it just makes me really happy that everyone is there together aww

so I went to watch Coco at my college tonight and here were some highlights 

  • everyone was in awe over Imelda, like seriously i think heard someone behind me whisper “oh my god she looks like she could kick my ass but she’s BEAUTIFUL” 
  • everyone fucking laughed when Ernesto got destroyed by the bell which I was very happy about
  • someone yelled “thAT’S LIKE MY GRANDMA!!!!!!!” when Abuelita was piling Miguel’s plate full of tamales 
  • Abel getting owned by a shoe not once but TWICE got some isolated chuckles 
  • enthusiastic cheers of LA CHANCLA when Abuelita was smacking the mariachi with it
  • no one laughed over Mama Coco forgetting things which honestly was such a huge relief, like please don’t laugh???? over memory loss???? 
  • when the pic was first revealed people were like BOI HOW’S HE GONNA FIND HIS GREAT GREAT GRANDPA IF HE’S DEAD
  • “i wish i could strum a guitar and die instantly too” 
  • someone yelled WIFE when tia rosita showed up and honestly same 
  • they found the vitamins joke VERY entertaining 
  • laughing over hector trying to get across the bridge “OH NO HE’S ANGERY”
  • “we are NOT visiting your EX wife’s ofrendas for dia de los muertos” “TELL ‘EM GIRL”
  • [as imelda destroys the custom agent’s computer] “oh my god she’s such a stereotypical old lady” 
  • really enjoying Hector’s excuses to get over the bridge and the gag with his arm popping off
  • also everyone was in awe over Pepita as well they should be 
  • laughing at “muy guapo eh?” even though half of them didn’t know what it meant because CONTEXT CLUES
  • someone loudly going “nO” when Frida suggests that everything be on fire
  • being very concerned over Chicharron (”what’s happening” “why is he glowing” “OH NO HE TURNED INTO A GLOWSTICK” “the dead can….die????”) 
  • laughing over the talent show in general (”SKRILLEX SKELETON OH MY GOD”)
  • someone yelling MAKE UP at the screen when Miguel and Hector were fighting 
  • people going “aww” in the audience when Imelda revealed that she used to love music until Hector left, it was really quiet when Miguel was throwing the argument about how family is supposed to support you at her 
  • being really excited over Ernesto saving him from the pool and laughing when Miguel walked into it (”HE GOT DISTRACTED OH NO”)
  • a few people saw the Disney villain lighting on Ernesto and instantly began to mutter amongst themselves 
  • “those were my songs you took! MY songs that made you famous!” [CUE EXTREMELY SHOCKED GASPS]
  • cue them being even more shook when Miguel was talking about the toast in the movie, I swear these people connected the dots within like five minutes even before Hector mentioned that he was poisoned 
  • “my coco” [ANOTHER ROUND OF GASPS]
  • some sniffles when Hector was playing Remember Me 
  • everyone cheering when they did their gritos together 
  • everyone going “aww” again when Imelda and Hector were talking 
  • people going NUTS over frida’s preshow (”MONKEY” “the papaya DID get lit on fire”) 
  • someone going GET HIM when Imelda whacks Ernesto with her shoe 
  • “oh my god this woman is a QUEEN”
  • a loud “GET REKT” when Imelda stomps on Ernesto’s foot 
  • “oh my god they’re in love” “IT’S SO CUTE” 
  • “ernesto NOOOOOOO” “ERNESTO” “BITCH” 
  • everybody cheering when Miguel is rescued and ernesto is flung out 
  • “that guy coming in late is me at every sporting event” 
  • shocked gasps of concern when Hector is fading (”IS HE GONNA SEE HIS DAUGHTER AGAIN?????” “HECTOR” “HECTORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR”) 
  • actual legitimate cheering when it’s discovered that coco kept a piece of hector’s photo 
  • “the grandma DIED?????” “NOOOOOOOOO”
  • everyone fucking weeping over Hector being able to cross the bridge again
  • also there were little guitars that you could write your favorite family traditions on 
  • also how have i gone my entire life without eating a fuckign churro these things are delicious 
SKAM S04E10 Clip 8 - Dear Sana

[Incomprehensible chatter]

SANA: He’s the one who bought the toilet paper rolls.

THE GIRLS: Oh! That’s right!

VILDE: Where did they end up?

BOY: I just sold them to some friends at the Mosque. Nothing big.

EVA: Oh, okay.

BOYS: Eyyyy!

ESKILD: Eid mubarak! Eid mubarak.



SANA: Welcome.

ESKILD: Thank you and I just wanted to say Eid mubarak!

SANA: Eid mubarak!

ESKILD: Eid mubarak

SANA: Ohhh, how nice the two of you look!

ESKILD: Thanks! I’m the one who chose the outfits for tonight. I went to Grøndland and did some shopping. Yes.

SANA: Hijab and everything?

ESKILD: Hijab and everything. And I brought a little present! I brought a gift for the hostess. It’s two boreks that I put in a nice box.

SANA: That’s very nice of you.

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Happy Birthday, Bucky


Sam has created a chatroom: HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY

Sam has invited Bucky, Steve, Y/N, Nat.

Sam: Happy Birthday, raccoon boy. I’m glad to have been given the chance to know you. I hope you enjoy your birthday, ya jerk.

Steve: Happy Birthday, Buck! I hope we can celebrate many more birthday’s together. Thank you for always being there for me. I’m with you till the end of the line. Love you.

Natasha: С днём рождения! Желаю, чтобы у тебя всё было, а тебе за это ничего бы не было. (Happy birthday! I wish you have it all without repercussions.)

Y/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUCKY!! You deserve the best, and I hope all your wishes comes true. I hope you’re ready to celebrate your birthday later, because we have a big surprise for you.

Sam: … Guys, I think he’s asleep.

Steve: He’s usually awake around this time.

Natasha: Yes but, he’s been tired from his last mission so…

Y/N: … Well, at least we got to wish him before everyone else.

Sam: … Now what?

Steve: Now we barge into his room, and bombard him with hugs.

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girlritchey  asked:

This is my first time actually requesting something anD ITS TOTALLY OK IF YOU SAY NO I JUST REALLY ENJOY YOUR WRITING LIKE I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW YOU CHARACTERIZE EVERYONE SO WELL like I've read other one shots and fics before but yours are literally amazing bUT aNywHOrE IgNoRE tHAt what I was hoping to request was a friends to lovers Soonyoung ❤️❤️ I just love your friends to lovers and I love my little 10:10 bean so much and I just think it would be adorable! Love you mom!!

aww thank you for the many compliments !!!! i love you too~~
find woozi (here), wonwoo (here), s.coups (here), dk (here), jun (here), joshua (here) & the8 (here) ~!

  • you and hoshi took physics together and ended up partners for the big final project
  • which was hilarious because you two had never talked. like ever. the whole sem had gone by and when you sat down together you both had to be like “umm what’s your name again???”
  • but hoshi is sociable and doesn’t make it weird ,,,, actually he’s super funny too,,,,,,
  • and when you’re over at his house to plan the project he references a spongebob meme and you’re like oh my god,,,,you know that meme an hoshi is like,,,,,,,,i konw ALL the memes
  • he really does. he shows you his camera roll and you’re like oh my god
  • also you’re look who’s that pointing to a picture of a boy sleeping with toothpaste drawn all over his face and hoshi is like hehehehe that’s seokmin he’s dumb. he’s my best friend
  • but soon enough,,,,you and hoshi are friends
  • even when the project ends and you guys get a good grade and you think physics class is coming to an end so you guys won’t take again
  • WELL THINK AGAIN hoshi sees you on campus and is like HEYYYYY MEME BUDDY
  • and you’re like ohkbvda but it’s nice to have a friend so happy all the time
  • until one day when you find hoshi ,,,,and there’s isn’t a hint of a smile on his face
  • and he’s sitting in the cafeteria,,,,fiddling with his fingers and ignoring whatever lunch he’d gotten
  • and it feels so weird,,,,to see him looking so,,,,,,down
  • and so you sit beside him and you’re like whats up and hoshi shrugs and is like nothing really and you’re like,,,,,,hoshi,,,,,,you eat lunch in like 15 seconds and talk with your mouth full and right now you’re literally ignoring the food,,,,,something must be wrong
  • and hoshi lets out a sad chuckle but he’s like “it’s nothing, it’s just,,,,,,,”
  • he kind of shifts in his seat and is like “,,,,,,,is the only good thing about me,,,,,,that im funny?”
  • and you’re kind of speechless because,,,,,you’ve never thought of hoshi as someone ,,,,insecure of himself
  • but here he is,,, eyes cast downward,,,,,voice so??? small
  • and when minghao and jun walk by saying hello to him he switches on this fake smile that’s gone when his friends are
  • and you’re like “hoshi,,,,you know you’re more than that. so much more.” and he quietly mumbles “like what?”
  • and you frown and you’re like “WELL number one you’re smart,,,we passed that project together!! you’re a great friend,,,,,you’re creative,,,,,,and - and you’re really handsome!!!! like you know this right-”
  • and hoshi almost falls from his seat when you say handsome because he looks up and is like,,,,,,,are you complimenting me??? and you go a little pink in the cheeks but you’re like u-um!!! yes!!!! i mean!!!!! ive always thought you were handsome!!!! lots of people do-
  • and hoshi ,,,you can see he’s now biting back a smile and you’re like HOSHI I MEant IT-
  • and hoshi shrugs his shoulders and is like “oh you meant it in a friendly way?” and the answer ‘yes’ is on your tongue but the reality is,,,,,,,,that’s not true
  • you didn’t just mean it in a friendly complimentary way,,,,you meant it because,,,,,,,,you’ve seen hoshi
  • his sharp features, lean figure, beautiful eyes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and you’ve always wondered,,,,his lips look so soft,,,,
  • so you stutter,,,you hesitate but you tell the truth
  • “no,,,,i mean it because i like you.” 
  • this,,,,literally makes hoshi’s mouth fall open but the smile is now on full display and he’s chuckling and you’re like hoshi im not jokin-
  • and he leans over the table to press his lips to yours quickly and you’re like !
  • and he sits back and is like “you’re the first person to call me handsome you know,,,,”
  • and you can’t believe it but you’re like o,,,oh
  • and hoshi is like “from now on, i want to hear it more. from you. only you?” and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,what does that mean,,,,,,
  • and hoshi is like “i know im not good at much,,,,but as i think id do a decent job as your boyfriend??” 

Flyboy (Poe dameron x reader)

Requested: Could you maybe do something where Poe Dameron and reader have a sort of love hate relationship and everyone thinks they should be together? (I absolutely love your writing and it makes me so happy when it shows up on my dash)

AN: i tried to make their relationship like han and leia’s but I failed😂 I’m sorry this really sucks but I hope you like it💕

Originally posted by aarchieandrews

“Nope, you’re not allowed to.” You said rushing after Poe, trying to get away from you.

“What?!” He said stopping his tracks and turning to face you.

“No Poe, I’m not letting you go out there and risking your life!”

“The last person I need to listen to is you, princess.” Poe said.

“Don’t call me that.” You hated when he called you that. It was true you used to be a princess. A princess of a place that did nothing but worship the first order. You couldn’t stay there and fight along side the bad. You eventually ran away to join the resistance and it was honestly the best day of your life.

“Oh sorry but what would you like me to call you, your worship? Your majesty? Your highness?”

“I’m not a princess anymore! Stop calling me those things!”

“Yea well you still act like one.” Poe mumbled back with a cocky grin knowing exactly how to get underneath your skin.

“Listen here flyboy,” you put your finger up to his face “if you get killed on his mission don’t say I didn’t worn you! And to think I actually cared about your safety!” Poe rolled his eyes and watched you leave.

“Trouble in paradise?” Someone mumbled behind Poe, it was another resistance pilot.


“You and the princess.” Pie rolled his eyes.

“We aren’t together.” He flatly stated and pushed past the other pilot.


“General! Where is Poe? It’s been days!” You asked nervously. Everyone looked at you smiling at the fact that you missed Poe.

“Sweetie I already told you everything I know, he’s been captured by the first order.” You huffed and slowly nodded.

“Yea y/n! Missing someone are we?” You looked over your shoulder to see one of your friends.

“No.” You said way to fast “it’s just I-I-I…..”

“Aww you’re so cute, you totally miss him.” Your friend smirked “but who wouldn’t miss their boyfriend?”

“He’s not my boyfriend.” You gritted through your teeth and your friend pouted.

“Well, then maybe he should be….” they smiled

“You would be soooo cute together. I mean even everyone else on the base agrees and-“

“F/n, no. I don’t like him. He’s annoying with his stupid attitude and his stupid face. His soft brown eyes that sparkle in the light, and his curly brown hair that looks-“ your friend gave you the I told you face and you rolled your eyes “shut up.” They giggled.

“See I told you, you liked him…..”

“No I don’t. I mean what’s so wrong with asking if a friend is okay?” You said walking away not allowing to say anymore.

Sure you missed Poe but….wait what. You thought. You missed Poe. You actually miss Poe?!?

“Oh shit.” You mumbled to yourself sliding down on the wall “how could I possibly miss Poe?”


“Y/n!” You turned your head at who called your name it was another pilot “it’s Poe, he’s back!” They said running past you, to go tell other people.

You quickly got up and ran to where the pilot came from. You ran past a few ships until you saw the familiar brown curls from far away.

“Poe!” You yelled. He turned his head and you ran as fast as you could to him. As you reached him your bodies collided into a hug.

“Poe-Poe.” You started to sob “you’re ok.” You said breaking from the hug and running a finger down his face to check for any cuts or bruises.

“You think I was going to die, without giving you a goodbye kiss.” he smirked at your new found affection. You then raised your hand and gave him a soft smack on his check.

“How dare you! Scare me into thinking you were dead!” He let out a laugh and you playfully hit his shoulder “it’s not funny.”

“No it’s not that….it’s just I didn’t think you were going to nervous that I was gone….” your face softened.

“Of course I got nervous….there’s no resistance without Poe Dameron.” You smiled and he smiled back.

“Thanks….your highness.” You rolled your eyes but slightly smiled at that.

“Awww look at the happy couple!” Your friend squealed. You rolled your eyes and back away from Poe.

“We aren’t a couple.” You flaty stated.

“Well not yet at least.” He smiled, while your friend laughed at your expression. Poe moved closer to you and quickly captured your lips into a kiss. Your lips moved on sync. Poe pulled back after a while.

“Holy shit.” You mumbled as Poe laughed.

“Was I up to your standards, your worship?”

“Well you weren’t the best but I guess you’ll have to do…..flyboy.”

Lover Girl

Summary // in which (Y/N) loves Peter Parker 

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

“Ned, do you think Peter will like this blouse and skirt together or should I pair this shirt with this ripped jeans?”

(Y/N) had liked Peter Parker for years, but the only downside to it was that she has always been Peter and Ned’s best friend. They’ve been the dynamic trio since the 3rd grade, but he has only seen her as a sister.

“(Y/N) you don’t have to try so hard for Peter; he’s been your best friend since elementary school. He’s seen it all, just continue to be yourself and he’ll come around.”

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Keep Quiet

Word Count: 2,936

Warning: Nothing but smut mixed with fluff.

A/N: I had to change it up a little in this story. I feel like we always read about Suga as the controlling, dominating, aggressive guy (and there is nothing wrong with that, trust me. I like all forms of this man). But I feel like there will be times when he will turn into an absolute sweetheart for his girlfriend… when she is not bugging him. ^^ Please enjoy!

You entered into the boys’ dorm which was a lot quieter than it usually was. Earlier while you were at work, your boyfriend had called you and asked if you could stop by his place. He didn’t tell you why and got a little irritated when you kept pestering him for the reason. Knowing Yoongi, he was secretly plotting something. There were rare times when he would do romantic things for you. He would keep to himself, preparing everything on his own just to show you how special you are to him. Sometimes he would get annoyed at you when you questioned his actions but that was only because he was nervous, although he would never admit it. At the end of the day, you two would snuggle up together, pleased at how it all turned out.

You took off your shoes, unaware that someone was seeking your attention. You heard a small whimper and turned to see a tiny brown puppy excited to see you. Dropping to your knees, you greeted him.

“Hi Holly! Have you been a good boy?” Rubbing the playful dog in your arms. “Yes you have. Yes you have.”

You stood up, still holding Holly. Glancing around the room, there wasn’t a person in sight. “Come on,” you spoke. “Let’s go see what daddy is up to.”

The place didn’t look any different from how it usually was. Maybe you were wrong about Yoongi’s motives after all. You opened the door to his shared room, thinking he might be inside. Of course he was there. His headphones were on and his laptop was opened. He was working. As soon as you found who you were looking for, Holly wanted out of your arms and into the arms of his owner. You sat him down and watched him scurry to Yoongi, jumping into his lap. He easily became distracted and removed his headphones.

“Sorry to disturb you while you were working.” You teased. Yoongi’s head whipped in your direction, finally noticing your presence.

“I wasn’t working, I was just keeping myself occupied.”

“Yeah? Doing what?” When he realized he was working, he became defensive.

“Did you come here to interrogate me?”

“No, I came here to spend time with my boyfriend.” You giggled, walking over to stand behind him planting a kiss on his neck. He smelled so masculine, it drove your hormones crazy. “Where’s the rest of the gang?”

Yoongi placed Holly on the floor and grabbed your hand, guiding you around to sit on his lap. “I asked them to leave for the day.”

“Why did you do that?” You asked curiously, already knowing what he was going to say. You just like hearing it.

“It’s been awhile so I thought we could have date night. We could order your favorite food to be delivered and watch a movie or whatever you want to do.”

“Aww Yoongi-poo! You left your schedule open to spend the day with me? That’s so sweet of you!” You teased, watching his cheeks turn a light shade of pink.

“If you’re going to ruin the moment, you can leave.” He turned his head away embarrassed. You laughed.

“I’m sorry. That sounds like a wonderful idea,” you kissed his lips. “Thanks babe.”

The two of you sat in the kitchen waiting for the food to arrive. You were sitting on the counter and Yoongi moved to stand between your legs. His arms wrapped around you, resting his hands on your ass and your arms draped loosely around his neck. You smiled, taking in his presence.

“I’m really happy you are back. You don’t know how much I’ve missed you.” You kissed the top of his head.

“Yeah I missed you, too. But the good news is that I have a couple weeks to relax before I have to leave again.”

“Does that mean we’ll get to spend more time together?!” You asked excitedly.

“I can’t make any promises but I’ll try to makes as much space in my schedule for you.”

You smiled and nodded, deciding not to push the subject further. The kiss was supposed to be a quick peck but it soon became heavy. The sounds of your wet tongues and breathing were all that could be heard from the kitchen. Yoongi’s strong warm hands entered under your shirt, running up your back. Your hands tangled in his hair in an effort to pull his body as close to you as humanly possible. This went on for some time before he broke away.

“Can you stay the night?”

“That depends, am I allowed to?”

“I didn’t ask the guys to leave just because,” he replied smartly. “I don’t want anyone to disturb us when I take you tonight. I want to hear you moan as loud as you can for me.”

“I can definitely do that.”

You leaned in for another kiss only to be stopped by the sounds of someone knocking on the front door. You and Holly waited on the couch as Yoongi retrieved the food. Deciding on a mystery thriller, the two of you ate and watched the movie, having small debates along the way. You snuggled up close to him, laying you head on his shoulder and your arm around the front of his waist.

Halfway through the movie, the beeping of the door followed by noisy chattering of six voices flooded the living room.

“Hey hyung, hey noona. What are you guys doing?” Jungkook asked curiously.

“Oh cool! You ordered food!” Taehyung yelled as he ran over to the table, eyeing the leftovers. He didn’t ask for permission to have some and immediately started eating.

“What are you guys watching?” Hoseok asked, leaning over the back of the couch separating you and Yoongi.

By now, your once quiet romantic evening was being invaded by the other members. Jungkook and Taehyung ate the remainder of the food, you and Jimin were having a conversation, Hoseok was pestering Yoongi, and Jin and Namjoon commented on the movie. Yoongi’s was getting pissed by the second. This was not how he saw this day going. He abruptly stood, drawing everyone’s attention.

“Y/n wait here. Everyone else in the bedroom.”

You watched them all get up and leave out the room. Once inside the bedroom, the door was shut rather harshly.


-Meanwhile in the room-

“I thought you guys were staying the night out?” Yoongi questioned.

“Yeah… we thought it over and we wanted to come back.” Jungkook answered sheepishly.


“You weren’t the only one that just came back from tour. We wanted to rest at home, in our rooms, in our own bed.” Jin replied crossing his arms.

“But you knew what tonight was. I had asked you guys to stay out for a reason.”

“Well if it’s that important to you, why don’t you guys just go to her apartment like you usually do?” Taehyung joined in.

“Why can’t we spend time here for once? Why can’t we just have a moment to ourselves?”

“Because you live with six other guys. Privacy no longer exists.” Jin stated as a matter of fact.

Yoongi was about lost his temper and Namjoon noticed, quickly offering a solution. “You guys can continue your date and we won’t bother you. We’ll just stay in our rooms for the night. Will that help?”

Yoongi didn’t answer, instead he walked out of the room slamming the door behind him. He dropped down on the couch next to you and you could feel the heat radiating off of him. He was pissed and you could tell. You wanted to calm him down but was worried you would say something that would set him off further.

“Please don’t be upset, Yoongi. We could still have a good time.”

“It’s just the one time I ask them to do something for me, they don’t want to. They can be very insensitive sometimes and right now it’s driving me crazy! I shouldn’t have to always leave home to spend time with you.” He leaned forward resting his head in his hands. “I just wanted everything to be perfect and for you to be happy.”

You stood up and kneeled in front of him. “I am happy, Yoongi. It didn’t matter if the boys were here or not. What’s important to me is that you thought about me enough to make time in your schedule for us to spend time together.”

Yoongi lifted his head and kissed your lips. He leaned back to look into your eyes. The fire in his eyes had died down a bit and seemed calmer. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

You pecked his lips again. “Yes, I’m positive.”

The boys kept their word and stayed hidden. The two of you settled back on the couch to watch the remainder of the movie. Yoongi was stretched out, lying on his back while you rested on top of him, between his legs. Due to you being at work all day and listening to his heartbeat, you were beginning to doze off. He hadn’t spoken for awhile and you were sure he had already fallen asleep. You shifted, throwing your leg over his, leaving one to rest in between his. Doing this, you unintentionally rubbed against his groin. Instantly waking up, you let your mind run wild with thoughts of fucking Yoongi on the couch and became horny. He was only dressed in sweats and a simple black shirt so it wouldn’t be difficult to access his member. Your hand moved to the inside of his pants. You slowly stroked him, rubbing your thumb along the head of his penis over his slit. Slowly but surely he was growing harder in your palm. So much so that he pressed right against your covered pussy. You removed your hand and braced yourself on the couch to lightly grind on him. You heard Yoongi’s deep voice mumble something but you couldn’t understand it. Glancing up at him, his eyes were closed and you thought he was just talking in his sleep. This time you angled yourself so that his bulge rubbed against your clit. You bit your bottom lip to keep from moaning. You could already feel your panties absorbing your wetness. Your head was down, watching what you were doing to him. Both of his hands rested on your hips, helping you grind on him. Initially, you were stunned but when you look at Yoongi, not only were his eyes open but he had a smirk on his face.

“Why so surprised?” He teased.

“I didn’t think you were awake.”

“So you thought I wouldn’t catch my little vixen in the act, trying to get herself off without me?”

“Does that mean we can still have sex? I’m so horny, Yoongi.” You whined. He chuckled and nodded.

He was about to pull you on top of him but you stopped him. You eased further down his legs until your whole body nested in between them. Grabbing the waistband of his sweats, you pulled them down letting his cock spring free. Your mouth watered at the sight. You missed how he tasted and how he would grow in your mouth. You held his cock up by the tip, planting soft wet kisses up the shaft. You moved your hand so that your mouth could latch on to the head, sucking away all the precum that tried to escape. Yoongi groaned above you, sitting up to remove his shirt. He watched you take more of him in. The tip of your tongue traced over the band of tissue connecting the head to his shaft. You knew that spot made his toes curl. And just as you figured, you heard him take a deep breath. You held onto the base of his cock and slowly bobbed your head in a rhythmic manner. Yoongi’s hand tangled in your hair, helping you with your movements. The movie had long since ended, and the light from the TV illuminated your bodies. When you looked up at Yoongi, his head was leaning back and his lips were parted as he enjoyed the feeling you gave him.

Your hand stroked his cock at moderate pace as you moved to place his balls in your mouth. Knowing how sensitive they were, you handled them with great care. Each tender sphere jumped around your small pink tongue. Yoongi’s grip tightened on your hair before releasing it all together and pushing you away.

“Baby, stop before you make me cum over that pretty face.” He grunted.

You sat up and watched him undress out of his pants, letting you know it was time to remove your clothes. Yoongi stood to help you, allowing you to lie back on the couch where he just was once you were naked. He spread your legs and situated himself between them. He leaned forward and took a nice long lick up your slit before resting back on his ankles, bringing his middle and ring fingers to his mouth wetting them. He placed them at your opening and shoved them inside. Right away, Yoongi fucked you on his fingers at an extremely fast pace. You could feel yourself dripping onto the couch but the movement of his fingers had you lost for words.

“If we are going to do this then we have to be as quiet as possible. I don’t want them disturbing us again. Do you understand?” You opened your mouth to talk but nothing came out. “Y/n, do you hear me?”

You knew that if you had opened your mouth to answer, the entire apartment complex would know what Yoongi was doing to you. You nodded your head in agreement. He removed his hands, bringing his wet fingers to his lips licking away your sweet nectar. He leaned forward, guiding his cock to your entrance only leaving the tip inside before resting on his forearms. Yoongi bucked his hips causing him to slide into your warmth. You were seconds away from moaning out but Yoongi covered your mouth with his own. He slowly rocked his hips into yours, making love to your body in the most sensual way. You rested your hands on to his smooth back, pulling him in closer. You suck on his tongue as he pushes your legs further apart with his body. Yoongi gave you slow but deep thrusts, rolling his hips into yours. His actions only made you want him even more. You hungrily play with his tongue but all administrations stop when you both hear a light whine by your heads. Breaking the kiss, you both look towards the sound and find Holly staring at you two with doe eyes and his head resting on the cushion.

You are the first to turn away, quietly giggling. You pepper kisses on Yoongi’s neck.

“I guess I’m not the only one who wants your attention tonight.” You whisper in his ear.

“Fuck! Out of all the nights…” he mumbles to himself, trying to think of what to do. The last thing he wanted was his dog watching him have sex. Using gestures, Yoongi tried to get Holly to lie on his dog bed.

“Yoongi…” you moaned out, rolling your hips. He turned his attention back to you and kisses your lips. Thrusting into you once before Holly whimpered again.

“Min Holly…” Yoongi groaned in frustration as he looked back at his puppy. “I promise I will give you all the attention you want, just give me thirty minutes.”

As if he understood every word, Holly walked away. You shook your head, amazed at what just happened.

“That’s why I love that dog. He understands me,” Yoongi chuckled and looked down at you. “Now, let me tend to my other spoiled baby.”

His lips were on you in seconds. Sucking a purple mark on your neck. His hip movements were deep but now his thrusts were filled with a bit more urgency. You looped your arms under his and held onto his shoulders. Biting into his collarbone to keep from screaming. Feeling the tight pinch in his skin and your muffled moans only motivated Yoongi to move faster. Rotating your hip upwards and spreading your legs wider, he was able to slip deeper inside of your pussy. Yoongi moved to lay behind you, lifting your leg in the air. In this position he was hitting spots you never knew existed.

“Fuck… Yoongi…” you breathlessly cried.

He held you as close as he could. His arm came up under yours and rested at the base of your throat. He turned your head to connect to your lips. You cried in his mouth as a signal that you were near your end.

“All most there baby.” Yoongi groaned, pumping his dick in you faster.

He could feel every detail about your velvety wet center when you squeezed around him. You had entered into another dimension when your orgasm passed through you. You couldn’t speak or hear but only feel Yoongi’s cock guide you out of it. His thrusts started to subside soon after, unloading a never ending string of cum to paint your walls. You both lay there breathlessly, softly pecking each other lips.

“I love you.” Yoongi smiled.

“I love you too, Yoongi-bear.”

He groaned causing you to giggle but a clearing of the throat interrupt the moment. You both look at the doorway to find Namjoon with his eyes covered.

“Now that you two had a good night, Yoongi I think you need to clean up after Holly before-” The shriek of Jin’s voice echoed through the dorm. “Jin stepped in it.” Namjoon sighed.


©2017 Silhouetted_Beauty

Min Yoongi As Your Boyfriend

☮ You’re the only person who gets his cute and gummy smile nine million times in one day

☮ He isn’t afraid to be himself in front of you 

☮ Which means he’s actually really goofy and loves to play around in the same way Taehyung does. 

☮ Is your best friend and vise versa 

☮ Doesn’t like skinships with the other BTS members but if you wanna touch him, he doesn’t mIND AT ALL 

☮ Like he loves when you just randomly grab his hand or snuggle into him 

☮ “Aww, you’re so cute.. Gimme a kiss”

☮ The most LOVING boyfriend, you wouldn’t even believe it

☮ Holds doors for you, drapes his jacket over your shoulders if it gets cold, holds your hand when the two of you are walking together, etc. 

☮ Has his shy moments bu is otherwise an open book. He doesn’t hide anything from you so you don’t feel like you have to hide anything from him

☮ You’re the big spoon. Always. 

☮ If he’s sleepy and ready for bed, he’ll come and snuggle into your chest with his big warm blanket 

☮ “Love you good night”

☮ You’re the only person who he likes aegyo from

☮ If he sees you doing aegyo, he gets so happy and always wants to take a photo / video of you doing it for him 

☮ When BTS has to travel, he will message you everything they do and show you what he bought for you

☮ He’s bad at surprises so he’ll just send it to you through text message so you know what to expect

☮ “I bought you a really ugly T-shirt from this shop that I found. Don’t worry, I got the same one so we can look ugly together, wanna see it?”

☮ You have matching anklets 

☮ Isn’t the most romantic but when it’s your birthday, an anniversary or something special, he’ll be super romantic and set up a very lovely even for just the two of you to enjoy a night together away from the media 

☮ Shields you from the media at all costs 

☮ If there are people with cameras he like materializes a mask and shit

“where did you even get these at?“

☮ "I always carry it with me. Put it on please.”

☮ Will shut down any and everyone who has something negative to say about you

☮ He doesn’t give a shit who said what, if he felt that it was disrespectful he won’t hold back

☮ Lowkey runs an instagram account dedicated to you 

☮ You’re the only person he allows to come into the studio when he’s hard at work on something. 

☮ Which always leads to him getting distracted and the studio really only becomes a play room where you fight and holler at one another about silly things

☮ Is so much more confident on stage if he knows you’re in the audience watching or that you’re backstage waiting for him 

☮ Gets really anxious and awkward around your friends so he’ll nervously fidget with his own hands or he’ll hold your hand and play with it to distract himself from feeling so anxious

☮ Even though your friends make him anxious, he doesn’t mind being around them as long as you’ll be there 

☮ If he thinks another member is making you uncomfortable he’ll make sure to force himself in between the two of you so it’s not as uncomfortable as before 

☮ Considers eating take out and crying over a sad drama a ‘date’

☮ Sends you cute selfies of him holding up his finger hearts if he misses you whilst you’re away 

☮ A small big clingy but really playful and fun to be around 

☮ You also have to use emojis when you text him 

☮ If not he will 800% bitch about how boring you’re making the conversation 

☮ “I sent you a '😍😍😘’ and you just 'cute’ me? Like ????? That’s rude. I wanted at least a ‘😍’ back. But nope, Boring McNoFun decides that emojis aren’t needed to bring some fun to this plAIN conversation. Gaaaahhh why are you trying to bore me into a grave?!”

☮ NiCkNaMeS 

☮ Calling him something cute makes him the happiest and softest man in the world 

☮ Even if it’s stupid

☮ "Yoongle Boongle” and he’ll explode because it’s the best, cutest, most thoughtful nickname in the entire world! Wow, he can’t believe that nobody has ever called him that before! 

☮ Calls you “babe’ all the time.

☮ It seems like he’s forgotten your name because of how often he calls you ‘babe’

☮ Even the other members slip up and call you ‘babe’ because that’s the only thing Yoongi will call you

☮ Never shuts up about how much he loves you and how great of a person you are

☮ Basically he’s in love with you and you’re actually his world

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Request: Hey!! Can you do one with y/n being a famous actress and y/n and Shawn go to the Oscars as a couple and everyone loves them together?

Word Count: 1,527


”Wow babe, you look stunning” Shawn said, as he entered the hotel room.

I was putting the last pieces of jewellery on, when he snuck up behind me. I caught his silhouette in the mirror. His mouth was open, his eyes burned on me and he was licking his lips. I smiled shyly over his words.

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Fifth Harmony

It was the sixth anniversary of Fifth Harmony and what better way of celebrating another milestone in their careers than by singing in front of thousands of people. It wasn’t just any other concert. It was in Madison Square Garden, New York no less. This was their biggest concert by far. Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane, Normani Kordei, and Ally Brooke sang and danced to their songs from Reflection, 727, and their self-titled album Fifth Harmony.

My innocence is wearing thin

But my heart is growing strong

So call me, call me, call me

Miss movin’ on, oh-oh-oh (ohhhhh)

Miss movin’ on, oh-oh-oh (on and on and on and on and on)

Miss movin’ on, oh-oh-oh (on and on and on and on, on and on and on and on)

Miss movin’ on, oh-oh-oh (hey… yeah yeah)

Yeah, I’m movin’ on



“Madison square garden thank you so much for having us tonight!” Dinah speaks loudly through her microphone. The crowd goes wild as the four girls move closer towards the centre.

“Tonight is a special night for all of us as you know. Six years of Fifth Harmony and we couldn’t have a better celebration tonight. We started off six years ago with thirty to forty people coming to our mall tours now we have 85,000. This is unbelievable” Normani says with extreme awe at the crowd in front of them. Indeed, through that six years, their fan base has grown bigger.

Ally took her turn to speak. “We’d like to share this special moment with you as we all look back to our journey. So, join us as we view this short video of Fifth Harmony through the years”

All four of them turn around to look at the screen in front. A montage starts playing. None of the girls has seen this video. They knew something would be playing but the management never told them what it would be. A surprise for them as well in some sense. (video would be something like this credits to owner)

As much as they try not to be emotional, they can’t help themselves from tearing up. One drop follows another. The crowd too had tears in their eyes, witnessing the transformation of young dreamers into the pop stars that they are now. Before anyone realises it, Camila appears on screen and cheers can be heard all over the place. Even the girls were quite taken aback by her participation on the montage.

“Thank you so much harmonizers for supporting the group through the years. We won’t be here without you guys. Seriously, thank you so much. I’m so proud of the girls for what they’ve achieved, for their success, and will always be proud of them. To my girls, I will always love you. You are my sisters for life. We may have had our differences but deep in my heart I still love you so much. I will always be a part of Fifth Harmony and you will always be a part of me.” Camila ends her message by blowing a kiss to the camera. The video continues to play, recounting all the awards and achievements they received in their six years together. The last frame ends with simple words, “Thank you Fifth Harmony.”

The girls try to clean up their faces before turning around again to face their fans. Everyone claps their hands for a wonderful video that summed up the years of Fifth Harmony.

Normani is the first to speak amongst the four. “We were five normal girls trying to reach our dreams and here we are today standing proudly on this stage. If not for you, we wouldn’t be here today so, thank you so much harmonizers. I would like to thank our families too for keeping our feet to the ground and protecting us and loving us no matter what. Our dream was very small. It was just an idea of us recording our own songs and maybe one day sing it in our own concert. Then it got bigger and bigger. Our lives did change.”

“We’ve become who we’ve always wanted to be. With you and our families and our team, we’ve gotten something not every fifteen or sixteen-year-old could have. We started touring the world and wherever we were there were people screaming at us. We didn’t know what was happening. You guys are one of the main reasons why we’re still here tonight. My mom, my dad, my siblings, and every one of you thank you all so much. You have truly been amazing.” Lauren says through her tears, her raspy voice sounding even raspier.

“We’ve had our sacrifices our differences but at the end of the day, we made it through the crazy because of you. I believed in myself because you believed in me too, in us. Thank you guys so so much. My family, my relatives, every single one of you, thank you for making everything possible. You made our dreams come true over and over again. We’ve met people the people we’ve met because you lined up in our concerts, bought our albums, you did everything for us. It’s been absolutely incredible.” Dinah blows a kiss after her own words.

Ally then speaks up after the youngest amongst them was done. “The past six years would literally be nothing without you. We’re so blessed to be here in front of such lovely crowd because of your support and love. Thank you, harmonizers. We appreciate what you’ve done for us and you made us realise what we’re doing was something amazing. You’ve supported each and everyone in the group through our ups and downs. Once again thank you so much. And to our families thank you for supporting us in our six years.” Cheers go louder as the tears on the girls’ faces pour down. Smiling through tears is something not easy to do.

Lauren clears her throat as she recomposes herself for her next words. “Sadly, the time has come for us to say goodbye.” Gasps from the fans can be heard all over Madison Square Garden. “Trust me we’re all dreading this” she continued with her voice breaking. “Our lives have changed drastically and it’s very overwhelming. We didn’t know what was happening to us and here we are six years later saying goodbye to it all. It’s not an easy thing, I tell you” Lauren wipes her tears as Dinah comforts her with a side hug.

“This song, this next and last song is very special to each of us in Fifth Harmony. This started everything for us; our dreams, our career, everything. This means so much to us and we hope this would mean something to you too.” Normani introduced their finale song and the melody starts playing as she spoke. “May this song remind everyone of you here right now that everything is possible. That the impossible is possible if you just believe. You believed in us and we got to do everything for six years because of all you here tonight.”

“Madison Square this is ‘Impossible’ and this will be our last memory of Fifth Harmony so make it a good one!” Dinah tried to put the crowd in hype despite her own voice betraying her. Ally shouts “We love you” before they started singing.  


I remember years ago

Someone told me I should take caution when it comes to love

I did


And now when all is done

There is nothing to say

You have gone and so effortlessly

You have won You can go ahead tell them

Tell them all I know now

Shout it from the rooftops

Write it on the skyline

All we had is gone now


Tell them I was happy and my heart is broken

All my scars are open

Tell them what I hoped would be


[Dinah & Normani:]




[Dinah & Normani:]




[Dinah & Normani:]



I remember years ago

Someone told me I should take caution when it comes to love

I did


The song becomes very emotional like every word sang by them is a blade plunge to everyone’s hearts. This their last song and it was their very first song together. This is mainly the reason why all four of them decided to end their journey with the same song that fired up their dreams. It felt…home.

At the end of the song, Lauren, Ally, Normani and Dinah hugged each other just like all their other performances. They broke off their embrace and started speaking again starting with Ally.

“I’m trying my best not to cry but I’m crying.” Ally tries to joke around. “We’re all crying. Lauren’s crying, Dinah’s crying, Mani’s crying, you guys are crying. It’s really hard to hold back our tears tonight, isn’t it? It’s really true when they say ‘as one journey ends, another one begins.’ Fifth Harmony maybe closing its book but four stories will be opening after tonight. Dinah, Normani, Lauren, and I will be braving the world as solo artists but we’ll continue to support each other nevertheless. These three ladies right there are my sisters. Thank you for being my sisters. I’ve had the best time in my life more than you could ever imagine. We’ve literally had so much fun and I couldn’t imagine doing it with someone else. I love you so much ladies and I will always be here for you.” There were a lot of ‘awws’ heard in the audience with Ally’s speech.

Normani followed after with her own words of gratitude. “We started out as strangers from different states and walks of life but we’re ending our story together as sisters. It’s been a wild ride but no matter how fun every ride is; it just has its end. Despite that, I know I would always have these ladies with me. Lauren, Dinah, and Ally, you are the sisters God forgot to give me. Your parents are my parents and my parents are yours. My three best friends in the whole world, thank you so much for our time together. No matter what, regardless of any circumstance you are always in my heart. I am and will always be proud of you. I love you”

Seeing as though they were speaking by age, Lauren took the chance to speak after Normani. “To my sisters Normani, Dinah Jane, and Ally, I love you so much I hope you know that. DJ I’ll miss your annoying arse pranking us 24/7, and Mani I’ll miss your chicken wings cravings, and Allyson Brooke, the sunshine of the group, I will definitely miss your cooking. We’ve spent our teenage years together and you’ve been my pillar through everything that was thrown my way. You’ve accepted me for who I am when I was confused and scared and trying to figure out myself. I just want to give a massive shout out to the three of you. You all are such amazing ladies. I love you so much.” Lauren was beaming with pride for her sweet speech. It’s true that the girls have been there for her no matter what and thanking them through those short sentences was not enough but it would have to do for now. “Also to Camila, Camila who’s not here with us tonight, thank you very much Camz for all the love and all the time you gave us when you were still in the band. We love you very much.” Of course the fans especially those who have been rooting for any interaction between Lauren and Camila have their spirits on cloud nine for Lauren’s unexpected message to Camila. Dinah Jane smiled to herself thankful that Lauren had done that. In the end, Dinah never stopped being Camila’s friend.

“Alright. Alright, my turn I guess. What’s up Madison Square? Six years with these girls were crazy. Imagine living with four hormonal teenage girls. I have a bunch of siblings and when I got into Fifth Harmony I gained four more. These three girls, Ally, Mani and Lauren will always be the big sisters that I will look up to for the rest of my life. I can do stupid things and I know they won’t judge me. We may be halfway across world away from each other, I know they’d be wherever I was if I needed them to. I love you girls so much. Imagine all the aeroplane rides and the buses we’ve been on. You’ve given me millions of memories I will keep forever. I love Y'all.” The four of them gather again for one more hug. Dinah broke away however so she could shout something one last time. “Me and my girls will always conquer the impossible!”

The crowd claps their hands for a very touching night. It’s been surreal to witness a very wonderful performance that turned out to be a finale performance then witness again the goodbyes of the four girls.

“There’s also one more person who also would like to join you ladies there on stage if you’d like me to.” The girls are startled with the footage that played behind them. They are very familiar with that view. It was the passage from the backstage towards the front stage and the person in the view is no other than their former member, Camila Cabello. The fans go wild again upon seeing Camila joining the rest of the girls in her old costume.

“I’ve spent four and a half years with you ladies and I just couldn’t miss paying my tribute to this band that I once called family. Like I said we’ve had our differences and troubles but we’re all past that now. I wanted to take this chance, we all wanted to take this chance to give you this proper goodbye that you all deserved. No more letters. Here I am joining my sisters in this stage for this final moment. And I also would like to use this time to give a special shoutout to the four of you. People always ask, ‘what’s your favourite memory of Fifth Harmony’ and I guess this one of those favourites. I will never forget this night just like all those times we’ve had together. Dinah, Ally, Normani, and Lolo, I love you girls so much. Thank you for everything” The girls welcomed Camila to their embrace after her heart-warming speech. They may have had some trials and tribulations before but none of those matters anymore tonight.

“After 6 years of being together, we are doing this one last time,” Dinah announces to the crowd as she smiles to her girls.

“Hi, I’m Dinah Jane,”

“Hey, it’s Normani Kordei,”

“Hi, I’m Lauren,”

“Hey, I’m Ally,”

“Hi I’m Camilla”

They all took hold of each other’s hands, interlocking them together. Normani on the farthest right with Ally on her side. Beside Ally is Dinah who has Lauren in between her and Camila. For the last time, they spoke the words they’ve mastered by heart.

“and we’re Fifth Harmony!”

They raised their interlocked hands up in the air before taking their final bow. The confetti dropped on cue while the girls continued to bow in every side of the Madison Square Garden. “Once again thank you Madison Square Garden and the rest of our Harmonizers all over the world. Goodnight everyone and goodbye!”

Six years together, five sisters brought by fate, four promotional singles, three albums released, two record labels, and one story that ended in harmony. They are and will always be Fifth Harmony.

“About Damn Time” // G.D Imagine


A/N: I know in the last imagine post I said I was back, yeah well life happens and I forgot to update. Here’s a request that was requested weeks ago. 

Feedback is always nice xx 

REQUESTED BY @maria-diver12

Can I have an imagine where the reader has toured with Ethan and Grayson for a while and all the fans know her as part of the crew. But in recent videos and and photos fans spot Grayson staring at y/n and becoming really close and they all start talking about it which makes Grayson talk about the crush he’s developed on y/n and then telling her.

HOPE YOU LIKE IT! XX Sorry it’s up so late ): 

The screams of thousands of fans filled your ears as you stood in front of tje large crowd. You held your camera up to your eye as the boys stood next to the silver ball and DJ Khalid. 

The job as their photographer was was fairly easy due to how photogenic they both were. The hard part was when you found a good shot of them but they decide to move before you even take the picture. It’s a guessing game with these two. Are they going to move before you take the picture or will you actually get the shot? You never know the outcome but you have a lot of funny pictures you sometimes send them as memes. That of course sometimes annoys them but you love it. 

You’ve known the boys for ages now, probably around seven years. The three of you met in Jersey when you had just first moved in into the neighborhood. The two boys and Cameron walked over to the house to greet you when you were about to leave to walk your dog. Grayson started sneezing non-stop as he stood near the dog. When you asked him if he was okay he just awkwardly laughed and said yes. His sister then went on to explain to you that he was highly allergic to dogs which is the reason as to why they can only have pet birds in the house. 

The four of you hit it off from the start but you would always have a stronger bond with the boys considering how close in age you were to the two of them. You three would do everything together and when they started embarking on social media you were there to support them every step of the way. They would ask you to help them film or to take a picture of them. That was when you spark in photography started. When the boys asked you to be their official photographer you of course said yes. 

Now here the three of you where in NYC Times Square at the relaunch of TRL. Both the boys were host of the show and you were doing what you love most; photography. 

You snapped pictures of the happy smiles both the boys had as the ball officially dropped. Ethan and Grayson counted down loudly with the timer and the moment it hit zero they started clapping along with the crowd. You took pictures of every moment and loved how happy they looked on camera and off. Their happiness radiated off of them and that made you happy. 

The boys finished their surprise appearance and the three of you were escorted back into the building. The building halls were quiet as everyone was outside or in the opposite side of where you were. You could still hear the screaming fans and the DJ playing music. The boys were walking in-front of you while talking to their manager. You trailed behind them inspecting the large building that you would be going back and forth in for a while. 

“Hey Y/N, can you take a picture of us in this hanging chair thing?” Ethan asked while pointing at the wall with three round clear plastic chairs that were hanging up in the air. 

“Yeah, of course.” You smiled while walking over and standing in front of them. The boys dashed to sit in the chair. Ethan beat Grayson, who pouted knowing he would have to sit on the floor. 

“Gray can you please put your hands over his legs. You look awkward when your arms under them,” you laughed softly at the boys position. 

“Like this?” Gray asked as he did as told. 

“Yes, perfect,” you mumbled while closing an eye and looking out through your camera lens. Snapping three pictures of the boys in different poses you lowered the camera and inspected the pictures. 

“Can I see?” Grayson asked causing you to look up. You face felt really hot as you noticed how close he was too you. 

Nodding your head you gave him your camera and took a step back from him. Ethan stared at the two of you for a second wondering why you got to flustered over Grayson standing close to you. It wasn’t the first time he’s seen that happen. Shrugging it off Ethan walked over to the three of you and looked down at the picture Grayson was inspecting. 

“These are so good Y/N. I’m so happy we got you to be our photographer before someone else came in and took you away from us,” Ethan complimented you making you smile. 

“Aww thanks E,” you giggled feeling happy that the boys appreciated your work. 

“Yeah these are really good,” Grayson smiled while handing the camera back to you. 

“Thanks Gray,” you smiled while taking the camera from his hands. Your fingers grazed gently against his making your entire body fill with goosebumps and your face to heat up into a crimson shade. 

You turned around and started walking out towards the exit door not wanting for either of the boys to notice your blushing face. As you did so the boys walked a few feet behind you whispering to one another. 

“Do you like her?” Grayson asked his twin brother with a sense of urgency. 

“Yeah, she’s a really good friend.” Ethan responded not getting as to why Grayson was suddenly asking him this. 

“No as in do you like her as more than a friend?” Grayson asked with a raised eyebrow as his face grew a pink from how irritated he was growing with his brother. 

“What no! I wouldn’t do that to you bro. You’ve liked her since we were ten. I mean yeah at some point I had a thing for her but not anymore.” Ethan shrugged. Grayson took a quick glance at you hoping that you couldn’t hear them whispering behind your back. 

You were too busy trying to close your camera bag to listen in on the two boys whispering to one another behind you. In all honestly you have learned to not listen in to their conversations since you two were 10 after the boobs incident. 

“Hey Y/N, are you going back to Jersey with us?” Grayson asked as the two boys walked closer to you. 

“Yeah, I have my cousin’s wedding to attend remember? I’m one of her many bridesmaids and you two promised to go with me.” You answered while looking back at the boys with a raised eyebrow hoping that they didn’t back out. 

“Oh yeah, don’t worry we will still be gracing the wedding with our amazing presence,” Ethan smiled making you laugh. 

“Oh I’m sure they will,” you smiled. 

The conversation was cut short as the loud screams of the fans filled your ears. Turning around you looked out the glass doors and saw fans circling the entire sidewalk. Thankfully they were being held back by metal barricades and security were standing on every corner possible. Despite going on tour with the boys and always being surrounded by a group of fans when you were with them. You weren’t used to the large crowds. One time as you walked by a girl tried to rip your camera off your shoulder. That resulted in your have a large bruise going across your chest and shoulder. 

Grayson came over and had to rip the girl off of your bag because she was so keen on getting the pictures on the camera. Since that day the boys grew more protective on you when you walked out in large crowds. The boys would either make you stand in the middle of them or they would take you to the car and come back to meet the fans who waited for them. 

“Here let me,” Grayson mumbled while walking in front of you and holding the door open for you to walk through. Thanking him you walked outside and let the cool New York air fan you body. 

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Seventeen as Boyfriends

A/N: after a looooong time i have returned with yet another series! don’t forget that you can always send me requests!

I have a feeling that our dear Wonwoo would be that type of shy, romantic guy, where at first he would seem a little cold but then would surprise you with such a sweet, romantic date and show you his soft side. So, while other people may think that he is actually quite cold you would know that actually he was very caring and showered you with affection. It would take some time for him to warm up and you would have to put in some effort to get closer to him but it would totally be worth it. Because once he would have opened up to you, you would get to know so many wonderful things about him and he would make sure you would always know how much he loved you. You would be his most prized possession and he would make sure you’re always happy, because as long as you’re happy, he is happy. He would often surprise you with small gifts, such as a nice book or a cute necklace and would plan cute dates. I feel like doing such things would get him really excited since he just loved seeing your eyes light up when you see what he had prepared. But he would also really enjoy lazy dates, just laying on the couch with you or playing video games. But his signature date would probably be the coffee shop date and you two would have been to a big amount of coffee shops and of course would have a favorite. Wonwoo would be the type to go on long walks with you and hold your hand and kiss your temple and sit down somewhere on a bench and just talk with you about everything. He would be that reliable, somewhat quiet type of boyfriend.
In conclusion, Wonwoo would probably be a very ‘soft’ type of guy, where he would always be there for you to lean on and often surprise you with small gifts or cute dates, even though he might not seem like the romantic, cheesy type at first.


I think that Seokmin would be that really dorky, funny somewhat childish kind of boyfriend. He would always know just how to make you laugh and lighten up your mood. He’d often make stupid jokes which you would have to get along with because there simply would be no stopping him. He would often go a little overboard with his reactions, but honestly, that would make him only all the more lovable. But don’t be fooled by his first impression, because once you get past that layer of dorky cuteness, you’ll find out so much more about him. Because even such a bright person like him has his few dark sides not many people know about. But it would take quite some time to get him open up to you like that because, to you, he only wants to be the happy dork. He doesn’t want you to see him sad. But he wouldn’t be able to avoid that situation for long, since I feel like he is quite an emotional person. However, once he realizes that you actually want him to come to you when he has problems, he would definitely become more open. Like Wonwoo, I think Seokmin would also be a very romantic kind of guy and would actually be very into PDA. He would love cuddling, whether you’re at home or out and about, and would always have his arm around you or hold your hand. He would often kiss your temple or forehead and ruffle your hair a lot. You would just always be cute to him no matter what. So it might be a little bit of a challenge to make him realize that you actually are capable of doing things yourself. But he just wouldn’t be able to help himself, he would always want to protect you and it might get a little too much from time to time, but keep in mind that he really only wants the best for you.
So, I think Seokmin would be very dorky and adorable but also very reliable since he would never want to leave your side. And you can always anticipate romantic dates he had planned and shouldn’t have anything against PDA because believe me, there is going to be a lot of that.

I personally think that Mingyu would be a mix of Wonwoo and DK. He would be so so affectionate and wouldn’t need any time to ‘get used to’ having a girlfriend. It would just come to him naturally. And coming together with that boyfriend behaviour would be nicknames. Lots of them. And they’d get weirder and weirder with time. Of course not he was running out of ideas on what to call you, no. He was just ‘changing it up’ and ‘getting creative’. Another big thing in a relationship with him would intimacy and skinship. And I don’t only mean physical intimacy. You would have to be okay with Mingyu wanting to know what’s going through your head, so he would often ask you what you are thinking. I also see him being huge on PDA. He would want the whole world to know how cute you are and that you belong to him and only him. There would be lots of ‘aww’ and small smooches all over your face because you are just too cute. He would always want to hold your hand and be a gentleman and carry your bags. You would always be able to have a fun time with him. But he would also always be there for you to listen to whatever you have to say and he would be your shoulder to cry on. And he wouldn’t expect anything in return. Mingyu would also be very open about his feelings, telling you when he was upset or anything like that. And his main priority would be to put a big, bright smile onto your face. Because as long as you are happy, so is he. And he would go to lengths to achieve that. He would plan out secret dates and drag you there only to see your face light up.
Mingyu would be a ‘natural boyfriend’, whereas he would always know just what to do to make you happy. He would be very affectionate and also show that in public. His hands would always be on you somehow and he wouldn’t even think about letting you go.

I see him as someone who would actually get very protective while pretending not to care at the same time. He would probably be scared of coming off as weak when telling you that he was worried you might leave him, which could make him seem quite cold. But after you had reassured him nothing of that sort would ever happen, he would definitely open up more towards you. Still, it would be a little hard for him to express his feelings but he would definitely try. Though he would very often get embarrassed when surprising you with a date or something like that. But he would definitely try to learn how to be a better boyfriend and would even ask the other members for advice to make sure you were the happiest girl in the world. Because he really did care for you deeply, he was just unable to show it. He would probably get jealous quite easily and would always try to protect you from basically everything. He would have very high expectations for himself and would often be disappointed because he couldn’t live up to them. So you would often have to remind him just how amazing of a boyfriend he is. Even though he would try to act all cool and tough, you would be his biggest weakness and he would always get so incredibly happy whenever you kissed him or told him you loved him. He would try to spend every free second with you and cuddling would be his favourite thing to do. He would love having you fall asleep with your head on his chest and just admire you because you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.
Woozi would seem like a somewhat cold person at first. But only because he wouldn’t know just exactly how to tell you how much you mean to him. But he would try his best to make known to you just how much he loves you and it would just be the most heartwarming thing.

I see him as a very, very protective and also clingy type of guy. I can see him being pretty into PDA and he would often let everyone know just how much he loves you and just how wonderful you are. He would treat you so well and would always only want the best for you. But he would also be very clingy and would probably accompany you everywhere to make sure you are safe. He would always want to know where you are, but not really in an obsessive kind of way. More in a worried way if that makes sense. You would really have to sit him down and tell him that you are old enough to go places alone without being kidnapped or dismembered. Or even both. He would then really try to tone down his protectiveness as much as he could but later one you two would find a mix between him being protective but also letting you be independent. But you would never be able to turn off that protective part inside of him. He would also often try to be romantic and set up candles and whatnot to surprise you when you get back home. He then would probably get all flustered when you complimented him on how wonderfully he decorated everything and thanked him for all the effort he put in for you. He would always try to fulfil your dreams and keep you smiling. He would also be very open about his feelings and would want you to be the same way, telling him when something is wrong.
In conclusion, Seungcheol would be very protective and clingy to the point it would almost get annoying. But that’s just because you are so dear to him and he would definitely let you and everyone else know just how much he loves you.

We all know how extra Seungkwan can be. And I have feeling that wouldn’t change at all when he is in a relationship with you. He would constantly brag about you to the other members and wouldn’t care whether he would have told them just how beautiful you are ten times already. Even if you were around, or rather especially then, he would constantly talk to them about how gracefully you move and whatnot. He would often make you blush by constantly showering you with compliments and affection. And he wouldn’t even expect anything in return. He has such a big heart and you would take up almost all the space in it. You would always e his number one priority and he would always go out of his way to make sure you are happy. He would do anything to see you smile and hear you laugh. You would be everything to him and he would let you know so that you would never doubt his love for you. He would always be there for you if you needed a shoulder to cry on. If you were to surprise him by getting him a present or cancelling all your plans to spend some time with him, he would probably start crying. He would be very moved and would continue to tell you that you really didn’t have to do such a thing. He would always be very gentle with you and try to protect you from basically everything. There wouldn’t be a day spent without him showering you with kisses.
Seungkwan would be a very, very soft and gentle type of guy, your happiness being his first priority. He would always make time for you and continue on bragging about you to everyone he knows. He would show his love for you and wouldn’t be embarrassed about it by one bit.

I see Hoshi as being the kind of shy, cute type of boyfriend. He would often make silly little jokes to get you to laugh or make funny faces when you two were sitting opposite of each other. He would get shy when the other members would tease you two for kissing or sitting really really close to each other on the couch. In public, I feel like he would be pretty shy of showing his affection for you as well. He would never go farther than holding your hand or having his arm around you. But at home, he wouldn’t stop complimenting you and showering you with kisses. He would also be very playful, tickling you a lot and squishing your cheeks together and all that. Hoshi would try to teach you choreographies and ask you what you think of dance moves he came up with. He would often ask you for your opinion on basically anything. His outfit, hair and so on. He would always look for your approval and you would maybe even have to sitcom down and tell him that you think he’s amazing no matter what. He then would probably start crying because his feelings for you are just so overwhelming. I see him being a somewhat emotional person in general. Whenever something worried him, you would be the first one he’d ask for advice. But just how you are there for him, he would be there for you too.
Hoshi would be a very playful, sometimes shy kind of boyfriend. Your opinion would be very important to him and even though he wouldn’t show much affection outside, you wouldn’t be able to get him off you once you two were home. You would be able to tell him anything and everything and he would always try to get you to smile.

The first word that comes to my mind when I think of boyfriend Jisoo is soft. He would be so so gentle with you and make sure he isn’t hurting you in any way. Once he had fallen for you, your safety would be the most important to him and he would always look out for you. If you easily got cold, he would always bring an extra pullover or if you were clumsy he would always carry bandaids with him. He would be able to read you like you were an open book and would always know when something was wrong. He would always listen to your problems, no matter how small they may be and he would continuously spoil you. He would cook breakfast and surprise you with small gifts every now and then. He would celebrate all of your successes and would kiss you whenever he would get the chance. He would be a little shy in public though and would rarely do more than just holding your hand. But people would still be able to see how much he loved you. When he was away, you would always wake up to morning texts from him and he would try to video call you at least once a day and would always hype up your selfies and just make you feel so so good about yourself.
In conclusion, Jisoo would be a very gentle and loving type of boyfriend. He would always make sure you are safe and happy and would mediately know when something was wrong. His love for you would be visible to other people as well and you would always feel beautiful around him.

In my opinion, Jun would almost be a little secretive about your relationship. He wouldn’t be someone to continuously boast about you to the other members or constantly be all over you. But he wouldn’t be shy either. It’s not like he wouldn’t deem your relationship important, he would just like to keep things a little more private. Though, every now and then, he would fall into bragging about you to the others. But when the two of you were alone, he would always be admiring you and give you loads of compliments. He would always play with your hair and literally be up for anything the minute you said you wanted to do something. He would always try to keep you smiling and spoil you to the max. You two would be that couple with incredibly good style and you would always wear at least one matching thing, even if it only were socks. Jun would be your trusty shopping companion and hype you up as if there was no tomorrow, telling you how you could rock anything and everything. Making you feel beautiful and confident would be his goals and he would always be able to achieve it. At night but also in the mornings, he would get really soft and practically be glued to your side.
Jun would be very supportive of you in every way though he would like to keep things a little more private and not have everyone knowing every single thing about your relationship. He would do just about anything with you and always make sure that you were feeling confident.

Since Vernon grew up in America, I feel like his ‘dating style’ would be very different from the others. In Korea, the general style of relationships is pretty cheese whereas in America it’s not as movie-like. At least most of the time. I feel like Vernon would be a little more naughty. He would definitely be very straightforward about basically anything. His type of PDA would also be a little different. As I said, he would be a little more naughty and would even grab your butt in public just for the fun of it. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be loving. He would always be spoiling you and brag about you to everyone. Buying you new clothes or a necklace or maybe even a promise ring. He would always be about making you feel like royalty. Vernon would also be incredibly protective. Someone would only need to look at you a little too long and he would already be getting into possessive boyfriend mode. You maybe would even need to take him to the side and tell him to tone it down a little. While outside he would be possessive, but at home he would be very cuddly and he wouldn’t care who else was around. He would just be very open about your relationship.
Since Vernon grew up in a different culture, his way of dating would be different but he would of course still be very loving. His protective side would come out every now and again but it would be nothing you wouldn’t be able to deal with. Spoiling you would be one of his favourite things to do since he wants to make you feel like the most important person on earth.

Despite his cute and puppy-like appearance, Minghao would be incredibly possessive and also protective. Not in an obsessive way, where he would always want to know what you were doing at all times. But, if he were with you, he would make sure everyone around you two knew that you were his one and only and he was not to be messed with. Though he would often only have his arm around your waist, everybody would just know that they shouldn’t be looking at you for too long. He would be a lot like Jun and want to keep the relationship between you two rather private than having the other members know every little detail. But every now and then he wouldn’t be able to stop himself and best about you and tell everyone around him how cute you were anyhow happy he was to be able to call you his. I see him as someone who would be quite clingy when you two were alone. He would love to cuddle and often kiss your forehead or temple. He would have one or two nicknames for you and call you by those every time. Only if there was something more serious to talk about, he would use your real name and that’s how you would know you were in trouble.
Minghao would be quite possessive over you and always make sure that you’re alright. Like Jun, he wouldn’t want everyone to know everything about your relationship with him but would boast about you from time to time.

Honestly, Jeonghan would constantly spoil you. But not only by buying you new things. He would spoil you by treating you unlike he treats anyone else. He would always be looking out for you and would carry you if it was raining and you didn’t want your shoes to get dirty. He would literally do anything, you only had to mention it. But he would sulk quite easily. Since you are the most important person to him, he would want your attention to be on him and him only. So if you ever ignore him, for whatever reason, he would almost immediately start sulking and it would take some time to get him to talk. But then there would be a bunch of kisses because he loves kissing you. And by loves I really mean loves. He would never get tired of kissing you. When you two were out, he would kiss your cheek ever so often and, when nobody was looking, he would also sneak in a short peck on the lips. He would be very open about your relationship in front of others and would openly cuddle with you while the other members were around. He just wouldn’t really care about them.
In conclusion, Jeonghan would do anything and everything you wanted in the blink of an eye. Though he would also want all your attention which may get a little tiring. But he would make up for it by spoiling you to the max.

Our beloved Chan would be a little awkward at first. He’s the youngest of the bunch and dare I say the most inexperienced. The first dates would always be a little awkward but he would for sure soon get the hang of that whole relationship thing and you wouldn’t be able to find someone sweeter than him. He would cherish you so much but would most likely have difficulties expressing his feelings. But that wouldn’t stop him. He would try to express his love for you through lots of kisses and small gestures. And since he wouldn’t want to mess anything up, he would be really caring and thoughtful and always try to look out for you. He might go a little overboard though, so you would have to remind to slow down a little on the whole protective boyfriend thing. He would be a little shy in public but that would change with time and he would get more ‘daring’, even kissing you while you two were out. Sound the other members, he would always be their little brother and they would treat him that way which could lead to him being incredibly embarrassed when they did it in front of you. His cheeks would be red a lot during the first few weeks of you two being together, but again, that would change over time.
You would be able to see Chan develop over the course of your relationship. He would become more ‘mature’ and wouldn’t be embarrassed as often. He would always try to take care of you and give you all his love and attention.

To Mourn #1

Because apparently I’m a complete masochist, this is my tragedy series. There will be no happy ending for MC or her RFA cohorts. In this series, I will endeavour to answer the question:

How would the RFA + CO cope with the knowledge that MC died in their place? 

Don’t worry everyone- I’m already dead inside from just typing that. Come and join me in my own personal MM hell.

Dedicating this series to the lovely @weirdballoftrash my resident angst child who has been with me since my first 100 followers. Bless you honey. Thank you for your never ending support. I am grateful to know you. 

This will include:
1) Angst. Tragedy. Character Death. 
2) Mention of suicide. 

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ideal type | kang daniel

MEMBER — wanna one’s kang daniel x actress!reader

GENRE — fluff

SUMMARY — in which kang daniel and you are each other’s ideal type and one day the both of you were invited on a show together.

requested — by soul0405; hello! can you do the another scenarion of the Ideal Type (the one you did it for ong seongwoo) for kang daniel? :) rly love your blog!

side note: OMG!?!?!?! my seongwoo scenario really got a lot of support i’m so shook and happy. REALLY. anyway for this scenario, the show i’ll be using is master key cause i love episode 5 so much

  • okay so backstory
  • you used to be in fantagio as an actress but then you decided to quit because fantagio said that you’d be better off in other companies in a good way-
  • anywaY so you’re totally best friends with ong seongwoo
  • you tell him everything and anything – every time, everywhere. like how you’re stresed about being single and shit. literally, every single thing.
  • that includes telling him about your huge crush on his bandmate, kang daniel
  • …which you regret a bit because damN he really likes teasing you much more than usual afterwards
  • seongwoo: y/n too bad you can’t hangout with me today since you’re busy, daniel is here with me
  • seongwoo: bet you’re jealous of me right now since i’m laying on daniel’s lap
  • seongwoo: oh my god i just found out daniel has a crush on you too!!! shocker
  • you: hahaha fuck off
  • sadly you never met him before cause you’re so busy and shit especially these recent days like your drama is a big hiT
  • on one interview daniel was asked who was his ideal type
  • and daniel, an honest person, straight up told them that he’s interested in you
  • ever since then fans have been shipping y’all and making edits and all like omg
  • seongwoo even showed you this tweet where a fan tweeted “petition for y/n to be on master key with daniel!!!”
  • seongwoo: wouldn’t that be great? :D
  • you had no idea ong would go to the director of the show and personally suggested you as the guest for the next filming
  • when you got into the filming area, literally everyone started attacking you and daniel with teases.
  • and everyone was like “OOOOOOOHHH”
  • daniel and you were like it’s literally the same suit he used for every filming ???
  • aaaanyway
  • so if you don’t know, in this show/game, two people have the master keys to unlock a box for the end of the show, and those two people are either an angel or a demon. if the angel wins, the prize will be divided equally among the winners. if the demon wins, the demon will get all the prize. and some shit like that i’m too tired of explaining
  • luckily, you were the demon during the episode
  • when you were asked to show your face, you showed a confident grin, winking at the camera in front of you
  • “i can’t guess about y/n, she’s a great actress” seongwoo admitted, and everyone was like trUEEE
  • “well, you guys do not need to guess, i am the angel” you said, sounding convincing as ever
  • “i think she is,” daniel replied, shyly smiling, “she looks like one.”
  • anyway and guess who’s the angel? yE daniel
  • have you guys watched master key tho because damn it’s so frustrating to be the angel sjsjsjs
  • in the locker room, everyone was already yelling at each other and whispering telling that they are the angels and daniel was there like >:\ cut it off i’m the angel here wyd
  • “seongwoo stop it i’m the angel here” he whined, flinging his arms around like a kid #kangchoding
  • ppl were starting to gather around at daniel and were like “wHaT dO yOu mEaN” “I’m ThE aNgEl HeRe”
  • you suddenly jumped into the circle with a bright and assuring grin while you raised your arm, “guys!!! i’m the real angel here!”
  • daniel’s heart fluttered sm like aww :”) for a second he forgot he was the angel
  • “are you really the angel? wait what sorry my baD i’m the angel hehe whoops”
  • basically the whole day was stressful for daniel hahahaHaHAHA since everyone just keeps lying ! !
  • he would talk back at them and be like “nOno no jokes on you i’m the angel”
  • but every time you say you are the angel, he stutters like:
  • “y-you aren’t… I-I-I am the a-angel. y-you do look like an angel thoug-h”
  • at some point you realised that daniel really is the angel
  • so to save yourself, you literally went to every person except daniel and whispered to them “daniel is the demon ! ! !”
  • seongwoo though only chuckled at you and nodded, “really? you think so?”
  • “yes!”
  • daniel, who was frustrated with everyone, looks at you before laughing, “but i’m an angel!”
  • you stucked out your tongue
  • “i’m the angel, daniel”
  • he ran towards you as you giggled, running away
  • you and daniel had a little chase before he finally catches you, cupping your cheeks with his hands as he leans closer to your face
  • your noses brushing on each other as he looked you in the eyes, playfulness and love is all in it, causing you to blush
  • “y/n,” he whispered, “i’m the angel, you little demon”
  • you didn’t know what happened
  • #shOOK
  • “omG Y/N DANIEL WYD WE’RE ON CAM” shouts heechul from the back
  • daniel grins at your blushing state and giggles before skipping away from you
  • you were obviously flustered, but unfortunately for daniel your determination to win was bigger than anything
  • so you kept on convincing people ! ! !
  • “hey Key just trust me i’m the angel”
  • “henry believe me or not but i’m the freaking angel”
  • and at some point everyone started believing you except daniel ofc hehe
  • your acting was so good
  • in the end you won with 10/12 votes which means you won 30 keys altogether
  • everyone was S H O O K
  • and daniel was like welp lmao should’ve listened to me
  • seongwoo deadass went up to you and grabbed your shoulders as he shook you slightly
  • “i ducking trusted you over daniel how could you do this to me”
  • speaking of daniel you were very guilty at him so after the filming ended you went up to daniel
  • “uh hi daniel”
  • “oh! y-y/n what’s up”
  • the both of you didn’t know that seongwoo was hiding behind a wall since he was about to walk into the room but then he saw the both of you so like
  • anyway
  • “i’m sorry cause like i tricked everyone and lied that i’m the angel hehe”
  • daniel chuckled, “it’s okay, y/n, you worked hard today! your acting was really good, if i wasn’t the angel, i’d fall for your acting too. like how i fell for you. just kidding”
  • you’re a blushing mess and seongwoo was just cringing behind the wall
  • you took a deep breath, trying not to scream as you took out a few golden keys you won from your a small bag
  • “take these as my apology. and this too,” you handed him the keys and a small sticky note
  • before you sprinted out the room without saying goodbye cause you were too embarrassed and you didn’t even notice seongwoo there
  • daniel read the note out loud:
  • “hey daniel we should go on a date together, i’d like to get to know you well, angel ;) (insert number) - your little demon”
  • again seongwoo cringed
  • cause he was so not used to his friends flirting smHh
  • “your little demon?” he laughed, “yes, you’re my little demon that captured my heart.”
  • seongwoo couldn’t hold it back anymore as he made gagging sounds, groaning as he entered the room from his hiding spot causing daniel to jump a little
  • “ye and it made me wanna rip my hair out”
  • daniel wouldn’t hear the end of this
  • and neither would you
  • but everything’s worth it since now both you and daniel are happy to have each other :)

Make Time

it wasn’t your fault. it was schools fault.

everytime that hyuk has a performance, you miss it because of your packed schedule. you wished that you could just go or do whatever or wherever you wanted when you wanted.

you remember like it was yesterday..your high school graduation. of course, hyuk was there but he seemed a bit off.

“hyuk? what’s wrong?” your eyes filled with worry quickly after realizing that your boyfriend had a pouty face.

he forced a fake smile to assure you that there was nothing wrong. but there was.

“come on, lets go outside.” you got up and grabbed his hand, guiding him out of the refreshments room.

you weren’t going to believe any lies that he was going to attempt to tell you. it was obvious that he had something on his mind. something that was dragging his regular happy self down.

“tell me what’s wrong.” you said.

“i just…nevermind.” he looked at you and bit down in his lip to hide his frown.

“c'mon i don’t want to hear that.. you better tell me hyuk.” you forced him.

he let out a sigh and broke his eye contact with you. “will you still be able to…”

“to what hyuk? you’re like how many years older than-”

“come to my shows. and please let’s not talk about our age gap…ever.” he whispered the last part, no one could know about that. not now.

“if this is what’s bothering you, then…yes i will still try to go to your shows. i’ve never missed one yet. and i damn sure don't  plan on missing one.”


you cut him off with a kiss, causing him to turn to putty in your hands. he was a sucker for you and he needed to make sure that you’d be around. you were his inspiration for everything after all.

you got a nonification from the angel that attended each and every one of hyuk’s performances. she went live so that those at home could watch him live.

you tapped on it and god…there he was, singing pour up. he looked amazing. and you noticed that he was wearing the necklace you got him for his birthday which made you smile and tear up. you were beginning to feel emo.

honestly, you felt distant from him. you’d see him every now and then but that was either for a quick fuck or to spend “time” together which only lasted for about an hour.

god knows you didn’t want to break up with him. you loved him too much.

you pushed your thoughts to the side just for now and focused on hyuk. of course, he was singing well and giving a great performance. he sung a few songs before getting to what2do. a song that he wrote when you two weren’t on the best page.

but right in the middle of the song, he stopped singing, covered his face and looked down. he walked off of the stage while shaking his head. but before he left, he spoke into the microphone, “i’m sorry”.

“what?” you asked yourself before hopping off of the couch and heading to your room to dress yourself.

you threw on a skirt, one of hyuk’s old supreme jackets and a pair of your old sneakers. you looked fine, if you excluded the fact that it looked like you had no bottoms on.

after locking up the house, you looked back at your phone. the ‘angel’ was apologizing to her viewers.

“dean is backstage. he’s been back there for a good six minutes…i hope he’s alright. if there are new viewers, the reason why you don’t see dean is because he cried on stage and left. he’s still here and maybe will be out soon. hang on.” she turned the camera around to face the stage.

hyuk had came back, with a hat on to hide his puffy eyes. “i apologize for my abrupt stop…. it’s just… i’m having problems.” he wasn’t going to continue the sentence but people in the crowd encouraged him to.

“tell us dean!”

he sighed into the microphone. “i wanted her to be here and…she’s not…”

“aww.” the crowd cooed as he started crying again.

you put your phone in your pocket and continued your walk to the venue. you hoped that security would let you in although they most likely wouldn’t.

even if you told them that you were hyuk’s girlfriend. they probably wouldn’t believe you because of how you looked. or maybe just because they were trying to keep him safe.

when you finally got to the back of the building, you saw that there was no one at the back door so you started to open it… until someone opened it before you.

“what were you doing?!” two men who looked like security guards asked you.

“umm…” you paused. “i’m here to see hy- dean. i’m his girlfriend.”

the both of them started to laugh and point at your features, telling you how hyuk would never date someone like you.

you just stood there. unfazed. how and why were you unfazed? because you were used to this. it was nothing new, so you let them get in on their jokes.

“y/n!” hyuk literally screamed when he spotted you from the hallway.

he pushed pass the guards and pulled you into a tight hug. “what are you doing here? i thought you said that you have a test tomorrow and you need to study?”

“they teased me hyuk.” you ignored his question and stared the two older men in front of you down.

“what?” he looked back at them and codly said, “you’re not the only ones. hardly anyone believes her.”

“sorry.” they said in unison and left the two of you alone.

hyuk stepped back and looked at you, he noticed his jacket and that brought a slight smile to his face.

“you cried…on stage. why?” you cut straight to the point making his smile drop.

“because i miss you y/n. i miss us.” he paused and ran his fingers through his hair. “i miss you being in the crowd and i miss spotting you out and singing to you. baby we’re not even around each other as much anymore. and when we are… it’s just..not the same.”

“i honestly feel the same way hyuk…i really do. but-”

“please don’t say but, just be here with me. we can work this out.” he looked down, obviously he was in some type of emo state.

“alright..after your show, let’s go home.” you suggested.

“after the show? home?” he asked. the tone of his voice was lifted and his eyes opened much more wider than before. You

“yes hyuk, now get in there and give your fans a good performance!”

he grabbed your hand and guided you through the building, to the stage. “what are you doing?” you asked him through gritted teeth.

he placed his finger over his lips and signaled for the dj to start the music. “everyone this is the woman in my life, y/n. and i will be singing to her.” his voice came out shyly and his cheeks were a pinkish red because of all the blushing that he was doing.

the crowd cheered him on until it was time for him to begin singing. they cooed along with you all the way till the end.

“i love you y/n.” he said, sincerely.

you mouthed i love you back to him and opened your arms wide. but, he didn’t hug you.. he cupped your face with his hands and kissed you. he kissed you in front of all the cameras.. something that he once said he’d never do.

when his set was over, he bowed at the crowd and thanked everyone for coming. he also apologized again a thousand times until you had to stop him.

“are you happy with me?” he asked, while holding the door of his car open for you.

you nodded and spat out a quick “yeah.” before he could close the door.

you didn’t lie, although things may have been a little off with your relationship with hyuk but that didn’t mean that you weren’t happy most of the time.

when he got into the car, he started the engine and turned up the radio. you leaned back into the seat and held onto his hand.

“you know, if you at least attend some of my shows, i’ll be the happiest man alive.” hyuk said.

“i’ll see what i can do.” a smirk stretched across your face. he didn’t exclude the"some" which made you feel good. he was finally understanding that school was a top priority.

“you better.” he laughed.

when you two got to your house, you watched a movie and talked about your relationship. thankfully, you worked it out with him completely. you would attend some of his shows and he would come over to your place everyday for way more than an hour time to spend time with you.


“tell me everything will be alright.” you said, while you snuggled deeper into hyuk’s chest.

“everything will be alright. i promise.” he kissed your forehead and sung one of his songs to you until you fell asleep.

“love, love the stars.
love, love the moon”

i dare you (richie tozier x reader)

requested: “Could you do a reader x Richie imagine where they’re good friends but always roast each other etc. but eventually one day when they’re just doing whatever and talking Richie says "I dare you to kiss me” and then y/n actually does and then it’s all fluffy but awkward ❤❤" - @my-special-fort

summary: richie and y/n are just bros being bros, until a certain dare turns them into something more.

characters: richie tozier, y/n, beverly marsh, bill denbrough, eddie kaspbrack, ben hanscom, mike hanlon, stanley uris

warnings: i think i used the word ass once? lmao but that’s all

a/n: hope you like it!!

“See, we’re nearly at the top!” Bev cried, pointing forward towards the very top of the hill.

Yeah, you’d only been walking for around an hour.

You see, the losers had decided to take a ‘lovely’, 'little’ trip up the mountain.

It was not lovely.

It was not little.

It was downright annoying

“Hey. Hey. Hey, Y/N,” Richie poked you in the side multiple times, trying to get your attention.

You turned to him in a fit of rage. “What, Richie?!”

“Your mum.” He grinned at you, his glasses glinting in the sunlight.

You shoved him away, causing him to fall on his ass and the squad to erupt in laughter.

Eddie smirked. “Not gonna lie, you kinda deserved that, Trashmouth.” Richie rolled his eyes and stood, dusting himself off.

God, look at him with his stupid face, and stupid glasses, and… adorable smile… no! Stupid smile!

You shook your head fiercely, slapping yourself for good measure, Stan looking at you like you had lost the plot all together. You sighed lowly and looked away, gazing out onto the vast green hills and trying to divert your gaze away from your idiot friend whom you had come to love very dearly.

It was unexpected, sure. You had never thought even in your wildest dreams, that you would fall for the Trashmouth who was even worse than you. He always seemed to have a comeback just waiting to be unleashed as soon as you opened your mouth.

But he just happened to have an effect on you. And it was a very annoying effect indeed.

Suddenly, Bill flopped onto the ground in front of you, jerking you out of your thoughts.

“Y/N, you seem really jumpy lately.” Ben stated, tilting his head.

Mike frowned. “Yeah, anything wrong?” He enquired.

You smiled and shook your head. “Nah, just um, school that’s all.” You shrugged and began walking over to the edge of the mountain, peering over the edge into the abyss of trees and lakes.


What you didn’t realise, however, was the curious eyes behind thick glass frames following your every move.

Breathtaking. That was what Richie’s throughts currently consisted of.

He was desperately trying to think of something to grasp your attention, something funny or endearing. Yet, what came out of his mouth was neither of those things.

“Hey, Y/N/N, I dare you to eat that grass.”

There was a collective sigh around the group, everyone not wanting their friends to start this once again.

You see, yourself and Richie were extremely competitive people, always competing to be the best. This included daring each other to do things at random times. Neither of you had ever backed down from a dare before, and that was your primary aim. To get The Richie Tozier to back down and give in.

You spun around and smirked at Richie, before leaning down and pulling a wad of grass from the moist earth. You then proceeded to shove the wad into your open mouth, the wet vegetation sliding down your throat, the bitterness making your face cringe in distaste.


Richie began to laugh as the rest of the losers groaned and cried in protest.

“Y/N, do you know how unsanitary that is?! There are so many germs on even one blade of it!” Eddie gagged, shuddering fiercely.

You giggled and ruffled his hair.

“Aww, worried about me Eds?”

He rolled his eyes and pushed your hand away. “Yeah, totally,” he replied, sarcastically.

Richie gasped. “I feel betrayed! How dare you hit on my girl, Eddie Spaghetti! You’re no longer my friend!”

Eddie sighed and glared at his friend. “I swear if you call me at one more time I will shove those glasses up your-”

“Beep beep Eddie.” You giggled, finger gunning your friend,

A chorus of laughs sang from the group, including some from Eddie. Richie rolled his eyes, poking his tongue at you also.

You smirked at him and placed your hands on your hips. “My turn, Rich. I dare you to climb to the top of that tree.”

“Challenge accepted.”

It went back and forth like this all day, the dares getting more extreme each time.

Eventually, the losers were tired out and simply laying down on the large rocks that littered the mountain top, enjoying the company of the light wind that brushed the peak of the mountain.

Richie and yourself were laying together, side by side on the now dry grass, watching the puffy clouds float past. A simple moment, yet so very relaxing.

“Hey, Y/N/N?”

You looked through the corner of your eye, catching sight of the freckled face now facing you. Turning onto your side, you gazed at Richie, noticing the way his nose was slightly scrunched due to the light breeze, and how his pale skin was dyed pastel yellow in the sunlight. How his eyes glistened, and the red tint to his cheeks.

You were happy to lay with him here.

“Yeah?” You whispered back.

He smiled softly, closing his eyes for a second, causing his long black eyelashes to flutter in the air.

“I dare you to kiss me.”

You felt a rush of heat to your cheeks, looking at him to see if he was actually being serious. A cheeky smile had implanted itself onto his face and his eyes held that adorable mischief, like a child who’d played a prank on his mother. However, you decided to go for it.

Before he’d even realised what was happening, Richie was feeling the delicate sensation of your lips on his. It was quick, hesitant even, and over in a few seconds. But oh, he loved it.

You pulled back and closed your eyes, not wanting to look him in the eyes. Nevertheless, when you opened your eyes you were met with his deeply staring into your own. The smile had not left his face.

The moment, though slightly awkward I’m not gonna lie, was perfect.

Until he opened his mouth.

“You are such a loser.”

anonymous asked:

A headcanon of Tom dating a shy reader who is his co star and has anxiety?

aww yessss! this is a long one so buckle up. the beginning is more meeting/getting together and the bottom part is more of the headcanons/anxiety-related things

• you and tom initially met at the screen testing of their movie

• tom was cast a little bit before you were. you already knew about that and it scared the shit out of her because she was newer to the big movie scene than he was

• you were over the moon when you found out you were cast, both a little anxious and excited
• ”is gonna be a douchebag???” “what if he doesn’t like me?” “will they recast me?” a LOT of self doubt and concerns about tom

• once you arrived on set to work on a few testing scenes and green-screen stuff, harrison was the first to greet you. tom was running late, somehow

• “what if that messes up our schedule? is he gonna get in trouble?” you said that out loud, much to your dismay. you were thinking too fast because of how anxious you were about filming

• this was one of your first big movies, let alone a movie with a marvel star? “if he’s a dick or something goes wrong, it could wreck everything, especially if we don’t have chemistry” - your internal monologue, repeatedly. your mind rambled through all of the worst outcomes

• harrison had this weird look in his eye when you didn’t readily accept the fact he was late just because iTs tOm HoLlAnD

• turns out that weird look was some prophetic thing. he knew you and tom were gonna get along

• tom arrived to set twenty minutes with tessa and a latte for dogs

• he rambles to the director, who’s slightly unhappy with this “i’m really sorry i just saw the ad for it and i got so excited-“

• he didn’t notice you standing by at first because of how apologetic he was for being late

• this settled your nerves a bit because what a fucking dork move. you loved it

• “oh, oh my god! you’re (y/n), right?” “uh yeah, tom?” “nice to meet you!”

• he hugged you instead of shaking hands

• the first few days were awkward banter, but he still was really warm and welcoming person, constantly trying to make you feel happy and at-home with everyone

• going out w/ the cast and posting pictures was common. fans started commenting on how “close” you two looked

• tom really liked trying to make you laugh during serious scenes. once, instead of sitting on the chair behind his desk like the blocking told him to, he ran, jumped and slid over it while you followed him into the fake office

• he biffed it. bitch almost got another broken nose

• you almost got a panic attack from how much his nose was bleeding but he ended up being the one calming you down until you laughed again

• here comes stunt filming

• you told the team you’d do your own stunts. you wanted to go out of your way and try new stuff

• anxiety made that really, really hard. you felt like a lot of your childhood wasn’t spent like it should be. you missed out on a lot because of how severe it was and you told yourself at the beginning of 2018 you’d make it up to yourself

• nevertheless, as soon as they strapped you in the harness you started breathing really shallow. you felt constricted rather than safe

• you didn’t say anything. your throat was so dry you felt like you couldn’t anyway

• you were supposed to fall off a platform, cling onto the edge for a few seconds then fall twenty-something feet till the harness stopped you. there was protective stuff underneath in case something went wrong, but you were almost crying

• heights weren’t your favorite. you did it anyways, after about ten minutes of pacing and tom coming out of his trailer to encourage you

• he only vaguely knew of your anxiety. he didn’t know you were shooting the scene on your own till he came out, which instantly got him worried for you

• “hey, i’ll catch you if you fall!” “yeah?” you yelled back, mustering up the humor to give him a half-hearted smile “yeah, but only if you’re falling in love!”

• you laughed. and blushed. shit.

• “i think i like him?” “took you long enough to figure it out,” harrison replied, sipping his coffee

• anyway the same day of the falling-stunt, something went wrong with the rope and you fell further than what they told you. you fell into the tall mesh/foam pads but it caused a full blown panic attack. you weren’t expecting it

• you couldn’t move, but your heart was beating so fast you thought it’d pump too much blood and you might die

• you were just frozen, waiting for your body to register what happened

• in the meantime, your brain was kind of on fire. your head felt hot and you were getting dizzy just laying down

• “hey, hey, (y/n)” tom’s familiar voice rung out and you felt a weight beside you, fumbling to unclip the metal bit from your harness. “that was terrifying, but you’re still here, yes?” he spoke in a really calm voice, slowly lifting you off the landing and getting you to the ground

• the set and staff were scrambling to fix things, people were apologizing left and right

• you could move again, but you didn’t want to talk. everything was blurry.

• he walked you into his trailer, where harrison was laying around. you faintly remember them talking about whether or not you were okay

• you sat down on tom’s bed in the back area of the trailer, tom looking at you worriedly from the doorway.

• you started to cry and shake a lot

• while it was an awful feeling, at the same time you were grateful you could make sound again

• “okay love, it’s alright,” tom murmured, sitting on the bed to hold you and kiss the top of your head

• after a solid fifteen minutes of sobbing into his chest, you fell asleep

• unbeknownst to you, harrison came in to talk to tom

• “you’re really whipped for her, huh?”

• “i guess you could say that,” tom replied quietly, rubbing circles into your back

• fast forward two months. you’re shooting the final scene, which includes a kissing scene

• …but not between you and tom.

• you were getting really worked up over it. the actor was nice enough but you weren’t close

• tom was no where to be seen, even though you had to shoot more stuff together right after the kiss

• eventually you got it over with, after a couple takes

• that’s right, a couple. you felt a little light headed but managed to to go knock on tom’s door

• “come in” “hey, i haven’t seen you around. what’s up?” you asked as you poke your head in. “nothing,” he replied with an offbeat tone. he was on his phone, not looking up

• “sounds like you’ve got a stick up your ass today, holland”

• tom looked up with a very confused look on his face. “since when did you talk like that?”

• “since i started being honest with other people and myself.”

• tom swore in the moment you held that cheeky grin on your face was when he fell in love with you

• but of course he didn’t say anything. he didn’t express he was bitter about your kissing scene. he was scared of brutally honest communication, yet you weren’t.

• this was odd, even to you, that you were so willing to say that to his face. you had no malicious intentions, you just wanted to get him to open up. you were feeling comfortable around him now. (it used to be you almost had an anxiety attack if he made a joke about you, to you. you’d read too far into it and think he hated you)

• “i finished ‘the big scene today,’” you sighed as you sat down next to him. he was still staring at you. “what’s wrong?”

• “nothing. nothing’s wrong.”

• your stomach flipped. he seemed really pissed which made you very panicky. “a-are you sure?”

• “yeah.” he looked away, tossing the phone onto the table by him and looking up at the lights.

• “you’re scaring me.” you said weakly after minutes of silence had gone by.

• tom realized what he’d done, that he’d been short with you when it wasn’t your fault. he forgot about your anxiety. he forgot that you were a human with fears. he was just settled on the fact you were outside making out with another guy, even though it was fake.

• “i’m sorry”

• “i just want you to talk to me. you know you can say whatever you want.”

• (harrison really was an ass for making you two do this on your own)

• “how do you feel about noah?” he asked. your co-star. your on-screen lover.

• “he’s okay, i guess. why?” you raised an eyebrow.

• “alright. i like you. a lot. and i don’t like seeing you kiss other guys because i want to be the one kissing you.”

• very blunt. you were in shock for a bit and tom got really nervous because he thought you didn’t reciprocate, but the moment you kissed him, everything he was thinking just dissolved

• from then on, the rest is history.

• after eight months, your relationship went public, which brought a lot of love and a lot of hate. (you got really upset over that to the point of disabling comments and social media hiatus’)

• you moved in together! something your fans found out quickly. they were like detectives, a lot of people gave you shit for “moving too fast,” but tom reassured you constantly about those anxieties

• one time someone told you to kill yourself. tom came home to you crying in your bed, having one the panic attacks where you don’t think straight and just want to distance yourself from everyone.

• “it’s better if i leave, tom. they’ll stop being awful to you. we won’t get bad press anymore. it won’t hurt as much.” your eyes were pink and your nail beds were raw from how much you picked at them. you’d scratched one part of your palm so much that it was bleeding.

• tom’s heart broke, and he found himself cradling you again on a bed. “i love you so much, (y/n). you’re my fucking world and no one else can change that.” he said, kissing your knuckles. he wiped your tears away and looked you in the eye. “you know that, right? that i love you?”

• you couldn’t look him in the eye. you were shaking so much and so very convinced that others would tear you apart.

• “i am not moving until you say you know that. because i absolutely need you to know that i adore you and love you in every single way there is.” he picked up your chin to look at him.

• “i know you do.” you eventually whispered, tears still slipping down your cheeks. he pulled your head into his chest, rocking back and forth slightly. “i love you too.”

• paparazzi was the worst. you hated them. as soon as the flashing lights started you would begin to shake

• tom would always to the best of his ability, find routes or entrances that paparazzi wouldn’t be at when you went out

• when it was unavoidable, he’d grip you around your waist, running so fast he’d nearly carry you into places. sometimes he’d cover your eyes too

• if you were out in public, he’d always give you his hat and sunglasses to wear to help you feel safer

• “hey! (y/n)! how does tom feel about you and noah centino’s hot scene in the new movie?” “(y/n), look here, look here! show me a smile, pretty lady!” “that’s one fine piece of ass you got there, holland” - the paparazzi could be really vulgar sometimes

• “can you fuck off?” he said to all of them, almost yelling. he almost hushed the crowd as he flipped them all off and walked inside with you.

• when you had bad days with your anxiety, you had s tendency to scratch yourself. when tom got home from work or you got home from work, he’d always make sure you had a bandaid or something to protect them.

• there were days where you helped him, too. when the public lifestyle was too much, you’d sit behind him and brush his hair as long as needed. sometimes it was hours while he ranted, or just silence.

• sometimes he’d just fall into you while you were laying or sitting somewhere, resting his head on your chest.

• holding him was the best anti-anxiety medicine you ever had.

• you were always in awe of each other. awed by how beautiful your relationship was, how understanding one person could be, and everything in between.

• tom never, ever yelled at you. not once. he tried his best to never be snippy because he knew it scared you, but some days it was really hard. you did the same for him.

• when you got sick, he held your hair back. throwing up usually triggered some form of anxiety, and he’d just hold you in the bathroom floor when you were done. you might be sweating and hadn’t showered for three days because you couldn’t get up, and he’d just sit there, his head again the wall with his arms wrapped around you.

• on those days when there was no reason for you to be anxious, but you were, he would check in to make sure you were taking care of yourself.

• sometimes he’d leave you alone because you needed it. he could read you effortlessly. when one of you got home, sometimes the greetings were just a simple hello. other days they were a drawn out hug and a passionate kiss.

• being in each others presence was enough. you didn’t always have to be doing something, touching or talking, it was comforting to just know that they were there.

• tom helped you. he didn’t fix you, because you did not need fixing. he just helped. he was there when you needed it and vice versa. he was a caretaker and could give you the truth. he was a lover and a friend.

• his forehead kisses were like drugs to you

• when you woke up in the middle of the night from a bad dream, he’d wake up too. he’d just grab your hand, look at you and give you a soft kiss on the corner of your mouth. he never once let you go out onto the balcony to “get some air.” on those nights. he knew you might stay out there all not and not sleep, or your panic attacks would get worse from the heights and half-conscious combination.

• tom was a sucker for dancing in the moonlight. when those same nights were really, really bad, he’d make you get up and you two would just sway to the non existent music. sometimes he’d sing to you.

• you liked having your head on his chest when he talked or sang to you because you could feel the vibrations as he spoke.

• he loved you. you loved him.

• often, the only two words that could describe him seemed odd, but fit so well

• beautifully human.


My experience on meeting Liam for the first time after 9 years ♡  

Disclaimer: this post will make you cry and appreciate liam’s kindness even more; just wanted to put that out there.

So, on June 18th Liam posted a video on Instagram Story saying that he will fly overnight to my country, Milan.

Me: cries out of panic while saying that I could never make it. I spent the entire day trying to figure out why this was so last minute for both and couldn’t find an exact answer but screw it, I looked up trains, buses, taxis etc and didn’t sleep. I packed my bag, started getting ready at 4am. On my way there I repetitiously told myself that it’s all gonna be okay and that I can do this (y’all i haven’t seen liam - 1d like ever since 2008)

I went there, met a few Liam stans and waited him for hours. We saw a van, it was Liam’s and it passed us leaving us all shook. After 30 seconds we see the bus turning around and coming towards our direction and we were so happy. The van stopped, Paddy came down and Liam too! I said ‘’Hi Leeyum’’ and he said ‘’Hiii’ then asked if we could line up and I was the first one. Paddy was standing in front of me and I told him ‘’youre so awesome’’ and he giggled and Liam did too.

He then said “sorry I drove past by, I didn’t mean to, I was busy on my phone and then I was like ooh no theres people we need to turn around to. I was so happy and told him: thank you soo much (for stopping), he then hugged me and i said: do you remember me? i’m naty! and he said: where from?! I told him that he tweeted me two times about my art and then I showed him my drawing and he held it saying: Oooh yes! You did this drawing. YES! You did this drawing, I do remember now! I’m glad! I Posted it, didn’t I? Didn’t I posted it? I liked it, ohhh, yeah yeah, it’s beautiful and then i said: thank you so much and then he said: thank you and then i said: thank you so much! (PLEASE AHAHAHA) and he continued saying: do you want to keep this or do you want me to keep it? and i said: ohhh no no I want you to keep it if you’d like and he said: okay cooool - yes of course! or i could sign it for you! and then i said: i have another copy on my bag and he said: yeah give me the other copy (so he could sign it) meanwhile I was trying to find I pen and lending him my copy, I told him: you smashed yesterday’s performance (in NYC) and he said: aww thank you, that was very beautiful. ((I finally found the pen and the copy yaaay ahahah oh and i held my head up and he was looking at my Zayn hat and he smirked and i was dying y’all lmao)) he then took them and said: thank you for doing this drawing baby, it’s beautiful and i giggled and said ‘thank you so muchh’, he then asked me how to spell my name (lool), i told him and he went to paddy and signed it on his back (savage) and while he was signing it he said ‘’beautifulll!’’ and i said ‘thank you so much’’ and he then said ‘’would you like to take a picture?’’ and i said. yesss if you’d like and he went so close and i held my phone for a picture and i said: I’ve waited for this moment since 2008, i love you so much youre so nice and humble ((((still holding the camera button while we were talking and liams smile was increasing)))) and he said: awww thats awesome, thank you sweetie you’re lovely and i said ‘’thank you, really’’ and he went to the second person ((that was a lot of talking wasn’t it? you guys, we were both so comfortable, just like i was meeting a long distance friend, it was very beautiful.)) it was a friend’s turn and she asked him to write down a quote he said back in the day but he didn’t remember he said it (lmao), he wrote it while saying ‘’i hate my handwriting!!!’’ and i said back: ??? its so great!!! and he giggled lmao this boy. Anyways, he continued doing photos, videos and autographs with everyone, we were 19. And while he was going away, I shouted ‘’THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU, WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU! and he shouted back: ciao, thank you, thank you so much’’ and his van door closed leaving us all super happy and shook. We then sat there on the floor for a bit trying to believe what has just happened and then we went to the center of the city, we took fruit drinks and each one started going their ways but me and my friend stayed together and decided last minute to go to Versace’s show and we got there, it was a bit packed up but we got front row. Liam arrived after 10 minutes and he was a bit sad and didn’t greet anyone because 5 minutes before, they mobbed him at his hotel almost letting him fall :(. He went inside the fashion show and while he was there my group played ‘’Strip That Down’’ with speakers on repeat till he came out after 1 hour, and he came out waving at us all happy and then he took a few pictures with some fans and then while he was walking away, they mobbed him again, running towards him and stuff and they had to keep him in this building for like 10 minutes and i was so mad and i kept shouting to fucking leave him alone but ugh, anyways, they had to bring the closer to the back building of the building but me and my friend didn’t want to be there anymore because we were happy we saw him more than 2 times in a day so we started walking out and i turn my face on the right side and I see his van and liam’s hand waving and i waved back saying: byeee liam :D and thats that. My friend went home and I had to walk all the way through the train station and while i was doing so, i passed right in front of liam’s hotel and it was so packed up, I was so upset but anyways i kept walking and finally arrived at the train station, took my train and now I’m finally home. The craziest and best day of my life, I love my purest angel so much.

PS: When Liam hugs, he hugs all of you, he leans his head towards your shoulder and hold you. He also has a unique smell, it’s very sweet like vanilla or something. When you talk, he listens, he remains concentrated staring at your eyes (soul most likely) till you’ve finished talking.

Thanks for the attention x


Jeff Atkins x Reader || Daddy - One Shot (Fluff)

A/N: Thanks anon for the request. Hope you all enjoy my first 13RW imagine, if you do then be sure to like this and follow me for more. My ask is open if you guys would like to request. Much love .xx

It’s been 4 years since my life has changed for the better. I believe an angel had entered my life and brought the light that was never there. That angel was Jeff Atkins.

My primary school life was pure hell and I just couldn’t wait until I was going to be in 8th grade, I was hoping a change for the better. I was bullied. Been called names that I never thought existed and was shocked that these young kids at my age actually knew such things. It’s society that raised such animals but nevertheless I eventually made it in 8th grade and more than half of those people who had bullied me either left to another school or they didn’t get accepted into high school because they didn’t pass their exams.

I couldn’t have been more happier. Many would ask why hadn’t I brought the issue up to my parents ? My parents was and always will be too busy worrying about their business, they say they’re doing this for me but in the end am I really going to benefit from this ?

At 10th grade I finally decided to break the news that my parents that I was still being bullied and I couldn’t deal with the hate anymore. They were shocked and heartbroken to hear the news, their first decision was to move me to a different school and I couldn’t agree more with their choice.

I came into Liberty High in 11th grade, the school may be too far for my parents to drop me off but this time it was to benefit me. My happiness matters to them. I thought to myself that this is finally it, the fresh start I’ve been longing to have. I’ve suffered all these years and didn’t bother crying for help because I didn’t want to seem a burden. Changing schools isn’t easy.

Eventually I had became best friends with Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker. I first met Clay as they assigned him to be my buddy at school, since then we talked a lot and met after school then after meeting his ‘secret’ crush Hannah Baker. Hannah and I also had a lot in common so it was easy enough for me to become friends with her.

I was having the time of my life in 11th grade. Later that year it was announced that prom was around the corner or also known as the formal dance. I wasn’t used to any of this, especially with so many handsome boys in our school. What if it’s back to the old times where every guy agrees with the populars that I’m a pathetic loser ?

A sudden urge of confidence came through me when I looked at my reflection when I was dressed for the big night. I wore a a burgundy dress with a deep plunging neckline that fitted on my body and showed some cleavage - it was not planned to show cleavage as I’m always one to cover up - the spaghetti straps had a lace up design half way up my back and the rest of my back being bare, it had a high slit and from the waist of my dress it had a net to cover up my leg a little. I paired my dress with mid high black heels, for my make up I did a smokey eye and decided on curling my hair.

Clay had offered to pick me up that night and we go to prom together but not as dates of course. If this boy doesn’t make a move tonight then sure as hell I’ll make him. We both walked in arm-in-arm earning stares from everyone and I mean literally everyone. It’s the dress but more especially for the jocks it was the cleavage. They can see all they want but they can’t touch unless my soulmate decides to change my mind.

It was time for a slow dance. I still had no date and was okay with that, what would make me happier tonight is seeing Clay and Hannah together. I sat with her on the bleachers urging her to go dance with Clay and also giving her light shove, we spotted Clay with a handsome someone. Who is that guy and why hasn’t Clay introduced us yet ? I need to have a serious talk with him.

“Who’s that with him ?” I asked Hannah as we walked down the bleachers towards them. “That’s Jeff Atkins, Clay tutors him and well I guess they’re friends” she smiled and looked back at me. “Damn he’s cute no lie” I said as I paid more attention to his facial details. Can one ever be more perfect ? “I’m with you on that one” she giggled. We now stood in front of them. “Hey Helmet” she said first. “Hey Hannah…you look beautiful” Clay replied. “You do too” she giggled. “May I have this dance ?” Clay asked her and extended his arm for her to link with his which she gladly did.

As they walked off hand-in-hand and started slow dancing, “Aww they’re so cute ! I’m so glad they finally got together” I cooed. “I could say the same, I’ve been his wingman for a long time now and he finally got out of that shell of his” Jeff said beside me. That was when we first met, ever since then we had been inseparable. We started taking everyday, flirting from time to time and not long had Jeff asked me to be his girlfriend which I with no doubt said yes.

As much as I was scared to be in my first relationship and that too with Jeff, I trusted him with all my life that he wouldn’t hurt me and he’s there every step of the way as I’m always there for him.

A year later we both graduated. The year after graduation we were in our first year of university and which Jeff had asked me to marry him. Later that year when we had gotten married, 5 months after marriage I found out I was pregnant. We were both ecstatic to hear this, our families seemed to be more excited then us. When Jeff got along with my baby siblings when he first met them, I knew then that I made the right choice of marrying him and trusting him with my life.

It was a gloomy Saturday morning, my favourite kind of weather. I was surprised that I woke up for once without being disturbed by our baby Sophia. I looked beside to see no Jeff and no baby, I almost had a mini heart attack until I see Jeff walking into our room feeding her. He wrapped her up all warm and cuddly whilst he just decided to be shirtless. I smiled at them and got up to give them both a kiss. One on each of Sophia’s cheek and Jeff being the eager one to connect our lips.

The sparks go off and butterflies flew all around, it was always this feeling whenever I was with him. I stood on my tip toes and wrapped my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss, just as it was getting heated, my lips left his. “You can’t play me like that” he whined. “Well I just did. Know that you’re the best dad in the world and also the worlds best husband, not forgetting the sexiest” I said and giving him one last peck before walking into the en-suite. “I’m glad that ass is all mine” he said. I turned back to see him smirk “Always will be” I said and gave myself a small spank on my butt. I love this dork.

Min Yoongi as your boyfriend

Which other groups would you like me to write this about? (from the groups I’m writing for ofc)

[Also, if you ever know groups or any k-artists I should listen to or I should get to know, just tell me, I’m trying to evolve and grow my list of favs.]

  • Min freaking Yoongi
  • Just for info, he is my ULTIMATE bias
  • Now, I have a few biases
  • But him…
  • He has a special place in my heart
  • He was my first bias ever and he never left his throne in my list
  • Okay, so he is someone I admire and respect so much
  • And writing about him just makes me happy.
  • But enough of me and my weak heart
  • Let’s start
  • Daily naps are a must.
  • And dates at home too
  • Sitting on the floor with food sprayed all over it
  • Watching a few movies and falling asleep together
  • He is not really into PDA
  • Like not at all…
  • Barely
  • But gosh he is cute whenever no one is around.
  • Nuzzling his face in your neck when he is sleepy. 
  • Keeping one hand on you.
  • Having cute convos. 
  • Often very late night convos
  • “Maybe we should sleep…”
  • “I don’t want to sleep when I’m with you”
  • “Aww Yoon!”
  • “Sleep.”
  • Together but not together happens a lot
  • Like you can both be in the same room
  • or sharing the same couch/bed
  • but doing your own thing
  • you’re reading while he’s creating a new beat
  • and vice versa.
  • Each other’s presence is enough.
  • You guys are relaxing to be around tbh
  • Calm is everywhere around you most of the time
  • “MOST” of the time…
  • Not ALL the time. 
  • And defo not when the other guys are near.
  • I think music would be a major part of your everyday’s life
  • Not too loud, but there’s always a background sound playing somewhere in your room.
  • Trust is probably the most important thing in your relationship
  • but he gets jealous sometimes.
  • “Stop drooling over Y/N if you don’t want to lose your head”
  • His studio is your second home
  • So you guys are in there half of the time
  • He loves music and creating songs, beats, etc
  • But being in his little room all day long just by himself can be a little tiring and unmotivating
  • So you always try to bring him food when he’s working.
  • Sometimes you’re just passing by quickly to wish him luck on his long day and remind him to eat and hydrate himself a lot.
  • But if you’re free that day and plan on spending most of it with him,
  • then his day is instantly becoming better
  • He has you sitting on his lap while he is working.
  • Not having any problem with you reading his ideas and unfinished lyrics
  • Or you sit in his little couch behind him.
  • And mostly end up falling asleep there, after you’ve switched between watching him work and playing on your phone, for hours.
  • “Y/N, what do you think about this one?”
  • “…”
  • “Y/N?”
  • “…”
  • “Pff, such a baby, always sleeping …ˢᵒ ᶜᵘᵗᵉᵎ*Gummy smile x600*
  • You’re so supportive of him
  • and he is so supportive of you
  • You guys may not be the most demonstrative couple, but you both know just how proud you are of each other.
  • Silently judging people together when you are out.
  • And then judging each other
  • “You’re so weird”
  • “But you love me”
  • “shut, don’t talk to me, people will know you’re with me”
  • “Stop being mean Min Yoongi!”
  • 🤷”
  • You’re kind of becoming a weirdly cute version of him.
  • (if you’re not already)
  • “You speak like Yoongi Hyung.”
  • You’re the manual duo who repairs everything in the house
  • Gotta do the work when so many clumsy men are around you.
  • “Who broke the door again?!”
  • “This house won’t last a year”
  • “That’s okay! Min&Future Min can fix that!”
  • “Shut up”
  • “How cute, they’re even in sync..”
  • You often stay up late, waiting for him to come back home
  • And when he finally comes home
  • He finds you all asleep on the couch
  • He sighs, knowing you are ruining your sleep schedule again just for him
  • And he adores you for that
  • but it worries him too
  • “Go to sleep silly, you can barely keep your eyes open.”
  • Kisses your temple when he’s leaving in the morning
  • He would be secretly watching you when you’re focused on something 
  • And would always keep an eye on you when you’re around people
  • always keeping a hand on you as well
  • Not everyone can see it but you know.
  • You’re his weakness, but he won’t ever let you know it