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Top 3 Sherlolly scenes (@yellowbelle on Twitter)

just gonna assume you’re asking me to name them and that’s you on twitter

3. “I love you.” the only reason this isn’t number one is because of the circumstances. I have no doubt they both meant it but neither of them were ready to say it, they were forced to. it doesn’t sit well with me.

2= “We’re just interested in the feet.” if you’ve been following me long enough, you know I can’t get enough of this tiny itty bitty moment

2= “Solve crimes? Have dinner?” the whole date case-solving scene. the fact that molly was badass enough to make the great sherlock holmes jealous of her skills

the flirty looks at train guy’s house

“you thought he was the one didn’t you? the love of your life?” like?? no wonder anderson writing fanfic about you

this was clearly a loo b moment and I love that they kept it in. makes it way more playful

bUt YoU cAn’T dO tHiS aGaIn CaN yOu? says a lying bitch detective who can’t do this again

1. “What do you need? You” this scene has always been my favourite and it looks to stay that way. the emotion…it got me. I love it

thanks for asking, I’m always up for rating shit :)

A Perfect Christmas {Soulmate! Jisung}
  • Pairing: Jisung X Reader
  • Request: The dreamies teasing you and Jisung cause you’re are dating plss~~” + “since requests are open, i was wondering if you could :D write a soulmate with haechan or jisung :D” - @scream-about-kpop
  • Genre: Fluff; Soulmate!AU; Christmas! AU; Bulleted Scenario
  • Word Count: 829
  • Summary: Your definition of a perfect Christmas is one with your soulmate.

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“How many Christmas sweaters do you own?”

Yuya vaulted over the back of the couch and landed with a flop on the other side, making Reiji’s side bounce a bit.

“Not enough,” he said, grinning at Reiji cross-eyed. As he spoke, the garish Christmas tree on the front actually lit up with a bunch of blinking lights.  Yuya flapped his hand free of the sleeve where he had presumably pressed a button that would do that.

“That’s…a lot,” Reiji said, raising his eyebrows.  A smile quirked at his lips in spite of himself.

“Wait til you see tomorrow’s Christmas sweater,” Yuya said.  He stuck out his tongue between his teeth at Reiji, and then flopped sideways so that he was snuggled up against Reiji’s shoulder.

Reiji automatically put his arm over Yuya’s shoulders.  Well, at least this sweater was soft.  Yesterday’s had been made out of tinsel or something, and it had been too weird to touch.  Not at all comfortable for cuddling.

“I have a sweater that you can wear,” Yuya said.

“We’ve been over this. I’m not wearing one.”

“Come onnn.  Party pooper. At least wear a Christmas scarf.  I’ve got one with jingle bells.”

“Yuya, I do believe that would drive me insane.”

Yuya slid down and flopped his head into Reiji’s lap so that he could grin up at him from below.

“Just like me, right?”

Reiji chuckled softly.  Before Yuya could say anything else, though, he leaned down and kissed him lightly on the lips.  Yuya was faintly red in the face when Reiji leaned back.

“Just like you,” he agreed.  “In which case, I believe as long as I have you, it would be redundant to wear anything Christmas.”

“I hate you,” Yuya grumbled at him, but he grinned and blushed.

“Merry Christmas to you too.”

Hey, I said a few days a go I would make some art for you and here it is. Its in between Chapters 8 and 9. I hope you like it.

(Sorry if its blurry. I don’t normally use my computer to draw. >.<)

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Poubelle: OH MY GOD THIS IS SO SWEET. like, gahhh, i literally “aww’d” out loud. this is exactly how it happened. man, you really captured the gentleness of it and the overall sweetness and. ahh, oh gosh. this is so, so good. thank you so much for making it for me <3


Today is a good day

Y’know that awesome feeling when you discover a new fanfic writer whose writing you absolutely love - and then you find out they wrote like twenty fics and it feels like Christmas came early

Well today I found two

Shout out to @writevswrong and @fuzzballsheltiepants for making my fucking day!!