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Well, I'm normally really against "insider-anons" or whatever, but that makes a lot of sense. Like even if it's just logical thinking without any added information. There was no Larry in the public for the last 3 years or so, so if they are planning a coming out in the near future it would be very sensible to first reintroduce their friendship before even bringing up the topic of a possible relationship to the public. Although the bro stuff does suck a bit...

I’ve always been a little weary of “insiders” too, but I like to see what is being said because there are rare cases of things they’ve said actually happening. They’re also sometimes helpful to give us a broader perspective of the situation!

I agree, I think it makes sense. I think they reintroduced their friendship last year for this purpose!

An incomplete list of Ninjago headcanons (since @frosttrix thinks I should share them), almost all of which focus on Cole because I… tend to overfocus on my favourites:

  • Ghosts have no sense of touch. When a person becomes a ghost, they lose their sense of touch. Even when Cole can make parts of himself solid (like he does with his hands)  he can’t actually feel whatever he’s holding. (Based off of Cole’s “I can’t feel anything any more” comment in Ep49 and Clouse’s “I can feel again” comment in Ep55)
  • Cole actually WAS fourteen in the pilots… but the other ninja weren’t. (They were all 16/17-ish) After running away from Marty Oppenheimer’s, he lied about his age to varying degrees a lot to get into activities he wanted pursue but that he wouldn’t be allowed to because of age (who’s going to let a twelve year old rock climb without an adult accompanying them? Nobody!) and it eventually became reflex. He didn’t tell the other ninja his actual age until The Royal Blacksmiths, as he couldn’t risk his dad bringing it up and them not knowing.
  • The fact that lying about his age had become reflex wasn’t something that Cole realised until he automatically lied about his age to Jay upon meeting him, having at first intended to be honest about it (Wu had known his real age since the beginning)
  • Cole’s voice finished breaking a week before Sensei Wu recruited Jay. He was incredibly relieved about this when he met Jay.
  • Jay’s first reaction to finding out Cole was the youngest of them (other than Lloyd) was a complaint about how monumentally unfair it was that Cole was taller than him
  • (“You weren’t bothered by my height before.” “YOU WEREN’T YOUNGER THAN ME BEFORE”)
  • Cole has excellent forgery skills. When he ran away from Marty Oppenheimer’s, he kept his dad in the dark by forging his signature on the paperwork required to remove him from the school, and faked school reports that he mailed to his dad after that.
  • Cole had a brief stint with ‘the wrong crowd’ prior to Marty Oppenheimer’s. He never actually committed any crimes in that time, but it’s how he learned forgery and the like. He knew how to act in prison in S6 because the older kids who had been to jail told stories.
  • Getting Cole away from the influence of the kids he was hanging out with was as much of Lou’s motivation for sending Cole to boarding school as getting him to follow the family legacy was.
  • Ranked from “best at” to “worst at”, the ninja and their skill at general deception would go Cole, Nya, Lloyd, Jay, Zane, Kai.
  • For skill at emotional deception, it’s Lloyd, Jay, Nya, Zane, Cole, Kai.
  • Kai just isn’t a good liar in general. At all. Worst of all the ninja at any kind of deception.
  • (He improved at it a lot during the time between S3 and S4, unknown to the others. Thus, he was able to pull off faking betraying everyone. He’s still overall the worst at it though)
  • There are several theater productions that Cole can quote by heart. Not all of them were introduced to him by his father.
  • Despite that Cole, in his own words, “can’t sing or dance” (though the latter has been proven false), Cole is pretty good with several instruments.

This makes no sense at all because it just randomly came up my mind at night

And then I spent way too much time with shading and lights..oh well

“I loved him,
What happened?
He’s inlove with someone else.

I loved her,
What happened?
She’s inlove with someone else.”

Why can’t just destiny let brokenhearted people meet? I bet they’re the great lovers, scars in their hearts from the past are enough as evidence that they love faithfully. They don’t deserve the pain they’re going through; they deserve to smile, they deserve to heal. And instead of crying to sleep every night they must smile even in their sleep.

—  Does it make any sense? // K.

i want a plot where muse a is this badass person who everyone fears and muse b is a sweet innocent little one who makes friends easily and owns the heart of the whole of the earth. i want muse a to fall for muse b but i want muse b to be oblivious, and muse a goes to all these lengths to get their attention but nothing works, and all of a sudden, the second muse a stops trying, muse b notices them. muse a is cold and doesn’t want their affection anymore, but that’s when muse b starts trying. they go to lengths to get their attention, not even knowing that the other had done the same. then, muse b finds a note in their locker they’d never seen before where muse a had admitted how they felt, and now they want to face them and hope everything is still there.

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Yoooo, love your writing i want Husband!Michael

yoooooooo don’t we all? ;-D

okay but husband!michael would be awesome - aside from the occasional stray pizza box, chopsticks and mountain dew bottles strewn across the apartment - like he’d just randomly comment on how hot you looked, even if you were just lounging around with a bowl of popcorn while in your underwear, and anytime you ever wanted to have sex then you’d just flip a coin to decide who tops - though if you ever lost it then you decided to go on your side - but mostly he’d just love to love you (does that make any sense?) like he’d always introduce you to everyone - whether they knew you two were married or not - as the love of his life with some bullshit overly romanticized story about how the two of you met or how he proposed but even then he’d still find himself stumbling over his words overtime you slowly stripped in front of him or kissed him so tenderly all he knew was he was hopelessly in love with you.


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My guess with Doom is that different areas of Hell have different designs, but it is a VERY odd clash. Despite the controversey, I do wish more DOOM 3 designs were carried over with some touches. That Incubus design is more interesting than the current one.

(That’s a Mancubus)

I feel you’re giving DOOM a lot more benefit of the doubt than it deserves in this case. Even if different areas of Hell would be populated by different species of demon, an entire aesthetic shift from this:

To this:

Cannot be excused. A different design philosophy cannot and should not be “justified” through “it’s a different species”; that is a bullshit excuse and any artist or art director worth their salt would know it. Just look at Ultimate DOOM or DOOM 3. The demons are all clearly unique species but they are stylistically coherent and unified within their games. DOOM 2016′s stylistic divide does not make sense. These designs come from the same game and yet they are stylistically without unity. A middle ground absolutely could have been achieved. Why there isn’t one is a complete mystery. I hope there is a post-mortem on the game from the art-team on this at some point. I want to know just what on earth happened at the art director’s table that they were convinced this was a good idea.

actually now that i think about it, internet memes being repeated years later with only slight variations makes sense when you realise that the internet is so relatively new and it’s finally been around long enough for people to come onto it and be too young to remember the last time the memes happened

it’s like, books and films and art and music have been doing this cumulative cycling of content for so long it’s something people are used to 

but memes, in the modern online sense, are just getting old enough to reach the stage of feeling new again

does any of this actually mean anything significant? nah, not even a little bit

but anyway for example:

  • looping flash cartoons being reflected in 10 hour youtube videos
  • old memes being rediscovered, for instance “centipedes? in MY vagina? it’s more likely than you think!” which were based on web banner ads that aren’t even around anymore but the modern use of mixing popculture brought it new use where the older habit of just widespread reposting has become outdated
  • the tag your friends photo-grids on facebook were less ironic and abstract than the current “I’m [x]” or “tag yourself” ones but the format is essentially the same and is weirdly single image based considering that tumblr photosets changed how people post images with multiple subjects for so long
  • let’s be honest: emojis are no different from smileys, emoticons, kaomoj, various messenger service stickers, :) ect
  • deviantart bases and tumblr draw the squad as images
  • most repostable image and text story content hasn’t changed in all these years of social internet things since the days of internet office chain email humour and pre-world wide web chat humour

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I swear I was not a big xiuhan fan up till now. I mean yeah I like them and anyone who's not blind can see their bromance! But now after seeing all your xiuhan posts I'm here like "where do I sign up to board the ship????" Omg they are so adorable and precious and cute and- and I need a luhan to my Minseok!! (does that even make any sense!?) Keep them xiuhan posts coming! ^^



here’s a little gif spam for you;; 


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BTS React to You Being a Vegan

I hope you like it! Request are open, please see bio !!

“You’re a vegan? That’s cool! Honestly I think I’m too in love with meat to be a vegan, but I can’t wait to make you vegan food.”

ignore the captions lol

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“Jinga? How long have you been one? Maybe one day when I come over for movie night you can make me something?”

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“Oh… So does that means you don’t any meat at all? You won’t even eat mine?”

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“Should we go out for pizza- you’re a vegan right? I know this really good place that sells vegan pizza and brownies. Trust me they’re amazing.”

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“Aigoo, were you worried about telling me that? That’s totally okay, I’ll just have to remember that whenever we’re eating together.”

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“Jinga? Ah, that makes sense now. I was wondering why you never ate meat whenever I took you out.”

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“I know you are. That’s why I only take you to restaurants that also serve food for vegans.”

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P.S. I am vegetarian so 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 -Admin Zo

I still maintain Finn enrages Kylo so much more than any other character because Finn was able to walk away. Kylo sensed the conflict in Finn and made the choice to ignore it because he never dreamed someone would be able to just walk away. No one gets a reaction from Kylo like Finn does. Not Han. Not Rey. Finn is the one Kylo just loses his cool over and they’ve barely even crossed paths. Finn leaving the First Order reminds Kylo that it’s NOT too late. You can always make a choice. They both show evidence of conditioning if not brainwashing and Finn is strong enough to just leave anyway without looking back. Finn reminds Kylo that he could always walk out too if he were just brave enough.

“You’re afraid you’ll never be as strong as Darth Vader.”

Anakin was strong enough to finally walk out. Finn is too. Kylo isn’t. He’s still a shadow of Vader and Finn reminds him of that in ways he never expected.

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What's your opinion on YG's promotion method for WINNER? There are a lot of unhappy InCles right now...

To be honest, I hate it. It’s almost as if he read a book titled “The Wrong Way to Promote Idol Groups” and then did everything the book said not do. I kind of already need to fight him for treating my boys like shit and being a biased ugly meatball (another rant for another time though), but the crappy promotions drastically increases the need. 

I was put on edge when I found out about the unpromoted entry single with the Taehyun and Mino subunit, but now covers of WINNER’s songs that haven’t even been released are being posted as ‘teasers’. Not only does it piss me off, but it actually makes no sense? I mean, if this promotions method actually makes sense to any of you, please help me understand because I do not get it. At all. 

YGE tried to compare it to when AKMU and Tablo covered Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips but that was already after the song was released. Also, whenever I listen to AKMU or Tablo’s cover, I don’t exactly think of Taeyang. In fact, I think their covers help to promote the themselves not Taeyang. With YG’s track record of his shitty treatment towards WINNER, I kind of think it’s just a way fro YG to ‘promote’ both WINNER and his other artists (news of Lee Hi’s completed cb album was released after the cover was posted on YT). So it’s a cheaper way for him to ‘promote’ singers that he really couldn’t care less about? 

Also, covers of songs that haven’t been released yet just take away the surprise factor and anticipation for a song that would normally help boost ranks on music charts. Not to add that there will 100% be comparisons between WINNER’s version and Lee Hi/ other YG artist’s cover of the song just because that’s how KPOP rolls. That kind of drama is unnecessary and should be avoided, but YG’s too extra for his own good. 

But what I think pisses me off the most is that the first time we’re hearing WINNER’s new songs after 17+ monts on hiatus, won’t even be from WINNER. It’ll be from some other YGE singer who’s doing a cover that’s going to somehow ‘promote’ WINNER’s comeback and that just angers tf out me. 

Stretching has no benefit, they said

On Sunday’s micro update, I touched on that I hit up 20 miles of running last week. Small amounts of running = better than no runner.

In total I wasn’t running for 2 weeks straight. I describe last week as a delicate flower week - petals could’ve gone flying at any moment. My calf muscle was the petals. Does that even make sense? Warning: injuries make you weird. 

The first 3 runs only lasted for 2 to 4 miles, and each one I was prepared to stop at any time - at the point that it hurt. Thankfully that point didn’t come.

My 2nd run back - an easy paced 3 miles. 

That worked, and on Saturday I ended up running 6 miles. 

Therefore I’m officially in phase 3 now of my self imposed 4 phase recovery program - the medicinal running phase. This also seems like a similar thing to what @seechrisrun did when he recovered ridiculously well out of his injury a few months ago.

How does that fit in with a professional’s opinion. Well, I finally had a physio appointment scheduled for Saturday. My first ever in Vancouver. Ahh, the sweet memory of firsts. Unlike my first kiss though, I never wanted my first physio visit to happen here. All good - the physio really knew her stuff. 

So I was about to find out if I was on the right track to recovery, and if my 4 phases were in somewhat misguided at all. In a nutshell, she ended up saying that I had been doing everything right so far, and that I should keep on doing the same thing. Her recommended roadmap for me is looking like this: 

  • Continue with light, easy paced running. No speed or hills. 
  • A gradual build back into mileage over the next few weeks. 
  • Massage it gently, strengthen it gently, and start stretching it gently. 

Did you pick up that “gently” was the key word that she emphasized? Gently is a step up from delicate flower, so I’ll take it! 

I also had a discussion with her about stretching, and then later on the weekend with my coach. Stretching is something that I’ve neglected over the past couple of years, even though I’ve increased strength training. 

Stretching the calf has now gotten the physio’s approval. 

There’s been a lot in the media in recent years about stretching having no value, and maybe I sub consciously drank a bit of the kool-aid:

Here’s the truth: stretching does absolutely nothing in terms of injury prevention. Zip. Nada.

I now strongly disagree with the above from Jason Fitzgerald.

Well now I’m making a connection with my muscle tears I’ve had in the past 2 years. I was stretching regularly prior to 2014 and I had never pulled a hamstring or a calf muscle. Let’s be clear… 

Never. In my life.

Now I’ve pulled 2 hamstrings and 1 calf since 2014. 3 strains in total since not stretching! If anyone wants to leave out stretching from their routine, then go for it. But personally, the no stretching experiment is over! :) 


William Murdoch: [snickers] Empty your mind, that simply doesn’t make any sense. How does one empty their mind? It’s impossible.

Poor William! I must say I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him lose so sourly, struggling to understand why it doesn’t work when he does everything right! That’s adorable. And even more adorable is how Julia looks at her husband with that combination of tenderness and sheer amusement.