We joke about parents checking their kids Halloween candy for drugs/needles bc it’s not all that necessary but ngl I wouldn’t put it past some tumblr shut-in to intentionally tamper with a kids candy bc of petty reasons.

like people already bake needles into cookies and give them to fan artists they don’t like at cons so I don’t think it’s a stretch to believe someone would shove a sewing needle into a Snickers bc they had a little white girl in a Moana costume show up on their doorstep and they didn’t like that.

i hope I’m just being paranoid and overly cautious but also tumblr users have a history of doing terrible things over petty stuff

Hey guys, I’m trying to figure out episode order, and I haven’t had time to do a rewatch yet but I’m split between a few characterizations. Of the following pairs, which would go first:

  • Syren, in which Kim finds a new love
  • Zombizou, in which Kim rejects Chloe

  • episodes like Frightningale where season 2 new characters are in the background
  • the episodes where those characters premiere

  • Dark Owl, when Plagg and Tikki seem to find out the others’ miraculous
  • episodes with shiptease (Riposte, Captain Hardrock)

  • Gorizilla, when Adrien sees his mother’s movie
  • Santa Claws, when Adrien has the first Christmas without his mother

  • also, should Despair Bear and Zombizou be spaced apart in the season, or should they be toward the end with Queen’s Battle?

Please reply or reblog with your answers for all or any of these! I ask that you not send an ask unless you don’t have a tumblr, so I can keep track of the replies using the notes 😁