I found out I was pregnant after the wedding. You have a son.”
    “What ?” he smiled at her, trying to picture their child in his mind. “I have a son ? Oh my God –” he grinned, smashing his lips against hers. He wondered if their child will love him, if maybe he was a siphoner like his dad or not. Either way Kai knew he’d love him and will do whatever it takes to protect him. And try his best to be the best father in the world.
    “MOMMY !” called out a child’s voice.
Kai opened his eyes, looking around confused when a small boy who could’ve been his twin if they were back in the 70’s ran past him. His lips curled into a smile recognising the boy as his son and quickly he got up, realising his girl wasn’t in his arms anymore. She was standing a few metres away from him, catching their son as he ran into her arms. Y/N lifted up the little boy in her arms and motioned for Kai to follow them as they walked through the cemetery, sun rays seeping through the trees. He shortened the distance between them in an instant. Y/N sat on one of the small stone benches, let Peter’s feet on the ground and Kai watched as the little boy sat on the ground before them next to a tomb stone, smiling wider than ever at his parents while playing with a small blue car toy in his hands.
    “That’s him ?” smiled Kai, his gaze drifting between his son and the girl he loved the most. Y/N nodded. “He is perfect.”
    “He will need you.” she said, taking Kai’s hand while they watched their son make the toy car float in the air, following Peter’s eye movements until the car bumped into the grave stone. That’s when he noticed the name engraved on the tomb stone – his name, Malachai ‘Kai’ Parker. Why wasn’t he surprised she had taken the time to bury him ? How many nights and/or days she had spent here alone, crying ? “Whatever happens… if I make it or not. Promise me you will be there for him.”
    “Nothing is going to happen. I will wake you up or put you in a magical coma until I find a spell to wake you and –”
    “Promise me.”
    “I am
not losing you. I can’t lose you. I just got you back.”
    “Kai –”
Kai sighed. “Always. I promise.” he said feeling more determined than ever to wake her up. “I love you, trouble.”
Y/N cupped his face with one hand, gazing into his eyes. “I love you too.”
He rested his forehead on hers and started chanting again, all his heightened emotions fuelling his magic powers and he continued muttering a spell after spell until the ground shook and suddenly he woke up in the real world.

    “What happened ?” asked Damon. “Did it work ?”
Kai looked around, startled, listening to her weak heartbeat. His girl had come to get him, not to say goodbye. She had come to tell him he had a family, that after all this time he had people who love him unconditionally. She still loved him and now –
    “Answer me, twirp !” He lightly shook his head, looking at her for almost a whole minute before her eyes fluttered open and she gasped for air. A collective sigh of relief sounded in the Armoury. Caroline and Bonnie smiled through tears, while Stefan rubbed his fiance’s shoulders and Damon grinned at Y/N.
    “Welcome back.” said Stefan smiling. Y/N smiled back looking around at everyone and then at Kai as if seeing him for the first time.
    “I thought I lost you !” he said softly, smiling through tears while cupping her face before pulling her in his arms. “I never would’ve forgiven myself if something had happened to you. A-are you okay ?”
Y/N lightly pushed him away, glancing between him and her friends with confusion in her eyes. 
    “Y/N ?” said Kai smiling nervously. “I’m back, I’m alive.”
    “S-sorry.” she smiled nervously. “W-who are you?”




AU sketches based on @iamterra‘s headcanons and this song.

 Thank you so much for providing me with headcanons, I’m thirsty with these kinds of stuff ‘cuz I’m blank atm lol.

huffle-dork  asked:

Cuz I miss schneep with all my heart I would like some Schneeple fluff! Maybe something with anti? Which could result in angst which is also okay ;)

(We’ll say this happened before “Kill Jacksepticeye” or possibly in another timeline where it just doesn’t happen. Anywho *rubs hands together* lemme see what I got!)

Schneep rubs his neck and sighs deeply. It’s been a rough day… week… month… Marvin got the measles. Chase and Jackie have had more injuries than he can count, and if Jameson burns himself one more time, Schneep swears he’s going to shove that child into a protective bubble or something. He’s about to nod off when Anti practically drops into his lap, glitching into the air just above Schneep’s head with a static-filled yelp.

“What the–?” Schneep screams as Anti lands awkwardly on top of his desk before rolling onto the ground and moaning in pain. “Anti! What in ze vorld ah you doing?”

Anti sits up, and only then does Schneep see puffy red claw marks across the glitch’s face, blood beading on his skin along the fine lines as he glares grumpily up at the doctor. “I tried to pet the cat, but it wouldn’t let me.”

Schneep almost laughs but quickly stops himself and instead pats the edge of his desk. “Have a seat! I vill clean you up good!”

Anti hops up onto the desk and hangs his legs over the edge as Schneep gets out the rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. “Now zis might shting a little!” he warns and then begins dabbing carefully at the cuts as Anti hisses and howls like a child. “Now, now, Anti, you must not make such a fuss. If I do not clean ze wounds, they could become infected, and I doubt that even you vould like zat.”

Anti crosses his arms over his chest and pouts as the Doctor finishes cleaning his face and then pulls out the box of Spiderman band-aids he keeps in his desk. Once he’s covered most of Anti’s face, he places his hands on his hips proudly and smiles. “Zere, now you vill be all bettah!”

Anti pokes his cheek and yelps when it stings, and Dr. Schneeple clicks his tongue. “Do not touch! You vill need to be careful not to disturb ze cuts vile zey are healing!” He ruffles Anti’s hair fondly and grins. “But soon enough you vill be good as new.”

“I guess so…” Anti grumbles and then winks. “Thanks, Schneep.” Then the glitch notices the way the Doctor’s eyes seem rather tired, and he tilts his head to the side, glitching slightly. “You look terrible! What’s wrong?”

Schneep chuckles softly and shakes his head. “I am just tired. You all are quite difficult to look after! It is a lot of work to keep you healthy, zat is all, but I do not mind.”

Anti squints at Schneep and then pokes out his bottom lip in thought. “Ok, whatever ya say…” And with that, he glitches away.

For the next few days, however, Schneep is not called to patch up Chase’s scraped knees or Jackie’s bruises or Marvin’s slight temperature or even a burn from Jameson. All seems to be almost unnaturally quiet, not that Schneep minds. It’s only later that he comes across Anti cornering Marvin as the little magician whines about a nasty bump on his head.

“I told ya! No botherin’ the Doctor until he’s had some rest!” Anti sticks the end of his knife against the tip of Marvin’s nose so that the magician’s eyes are crossed when he looks fearfully at it. “And I mean it!”

Schneep smirks and makes a mental note to correct Anti’s behavior later, even though he definitely appreciates the thought… and the break.

GOT7 Reaction: You being infertile (request)

A/N:Sorry this took so long. Some things happened and we all shifted the reactions around in order to have time to deal with what we needed to focus on. Sorry for any errors.


He came home as deflated as ever. All he wanted to do was sleep and forget everything that was on his mind. He sluggishly moved towards the bedroom, his eyes purposely avoided the room that was meant to be a nursery. “Gotta remember to change that back into the home office.” he thought

He walked into the bedroom making sure to be as quiet as possible to not disturb the sleeping y/n. Once done with his quick, half-assed evening routine, he climbed under the sheets.

“Mark?” Y/n’s voice peeped.

“Hi babe.”he whispered as he settled into his side of the bed. “I’m just coming home, go back to sleep.” he said with a quick kiss to her cheek, missing her lips in the dark.

“Are you mad at me?” she asked randomly.

“Mad? I’m not mad.”

“You haven’t said a word to me since the appointment.”

“Yes I have.”

“Cursing under your breathe while driving home and saying hi and bye to me isn’t “talking to me”, Mark.”

“Well you haven’t been talking either.”

“Because I’m sad! And I’m still sad.” she said in a whimper

“I’m sad too okay. So maybe, I don’t feel like talking, but that doesn’t mean I’m mad at you.”

“How am I supposed to know that when you completely shut me out.”

“Because what can I say to make anything better?” Y/n the few things that you have been saying are all things I was thinking also! I couldn’t open my mouth and agree and make you feel worse.Yes, I am sad that we can’t have a baby. Yes, I feel stupid that we tried so fucking hard for so long for nothing. Yes, this whole thing is unfair. Yes, I am heart broken that we can’t start a family of our own, but no, I’m not mad at you. I could never me mad at you over this. Y/n, just because you are the one that is infertile, doesn’t mean that this is your fault and I don’t ever want you to feel like you are at fault.” 

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“Infertile” The word just rang in his ears. The doctor walked out of the office, giving him and y/n a moment to take it in. But he didn’t feel the need “to take it in”, it all had to be wrong, it just had to.There was no way y/n could be infertile, there just wasn’t. She was in amazing health, he was in amazing health, how could they not be able to have a baby?

Y/n sat quietly next to him in her chair as his mind continued to race. The more he thought about the whole thing the more upset he became. The whole situation was just so unfair.

“She couldn’t have been serious…” His voice broke through the deafening silence that filled the small room. “So she’s saying we can’t have kids? That we can’t have kids?” He turned to y/n, who only sat still and expressionless. “There are stupid and evil people out in the wold just popping kids out, but we can’t have kids even after how hard we’ve tried?!?”

“…I’m sorry.” Y/n said in a soft mumble.

“We’re good people, we’d be good parents. Fuck, we treat our cats better than some people treat their kids. Wh- why do we have to go through this? Making a baby should be the easiest part of all this!”

“I’m sorry.” Y/n repeated in a whimper.

It wasn’t until then that JB realized that Y/n had been crying. That was when his anger left him and he immediately moved to her. “Sorry? What are you sorry for?”

“B-because I -I can’t gi-give us a baby. It’s-s my fault!” she cried as she dug her face into her hands.

He gently pulled her into a hug.”It’s not your fault. Jagi, none of this is your fault.”

“Yes it is! I’m the reason we can’t have a baby! What kind of woman am i if i can’t even have a baby?”

“Jagi, look at me.” he said softly


“Jagi…” Now was the moment to put his own feelings aside and try to be the positive voice to y/n. “Y/n, don’t feel like this is your fault. I’m sorry if i made you feel like that, but i wasn’t trying to make you feel bad… Jagi, just please look at me.”

Finally she did so. Her face was streaked with tears. The way she was looking up at him just broke his heart.

“So, yes, this sucks… this really, really- really sucks. And it’s okay to be sad. I’m sad too and mad, not mad at you, just mad at the situation, but… but just because it’s a sad situation, doesn’t means its a bad situation… Like- Like i said before, there are lots of people there having kids, but we got to remember that not everyone gets to keep their kids-”

“I know! That’s why it’s not fucking fair that I can’t have a baby!” she said with a wavering voice. “And- and-” she couldn’t even get herself to talk anymore because she started crying again.

“Y-yes, but what i’m trying to say is that we can be the ones to take a child in. We can still adopt! We have alot of love to give. IF we can;t have a child of our own, we can always care for and love a child, or children, whose parents couldn’t or wouldn’t care for them. Just because we can’t ever have our own kids, doesn’t mean we can’t ever have kids.”

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He finally returned home after a long day of recording. It was pretty late in the night so he was rather surprised to find y/n awake just sitting at the kitchen table. More surprising was that he caught her drinking some beer.

“Jagi, what are you still doing up?” He asked as he walked toward her (noticing she was on her second bottle now), giving her a quick kiss then taking the empty seat next to her. “And hwy are you drinking? I thought in the pregnancy article you read a clean diet and full 8  hours of sleep helps with like fertility and stuff. You were making a big deal about it last week.” he tried to keep casual, despite the fact that he was a bit concerned about this. This whole late night drinking thing just wasn’t her style.

“There’s no point to all that stuff anymore… There never was a point.” she grumbled as she took another swig of her beer. 

On top of her grumpy tone, he was noticing that her cheeks were shiny and her eyes were puffy and slightly red. “What are you talking about?” he asked nervously. This behavior wasn’t like y/n at all and his mind raced to figure out what could be making her behave this way.

“…I went to that doctor’s appointment today, you know, that one to see what exactly was the reason I haven’t gotten pregnant yet.” she mumbled in a slight slur. “Turns out all this diet crap and eliminating  stress bullshit was just a waste of time, cuz i’m- I’m infertile.” she whimpered. Her eyes were beginning to get watery as her lip quivered.


A few tears slid down her cheeks. “Yup… That’s what the doctor said”

He could feel what little energy he had in his body drain out. He slouched back in his chair as if someone had just knocked the wind out of him. After the day he had, just to come home and find out this, he just didn’t want to believe it. “So we can’t have kids of our own?”

“That’s what infertile means!” she said harshly. “…Well, I can’t, you still can. Leave me and go find some whose body can actually function and you can have all the kids you want.”

“Y/n, don’t even go there!” he said a bit too sternly.

Y/n’s face fell expressionless just as she took another gulp of her beer.

He grabbed her hand, making her put the drink down. “y/n, just because we can’t have kids doesn’t mean its the end of the world.”

“To me it does!”

“No, it doesn’t, we still have options right? Of course we do!” he answered himself before she could bring herself down anymore. “We, uh, we can give invitro a try! At least once. If that doesn’t work, then we can try a surrogate, if you don’t want to do that, then we can adopt!” He hoped that the more options he threw at her, the less disappointment they would felt over the whole situation. “We talked about adoption before remember?” he waited for her response, but nothing. “Jagi, you remember that we talked about it like a few weeks ago?”

“Yeah” she frowned

He brought her into a hug, seeing how sad she still was. “We said that we’d adopt after having our first. Well, now we’ll just skip step one of our life plan and go straight to number two! You and I raising kids that we love, that’s the point of our plan, it doesn’t matter if they are biologically ours or not.”

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Finally he was home from his week in China. It had been great being back in China, seeing his parents, being in his home, but he was even happier to be returning to y/n, especially after being so busy that they had no time to talk.

“Babe!” he called out as he walked through the door. “I’m finally home!” 

Y/n emerged from the bedroom as beautiful as ever in an over-sized t-shirt and sweatpants. There was a tiny smile on her face as she ran up to him and tackled him with a hug.

He attacked her face with kisses, “I missed you so much!” *kiss* Why did we both have to be so busy *kiss* we barely talked *kiss*” He grabbed her, bringing her down with him as he flopped his tired body on the couch and settled her on top of him. “I wish you came with me like last time. My parents were disappointed they couldn’t see you. But I told my mom about us wanting a little one and she gave me a whole list of names that she would like our future mini us to have haha.” To his surprise he saw y/n frown a bit. “Don’t worry they are all only suggestions, she won’t hate you if you don’t like any of them.” he added.

However, her frown didn’t leave her face “…Jackson…” 


Y/n pulled herself up and sat up straight. He did the same quickly picking up on the serious vibe in the room.

“Remember how I was supposed to have a doctors appointment while you were gone?” she began.


“…Well, the doctor gave me some news…”

“Good news? Like finally? Are you actually pregnant?” he asked with excitement.

All he got in return was a deeper frown growing on y/n’s face

“…So no luck this time either then?” he sighed

Y/n gave the tiniest of nobs, her eyes already getting watery. “…And there’s more”

“What is it?” he asked nervously.

“…I’m infertile.” she said with shame

“You’re what?”

“I-I ’m the reason we cant have a b-baby.” she sniffled. “The doctor let me know, that, you know, my body- It just won’t allow it.”

He couldn’t help but stare at y/n with such intensity. She just had to be messing with him somehow. What he wanted to believe was that she was putting up an act to trick him with bad news, and just give him the real news already. But the more he looked at her the more he could see how genuinely upset she was.

He could feel this ugly pain growing in his chest. It literally felt like his heart was being squeezed. All those daydreams he thought of he and y/n raising a girl or a boy that was just the perfect mix of them were all for nothing now. Every expectation and standard he had about being a father was all just a puff of smoke now. He fell back into the couch just feeling so empty.

He could feel her staring at him, waiting for his response. At a lost for words all her did was pull her close and let out a heavy breath.It took while until he could finally get himself to say “I’m sad now.” but even them his voice cracked over the lump forming in his throat.

“Me too” y/n said in a clear voice, but her cheeks streaked with tears. “I’m sorry”

He pulled her into a tighter hug. he felt mad at himself for making her feel bad. “I love you” were the only words that he could get out at the moment, but he knew that those were the only ones that mattered for now.

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“You’re infertile?” What y/n just told him didn’t completely make sense. Just a few days ago she had taken a few test, one actually coming back positive, but now after a few doctors appointments, she infertile. 

“Yeah” she frowned.

Immediately his fingers began to fidget with the wedding ring on his left hand. Ever since their wedding, it had become a habit to fidget with his ring whenever he felt nervous or bored.Right now he caught himself doing it again and almost let out an ironic laugh.  He never thought he would really get married, but that changed when he met y/n. Alot of things changed when she came into the picture.

After getting married, she pushed the idea of having kids. It wasn’t something he wanted at first, especially so soon into getting married, but the more she talked about it, the more excited he was in being a dad. When they officially started trying to get pregnant, he even caught himself daydreaming of what life would be like when they had a little one around. But now… now he could feel everything just crumble away at his feet. 

“So, at least you know, you kinda got what you wanted, not having kids and stuff. At least we got married like i wanted to, not that”common law” crap you kept giving me” she said in an attempt to sound positive about the whole thing.

“What do you mean i got what i wanted? I-I want kids too now.”

“But I can’t have any!” now her voice sounded sad and frustrated. 

“But we still have options right?” he asked in desperation. “Us having kids isn’t impossible! Like c’mon, look we are married now, remember how impossible it seemed to convince me on us getting married? Look at us now! We are going to have kids, I know we are!

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“Dude what am i going to fucking do?!?”

“Bro just chill. Stop thinking about it.” Yugyeom said calmly.

‘How can i “chill”?!? Y/n might be pregnant! I can’t be a dad right now!”

“No shit, but panicking isn’t gonna make the whole thing any better.”

“Well what else-” Bambam was them cut off by his ringtone for y/n going off and Immediately he answered. ““Y/n, what’s the news?

“…C-can you come over?” Y/n’s voice was so soft over the phone. “We need to talk…”


She opened the door with a frown on her face and he expected the worse. 

“You’re pregnant! You’re pregnant aren’t you?!?” He panicked as he ran into her place.


“What are we going to do?!? We are too young to be parents! I’m way too busy to be a dad! We aren’t even married! We aren’t even-”

“Bambam i’m not pregnant.” she said blankly

He stopped on the stop. “you’re not?”

“No.” she said with a straight face.

“Thank goodness.” 

There was a feeling of relief that he couldn’t describe.

“Good, this is good” he said as he let out a deep breath as if he just ran two miles

“…yeah” her reaction was nothing like his

“Aren’t you relieved y/n? “ he couldn’t help but ask, noticing her unpleasantness over the whole thing.

“Yes and no.”

He stayed quiet noticing that she had more she was going to say.”

“I’m relieved that we aren’t pregnant this time… but i also t found out i can’t get pregnant at all…” her expression became sour just getting the words out.

“What? How did you even find that out? You only went to see if you were pregnant, did you really do a whole check up every time you go or something?”

“…No… I haven’t been completely honest… There have been a few other times before I thought we had a little mistake, but each time it was nothing.” Here voice was just a soft mumble, just like on the phone earlier. 

“This time i genuinely thought it was real so when we looked further into it- Well it just explains hwy i never got pregnant before.” 

He didn’t really know how to take the news. He and y/n weren’t too serious, but they also weren’t complete strangers.

“Well… That means you can fuck without a condom!” he said trying to look on the bright side. 

Quickly she threw him an angry look.

“You know what? I shouldn’t have told you. You can just leave now.” she said in a grumble. 

“I’m sorry” he said just as fast. “I crossed the line…I don’t really know what to say… I just said something i thought that would make you laugh or something”

“Then just leave” she repeated

He wanted to do what she told him, but he couldn’t, seeing how upset she was and it felt wrong to just leave her this upset. He stayed still , not wanting to go.

“Bam, seriously leave. I just want to be alone right now.”

Still he didn’t listen. Instead he went up to her, putting a hand on her back, on for her to slap his hand away.

“Bambam, leave!”


“Why? So you can awkwardly “cheer me up” with depressing comments? I know you don’t want to be a dad, but didn’t you ever think that i would want to be a mom one day?!?” Here eyes were red and watery and she was in a sad rage. “Just because I didn’t want to be pregnant right now doesn’t mean I don’t ever want to be pregnant! But turns out i don’t even have the option, to like you care! So just leave!” she shouted

And now was the time to leave to avoid upsetting her even more. He walked to the door in defeat, but he turned to her just to give a her a few more words. “Y/n, Just because I don’t want to be a dad right now doesn’t mean i don’t ever want to be a dad either. I know we aren’t too close or too serious, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you. I don’t like seeing you upset, so if you do want to talk about this, then i’m all ears.” he said before he walked out the door.

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It wasn’t supposed to be a night where many people would be out, but with his luck the mall was just packed with people. Being in the crowded area had him feeling paranoid. He He didn’t want to leave the safety of the clothing store and navigate through the sea of people to the next store y/n was dragging him to.He wanted to tell her it was probably  time to go back home, but when he looked down at her, she looked like she was having so much fun being out and about.

He decided to stick with the date, being as unnoticeable as possible (which was hard to do considering that he was way taller than most people and that his brightly dyed hair kept peeking out of his beanie).

As he held himself back from being his loud goofy self in order to lay low, he distracted himself by taking notice of all the other mall visitors around him. They all seemed to be families. Young couples were all over, walking around and cooing at their babies and seeing them made his mind wander. He began to think of what it would be like if he and y/n were like one of the other young couple with a baby of their own here at the mall. As the cute thoughts began to fill his head, be had to admit that the idea of fatherhood didn’t seem that dad.

After about an hour of wandering from store to store, he and y/n finally went to the food court to eat. This is where they really had a moment to sit and talk without y/n getting distracted. “Y/n, have you ever thought about kids?” he asked 

Y/n’s eyebrows hot up at his random topic ”…Kids? Why are you talking about kids all of a sudden?”

He shrugged “I don’t know There area lot of kids around, and it got me thinking about, you know, us having kids one day…”

That’s when y/n frowned a bit. “…Do you like really really want kids?”

Again he shrugged. “Not now obviously, maybe one day i don’t know. I wouldn’t mind us having kids in the future.” He babbled nervously as he was unprepared by his own topic. “I mean of you want kids too and all. I don’t know i just , I don’t know. All the kids here look really cute and it just got me thinking that’s all.”

“…Well… I only ask cuz… A few years ago i found something out.” she said quiet, almost as if she was embarrassed. “I found out that- that i can’t have kids of my own, i’m infertile. “she mumbled as she played with a piece of her food.


“Yeah, so i only wanted to make sure if it was something you really wanted, cuz i didn’t want to disappoint you or anything. I just want you to know so that, if kids are really your thing, and you want biological kids, well then… you can find some one who can give you some haha.” she laughed nervously at her awkward wording, trying to hide the dark message she was trying to give. “I mean i want kids, but the only option for me really is adaption, you know?” still she looked down at her food, 

“… y/n…” he waited until she looked up at him. She barely did so, letting her hair fall over her eyes to hide herself a bit “We are still young ans all and i am still busy you know, with  GOT7, so kids won’t be an option for know i guess…. But  later, i would want to… i think… and whether kids would be our or not, as long as i have you to have a family with, that’s all i care about.”

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alexbellen  asked:

Hello dear~ I am new to this request thing but I would love to see Hanzo, 76,Genji,and Reaper(separate) in love with or courting a fluffy(bigger gal who is about 5'8 a little taller then most gals) southern who is a huge sweetheart! who is a healer but if not that's fine~ She loves them no matter what they do or did and loves showing them how much she care with gifts (like crocheted items and homemade tea) and honest sweet compliments! She may sneak in some hugs if she can! Thank you so much!!

Just wanna say, not only did I accidentally delete this once but I got carried away twice and it still did not end up exactly how it should have. Definitely veered off the request path a bit but its still kind of cute and I…I hope you still love it.


  • When Hanzo first met you, he had no interest in you. Not right away anyway.
  • To be fair though, Hanzo really has no interest in anyone. People are just a bunch of faces, and half are rude, deceitful or liars. So he usually just doesn’t notice anyone…including woman.
  • What first brought his attention to you was when McCree struck up a conversation with you. You were sitting at a table in a small diner that was beside you, sitting on your laptop as you typed away.
  • Hanzo was focused on stirring his tea, but after a few minutes he finally began to tune in. Your voice had a soft lilt, and as he studied you, Hanzo found the soft southern lilt of your voice and the way your eyes sparkled like jewels to be rather enchanting. No thoughts of your size flitted across his mind, no comparisons to any other woman he’d ever met. He was simply entranced with your voice.
  • When you giggled at something McCree said, Hanzo finally started to get into the conversation, to Jesse’s surprise. Hanzo thought you were intelligent, and liked how you spoke so passionately about your work in computer programming.
  • Jesse got your number at the end of the meal, almost two hours later. The three of you had been talking the whole time, though with McCree noticed the way Hanzo watched you with interest, he kind of backed off a bit. God forbid he try and steal the limelight from Hanzo when he finally has interest in an actual human being.
  • The three of you ended up meeting a few more times. It was really cute, because every time you all met up, you’d hand them both a small wrapped gift of cookies or sweets. McCree had noticed the way you glanced shyly at Hanzo whenever you handed it to him, or how you’d watch eagerly to see if Hanzo really enjoyed it.
  • The more time you spent together, Hanzo found himself falling for you harder and harder. He started noticing little details about you. The way your ears went pink when you were embarrassed. The way you spoke quickly and mumbled whenever you unsure of yourself. The fierceness with which you spoke about things that mattered to you. The shine in your eyes when you spoke of the past.
  • One day, he finally broke. “Y/n,” he said, pulling you to the side as the three of you neared the end of your walk through the park “If possible…would you be opposed to me courting you?”
  • For a moment you both blinked. Jesse face palmed at his stiff composure, while you simply looked stunned.
  • “You…you want to date me?” you squeaked, smoothing your shirt down. Like usual, your ears turned pink as you blushed heavily.
  • Hanzo stared at you quite intently, taking your hand in his with gentleness. “I do. I think your enchanting,” Hanzo admitted, and a smile teased the corner of his lips. “Exquisite.”
  • Ducking your head, you couldn’t believe what he was saying. You were a fluffier girl, with large hips and enough cellulite on your thighs that some women would explode over. ”You can’t mean that. I…I’m not really that pretty. Even i know that…”you said softly.
  • Taking your chin gently, Hanzo lifted your face. “I think you are beautiful. And if you are talking about your body…” Hanzo’s hands moved down to cup your waist, the warmth of his hands sending a tingle through you as he pulled you closer. “Your body is beautiful too. I see no imperfections before me,” Hanzo insisted, thumbs rubbing soft circles against you.
  • A shuddery breath left your lips. This was the first time a man, and one so beautiful, had ever spoke to you like this. Yet when you looked into his eyes, they seemed to hold conviction. 
  • “O-okay,” you whispered. “…I would love that. A lot…..”
  • A smile spread across his face, and he brushed his lips across your forehead in a soft kiss that left you weak in the knees. ”Thank you,” he murmured.
  • A cough sounded beside you, and Jesse rolled his eyes. “Can we get going? I”m happy for you and all but its getting mighty chilly out here,” he said and with a laugh, the three of you left the park.


  • The two of you have been together for almost seven months now
  • It had been a shock to you when he had first asked you out, and at first you’d thought it had been a joke. But he’d been persistent and you were delighted to agree.
  • Your weight really didn’t hold you back, nor did it bother you much. Rarely did you look in the mirror and frown, as you had been raised to be confident in yourself. And Jack seemed to have no problem, so why should you?
  • That didn’t mean you didn’t have your days though, nor those little thoughts niggling at the back of your mind, worrying about your weight and if you were ugly or not.
  • One time the two of you had planned on a big date, to celebrate making it to half a year together. Jack had it all planned out, and you were excited.
  • Deciding to go out, you wanted to buy a new dress for the occasion. Like any other woman, you liked to dress up for special occasions and you wanted to look good when he picked you up.
  • In the mall, you found this beautiful pearl gray dress that had a skirt that flared at the waist to the knees, and no back. It was a bit bolder, but you decided you really liked it and that it would work.
  • After purchasing the dress, you noticed at a shop across the hall that held a pair of shoes you should would look lovely with the dress. Hurrying over, you gingerly picked up a slipper and studied it.
  • Snickers caught your attention. There was a group of three women not far away, whispering to each other…except their whispers weren’t quiet enough.
  • “Its that girl again,” said one, rolling her eyes. “She knows that dresses are meant for pretty people, right?”
  • Another one, a blonde, covered her mouth and snickered again. “It was like watching a hippo try to get into a dress. Jeez, maybe if she laid off all the burgers…nah, she’d still probably look like that,” she said and the three of them laughed.
  • You stood frozen in place. It had been a long time since someone had commented on your weight, and the comments of those women had torn at your heart. They were laughing at you, you thought. A hippo…
  • “Oh my god…she’s crying…do you think she heard us?” whispered one girl to another in alarm.
  • After a moment you touched your cheek and felt the wetness of your tears…it had been awhile since you’d cried over something like your weight. With a sob, you dropped the shoe and went home.
  • The afternoon was spent crying in your bed. After exhausting yourself with your crying, you drifted in and out of sleep, the mean comments plaguing you. You didn’t even realize the time till the doorbell rang. 
  • When you didn’t answer, Jack walked in. Searching the house, he finally turned on your bedroom light and relaxed. “Oh, there you are. I thought you’d forgotten about the…” he stopped as you sat up, and noted how puffy your face was, the pink of your eyes and the faint mascara marks that you had tried to wipe away earlier.
  • “What happened? What’s wrong, sweetheart?” he asked, hurrying over and he sat on the edge of the bed, taking your hand. Fresh tears filled your eyes, threatening to spill. “Oh, baby, please don’t…don’t cry, sweetheart, please…”
  • Immediately he cupped your face gently, pressing his forehead to yours.
  • Letting out a ragged breath, finally you whispered, “Why did you choose to date me, Jack? Why me, out of everyone? There are…so many women who are prettier and thinner and look good…” 
  • For a moment he said nothing. It made him angry to think anyone had said something mean to you, but he was more in disbelief that someone had managed to tear down your self confidence and happiness so easily.
  • “Y/n, I want you to listen carefully,” Jack says softly, “You are beautiful. Every inch of you. There is nothing about you or your body that I do not adore. I don’t want a small girl. If I wanted a smaller girl, I would go date one. There is only one you and that is the woman I want.”
  • You let out a soft sob at his words, and buried your face into his shoulder. Jack cradled you, stroking your hair tenderly. “I’m in love with an angel, you know. She’s sexy, with these thick curves and this long hair and a smile that lights up a room,” he says softly, and he smiled softly as you cried harder, but he could see the smile tugging slightly at your lips at his mushy words. “She’s all I want. Your all I want.”
  • It was sweet of him. It took a bit, but finally you got yourself ready for the date. You calmed down a bit, and during dinner Jack spent the time talking to you about how perfect you were and what he’d fallen for.

From this point I have to try to make it a bit smaller cuz I’m just getting too out of hand, and taking too long writing this.


  • The two of you started out as best friends before you began to date
  • You were the first one to make a move. You’d had a crush on him for awhile, and you wanted to know if he might feel the same way for you…so you mustered up the courage and asked him out.
  • You were prepared, for there was a good chance he’d say no. But to your surprise and delight, Genji agreed without hesitation.
  • At first, it didn’t feel like there was really any change to your relationship. The two of you weren’t acting any different, except for the shy glances you’d send him.
  • Then slowly, the two of you began to flirt more and more, and you’d be holding hands or cuddling. The closer you both became, the more you feel for each other.
  • You loved hugging Genji. Surprise hugs were your favorite, especially since it was hard to actually sneak up on him
  • Genji never had a problem with your weight, and commented often on how beautiful his girlfriend was. The first time you both made love, he worshipped every inch of you. You were so scared that he’d hate looking at your body, especially when he saw the stretch marks
  • But he lavished you in love and could only remark on how despite thinking you couldn’t get any more gorgeous, he had been proven wrong.
  • One time Zarya tried to convince you to join her gym program, saying that it would help you lose weight. After dating Genji so long, you found that you had a renewed sense of confidence in yourself, and that you loved the body he obviously cherished 
  • “No thank you,” you’d said to her, and before you could convince her, a second pair of arms had slid around your waist out of no where. Giggling, you realize he had caught you in his own surprise hug.
  • “I second that,” he says, hands stroking your waist as he pressed a kiss to the back of your shoulder. “I like her just the way she is.”
  • Unable to come up with any better excuse, Zarya had left the two of you alone and Genji had taken you back to his room. As the two of you got into bed, ready for another tender round…
  • “Are you sure?” you asked softly, staring up at him. Your cheeks were pink, still unused to how to felt to show your naked form to him. Did he ever doubt his decision to be with you?
  • “Sure about what? About you?” he asks, before he gives you a rakish smile and presses kisses along your collar bone. “Always. I’ve never been more sure about anything or anyone in my life.” There was no hesitation in his answer.
  • Your heart melted when hearing such things from him. 


  • The two of you started dating one night in Overwatch, before he became Reaper. 
  • The women of Overwatch and Blackwatch were desperately for a break and some kind of celebration. So together, they had come up with a party to have at the base for everyone to attend.
  • Gabe had noticed you weeks and weeks before. You were cute, he thought, and he liked how shy you were. But more, he liked your kindness. You were always carrying around gifts for others, or helping others when they were sad.
  • The night of the dance, Gabe finally decided to go. The party was outside, and was huge. Lights were everywhere, a few tables with food off to the side. Music played and in the middle was the dance floor. Even Winston was dancing, Tracer giggling as she followed in suit.
  • His eyes scanned the crowd as he grabbed a glass of punch, downing it quickly. Where were you…
  • When his eyes found you, his heart raced wildly in his chest. You sat off to the side, wearing a long straight black dress that hugged your waist and thighs. You looked beautiful and wore a white coat that suited the dress.
  • No one sat with you, and he could see you looking longingly at the dance floor. How you wished someone would dance with you, or even sit and chat with you…you worked as one of the many assistants in the base.
  • Gabe, after a moment of getting a grip on himself, managed to pull himself together and walked over, wearing a dress shirt and pants, and even a red tie. 
  • When you saw him, your cheeks flushed and you looked shocked as he stood before you and offered you a hand. “Hey,” he said, giving you a crooked grin. “Um…care to dance?”
  • For a moment you stared at his hand. Then you let out a breath and took it, letting him lead you to the dance floor. You were surprised when his hands cupped your full waist, and he pulled you right against him without any kind of hesitation.
  • “Your confident,” you managed, managing a smile. Were most men as gorgeous as he was?
  • “Have to be, otherwise I have no chance with women as beautiful as you,” Gabe said with a wink, twirling you around.
  • Letting out a laugh, you were surprised by his words. “As beautiful as me? That’s not hard. I guess your just warming up for the prettier girls, right? Lets see…” you looked around, before pointing at a blonde you knew was a medic. “She looks like more your type.”
  • Gabe glanced over. “Angela? No. Not my type. Too mom-like. I like girls with spunk and a bit of meat on their bones,” Gabe said. You couldn’t stop yourself from looking at him quizzically. Was he joking??
  • “I doubt it. Men who look like you don’t date girls like me. You probably don’t even know who I am,” you said, shaking your head. “Or my age or what I do for a living-”
  • “Don’t call me a stalker, but your y/n. You are twenty seven and you work as one of Winstons many assistants in the computer labs,” Gabe says and pauses, before smiling sheepishly. “This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed you. Its just the first time I’ve been able to ask you to dance.”
  • It stunned you. The man knew who you were, what your name was. He’d taken the time to find out before this evening…he had planned this all along?
  • “Oh,” you breathed.
  • “So, um….what do you say about me taking you out to dinner sometime?” he asked, still dancing with you even when the song has ended. “Would you consider-”
  • “Yes,” you say immediately, your heart beating wildly.
  • A grin spread across his face. “Perfect. So, um, I plan to dance with you all evening…hope you don’t mind. I just don’t get this lucky often,” he says and winks at you.
  • With a soft laugh, you twirled once more in his arms. “Neither do I,” you murmur softly.