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Happy Hiatus BFSN everyone!!! I am using this time to thank everyone who is taking time to tag me in things. You have no idea how much I appreciate them and love getting to know those tagging me. However, right now work is insane and Iโ€™m trying to keep up with everything. When things slow down I will go back and complete them. Please donโ€™t think that I am ignoring you or that I donโ€™t want to be tagged. I love you all so damn much. Explanation and tags under the cut.

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Why I love my Black Cat, Olivia

1. She was extremely adorable as a little kitten

and even more so when she grew up!

She is also so photogenic despise being a black kitty. It’s like having a mini black panther in your house.

She also loves to get up high and I mean UP HIGH.

and she is so precious when she is curled up in the sunlight

She also loves to go under covers

like really likes under the covers (that bump is her)

She also loves pizza boxes. or actually any box 

and purses… 

like literally anything that is out of place

She also gets along well with my doggies

(and she gets along with my turtle lmao xD)

She also loves to keep me warm by being on me, and a lot of times she actually sleeps on me <3 (excuse my face this was taken through my computer)

she also loves to bring me little babies to me <33333. 

So yeah I love my darling precious Olivia the best cat ever <333.