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Make a fanfic where tj gets mad at reed for flirting with cyrus

Okay I don’t really agree with Reed flirting with Cyrus but I do think he was making fun of TJ’s crush, so here’s my take on your request and that, if you will.

TJ was walking to his locker when he spotted two people together he absolutely never expected to see: Cyrus and Reed. He frowned, forgetting about his English assignment and making his way over to the two boys, who were chatting by Cyrus’ locker. Reed was leaning over him, so close it made TJ uncomfortable. He was grinning down at Cyrus with an expression which either meant he was teasing, or he was flirting; TJ couldn’t tell. As he got closer, it became more and more obvious: He wasn’t blatantly teasing him.

“Cyrus,” TJ said, approaching the boys. Cyrus smiled at him and then TJ turned to his best friend. “Reed,” the name came out more testing than he had expected. Reed gave him a subtle wink.

“I was just telling Cyrus how cool it is that he’s running for class president,” Reed explained. “You definitely have the face for it,” Reed said quieter. Cyrus half smiled, half frowned, unsure of what Reed was really saying. TJ completely frowned. “A lot of the kids running are average looking, you know? But you’re pretty. You’ve got great hair, your eyes, like,” he leaned in closer, “sparkle, and you’ve got an amazing smile. I’d vote for you just based on your smile,” he grinned. TJ wanted to push him. He wanted to grab him by his jacket and yank him down the hallway. Wanted to slam him into the lockers and tell him to back off. But he didn’t, he grit his teeth and watched Cyrus.

He had gone pink, and started playing with the stars of his backpack. “Thanks,” he said lightly, his eyes darting to TJ quickly, then back at Reed. TJ tried to make himself seem unbothered, but he was sure it was obvious.

“I mean it. I like watching you talk, you could be a really great class president.” He was so close to Cyrus, TJ’s nails were digging into the palms of his hands.

“Thanks,” Cyrus replied, still blushing, “I hope I do too.”

“You’re really smart about politics and stuff,” Reed continued. “You wanna meet up outside of school sometime? You could teach me about politics, why some people feel certain ways or do certain things,” he said.

Cyrus frowned, “That’s psychology.” He looked back at TJ for a moment.

Reed shrugged, “Yeah that’s like political though, right? You can teach me that stuff, you’re smart,” he grinned. “Doesn’t really matter though, I’ll just listen to you talk. I’ll tell you if your speech is good, if you look good, maybe pick out your outfit?” He looked down, “You should definitely wear khakis, they look great on you. And a red shirt, the one with the white collar? You wore that last week and I—” That was it, TJ stepped in, slamming his hand into Reed’s chest. He stumbled back slightly, laughing.

“Sorry, Cyrus, I forgot Reed and I had a project due next period that we haven’t finished,” TJ lied, probably very poorly, as his voice was thick with anger. He didn’t wait for Cyrus to respond, or even look at him, he pushed Reed down the hallway by his chest. When they were around the corner, he grabbed his shirt and spun him around, “What the hell,” he hissed. Reed was smiling at him. “I’ll punch you,” TJ warned.

“No you won’t,” Reed replied.

“Why were you flirting with him?” TJ pressed.

Reed faked a gasp, “Flirting? No!” TJ pushed him against the lockers, causing a few people to turn their way. “Relax, man,” he had finally stopped smiling, “I’m just messing around.”

“Messing around? You’re fucking with him, fucking with his feelings,” He hissed.

“Oh really? Am I?” Reed pushed TJ off of him, but stood his ground against the spot TJ had trapped him in. “How can flirting with a straight guy fuck with his feelings? He’s straight, right? That’s why you have no chance?” Reed tested.

“You’re a dick,” TJ said, pushing him back into the lockers and then letting go.

“Seriously, TJ, why are you mad?” Reed brushed down his shirt, “All you do is rant about how he’s definitely straight, think about it,” he pushed.

“Are you high?”

“You’re mad. You watched him react to the things I said and it made you mad,” Reed explained.

“You were repeating shit I’ve said,” TJ shot back. “His smile? That red shirt? Dumb shit I’ve said.”

“Funny shit you’ve said,” Reed laughed. “So? It’s not like he knew that. It’s how he reacted.”

“Which was what?”

“He got nervous, he blushed, he kept looking,” he poked TJ in the chest, “At you.”

TJ shrugged, “So what?”

“So he’s not straight, you idiot,” Reed concluded.

“That’s not proof,” TJ said. Reed shrugged and turned to walk off but TJ caught him, pushing him up against the lockers once more. “And if you flirt with him,” TJ pushed him harder, “Ever again. I will hit you.”

Reed rolled his eyes and pushed him off, “Make it so I don’t need to.”

Fallen Hearts:{Prologue}

Pairing: College!Peter Parker x College!Reader

Warnings: Mentions of death, Angst, Mentions of Anxiety, Some fluff

Word Count: 2k

A/N: Here we go! Here is the first part to my new Peter series! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think about it! It is a bit sad starting off, but there is a hint of fluff in here! Please let me know what you guys think!!!

“Good morning Manhattan! It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful Monday morning with highs in the 70’s and the low only being 66…”

Peter reached over and slammed his hand down on what he thought was the snooze button, wincing when he heard the alarm clock turn off completely and pieces fall to the floor. He scooted over to the right side of his bed, grimacing when he realized that he had hit the alarm clock so hard that it had broken into several pieces.

Before he could get up and pick up the pieces, he heard his phone vibrate on the nightstand. Without having to look at it he already knew who it was, rolling his eyes when he read over the message from Sam.

“I know it’s the first day of school and all that bug boy, but did you really have to be so loud?”

Peter knew that Sam meant well, he really did. But sometimes he irritated the living shit out of Peter before it was even nine in the morning and on the first day of school it was just too damn early for him to start this shit.

He threw the covers off of his body, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes before meandering through his room, trying to remember which drawers had his khaki pants in it. He had been living in the tower for only two weeks and he wasn’t used to having to take extra time to find his clothes.

A picture of him and May from his graduation that sat on his dresser caught his eye, making him smile when he picked it up and remembered how loud she screamed and hollered at the ceremony. His cheeks flushed red at the memory of how she wasn’t the only one to stand up and scream for him, Tony and the rest of the team had been there too and it was almost like they had a plan to embarrass the living hell out of him.

A stray tear had fallen down his cheeks before he could stop it, it was an involuntary response whenever he was reminded about Tony. It had been almost two years and he still hadn’t been able to push the painful memories out of his mind. He could still remember the day that he had come back from the soul stone, how he had kept looking for Tony in the mass of people hugging and greeting one another.

But instead of being met with Tony throwing his arms around Peter and hearing all about how they managed to figure out the way to defeat Thanos, Rhodey was the one who had greeted him instead, wrapping his arms around him before he could even get a word out. Peter had realized in that moment that Tony had made the ultimate sacrifice to save the ones that he cared about and even though Peter was beyond thankful for that, his heart broke when he realized that he had lost another father figure in his life.

Before he got too far in his thoughts, he heard someone knock on his door. Slipping on a random shirt he found on the floor, he quickly slid on the khakis he finally found in his drawer before rushing to answer it.

“Uh hey, hi.” He mumbled, stepping back a bit when he realized that Pepper was standing at the door. “Good morning Ms. Potts.” He looked up at her and tried his best to give her a convincing smile, but he knew that she was going to see right through it, it was a scary talent that she had.

“Peter, I told that it was fine to call me Pepper. Is it alright if I come in?” She stood next to the door, not wanting to come into his room unless he said that he was okay with it. He may have felt comfortable in the compound two years ago, but things were different now and he wasn’t the same shy, eager to please young boy anymore.

“Yeah, yeah of course Ms. Po– I mean Pepper.” He quickly corrected himself, sitting back down on his bed as he waited for her to come inside his room. He noticed the way that she took in all of the changes that he had made and the absence of a lot of personal belongings that were once there that he was proud of. His walls used to be lined with pictures that children had painted of Spider-Man and little notes from everyone who had sent them to Pepper to give to Peter.

He felt his chest tighten when he realized that she was staring at the picture that was  on his desk, the one of him and Tony the day of his graduation. Tony had his arms wrapped around Peter, a proud smile on his face as he held his other arm out in the air. It was one of Peter’s favorite pictures, one that he had only recently took out of the boxes.

“I like this picture.” She smiled, taking it off of his desk and looking at it more closely, her thumb rubbing over where Tony was in the picture. Peter could tell that she was trying to keep herself together, he could see the way that her cheeks started to turn pink and the way she tilted her head back just enough to squeeze her eyes shut to keep the tears at bay. “He was really proud of you Peter and he would be proud of you right now for you starting your first day of college.”

Peter didn’t say anything back to her, keeping his gaze on his feet. He still wasn’t able to really talk with Pepper about Tony, his guilt getting in the way of sharing fond thoughts and memories with her. In his mind, it was still his fault that Tony was dead because Tony sacrificed his life to bring Peter and many others back. So it was Peter’s fault that Pepper still only had an engagement ring on her finger, it was his fault that a second ring didn’t join two months ago. Everything was his fault.

“Peter?” Pepper whispered, bringing him back to the present and out of his thoughts. “Did you hear what I said?”

“Oh uh, no. No ma’m I didn’t. Can you repeat that again?”

“I was saying that I’m getting an intern this year that goes to your school.” She chuckled when she saw Peter’s eyes go wide and instantly knew what he was thinking. “No, no not like you Peter. An actual intern, one who is going to be working with me on publicity for the Avengers. The reason why I’m bringing it up is because she goes to ESU too and I thought that maybe you two could get to know each other and it would be helpful for the two of you to hang out with people your own age every now and then.”

“Uh, yeah. Yeah that would be nice.” He tried to fight the urge to roll his eyes at her comment of how he needed to hang out with people his own age. That was a clue that she had been talking to May lately and she had been all over him about branching out and meeting new people, specifically a “lovely girl who can keep up with your unorganized ass Peter” is what he recalled her saying.

“Good, I’m glad you think that because I’ve got her in the kitchen and she’s waiting to meet you. So if I were you,” Pepper smiled, tapping his shoulder. “I would put your shirt on the right way so that we can’t see the hems and the tags Peter.”

Peter could feel his cheeks turning bright red, glancing down at this shirt to see that he had in fact put his shirt on inside out in his haste to answer the door.

“Oh, yeah.” He chuckled nervously, fiddling with the hem of his shirt as he tried to control his embarrassment. “I guess I should do that then. I’ll uh… I’ll be out there in a minute Pepper.” As soon as she shut the door, Peter mentally scolded himself, whipping his shirt off as quickly as possible before putting it back on the right way. He checked himself out in the mirror to make sure that he was put together a bit more before grabbing his backpack and his phone and making his way out to the kitchen.

He would be lying to himself if he wasn’t a bit nervous right now. It had been awhile since he had met someone who was new to the Avengers and he wanted to make a good impression. But what made his palms sweat was the way Pepper had been insistent on the fact that he come outside and meet you, instead of just introducing you to everyone at the same time.

But nothing could have really prepared him for the moment when he saw you for the first time. He knew it was cliche and he knew that it sounded stupid, but there was a part of his brain that lit up when he saw you standing in the kitchen. All of your focus was on Pepper and whatever she was saying, your hand wrapped around a coffee mug and a bright smile on your face.

“Oh there he is!” Pepper announced, sending Peter a playful wink when he almost tripped over the edge of a stool, quickly catching his balance on the counter top.

“Yeah, here I am.” He chuckled, holding out his hand for you to shake. “Sorry it took me so long, I uh, I had an issue with something. But my name is Parker. I mean Peter!” He yelled, his cheeks burning with how red they were turning. He knew for a fact that it was going all the way down his neck and up to his ears.

“It’s nice to meet you Peter Parker.” You smirked, holding your hand out so you could shake his, not commenting on the fact that you could practically feel his hands vibrating with nerves. You had heard from Pepper that he used to be shy and a little bit nervous around new people, but she had told you that it had gotten better. But you would be lying to yourself if you didn’t think that his nervousness was an endearing quality, one that was refreshing compared to a lot of college aged boys you had met recently. “My name is Y/N and it’s really a pleasure to meet you.”

“Uh yeah! Yeah it’s great to meet you too.” Peter chuckled, brushing his hair out of his eyes before fiddling with his headphones that were hanging out of his shirt. He took a deep breath before he looked back up at you, his body warming up inside and out when he saw the kind smile that you had on your face. It was a smile that reminded him of the ones that Ned would give him when he was acting a bit off and it served as a friendly reminder.

“Well, I have a class in about an hour but I wanted to go ahead and come by and meet you. Maybe we can talk later this afternoon when I get back before I get introduced to everyone else?” You watched his facial expressions turn from nervousness to excitement and that alone caused butterflies to form in your stomach. A part of you hated how quickly he had gained your attention, but there was something about Peter Parker that was drawing you in and you wanted to figure it out, you wanted to figure him out, the person behind the mask.

“Uh yeah, that would be great. I would really like that Y/N.” Peter smiled, letting himself briefly enjoy the feeling of a small crush form in the pit of his chest.

He knew that he shouldn’t feed into it, that he should ignore it and just try his best to keep the relationship friendly. He had barely figured himself out in the last two years. But something about you was pulling him in and Peter wasn’t going to deny the fact that he wanted to let his heart fall for you.

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[3.10pm]  I went to the park to walk & it started raining. While waiting for the rain to subsidize, everytime someone walked past me, I was hoping it was Namjoon. I wanted him to walk towards me with an umbrella and take my hands as we strolled through the park with one earpiece in each of our ears.  Hand in hand, our steps synchronized, our heartbeats synchronized. 

Please, Kiss Me (Part 1/6)

Summary: (Loki x reader) five times that Loki kissed you, and the one time you kissed him: you and Loki share your first kiss.

Warnings: kissing, shockingly enough

A/N: I’ve been extremely lonely lately and in desperate need of a hug or a kiss or a hand to hold or something so here’s a little series dedicated solely to kissing. My favourite. (I’ve never been kissed so enjoy my idea of what a kiss is like.)

Moodboard by the ever-lovely @marveloussupernatural THANK YOU BABE

Please let me know what you think! I love hearing from you all!!!!!

His hands roamed your sides, gripping your waist and pulling you closer to him. Emerald eyes darkening, he lifted a hand to the back of your neck, tangling his fingers in your hair.

“You…” Loki murmured, “have ruined me.”

You couldn’t breathe. The entire situation sent a chill throughout your body, and your head began reeling as you took in the feeling of his hands and gaze on you.

Breathing raggedly, you laid a hand on his leather clad chest as he bent down to place his lips against your ear.

“Don’t be so foolish as to think I haven’t noticed where your mind goes when I am near you.” His breath was warm and his words settled uneasily with your thoughts. He wasn’t wrong. You were infatuated with him, and though you were nervous, your heart raced with an undeniable excitement.

His thumb brushed over your lower lip, the soft contact shaking you into reality. You blinked quickly and found yourself unable to meet his unyielding gaze as you realised how close your face was to his. Furrowing his brow, he noticed your hesitation.

“Was I wrong?”

His three words shot through your mind like a bullet. Unable to stop your hands from shaking, you found his hands, prying them off your body and gripping them tightly. You watched your intertwined hands to avoid his piercing eyes, and carefully shook your head.

“No. No, you aren’t wrong,” You mumbled, taking a small step away from him. Confusion and a hint of frustration crossed his face.

“Then why…?” He began, searching your reddening face for an explanation.

You avoided his eyes, shifting slightly and glancing around the room behind him. Dropping your gaze to the floor, you gripped his cold hands a little tighter.

“I’ve never been kissed before.” Your voice was barely a whisper.

Loki sighed, placing a finger under your chin, tilting your face up to his. “I can’t understand what you are saying.” A small, pained smile graced his lips. His lips… You swallowed hard, tearing your gaze away from his lips, staring him hard in the eye.

Your voice was cool and steady. “I have never been kissed before.”

Shock flitted across his expression, only to be quickly replaced with a cracked smile. “That’s a lie, Y/N.”

“It is not.”

“Is too.”

“Is NOT! I ruin every good thing in my life, let’s not add kissing to the list!” You dropped his hands and pushed them away from you. The disbelief on Loki’s face made you want to run away in shame.

You turned sharply and began to sprint out of the room, but his cool hand shot out and locked on to your wrist, pulling you around roughly. He closed the distance between you in one fluid motion, bringing his hands up to hold your head. One gripped the back of your head, the other holding your neck and jaw. His eyes were flashing dangerously, in the most captivating way.

“It’s not that hard,” he hissed, then crashed his lips into yours.


You froze. Your body locked in place as you felt the world spun around you. This was… different. Unnatural. Yet it was what you wanted, right? His lips were not as soft and gentle as you had always imagined them to be, pushing against yours roughly with little control. Is he enjoying this?

Your back up against the wall, he had you trapped under him. His eyes were closed, his breathing ragged, but yours eyes remained wide open, watching him. This must be good for him. Otherwise he would have pulled away by now.

He pressed his mouth against you desperately, almost to the point that it hurt your lips. In all reality you were too shocked, too afraid to do anything to reciprocate. You just stood there frozen, let him move his lips around yours anywhere that he wanted.

You didn’t want to ruin this for him.

Moments passed until he eventually pulled away, his eyes fluttering open to look into your frightened ones. You waited with bated breath for him to react - to be disgusted with your attempt.

“No…” he drew his bottom lip between his teeth as he stared at you. “No, no, no.”

No? You ducked your head in shame, wishing to be anywhere but in front of him. Of course. You were inexperienced, never been desired before, so why on earth would he want you? You had ruined everything, not even able to kiss him properly.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a cool finger under your chin, tilting your head back up to meet troubled eyes.

“Kiss me.”

He leaned down to place his lips on your unmoving ones in another chaste kiss.

“Please, Y/N, kiss me,” he pleaded when he pulled away, cradling your head in his hands.

“I d-don’t know how,” you whispered, squeezing your eyes shut.

“Let me show you.”

His lips were on yours again, this time gentle and cautious. Instead of pushing you against wall like he had before, his arms snaked around your waist to gently tug you towards him.

“It’s ok,” he murmured into your lips. “You can stop me.”

You didn’t.

He effortlessly lifted you, guiding your legs to latch around his waist without letting his lips leave yours. He was waiting for you, ready and waiting for you to start kissing him back. Slowly he stepped backwards until he sat on the edge of the bed, his arms keeping you close in his lap.

You finally pulled away, pushing him back with both hands on his shoulders. For a moment you just stared into his eyes, liking the fact that you were on his lap and now taller than him. He looked up at you with those striking green eyes, ready for whatever you decided to do next.

Then you kissed him. Your hands gripped his face and pulled his lips against yours, and he eagerly reciprocated. Taking a leap of faith, you started moving your lips cautiously around his, kissing his bottom lip, then his top lip, then trying to lock your lips between his.

That’s more like it. You could feel Loki grinning into the kiss as you got more and more adventurous, starting to kiss him with just as much fervore and passion as he had before.

Your eyes fluttered shut as his hands began to move wildly over your neck, jaw, back, and anywhere else he needed to keep you flush against his body. You clutched onto his leather shirt with one fist, curving your entire body into his. The other hand ran almost violently through his locks of dark hair, tangling and twisting as you pulled him closer into yourself.

His tongue darted out to brush against yours, and you let out a squeak in surprise. But his hand floated up to the back of your neck, keeping you against him as you opened your lips just enough for him to deepen the kiss. It was a completely foreign feeling, his tongue surpassing every boundary you had ever had, but one that you knew you would never be able to get enough of.

Loki broke the kiss, releasing your lips but still gripping your head. Anger ghosted over you as you felt his lips leave yours, leaving you leaning forward with your eyes still closed and mouth parted slightly, gasping for breath and craving his intoxicating lips once more.

He pulled your head down towards his, resting his forehead lightly on yours. His thumb gently stroked your cheek as you felt his chest heaving frantically for air. Your lips met again, only slightly softer this time, and you felt Loki’s lips curl into a grin against your own.

“Well…” He murmured, lips moving against yours, “you’ve certainly got that down.”

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BTS REACTION: You Catch Them Cheating

Prompt: You had been pretty busy lately and really missed your boyfriend. You decided to surprise him! You got off work early, got a bottle of wine and sped home. You walked in and quickly slipped out of your shoes and snuck up the stairs…You reached your room and the door was slightly open and there you saw your boyfriend with another woman and couldn’t help but to drop the bottle of wine…


Originally posted by lavender-kills

He didn’t even notice you til he heard the shatter of glass on the hard wood floors. His head snapped back to see you standing in the doorway, wine splattered on your shoes and dress with tears streaming down your face. He pushed the girl off once the shock had wore off but you had already high tailed it to the door. He scrambled pulling up his jeans and caught you at the door. He grabbed your wrist “Jagi!” “don’t touch me!” you shouted pulling your wrist away. “d…don’t touch me” you repeated weakly “ There is no excuse for this Jin…i will come for my things tomorrow.” And then you were gone and all he could do was wallow in gut wrenching guilt. 


Originally posted by imonaworldtour

The glass breaking made him jump out of his skin, as well as the girl who was seated on his lap shirtless. she scurried to grab her things, brushing past you and left. You stared at him, the red marks on his neck so vibrant. Your lip quivered and he quickly got up and walked over with panic on his face. “Look it isn’t what it-” “How cliche yoongi…If it isn’t what it looks like then what is it?” you asked with your head hanging. He reached out to grab you, his heart was shattering in his chest at what he had done to you, and he had no excuse. You stepped away from his touch. “Goodbye Yoongi.” you said and turned walking down the stairs and out the front door. He stood there, incapable of feeling, because you had left and taken his heart with you. And it was all his fault.


Originally posted by daegudinosaur

The girl let out a scream, not only from the bottle crashing to the ground but because she saw you. He shoved her onto he floor and fixed his clothes and she hurried to try and leave. He rushed over to you and was profusely apologizing and saying he loved you. He tried to hug you but you pushed him away, he felt his blood run cold from the empty look in your eye. The glimmer long gone. “Don’t touch me with those hands…Hoseok” another jab into his chest, not hobi or hope. “You and I are over” you said with tears spilling from your eyes. “ It was a mistake baby!” he pleaded, holding onto you as you tried to leave. “how many times..” “What?” “how many times have you had other women in my bed?” he froze and looked down. “Five.” “Then it wasn’t a mistake…it was a choice…Goodbye Hoseok” and with that you ripped your hand out of his grip, his heart out of his chest, and left him with only your lingering warmth in his palm.


Originally posted by chimchams

“What the fuck” the girl said as she saw you and he turned then meeting your gaze. You let the bottle slip from your grasp and he shot up, the girl falling onto the floor and he rushed over and grabbed you tightly. “W-wait, it really is just a big mistake…” “Let me go..” you said weakly trying to get out of his grasp, shooting a glare at the girl as she ran off. You tried to step back but he took the step with you until you had you backed against the wall. “Baby, please look at me. Please” he pleaded. “Don’t call me that…I’m not your baby anymore…Let me go Namjoon” He felt a pang, all of the memories of him calling you the nickname you loved flashed before him as you slipped out of his grasp. His heart was torn, he hurt you, and now he was paying for it. 


Originally posted by suggamiin

You were rushing away before the bottle even touched the ground. Jimin already knew who it was, who else could it be. The girl was harshly pushed away as he hurried after you as he adjusted his sweat pants biting on his swollen lips and trying to fix his messy hair. He caught you and you turned, your hand connecting harshly with his cheek. “Don’t touch me Park Jimin…” you said in a cold but broken tone “Please-” “no…Jimin no” you said as you began crying. “Don’t give me excuses or tell me you love me…Clearly i wasn’t enough for you..It’s over jimin.” he was now filled with panic “No, don’t leave me Y/n. I will change it was a mistake i swear!” he shouted as he desperately held your hand. Only for it to slip out of his grasp. And then he was alone, now being eaten up by intense regret.


Originally posted by ariescults

You dropped the wine and sauntered downstairs. Not even hearing all the panicked steps rushing to you. You had to take in what you had seen, you were incapable of registering it. Arms had wrapped around you and pulled you close, finally it all hit you and you fought against the grip. “Let me go Kim Taehyung!” you shouted and harshly pushed his chest, sending him stumbling only a step away. “Baby, please listen. D-dont leave me okay? I was just-” “Cheating on me…You were just cheating on me..” you said coldly. “but i love you” he said weakly dropping to his knees and laid his head on your stomach as he tried to place your hands on his head, begging for the comfort your touch brings. “If you loved me….this all wouldn’t be happening” you cried and pulled away and left without so much as a second glance.


Originally posted by samwol

He didn’t even know why he was doing this. Maybe he felt lonely, he felt like you weren’t around enough for him.  You dropped the bottle and he was broken out of his thoughts and pulled himself away from the girl he had pushed against the wall. You ran. Tears falling and breathing unsteady you ran down the hall and down the stairs. Him, being as agile as he was caught up quickly and grabbed you, pushing you against the wall next to the door. “Please…just let me explain. i swear its just a big mistake” he said breathlessly. You shook your head, tears spilling from your eyes “ i don’t want to hear it…let me go Jungkook” you said in a broken voice, he stayed there holding you. One good push got you free and you left, running off and disappearing into the rain, leaving him to sit in silence, drowning in the wine scented regret. 

A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed! I live for angst i have no idea why but i love it sm! <3 love you guys


joe mazzello fanfic || jurassic park

A/N: look at this sweet baby…thanks to @sheerartattack for requesting this (and I’ll take this moment to remind everyone that my inbox is OPEN and I’ll be attempting to write ALL your requests) ♡ oKAY ENJOY

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Chanyeol scenario - The hoodie

Requested by anon

Genre: straight up S M U T

Inspired by “The hoodie song” - Mae Muller

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septic-dr-schneep  asked:

“You are not fine!” with Jackie and Schneep? :D

Schneep wiped his forehead. Again. He laid his arm back down on his desk, the cool wood becoming uncomfortably hot almost instantly. But Schneep ignored it. He had too much to do. It was just a little fever. He’d take some medicine when he was done.

He blinked. Was the paper before him blurry because his eyes were watering, or because of the sweat that had dripped on the inside of his glasses?  He took a deep breath. God, his throat hurt.

“Hey, Schneep? Chase is heading to the store and wanted to know if you-whoa, what’s wrong?”

Schneep tried to compose himself as best he could. He turned in his chair. “I am fine. I just have a lot of papers to go over!”

Jackie’s jaw dropped. “You are not fine! You’re sweating enough to fill a pool!” Jackie walked closer and put a hand on Schneep’s forehead. Schneep sighed. Jackie’s skin was so cool…

Jackie brought his hand away. “You’re burning up! Go to bed, I’ll bring you a wet rag and some water.”

Schneep shook his head. “I can get through it. It is nothing.”

“You’re a doctor, you know that’s a lie. Get your butt to bed.”

“I am fine!” Schneep stood up. The world started spinning around him, but he stood as straight as he could and tried to ignore it. “See?”

Jackie wasn’t convinced. “You’re way too pale, doc. Just lean on me and we’ll get you to your room.”

Schneep started to sway. Oh, he shouldn’t have stood up. His stomach was filled with nausea and his head was pounding. “I-I don’t need…to…” his eyelids fluttered, and he felt himself fall. He heard Jackie yell, and a pair of arms catch him before he hit the ground.

When he woke back up, he was laying in his bed. Jackie was pressing a cold, wet, rag to his forehead. “Don’t say anything. Just take the medicine and drink some water, okay?”

Schneep nodded. His throat hurt too bad to say anything away. He did as he was told, and mouthed “Thanks.”

“No problem. Now get some actual sleep. I’ll be sitting over there if you need me.”

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Bled (prinxiety?)

Warnings: Deceit, villain Deceit, panic attack, blood, injuries, fainting, mentions of torture, self deprecating thoughts

Roman, being the imaginative side, has to do something to jog his creativity somehow. No matter what happens to him he can’t let the others down. He won’t ever forgive himself if he let’s the others down. He can just picture Patton’s bright eyes and smile faltering for a second. He can picture Logan’s disapproving glare directed at him. Or Thomas’ words that will sting him.

One thing though that he can imagine all too realistic and it breaks his heart every time is Virgil’s disappointment. They have been dating for a few months now and even before that the picture haunted his every move.

Would Virgil break up with him if he can’t keep up with his job? Would he still be in love with him? No he definitely won’t. Who would be in love with somebody as insecure and weak as him?

He can’t show his weaknesses. No matter what.

He can’t show how badly he was falling apart.

He can’t show that he’s falling apart at the seams like a puppet that he is.

No matter what… Nobody can know.

That’s why when he stumbled back into his room from his imagination holding his bleeding side grunting with every move and praying that he doesn’t pass out, his eyes barely passed through his room too busy with getting to the bathroom. He has to pick himself up. He has to fix himself if only momentarily.

So he didn’t see a pair of gleaming yellow glints staring at him from the darkness.

He didn’t hear movement his blood rushing to his ears blocking out noise.

Suddenly he was grabbed from behind and tossed to the wall with a loud thud as his back hit the wall. He screamed as intense pain shot through him.

His breathing got rigged as he glanced up to see the deceitful side grinning at him.

“My my my, look what we have here. It doesn’t look like you took the fun part away. What a shame. Well no matter I’ve always wondered how far a side could break without dying.”

Before Roman could even scream for help or do so much as move a hand slapped over his mouth silencing him. His wide scared eyes stared up at the other as he came moving towards him, he felt one hand grip his bloodied shirt and it took all his wits to not look away.

What will he do to him?

How can he even fight against him?

He can barely move?

Will he go after Virgil next?

No, he can’t let that happen-

There was a loud bang at the door and both the sides whipped towards the sound.

“Roman! Are you finally back? I’ve been so worried about you. Roman?”

Virgil… That’s Virgil. And he sounded…worried? Concerned? Why did he… Wait.. He said he’ll only be gone for a day or so… What day is it?

He couldn’t think straight through his fear. Normally he doesn’t freeze up like this. Nothing in his imagination scares him this badly. What is wrong with him?? He should be fighting! He should be protecting! What great prince he is!

“I’m fine, Virgil! No need to worry! I’ll be out in a bit let me freshen up, sweetie!”

Deceits voice sounded so like his… Even to him it was convincing. He tried to scream out to Virgil to run but his hand stopped him. All that came out was low muffled yells, too muffled for Virgil to hear. Tears were welling up in his eyes. He doesn’t want Virgil to be apart of this. He doesn’t want Virgil hurt. No matter what.

There was a few minutes of silence, Roman had thought Virgil had left. Then he spoke up again, “Roman? Are you okay? You know what whatever, I’m coming in.”

The knob started twisting.

“No! No I’m okay I promise, V! I’m just really messy from my quest I properly stink right now. Go downstairs I’ll be right there!”

Deceit sounded more panicked, there was a trace of it there. And a growl.

Virgil froze.

“No, you don’t sound right. I’m coming in. It’s fine if your messy I don’t care.”

Before Deceit could do anything the door opened and a tired looking Virgil was greeted with what must have been a terrifying sight for the anxious side.

Instantly his eyes went wide. His hair started standing on end. The shadows in the room got darker. The one light bulb by his stand, the only light that was on in the entire room, shattered into pieces. The oxygen seem to grow heavy, to the point Roman had to pant for air.

No… No…

Deceit took a step back though when Roman looked up to him he didn’t look scared like he thought he might, no he had a smile on his face.

Laughter came from the yellow side, “Oh really, Virgil? This horrible trick again? You know it doesn’t work on me.”

Virgil took a step forward the shadows drew to his side they hovered around him, following him like a protective bubble. The anxious side’s eyes whipped towards Roman and he could see his eyes were a bright purple color. Roman gulped at the sight.

With one flick of a wrist Roman felt shadows embrace him, they surrounded him in a protective cover of sorts. Everything seemed foggy, hazy, through it but he could see at least. His wide gaze went back to Virgil he wanted to pled. He wanted to beg for Virgil to run. He can take Deceit, well.. That may be a lie but he didn’t want Virgil to get hurt. He might overdo it for all he knows.

“Yeah… It used to. But you properly didn’t know that since I’ve become a part of their family that I’ve been practicing. Practicing for this precise moment.”

And with that Virgil threw out both of his hands and the shadows followed suit, they rushed towards the deceitful side.

Deceit chuckled and rolled his eyes, “You don’t think shadows can harm me? Really? So what if you’ve been practicing it’s not like it can even touch me.”

And to show his point Deceit all but flicked the shadows away with his hand. Then yawned and turned back to the other, “Is that all you got?”

Virgil took a deep breath and smiled himself, “Not in the slightest.”

More shadows drew out of the corners and hallway. More and more came until the bedroom was completely filled with them, to the point where it became dark almost too dark for Roman to see a single thing in front of his face.

Laughter came from Deceit’s corner, “Oh so you didn’t made the room dark! Congrats!”

“Now it did more then make the room dark.”

There was a rush of wind as the shadows circled around Deceit. They became faster and faster twirling around him and gathering up energy, at least from what Roman can tell. They came closer to the yellow side and the room became clearer to see now.

He spotted Virgil with a almost mad look in his eyes as his hands were up in the air smiling as they circled closer and closer.

Until they were right up against the side and they seemed to slow down, but only for a moment until it sped up again. This time even quicker but instead of going at the side again it went towards the floor. They were circling the floor right below Deceit’s feet.

Deceit seemed confused as he looked at Virgil then the shadows again but shrugged as he waited for the shadows to do whatever stunt they want.

That was until a sudden pouring light came from the mass. A bright almost yellowish white light poured out of the ground engulfing Deceit in it. Deceit looked slightly panicked now, a small crack in his facade, as he tried to step around the shadows. But none of them would let him through.

The light became wider and as it did became brighter as Roman had to shield his eyes from it.

And just as suddenly as it came it disappeared. Leaving behind a normally dark room the shadows dissolving into the air along with it. The shield around him dropped to the ground or poofed away into the air as if it was smoke.

And something else that was gone was… Deceit.

Now with Deceit gone Roman had control over his hand as it dropped to his side. He whipped towards Virgil and gasped as he saw him tilting over and his eyes go white.


He tried to stand up but gasps yet again as pain shot through his entire body but he clenched his teeth. None of his injuries mattered now.

“Virgil! Virgil! Virgil, please…”

Tears welled up in his eyes again as Virgil dropped to the ground with a thud. No he’ll be fine right? He’ll be okay. He has to be!

Slowly and painfully grunting and sucking in breath the entire time he finally managed to get to where Virgil was. All but practically collapsing right on top of the side. Gasping for air his shaky bloodied hands went to Virgil’s cheeks. His heart broke as he saw Virgil’s pale skin. It was paler the normal. And his dark bags under his eyes has gotten darker? Was that from lack of sleep or what just happened? Roman thought, maybe both.

But he sucked in a breath of relief when he felt him breathing. He was alive…

“Virgil? Virgil… Wake up.. Sweet pea… Please…”

He could feel darkness right at the edge of his vision. No.. He can’t pass out now. He has to…

That darkness got closer but he shook his head.

“VIRGIL!”, he yelled at the top of his lungs. That sent him coughing and gasping even more for breath. Why can’t he suddenly breath?

His lungs felt like they were collapsing in on themselves. His chest hurt from how deep he was breathing. But he couldn’t get in any air.

He felt himself shaking as he brought his lips to Virgil’s.

That darkness got darker and with one more gasp his eyes closed on him. His head dropped to the softness of Virgil’s hoodie. The only thing that went through his mind was that Virgil was safe as the comforts of the dark consumed him.

He was alive.

But he had failed to protect him.

He couldn’t even protect himself.

He can’t call himself a hero now.

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ben hardy!roger taylor || so Roger Taylor, famed playboy, does have a soft side?

A/N: so I took the liberty of making this a ben hardy!roger taylor fic for the wonderful @rogerbuttersmyeggroll​ …enjoy, darlings! ♡ and as always, my inbox is wide open ready to accept all of your requests (and to those lovelies who are in my inbox, your pieces are coming ♡)

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Tell Me It’s Real

Originally posted by accio-fan-fiction

Summary: Loki must leave Earth, but he can’t bring himself to leave her behind. His nearing departure makes him doubt that everything he’s shared with her is real. He has to urge himself to ask the question that might change everything. 

Warnings: None

Not many things in my life have been worth the fight, but she’s worth everything. She’s worth my every fighting breath. I can’t imagine my life without her, and I don’t want to leave her behind, but Thor insists that I have to go back to Asgard for the greater good of Earth. Although, Asgard is my home it’s never felt like home. I’ve always felt like an outsider within the echoing halls of the palace. When i’m with her, however, I know I’m home. I can feel it when she holds me in her arms. I can feel it when she’s near me. With my departure from Earth coming nearer, I’m beginning to question whether it’s all real. Whether this whole relationship with Y/N has been a been configuration in my own mind. Whether I’ve read too much into the moments we’ve shared.

“Loki, I know you want to stay, but for your own sake you have to come to Asgard. I know you  like feeling superior to the humans, but the people of Midgard aren’t fond of your stay here. You’ll only complicate things for the Avengers if you stay” explained Thor

“You don’t understand, brother. You never have. I don’t care if I’m superior to the humans or not. That’s not why I want to stay. I can’t leave her behind, Thor” I avowed

“So, that’s why you’ve liked it here. Because of Y/N?”

“Yes, do you understand now?  I love her, Thor. I can’t just walk out of her life and start a new one on Asgard. It wouldn’t be fair to her. We’ve shared too much of ourselves for me to leave her”

“Then, bring her to Asgard with us”


“If you think that what you have with her is special, then bring her. Don’t let her go, Loki. I made that mistake with Jane, and I’ve regretted it since”

“She won’t just leave everything she has here to come to Asgard with me. She has friends and family here. She has a life here”

“You won’t ever know unless you ask her, brother”

Thor was right. I couldn’t let her go. I wouldn’t. She held a too special place in my heart for me to let go of her. Would she leave everything she has for me? No she wouldn’t. She can’t. She cares too much about the people here to leave them behind. My delusion of a life on Asgard with her was in shambles once I began to think of all the reasons she wouldn’t come. She was special to me, but was I special to her? I’ve cherished every single moment I’ve shared with her, but what if she hasn’t. What if I’ve read too much into the midnight conversations we’ve had, or the nightly embraces we share? What if it’s not real. What if she doesn’t think it’s real?

The overwhelming thoughts in my head were beginning to become too much to bare. Without hesitation, I walked towards her room. I had gone to her room countless times to talk to her, to hold her, but this time felt different. I stopped dead in my tracks before her door. Slowly, I raised my hand to knock on the door, but I couldn’t bring myself to come into contact with the wooden barrier. I lowered my hand, letting out a deep breath, before I walked out to the garden area. The fresh aroma of the flowers flooded my nostrils, and a wave of peace crashed over me. How ironic the world can be. A few years ago, I invaded Earth with the intent to rule over its people, wanting to be in power. But, now one person holds all power over me. Y/N. The place I invaded has felt more like a home to me than Asgard ever has, and it’s all because of one girl. The one girl whose eyes holds my entire world. The one girl who makes me feel whole. Mother would have been proud to see me fall in love. That’s all she ever wanted for Thor and I, but I never thought I would be graced with love. She consumed my every thought, and all my love was dedicated to her.


I’d recognize that voice from anywhere

“Y/N. What are you doing out here?” I asked

“Well, I could ask you the same thing,” she responded, “I saw you. You came up to my door, but you didn’t even knock. I wasn’t in my room at the time, but I saw the whole exchange. It’s kind of why I followed you out here” she explained, “Why didn’t you knock? Have I done something wrong?”

“No, no, darling. You could never do anything wrong. I was just… I’m going back to Asgard” I whispered, looking up from the ground to see her reaction. Her eyes fell to the ground. She bit her bottom lip tightly, holding in the tears that were fighting to get out.

“W-why” she stuttered, being at a loss of words

“Thor believes it best for the greater good of Earth. I pose too much of a threat to the people here, and I understand that. Especially considering the last time I was here”

“For the greater good of Earth? What has Earth ever done for you! They can’t even bring themselves to give you a second chance! Don’t leave, Loki. please” she whimpered

“I don’t deserve a second chance, Y/N. I killed thousands of your people. I don’t deserve their forgiveness.”

“Yes you do, Loki. I forgave you. Is that not enough? Am I not enough? What about all those midnight conversations we had? Or the way you would tightly embrace me all those nights when I had nightmares? Are you just going to leave that all behind?”

“I don’t want to”

“Then don’t, Loki. Stay with me”

“Tell me it’s real” I stated

“What?” she asked with confusion

“Tell me it’s real. Tell me that everything we have gone through is real. Tell me that what we have is real and I’m not imagining it.”

“It’s real, Loki. It’s the most real thing in my life, and I don’t want to lose it. I don’t want to lose you” she whimpered

Before I could process it her lips were on mine, perfectly synced together. Our kiss was almost desperate. Desperate to keep each other together, even when all things around us told us to stay apart.

When I sought refuge on Earth the Avengers had opened their doors to me, reluctant obviously. I wasn’t all that excited to be living in the same quarters as the people I once tried to rule, but she made me change the way I view everything. She taught me how to love.

“Come with me” I whispered against her lips

“What?” she pulled away from the kiss, looking deep into my eyes

“Come to Asgard with me, Y/N.  You will have everything you have ever desired. You shall live the life you were always meant to live. You will be treated like the queen that you are”

“Loki, I don’t need anything else. I just need you” she whispered, tears rimming her eyes, “Please stay”

“I can’t, my love. This isn’t my home. I know it’s selfish of me to ask you to leave everything you have here on Earth to come with me, I know it is. I will understand if you don’t follow me back to Asgard, Y/N. I just want you to be happy”

“I… I can’t leave. My family is here. This is where I grew up. I just… I can’t leave it all behind, Loki. I love you more than you can imagine, but I just can’t” she whimpered  

The tears were pushing their way out. I couldn’t control them any longer. I let out a deep breath, trying to maintain my composure, but it didn’t work. My legs still felt shaky and my head was pounding. I felt as if a part of me was torn off, and in a sense a part of me was torn away. I had become so used to Y/N being so close to me that I didn’t realize what life would be like without her.

Y/N had her arms wrapped around herself, eyes cast down. Slowly, I stepped closer to her and placed a light kiss on her forehead. My lips lingered over her skin longer than they should have. I simply wanted to remember what her skin felt like against my lips. I wanted to remember every part of her. She let out choked sob before walking away. I stood still, not knowing what life would be like now.

I willed myself to walk back to the living quarters where we would make our departure. Thor was already there. He had a hopeful look on his face when he first caught glimpse of me, but when he failed to detect Y/N his face faltered.

“I’m sorry, brother. I was very hopeful of you two” avowed Thor

“Well, you know what they say, brother. Hope breeds eternal misery” I said, with bitterness

“Shall she come say her goodbyes?” asked Thor

“I highly doubt it, brother” I answered

“Well, it was quite a ride having you two under the same roof, but it’s for you two to head back home” announced Tony

“Alas, it won’t be the last you see of me” blurted Thor

“Just keep your brother in check, won’t you?” chuckled Steve

“I don’t need anyone looking after me, soldier” I defended

“Well, I beg to differ” It was her.

“Y/N, you came back” I smiled

“I’ll follow you anywhere, Loki” she smiled

“But, this is your home” I stated

“This place will always have a place in my heart. So will all these people, but I realized that home is where you are. My love for you is the realest thing in my life, and I’m not going to let you go that easily” she confessed

“What was that you said about hope breeding eternal misery, hmm, brother?” asked Thor

“I suppose I was wrong” I avowed

“Very wrong” corrected Thor, “I’m glad you two found each other, and I’m glad you’ll be joining us in Asgard, Y/N. You’ll make quite the Asgardian royal”

“She was born for it” I stated

She smiled softly at me, cupping my cheek in her gentle hand. I could tell by the look in her eye that what we had was real. This love we was real.


Sansa could see it clear now. Love meant sacrifice and selflessness; it meant that another’s well-being was more important than one’s own.
She felt a determination rise in her that she never felt before.
Sansa Stark needed to die … and she would plan it all out.

[Post Season 8] [Marriage of Convenience] [Alternate Universe - Post-Canon] [Future Fic]

chapter 1:

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Please don’t cry. I can’t stand to see you cry” with older damian please? you're such a fantastic writer ily

Sure thing, babe~ 

Also, also! I love you too. 💕  

Have some hurt/comfort for supper, y’all. Eat up.

Warnings for some body horror and swearing. 

Tag List: @nxttime, @possiblyelven, @sweetspiderboy, and @thepuckishrogue

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Seeing You Kiss Another Member’s Cheek

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Laughing, you leaned over to Namjoon and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. He was so thoughtful, and the discussion about life you two had just finished was sweet and even somewhat inspirational. You were thankful to have Namjoon to talk about life with sometimes. Turning to the door, you saw Jin had just entered. 

“Hi, Jinnie. Ready to go for lunch?”

His faced looked kinda…hurt? 

“Sure, Y/N.” The reply was stoic and not at all its usual enthusiastic tone. 

After lunch, the two of you went for a walk in a smaller area of Seoul in an attempt to go mainly unnoticed. Sitting at a bench together, you enjoyed an ice cream each. Suddenly, Jin speaks, breaking the comfortable silence.

“Why’d you kiss Namjoon?” He blurts the words out, looking at you with a sort of desperation. “I saw it as I walked in” he admits, bringing his head down. 

You reach out and cup his face in your palm, bringing him up so his eyes meet yours. 

“I kissed him on the cheek because I was grateful to have a friend like him, someone I can talk life with sometimes. It’s nothing compared to you. I love you, Jin.”

Hearing your genuine words, he smiles. 

“Sorry, babe. I guess I felt jealous. I love you too.” He smiles warmly at you for the first time since the two of you left the apartment. 

“Oh, and I trust you.” He adds this with a wink, and sitting across from you, he truly is worldwide handsome. 

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Leaning over Suga’s shoulder, you bent down to kiss his cheek. 

“I’m proud of you, Yoongi!” you say, looking at the lyrics written on the page. 

A cough breaks the atmosphere, and you both turn to see Namjoon standing behind you. 

“Y/N, will you come and help me with the table?” Agreeing, you follow him out and into his bedroom, where the Ikea table lies ready to be put together. 

Namjoon hardly says a word to you as the two of you work together. Attempting to prompt conversation, you continually speak to fill the silence. His refusal to converse annoys you, and after about half an hour you can’t help but voice your frustration. 

“What the hell Joon? You’re impersonating a brick wall today or what?” Glaring at him, you more or less throw the screwdriver to the ground as you stand. Hitting a piece of the bedside table, it bounces off across the carpet. 

Namjoon sighs, then looks up at you. He looks hurt, and you regret your harsh reaction almost immediately. 

“I saw you kiss Suga. I’m jealous, and I know I shouldn’t be, but I am.” Looking up at you, he looks helpless and honest. Touched, you drop to your knees back on the floor, level with him. 

“I was proud of him. I didn’t know you’d be so hurt, I’m sorry.” Placing a hand to his face, your eyes look into his sad ones. “I’m proud of you too, you know. Always.” 

At this, he wordlessly pulls you into his arms, understanding and love resonating from the two of you. 

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“Yes!” You pumped a fist to the air as you said this. “You did so well Tae!” 

Running, you go and give the sweaty boy a hug, then kiss his squishy, wet cheek. He’s finally nailed the choreo, and he’d asked you to come and watch his final version. Impressed, you had to express your joy to match his, and a grin spreads across his face. 

“Nice.” The cold words echo across the dance studio. The door swings shut behind him and Hobi stands, staring at you both. 

Tae thinks this is directed at him, and his success with the dance.

“Thanks, hyung!” His words bounce off Hoseok’s statuesque demeanour, and he certainly doesn’t smile back. 

Waving you a quick goodbye, the oblivious Tae strolls past your angry boyfriend and leaves the studio. The door audibly shuts after him, and Hoseok starts to cross the room towards you. 

Nervous, you watch as he starts to get closer. “Hobi?” you ask tentatively. 

Stopping just before you, he reaches out and grabs your hips, smashing your bodies together. Breathing deeply, he then closes his eyes and leans down, touching his forehead to yours. 

“That made me really jealous, Y/N.” Realising he means the cheek kiss, you can’t help but giggle a little. 

“Hobi, come on! I love you!” At this you gently press a kiss to his lips, which he answers automatically. Grinding your hips against his, you laugh once more. Moving from his body, he opens his eyes and looks into yours, no longer hurt but filled with lust. 

“Come on, baby,” you whisper. “Show me some of your moves.” You close the words with a seductive wink, thoughts of Tae banished from both your minds. 

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Yoongi watched from the slightly open door as you bent across the kitchen island and and kissed Jimin’s cheek, laughing at something he had said. Pushing the bowl of ice cream across the marble, Jimin seemingly rewarded you for the intimacy. Hurt and anger surged up through Yoongi’s stomach and into his throat, and he closed his eyes at the force of his emotions. Breathing slowly for a moment, he then turned away from the scene and headed to his studio, where he could at least be alone. 

Tapping the password to his studio into the keypad, you were shocked as it buzzed negatively. Trying again, it refused to open, displaying the same message of ‘incorrect password’. Knocking on the door, you called out for your boyfriend. 

“Suga?” Silence met your question, and you knocked again. You could see the light shining from under the door, so you knew for a fact he was in there. Wondering if he had his headphones on you knocked and called again, this time louder. 

“YOONGI?” Suddenly the door ripped open, surprising you. His face was unreadable, though you could see his eyes looked unhappy. 

“Did I interrupt you?” You bite your lip, feeling guilty for disturbing him. 

Seeing your uncertainty his eyes soften, and he opens the door wider for you. Moving out of the way, he ushers you inside, then motions for you to sit down on the couch. 

“Why the fuck were you kissing Jimin.” His question almost sounds more like a statement, your guilt seemingly decided. 

Shaking your head, you reply. “We were just joking around. We’re friends, you know.” 

Having answered honestly, you expect him to accept your words, but instead he shakes his head at you. 

“Yea, you seem real close.” He slumps back down into his work chair, turning from you. Placing his headphones back on, he zeros in on the screen as though you aren’t even there. 

Angry, you get up quickly and pull the chair right back around. Pushing his headphones off, surprise is visible on his face.

“Fuck you, Yoongi. I’m allowed to have friends, and I know I didn’t do anything wrong. Your jealousy really sucks sometimes, you know? Makes you seem like a real asshole.” You spit the last word out with rage, and the next thing you know he’s pulling you onto his lap.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. Sometimes I just can’t control it.”

He nuzzles into your neck, and you wrap your arms around him, all anger leaving your body. He presses a kiss to your neck, then another, then another while sucking slightly…

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Tae stopped as he heard the laughing, then slowly opened the door to his bedroom. You sat there, next to Jungkook, obviously moving your mouth away from his cheek. Stunned, he stood still at the door. Looking up, both you and Jungkook waved for him to enter as though nothing was wrong. Shuffling in, he shut the door behind him, still in a daze. 

“What…what are you doing?” His question is choked, and his confusion evident. 

“Kookie dared me to give him a cheek kiss, since I lost our card game. Wanna play?” You and Jungkook looked up at him from the bed, where you sat cross-legged together. 

“Y/N…can I talk to you alone please?” 

Jungkook looks puzzled by the request, but respects it. Placing down his cards, he leaves the two of you together. 

“Yea, Tae?” Your innocent eyes scan his face for clues. 

“Please don’t do that.” He looks lost and even hurt. 

“Do what?” Standing, you make your way to him and hold his hands in yours. 

“Kiss him. I know it was just the cheek but…it makes me feel weird. Not good weird.” 

Wrapping your arms around his waist, you rest your head on his chest. He returns the hug willingly. 

“Okay, Tae. I’m sorry.” 

You hug in silence for a moment, then move apart. 

“I love you” you both say in unison, then break into laughter. 

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Watching you dance with Hobi was so fucking annoying. Jimin stood on the other side of the room, watching the man put his hands on you. And then you kissed his cheek? Hell. Fucking. No.

Crossing the studio, Jimin yells out to you both. “That’s enough practice for today, I think.” His stern words break the two of you apart, and Hoseok shrugged at you as if to say he was just as confused. 

Pulling you from Hoseok, Jimin drags you to the corner of the studio.

“Stop it, please. It’s hard enough to watch you learn with someone better than me.” 

“What?” You sound completely befuddled, and then realise it’s Jimin’s insecurities. You should have realised sooner.

“No doubt he’s a better kisser than me too. Just leave me already, hey?” Tears prick at the corners of his eyes, and you realise how upset he truly is. Grabbing his hands, you pull them around you. 

“You’re everything to me, babe.” Whispering this into his ear, he holds you tighter. 

Puling apart, you wipe the tears from his eyes. Smiling at one another, he mouths “I love you” to you. 

Then, he leans back down and whispers again into your ear, softly and emotionally saying “thank you”.  

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Jungkook’s fists were tight at the sight he was seeing. You and Jin, playing around on the playstation together. You won the match, and turning to Jin you jokingly pressed a sloppy kiss to his cheek. Enough was enough. 

Coughing, Jungkook made his presence known. You whipped your head around, but surprisingly didn’t look guilty in the slightest. 

“Kookie? Come play!” Your words were accompanied by a warm smile, but all he gave you was a steeled look of annoyance. 

“No, thank you.” His reply is colder than you expected, and you drop your smile quickly. 

“Is everything okay?” Jin asks, sounding concerned. 

“Yes, thanks hyung. If it’s okay I’ll take my girlfriend back now.” With a direct look towards you, you stand and decide to follow him out of the room. 

“Sorry, Jin.” You smile apologetically, but he seems to understand what Jungkook’s upset about.

“It’s okay, I get it.” His reply is friendly and the two of you smile, which makes Jungkook clench his jaw even tighter. 

Leaving the room, Jungkook takes you into his bedroom, leading you by a tight hand. Once alone, he shuts the door. 

You sit on the bed, waiting for him to say something. Finally, he takes a deep breath before sitting down next to you. 

“Y/N, I don’t like it when you kiss other guys’ cheeks. Even Jin’s.” 

Looking into his eyes, you see he’s upset and you understand why. Thinking about how you would feel if the situation was reversed, you nodded.

“I’m sorry Kookie, I won’t do it again. Promise.” 

Looking at you, his eyes change from hurt to overjoyed instantly. 

“Really?!” He seems almost surprised, and you laugh at your undeniably silly boyfriend. 

“Really.” you say, kissing his soft, cute lips.