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Day 18 - Summer Camp 

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goodbye to you
goodbye to everything that i knew
you were the one i loved


TTYCT 2018 - Red Deer - Flash Mob

another 14x02 coda bc my brain just would not shut up!

Dean won’t ever admit it out loud but there was some part of him that thought he knew what he was getting into when he said yes to Michael.

He’s used to wielding his body like a tool. To hunt. To save people. To make money in whatever way an unskilled seventeen year old with no parental supervision could. 

But being a vessel was different. Riding shotgun in his own head, feeling his limbs move without permission. Seeing his body being used to hurt people. To kill them. And that was only when Michael allowed him close enough to the surface to see.

Dean hasn’t slept through the night since Michael left. He keeps waking up in cold sweat, his muscles twitching with the memory of actions Dean had no control over.

He’s never been so helpless before. The Mark was in the ballpark but even that is nothing compared to giving his body entirely over to someone else. The closest Dean’s ever felt to this complete loss of control was in hell, when Alastair’s hand guided his knife. But that’s mostly because it made it easier, pretending that it wasn’t really him doing it.

He keeps expecting it to happen again. For Michael to somehow take charge, despite everything, and ride his body off to kill more people for a flimsy excuse of a cause. And he keeps remembering over and over how he forced Gadreel into Sam and then the feeling of helplessness is replaced by a wave of self loathing.

Which, y’know, is at least a change of pace. 

Dean doesn’t talk to anyone about it but he knows they can tell. They’re all waiting for him to snap. Worst of all is Cas, with those huge worried eyes that follow Dean around the bunker. He’s dying to help and he could probably give Dean some advice on how to cope with having an archangel ride your ass to hell and back, but Dean can’t bring himself to ask.

He can’t even look at Cas without seeing Jimmy Novak.

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Avengers 4 titles that I came up with for no reason

-Avengers: Farewell

-Avengers: Forever

-Avengers: Titanium (Titanium sticks together in space okay)

-Avengers: Revenge of the Fallen 

-Avengers: Endgame(Honestly I saw this somewhere and it sounds awesome)

-Avengers: Revengers

-Avengers: Just like 3 hours of Tony and Carol beating up Thanos

-Avengers: Starlord is Redeemable dont you dare hate him 

-Avengers: Thanos can stop

-Avengers: Rocket will kill Thanos 

-Avengers: You know you’re here for the Peter and Tony Reunion

-Avengers: Crying 

-Avengers: Whump

i downloaded the snow app for the first time in my life and now i’m randomly playing around. i just discovered the filter that makes it look like jiminie is calling you. i’m crying. and watching him on repeat.


Tonight’s IDST session ended early, but very much happened during that short period. We lost our dear friend and ally the Crock Pot to lightning (pictured above is its successor), and that was just an omen: following that we were set upon by around 18 hounds, and after recovering from that we were treated to frog rain. Tonight’s grizzled veterans are as follows, left to right: @youropinion-iswrong as Wigfrid, emissary to the ghots, @sunny-bunny-bird as Wickerbottom, the world’s most dangerous grandma, @complicatedcats as our VERY fashionable Wolfgang, @bigchungusss as our dear Webber #2, and @evanats as Webber #2 (But #1 in our hearts).

Please keep your eyes peeled for our next album: Who Let the Dogs Out? No, Really, Where The Fuck Are They All Coming From?

Never Have I Ever

“Never have I ever visited more than five states.”

It seemed Annika didn’t do much since only she and Virgil kept a finger up. Patton excitedly listed all the places he visited as he held up his remaining 7 fingers, Logan nodded along with 6 fingers remaining, while Roman pouted with his 4 fingers. Annika had only put down one finger (and even then it was debated whether Internet Friends counted as friends; the glare Annika gave as she put down a finger was enough to shut them up), and Virgil was tied with Annika.

“This is UNFAIR! You are all trying to get me to lose!”

Virgil smirked. “That’s not trying to get you to lose. This is trying to get you to lose. Never have I ever carried Annika bridal style.”

Annika laughed as Roman gave Virgil a death glare. They were at Logan’s house this time. The steampunk turned pouty at her laugh, and she satiated him by giving him a hug. Patton squealed, “Awwww!”

Logan rolled his eyes. “And you two wonder why people assume you’re dating.” 

“Shut up.”

“No one asked you, Calculator Watch.”

Patton frowned. “Stop being mean, Logan was just pointing out something. Besides, it’s Logan’s turn now!”

“Thank you, Patton.” The intelligent punk wondered idly for a moment. “Never have I ever dated a friend.”

It was meant to be a jab at Roman, who did put down a finger while flipping him off. Patton put down a finger also, which wasn’t too surprising. What wasn’t expected was to see Annika scoot closer to Virgil and them suddenly whispering.

“Does that time count?”

“I don’t know, do you count it?”

“Not really, do you?”

“Well, we weren’t like serious about it.”

“I mean, your reasoning was pretty serious.”

“Don’t blame me for caring about you.”

“I’m not blaming you, Virgil, I’m just trying to see if it counted-”


They both jumped as Roman’s scream reached them. The steampunk himself looked INCREDIBLY offended, arms crossed, but both could see the gleam of hurt hidden in his eyes. Annika bit her lip while Virgil pointedly didn’t meet Logan’s mischievous eyes. Patton just smiled. “Did you guys ever date?”


“For a VERY short time.”

Roman suddenly stood up, dramatically pacing the room. “I CANNOT believe this! When did this happen?! Why didn’t you tell us, and more importantly, me?! AND WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER, YOU HEATHEN?!”

Virgil suddenly smirked and gently grabbed Annika’s hand. “Nothing she didn’t consent to, Princey, so don’t try to kill me.”

Logan and Patton chuckled as Roman went wide eyed. The steampunk picked up the hippie punk, carrying her to the other side of the room, far away from Virgil. “Annika is sleeping with me tonight, far from you!”

“Should we leave the room?”

“You are unbearable, Logan.”

Annika giggled from her place in Roman’s arms. “I promise, it’s not what you think, Roman. We just wanted to know if it counted for the game-”

“Fuck the game, I am HURT you did not come to me about this!”

Virgil groaned. “Okay, how about me and Annika just put down a finger so we can move on, because it’s a little complicated.”

To his horror, his bitch of a best friend suddenly smirked. “Now, Virgil, if you and Annika were friends with benefits for a time, then you can tell us. There’s no shame.”

The fury the emo punk felt suddenly paled when he saw the genuine anger in Roman’s eyes. Virgil was 100% sure that if Annika hadn’t been there, the emo punk would have been dead within seconds. “We were not fucking each other! Annika can vouch for me.”

Everyone looked at Annika (who was still wrapped up in Roman’s arms), but she seemed more interested in her phone. Virgil frowned. “Annika?”

The hippie punk looked up. “Hmm? Oh, sorry, Logan said something about friends with benefits, and that made ‘Casual Sex’ pop into my head.”

Patton giggled with a blush, Logan just gave Virgil another look, Roman contemplated how he would hurt Virgil, and Virgil himself wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

Okay, well he always wanted to do that, but now he was thinking about where he could get a shovel.

“But no, we didn’t have sex.”

Roman looked visibly relieved, and Virgil figured he could live a little longer now. “Hey, Princey, you wanna put Annika down before she falls asleep?”

“No, go fuck yourself.”

“Annika, please punch him.”

The hippie punk just rolled her eyes before attempting to get out of Roman’s arms. The key word was attempt. Roman met her halfway and sat down to where she was on his lap, and if it wasn’t for the desperate way he hugged her waist, Annika would have assumed he was just being a jerk instead of being hurt. She gave a half shrug to the others. “I guess we’ll play from over here.”

Patton nodded. “That’s fine. Anyways, did you guys go on an actual date?”

There was another shared look. Virgil spoke up and Annika got comfy, mostly to keep Roman there. “Well….we technically went on a walk, if you count that-”

“It absolutely counts! It’s quality time together!”

Roman suddenly raised his head (Annika hadn’t realized his dramatic self had snuggled into her neck in his mini-depression) and glared at Virgil, “What happened at the end of this walk? Where did you go?”

Virgil just felt like giving up at this point, it was clear no one was listening and Annika wasn’t much help, finding way too much humor in the anger building that would cause his demise. “Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

“Didn’t I kiss you at the end of it?”

To the shock of everyone, Roman suddenly threw Annika off his lap (well, that was an overstatement, Roman more or less just picked her up and set her to the side) and jumped to his feet. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY KISS?! YOU CONVENIENTLY LEFT THAT PART OUT, YOU DISGUSTING AND VILE SERPENT!”

Annika glared and walked to sit next to Virgil. “Roman, you’re acting like a 5-year-old. You do not control me, Virgil did nothing wrong, and I’m not a helpless damsel in distress being held by the Dragon Witch.”

As if proving her point, Roman huffed and crossed his arms. “I know how you are about dating, so I don’t understand why you wouldn’t tell me about something so important.” 

Virgil should have been terrified, he knows he should have, but he just had to burst out laughing. Logan raised an eyebrow, mildly concerned for his longtime friend. “Well, you seem to suddenly find this humorous.”

Annika shrugged. “Well…..there is a small detail we kinda left out.”

Logan rolled his eyes. “A detail? Besides the date you went on, the fact you kissed, and that you referred to each other as your partner?”

“Are you jealous, Logan? I know my Knight is, but you can’t believe I’m competition for Virgil.”

Logan glared at her. “Just describe the detail.”

Patton suddenly jumped up. “No, tell us the story!”

Virgil recovered from his laughter, and glanced at Annika. “Well…..”

What Actually Happened That Annika and Virgil Were Too Stupid To Say

Annika couldn’t help but lean closer to Virgil as they walked along the street. “S-So, why do you like painting at night so much?”

Virgil shrugged. “It’s quieter, more peaceful, I’m more likely to not get caught by the cops.”

“Cops don’t care about graffiti artists. At least not the ones at my uncle’s station.”

“The first two still apply.” The emo punk smirked at her, slowing his pace so she could keep up. She was so short, she had to run to keep up with him and the others. “Is the Great Annika Archer, the one who made Logan run, the one who made Roman show weakness, and the one who made me her bitch once, scared of the dark?”

Annika tried to glare, but it was ruined when she heard a trash can get knocked over. She automatically went behind Virgil, who glanced over to see a raccoon run off with some trash. “It’s just a trash panda. Man, you really are scared of the dark.”

Annika shook her head, blue hair flying around her. “No, I just….prefer being somewhere I know. Besides, the stuff in the dark is more terrifying.”

Virgil laughed. “Come on, I’ll lead you. I know these streets like the back of my hand. Besides, there’s not too many scary things around here, unless you hate strangers.”

“You hate strangers too. Your anxiety must be through the roof. You know what, for the sake of your health, we should go home, you can spend the night at my place, let’s go.”

Virgil grabbed her arm before she could turn around. “Annika, it’s really not that terrifying. And there’s plenty of stores open if we need to take a break.”

Annika took a deep breath, but kept close to Virgil. “Alright. So, you need me because you’re in some type of war, or some shit?”

Virgil nodded, explaining how he kinda got dragged into it, but the opportunity was too good to pass up. “They just want some type of attention, good or bad. I wanna use the opportunity to mix a kind of cartoony style with realism, to put it in layman’s terms. You’re my model.”

“Didn’t you make fun of me for being Roman’s model?”

No, I made fun of Roman for being a pervert, get it right. Oh, shit, I can’t believe I- Fuck.”

Annika felt herself get pulled into an alley that wasn’t the one Virgil was taking her to, and if it wasn’t for the fact she could feel Virgil’s hands on her shoulders, she would have been fighting. “Virgil, what the hell?!”

He quickly shushed her, whispering to her. “Okay, you know how there’s weird graffiti rules?”

“Weirder than ones you’ve already told me? And who the hell are we hiding from?”

Virgil gestured, and Annika carefully looked to see a group of 3 people doing something on the side of a building. “Who are they?”

“They’re a crew, and they know every damn artist in the city, which should get the shit beaten out of them, but they’re still alive somehow. They’re not violent, at least not to other artists, but the fact that I brought you puts me in danger.”

Annika gave him a confused look. Virgil shook his head. “Look, it’s a weird rule, but basically, you have to be shown as trustworthy since you’re not exactly a part of the culture. Logan is kinda trusted, but you’re basically a stranger, which means you’re an enemy.”

Annika frowned. “So, what do we do?”

Virgil looked around, trying to find another way to the alley needed. He only had a week to get his art done, and he had to get started tonight, especially if Annika was this nervous being in the street at night. An idea hit him, and he kept his groan to himself. “This is going to sound really weird, but will you be my girlfriend?”

Annika blinked, then dramatically checked for wax in her ears. Virgil rolled his eyes as she looked at him again. “I’m sorry, but how the fuck is us dating going to help?”

Virgil glanced again at the crew, making sure they hadn’t seen them. “Look, if an artist brings someone who is obviously close to them along for a piece, it shows everybody else that they’re trustworthy. Just trust me on this, okay? Hold my hand, hug me, kiss me if you want, just act like you’re desperately in love with me for the next 5 minutes.”

“Can’t we just wait until they leave?”

“These sons of bitches take forever, we don’t have time!”

Annika nodded. “You’re the boss.”

Virgil gave her a gentle hug. “You are the best, now let’s go.”

A spiked sleeve wrapped itself around her shoulder, and Annika leaned closer, her fear of the night slightly greater than her fear of getting too close to Virgil. She could never tell when he had new bruises or not, and she’d rather stab herself than hurt him more.

“Hey, so Roman was kind of a bitch and told us about your new series, and I’m really confused about one part.”

Annika raised an eyebrow, but played along. “Confused about what? It’s a basic story.”

“I’m just wondering why the dude would leave Cassie, didn’t he like her or something?”

“Dude, they just met and were faced with danger. They’re not like you and me.”

Annika could see the crew duck behind a building, but she knew they were watching them. Virgil kept with his act. “That doesn’t matter, he had the ability to help her and didn’t, like what the fuck?”

Annika shrugged. Virgil gave her a look. “Wait….is he a bad guy?!”

Annika couldn’t help but smirk. Every writer was just a little bit evil, especially if it meant situations like this. “He’s not, like, a SUPER bad guy. But Cassie got tied up in the situation, she’s the collateral damage essentially.”

They ended up forgetting about the crew for a split second, but then a scrape was heard, and Annika froze in fear. Virgil pulled her closer. “Calm down, babe, it’s probably another raccoon or something.”

“Just…take me home. I’m tired of getting scared every ten seconds.” 

She could hear them whispering as they left, but could only pick up that they could have sworn Virgil was gay, what the hell was he doing with this chick? Nonetheless, Virgil and Annika were allowed to walk away, down to the end of the street. 

Once they turned the corner, Virgil let Annika go. “Sorry about all that, it’s a really weird rule that got put in place. I think someone started snitching on the writers-”


“Graffiti artists. It’s another name, and it helps if you’re trying to talk near cops or something. But, thanks, Annika.”

Annika smiled. “I should be thanking you, you kept me safe. You’re my hero.” The hippie punk got on her tip toes to kiss Virgil’s cheek. The emo punk went bright red, but she saw the smile he had before he looked away. “Uh, it-it’s no trouble. Let’s go before you scream when a puppy walks by.”

Annika dramatically gasped. “How dare you insult my courage like that?! That is it, I am breaking up with you, Virgil Winters!”

Virgil laughed, before lazily reaching for her. “No, give me another chance, babe! I’ll change, I promise, you’ve changed me.”

They laughed as they walked down to the alley they needed to be at, Virgil keeping a light hold on his friend’s hand to keep both himself and Annika calm. 

“Hey, can I hold it over Princey’s head that you’ve kissed me and not him?”

“Be nice, Virgil, you know he’d be upset.”

End Of Virgil And Annika’s Stupidity

“I was not that terrified, you lying bitch.”

“Yes you were, and when I grabbed you the next night, you had a knife to carry with you.”

Logan groaned. “Ugh, I hate that crew, they cause needless trouble, and have the most stupid sense of superiority. Nothing but blackmailing bullies, all of them.”

Patton shrugged. “They seem to follow some sort of rules. I’m just happy you two are okay.”

Annika smiled and Virgil glanced over to Roman. “So, you calmed down now, Princey? Still gonna act like a jealous bitch?”

Roman was appalled by the story. “That’s it? You dated for 5 minutes, got a kiss on the cheek, and referred to her as ‘babe’, which as generic as you can get, because you couldn’t think of a way to get past the world’s stupidest crew?”

Virgil shrugged, it was the best he was able to do when panicked. “She’s safe, isn’t she? Or are you just still mad I can say I got a kiss from Annika and you didn’t?”

Roman pouted, which they interpreted as a yes. Annika smirked and crawled closer to him. “Aw, my poor Knight. Would you like a kiss too?”

Roman looked away with a dramatically pompous hum. “You and your pity kisses, you should really have some more class.”

“Alright, no kiss then.”

“No, I still want the kiss.”

Patton awed as Annika gave a kiss to Roman’s cheek. The steampunk felt his stomach flip a little, and he felt…..oddly different now. He’ll think about it later, and just enjoy the warmth on his cheek now. Annika settled in between Roman and Virgil. “So….where were we in the game?”

“You and Virgil are putting a finger down.”

“Lo, you bitch, you actually count that?”

“Since you hid it? Abso-fucking-lutely.”

AN:…..I have no idea what this is. That’s….That’s all.

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