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I ve been rewatching "the rebel flesh" lately and... After 2 eps of telling and convincing the characters and the audience that the "flesh people" are real human beings, 11 just comes across with his sonic screwdriver and KILLS AMYS DOUBLE LIKE WHAT

Yeah, this was so weird?! I mean I quite liked the episode, it was one of the better once in season 6 in my opinion (and god were there few), but this?!?!? Plain weird, and doesn’t make ANY sense. But what even does anymore?

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  • yellow: five turn ons

Ahah, thanks for picking this one, it’s always fun to do x’)

- as I just more or less squealed watching Ravi use it in the latest iZombie, I gotta start with that one: German. I have no idea why, but German does things to me. Russian too, to a lesser extent. Italian, on the other hand, sounds nice but doesn’t really cut it for me. 

- I also have a MASSIVE blood kink. I’m not even kidding. Take a pretty person, rough them up a bit, spray some blood and you got me going. 

- Uniforms. Of any kind, pretty much. 

- Thigh holsters (am I the only one seeing a pattern here?)

- Extensive knowledge or talent in at least one area (preferably medical? Gosh, this one doesn’t make any sense to me either). Dancers really appreciated. 

(so according to this, I should find a German-speaking army doctor who dances on weekend?) 

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Does Skookum know that he is famous? Has any of it gone to his gigantic, fluffy head? Secondly, what is the technical term for when the Skookums get together? Is it a "Skookus"?

I think it has! Although, to be honest, I think he’s lived his whole life believing he is the center of the universe and that he is the most amazing dog and everyone should cater to him (and, I mean, no doy obviously we will!)

That’s a good question too. Even though I recognize it makes no logical sense I consider the phrasing to be similar to the plural of Attorney General (Attorneys General) in that if one of them is a Fluffy Butt, two together are Fluffies Butt.

But it completely depends on how silly of a mood you are in when you’re addressing both of them. Before I realized it would be too burdensome of a tag to type when posting from my phone I tagged all pictures of both of them with Double Fluffy McMonkeyBottoms, which I think has a nice ring to it too :)

I came up with this salad for Memorial Day! Or, really any day you feel like grilling. I promise that grilling a watermelon will make sense when you try it. Even if it does sound weird at first. (and if you want to make it vegetarian, leave out the pancetta and just drizzle some olive oil).

Grilled Watermelon and Jicama Salad

More food ideas and pics @ ig: taylor_cooks

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Do you have any recs. for adult fiction but has the feel of ya fiction? That kind of more adventurous/magical feel of ya? Does that even make any sense?

I get what you mean, but overall I haven’t really read that much adult fiction to begin with. If anyone else has any recs, feel free to jump on this. That being said, try checking out: 

I feel like the word “myself” is a mask we use to put on when trying to connect with others… At least that’s how I feel. It’s been difficult recently, the more I let go of this body and this life that is supposedly “my own” the harder I feel like it is to connect with society around me and figure out what to do with my life and where I want to end up because I have disassociated from having any kind of unique qualities. Feeling connected to everything else is beautiful and blissful but for me it seems like there is a balance that I need to constantly search for between Ego and Spirit. This might not make any sense but everything is mashed up in my head and even with daily meditation I feel the difficulty to communicate weighing heavy on my shoulders… This language feels so meaningless to describe how large and vast and deep everything is under the surface. Maybe I just over complicate everything. What the fuck does anything mean…?

I just want someone to hold me and be silent with me.

Hold me and let me scream on the inside.

Hold me and just be silent while I try to make sense of the chaos in my brain.

I just want someone to hold me and not need anything from me.

I promise I’ll say something eventually.

I don’t think I’ll even cry.

I just want someone to be quiet and hold me.

Maybe kiss me on the forehead once in a while.

I need someone to be there for me but let me be alone in my head.

Does that make any sense?

—  It’s twelve thirty and I’m lonely

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Hey! I was wondering if you could explain to me what show Little Finger meant when he told Sansa 'Avenge them'. I don't understand how marrying Ramsay could bring Sansa or her family any sort of revenge. Or am I missing something?


Oh, no, it’s not you, that line has proven to be completely pointless. Not that the actually “explanation” they give made sense to start with: the idea was predend to be an ally and marry Ramsay, and wait until Stannis took Winterfell and then ally with him. How does this even work? Why was the marriage needed? Why did she have to be in Winterfell and risk her life with the Boltons and also in the siege, having just the hope that Stannis will win? Why couldn’t she deal with Stannis after he wins while she waits safely nearby, or even in the Vale? No idea, it actually doesn’t make any sense, as we have seen. It would have made much more sense to try and gather some support from the North (but then again, in the show there are no other Northern house, lol), even offer an alliance to Stannis (who in the book doesn’t want anything to do with “Lady Lannister”, but who’s in need of a Stark in Winterfell, and could actually be a win-win situation) and offer some men from the Vale to support him. It would have even made sense to do like Wyman Manderly, pretend to be an ally, delay the marriage as much as possible, and try to create havoc in Winterfell to weaken the Boltons as Stannis’ approaches.

But the plan is to do… nothing? Seriously, Sansa in Winterfell changes nothing in the big picture, she can’t do anything for avenging her family. Except, I don’t know, killing them? Which wouldn’t have needed her to actually marry Ramsay? And which will end up with her in a dangerous position as well? And would be so obvious? And it’s obviously not her fault, it’s that she has been robbed from any agency. She has no agency at all.

The line means nothing. It’s another joke.

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I think that Taylor was hanging (publicly) so much with Karlie last year because she served the change in image. Karlie was fitting for the 'single and loving it having my female friends' Taylor Swift. Also there was some queerbaiting. Now the N1 on Maxim`s list Taylor does not need an all-American good girl for a best friend even if she happens to be a supermodel (maybe especially if she happens to be a supermodel). Add the gay rumours and Karlie is completely out of the picture.

The queerbaiting theory is something that I’ve read about Kaylor quite a lot and it seriously doesn’t make any sense. If you want a prime example of queerbaiting look at Madonna/Britney, Rihanna/Shakira, Katy Perry or Jessie J. Queerbaiting is using homosexuality (especially gay sex) as a selling proposition when you wanna broaden your market. Basically, using homosexuality as a token.

Karlie and Taylor didn’t queerbait. They just couldn’t because of the simple fact that they’re feelings involved. And at the very least, they are genuine friends. Taylor’s transformation over the last year was triggered by Miss Karlie Kloss. Karlie wasn’t a tool in Taylor’s conscious plan of become an independent, feminist woman who is past her boycrazy days. Karlie swept Taylor off her feet the day they met as incredible as it sounds for a cynical person like me. If they were queerbaiting, we would have seen them together much before their road trip to Big Sur, trust me.

Of course, friendships and relationships have their perks and both Karlie and Taylor benefit from theirs, but that’s what I call an organic example of PR. Public relations and promotion can be good if there’s substance and reality beneath them. We got plenty of public sightings of the, but there were also other times when they went completely dark and we only knew they had hung out few months later.

When you queerbait you don’t panic at mere sight of gay rumours because at the end of the day you know you aren’t queer. And Taylor is shitting bricks in that regard, even when she has a beard to cover all up at the moment. Karlie is confined in a dungeon right now because Taylor can’t allow people to draw fresh comparisons between the sunshine whom she has interstellar chemistry with and the wooden guy. That sole detail should suffice to scratch queerbaiting from the list of possibilities - Wolfy

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14 bi girl. Recently I've seen posts that say that bisexuals shouldn't go to any Pride events because they are 'practically straight'(quoting one of the posts). Is this true?

Absolutely not! What do people think the “B” in LGBT stands for? Books? Bumblebees?

Everyone in the LGBT+ community is welcome at Pride, and so are allies. I don’t see how people can debate this.

And, bisexuals aren’t “basically straight?” How… How does that even make sense? The attraction to 2+ genders is not even close to the definition of heterosexual.

I can see it clearly now, Noel Fisher had no intention to leave the show. It all started or at least I think so personally when about half in the finale when it was airing, Noel suddenly stopped live tweeting. And said nothing after, even the rest of the cast said nothing!! The Change or the alteration that happened in the aired version of the finale took all by surprise even Cameron had no idea!! I know he watched the finale live and the evidence was that, he deleted his tweet he wrote as I recall on Friday before the finale (the one he wrote that 5x12 script was his fav to read and it had lovely performances from the whole cast) after the finale aired (I can’t remember exactly when, but on Monday it was gone). 

It took for Cameron a day after that to try and think of something to say to Noel as he realised what happened, and It took for Noel another day to reply!! And I remember him removing the shameless poster he had as his header once he tweeted back to Cameron. I think it all went to shit due to something the executives decided and did, that finale went to shit cause of that unknown decision to assassinate Mickey’s character!! WHY!! Idk!! But I truly believe that only John Wells and TPTB are responsible for Noel Fisher’s departure!! They literally drove him away!! so that he’s the one saying no, I’m not coming back!! John Wells was and is the only one who spoke officially and vaguely on Mickey’s future on this show!! so he knows what he’s done and he’s playing the fans to believe that he might return!!

I know it sounds a bit vindictive with no obvious or logical reason!! But the fact is: for me I don’t believe that Noel not coming back has anything to do with filming schedules either it is TMNT2 or any other project!! He was able to manage that before ( remember s2, yes I know he had 3 eps, but it’s merely an example) !! Also I don’t believe that Noel feels like that’s it for Mickey’s journey as a character!! I don’t believe that for one second!! And Finally I do believe that Noel Fisher loves Mickey Milkovich very much to let that shitty finale to be his exit on the show, if it was in fact his choice to leave (willingly) and that he already knew what was going to happen and that he is going to leave!! Then why so silent and why was he surprised by the finale? and he never once tweeted anything related to shameless after that finale? 

Well, I believe he’s hurt about what happened, about what they did to Mickey, his fav character ever to portray, the one he’s been invested in for 5 years and the only thing he can do without making anything worse is not talk about it.

So yeah!!  everything points out to the Executives more specifically John Wells to be responsible for Noel Fisher’s departure from the show!!

In the end I know it’s all guessing and making some sense of it, it may seem illogical or unreasonable what I’m saying, but yes this is what I believe happened in my own personal opinion! I just thought I’d share!

Noel Fisher & Mickey Milkovich deserved so much better than that shitty end scene and that disastrous finale!!

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I don't know why I thought this one... "I thought you were a murder, but you're just a really hot cop that happened to confuse me with a thief and now we are buying a blue cat" Does this makes any sense?

Sure does :) Hope you like it

“Kitty,” I groaned, “Just come here please!”

I stretched my fingers out, the little creature only doing as much as a meow. I bit down on my lip, sighing out. How did I even get here? I was currently standing on a two story ledge, only about a few centimeters out from the window might I add, and this stupid, cute little fur ball of a cat was stuck on the archway right above me! I just wanted to help get him down, it was late and dark and scary and I was supposed to be home by now, but nope, I had to rescue some blue mat of a cat.

And not to mention I was alone. Which, of course, was just perfect. All I’ve ever seen on the news anymore was some creepy murderer guy in our town preying on people alone still on the streets, it was terrifying. I was just walking by and saw the sleeping animals in the pet store window, so naturally I had to stop for a good ten minutes to watch them sleep because, well, come on, sleeping kittens.

And then I just heard a cry and saw one of them escaped, and one thing led to another and now I’m here, risking my life in more ways than one to get this stupid little cat who didn’t want to move.

“Oh come on!” I groaned out, whining to myself.

“Oi lady, what do you think you’re doing?”

I shrieked, nearly falling off my ledge at that voice. I held onto the brick wall, looking down to a black figure below me on the streets. Jesus, why was it so dark? And who the hell was that?

“Hey, are you breaking into that store?” He asked, and I saw his dark eyes gleaming from the moonlight.

“What?” I breathed, “No!”

“Then the apartment above?” He questioned next, sounding bored.

I hissed out, my nails starting to bend on the brick, and wow what a terrible time to be wearing heels! “No!”

Oh dear God, the figure was moving closer now. It was him! The freaking psycho murderer guy! Oh god oh god, what do I do? Don’t freak out Lucy!

And I didn’t. At least, until my heel broke.

I screamed, slipping off the ledge and crashing my body onto the sidewalk, rolling around. I ground out a groan, biting down on my lip with a whimper.

“Holy shit.”

Okay. That hurt. I pushed myself up, my skin burning and remembered then that there was a murderer currently standing next to me. I hurried up to my feet, cringing at the sting of pain and nearly fell over again without a heel.

“What the hell-”

“Get away from me!” I shrieked.

I couldn’t see. The streetlights were flickering and I’m pretty sure I saw black orbs floating in my eyes, but that might of been the trick of the nonexistent light. I turned and bolted down the street, searching for literally anything to help me.

“Hey stop! Stop running!” He yelled behind me.

Okay yeah, I was just gonna listen. Sure.

It wasn’t like I was going very far, I still had one heel so I was probably waddling like a penguin right now, so if he wasn’t able to catch up then he really shouldn’t be in this kind of profession to catch people.

“Hey! Stop right now or I take you down!” He threatened, as soon as I reached a crossroads.

I finally took a glance behind me and hesitated, a breath catching in my throat. He had a gun?!

I whipped around, facing him jogging up to me. I mean it was holstered, but…wait, why would a murderer have a gun holster? He finally caught up, only a few paces away from me, and sighed out, looking more annoyed than tired.

“C'mon lady, put your hands behind your head.” He told me, holding a pair of handcuffs.

I let the loudest, most relieved laugh fly out of my mouth. “Holy shit. You’re a cop.”

He gave me an obvious look. “Yeah. Now show me your hands.”

“You’re not a murderer!” I laughed, jumping in place.

I came over before he could say anything else and hugged him tightly, feeling him just stand there.

“Are you drunk?” He asked me as I pulled away.

I shook my head, “No!”

He still gave me a look, then tugged at both of my hands, “Okay, I think I need to take you in.”

“Woah woah, what?” I blurted, feeling him tie hands behind my back. “Why?”

“Well, last time I checked trying to break into any store or building is technically illegal so.” He shrugged, tightening the cuffs.

“Ow,” I pouted, turning back to him, “And I wasn’t breaking in! I swear officer…”

I glanced down. “Dragneel.”

It’s okay, I’ve sweet talked my way out of many tickets, this should be no problem. Oh, and yeah, also because I didn’t do it.

“I’m sure you weren’t.” He said.

“I wasn’t!” I defended, stepping up to him with big eyes, “Honest. I was just looking at the kittens and I saw one up on the ledge so I tried to save it-that’s it!”

“Why did you run then?” He questioned, not looking very amused.

I leaned in to whisper, “You know about the shady guy around town killing people, I didn’t know who you were. Hey I still don’t know who you are,” I said, backing up a step.

He rolled his eyes, “I didn’t see any cat.”

I gaped at him, feeling him take my arm back down the street. I protested more, but he didn’t seem convinced. Jeez, not even when I flirted with him. What kind of guy was this?? He just brushed me off!

I sighed out, dragging my feet and limping towards what was probably his police car. I sucked on my teeth, annoyed, before a flash of blue caught my eye.

“Oh hey! Look! There! The cat!” I blurted, stomping my foot down to nodding towards the alleyway.

He stopped and glanced my way, watching the same blue cat now on top of a trash can.

“He was the one on the ledge, I swear!” I pleaded, hopping up and down on my heels. Well, heel.

“Huh…” He said, strolling over towards the cat.

“Look I’ve been in that store before, it’s where I got my dog and it’s running out of business, which means all the cute little animals will be put to sleep. I just wanted to save one at least.” I sighed.

He gave me a look, actually seeming sympathetic for once and slowly approached that cat. He let him sniff his finger, before petting him and picking him up.

“Well I don’t doubt that all the animals there need help, but I still have my suspicions about you.” He said, smiling at me.

I scoffed, gaping again as he pet the cat, letting him rub himself under his chin. He took my arm again, leading me back to his car and opened the back door.

“Are you serious? Do I look like a pet store robber to you?” I snapped, feeling him push me inside.

“Hm. Not really.” He shrugged, walking around to the driver side.

I let my head fall back to the headrest, groaning out. “Why don’t you go do something useful and catch a murderer hanging around town? Instead of arresting innocent girls trying to save lost animals?”

He closed himself in and placed the cat in the passenger seat, buckling him in. “I am doing something important. I’m actually giving this lost animal a home.”

I rolled my eyes, my wrists starting to hurt. “Whatever. I saved him first.”

He started up the car and began cruising down the street, looking at me in the rear view mirror. “Really? I don’t remember you falling down on your ass with a cat in your arms.”

I shot him a look, “*You know what you little-”

He turned on his police siren, cutting me off and I heard him laugh. “Sorry what was that? I couldn’t hear you!”

I shook my head, banging my head to the seat again. “How do you have a badge.”

I saw him grin, a big toothy, crooked smile that honestly didn’t make me as mad as I thought it would. “Connections.”

I exhaled, hearing him suddenly turn on some of the weirdest music I have ever heard before, while driving literally 10 miles per hour down an empty road, and my cat buckled in the seat next to him. All I wanted was to save a animal.

What was the world coming too.

Ok so there’s been some talk about Robert’s sexuality and I wanted to say my piece on this.

First of all, I have to say I hate all kinds of labeling. I just don’t get why we should put people in boxes because it’s not black and white. There are so many different kinds of sexualities in this world and no one should feel forced to fit in just one box. I guess it’s a bit of a cliché to say you fall for the person not the gender but I do agree with this one. I’m in a relationship with a girl and I don’t like the fact that people automatically assume I’m a lesbian (hate that word the most btw) cause if we are using labels I label myself as a bisexual.

So I guess it goes without saying I don’t like how ED keeps calling Robert gay. Like I said you can’t automatically assume. He finds both sexes attractive and at least this point that is all we know. Until he says himself he’s only really into men, to me he is bisexual.

There is this one scene where I especially found the dialogue really weird with this gay thing, (and please tell me if I’m reading this all wrong) but in the scene where Katie caught them, first thing she says is something like “oh this is a surprise, not only you’re a cheat but gay as well!” I take that as if she’d mean being gay was as bad as being a cheat? Or at least made it somehow worse? And then the part where she says “maybe you shouldn’t have started seeing a fella.” Like how about “seeing someone else”? As if it would’ve been more acceptable if it were a woman he cheated with? Then the “come on you’ve been in the same position” answer “I think I’d remember if I had a gay phase” again as if the gay thing made it somehow worse or was what Robert ment! It all just sounded really weird to me. (Have to say that the “now who’s the village bike” was hilarious tho!)

Then there’s Aaron who also has couple of times called him gay. I suppose he really does think Robert only wants to be with Chrissie cause he can’t accept who he really is since he’s so sure orher guys will come along. Yes, I do think it wouldn’t be easy for Robert to let other people know he also fancies men but I still think he loves Chrissie and she’s not just a cover. I also think his attraction to Aaron wasn’t all about Aaron being a man. I mean yeah he might’ve “missed” being with a man but mostly I think they just spent some time together and Robert realised he wanted him. So I guess it’s okay for Aaron to call him gay but I’d prefer Robert would still try to deny it or at least admit to the bisexuality.

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hi okay I just found you but your blurbs are absolutely amazing wow. So I was just wondering if you could a blurb about jock Calum needing some tutoring and he turns to nerdy y/n who's helping kids after school in the library and like he kinda just realises that even though he can get any girl he wants he wants /her/ and idk they're studying in the quiet back of the library so he should take a chance *wink wink* (like making out against she bookshelves idk) ok bye

Calum found out the quiet student in the back of his English class tutored after he asked around to a few of his friends on the soccer team who’d been in the same predicament he’d created for himself; all but failing a class and risking his captain spot on not only the soccer team but any extracurricular team at the school. So he’d asked for some private tutoring sessions to the tune of flushed cheeks and a stuttering voice, him having to bite his lip to resist uttering, god you’re really cute and instead he’s meeting you in the back of the library the next day with his chemistry or calculus (or both) book in hand and this stupidly silly smile plastered on his face because he hadn’t stopped thinking about how cute you were the day previous and he’d passed up sitting at the cheerleaders table at lunch so he could come hang out with you in the library and have you teach him about some foreign topic (and it remained foreign to him after you were done as he’d paid little to no attention to the words you’d been spilling out for the last hour) and it’s on the third week of your tutoring sessions that you’ve left your normal table to grab a book from the near by bookshelves and he’s tired of waiting and your lips smelled like cotton candy that he’d caught all the way from across the table and he just really needed you so he tottered along behind you until he caught you reaching for a book and he fit himself behind you, his warm hand falling to the high rise of your hip as his voice spoke low and directly in your ear, “Let me get that for you,” and you’re turning in the slightest to take the book from him but he’s not allowing you to go anywhere as his hands grip the shelving on either side of your, his dark eyelashes fluttered and casting shadows across the light brown of his eyes as he inquires sickeningly sweet, “May I kiss you, darling?” 

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:In It's A Wonderful Life, Clarence introduces himself as AS2: Angel Second Class. But how does the acronym AS2 stand for Angel Second Class? The A clearly stands for Angel, but beyond that, it doesn't make any sense. What does the S stand for? Second? If that's true, then what about the 2? The S and the 2 should both stand for second, which makes the acronym "Angel Second Second." What about Class? Where is that? Why isn't it ASC? Or perhaps AC2? A2C would have even been acceptable. Surely there were even more acronyms that would have made sense, so why AS2? There's nothing else besides Second that the 2 could stand for. So the only one that's really open to interpretation is the S. Was this a mistake? Was it supposed to stand for Second as well as the 2, or was it something else entirely? Maybe it stood for Seraphim, but Christianity defines that as the highest ranking angel, which Clarence clearly wasn't. So that leaves the audience with nothing but Angel Second Second. This movie has been around since 1946 and I've gotten no explanation for this.

Because Amelia needs friends and so does Arizona. And for my fave.

The halls always held an eery silence after a large trauma. It was like coming down from a high; you could suddenly hear the blood beating in your ears and the squeaky footsteps as interns tried to figure out what to do next. Amelia stared at the chart on her tablet, reading the same line over and over again, trying to comprehend the sentence that seemed like gibberish to her. Had she even gone to med school? She was starting to doubt herself, unable to make sense of words like creatinine and corticotropin any more than a word from her five-year-old niece’s made up language.


The name made her turn around. Anyone who addressed her as Amelia as a personal courtesy now was because it was still too ghostly to hear Dr. Shepherd and not have her brother turn around. She turned towards Arizona Robbins, who looked waiting and nervous about the reply she might get. Amelia was apparently a short fuse around the hospital after her outburst with Richard.

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charlieestpoetam I didn’t even wrote or bloged anything about Holocaust! And even if I would have “apologized for it” (your quote) how does that makes me a Nazi? This doesn’t make any sense? Just because it is not of nteresst for my historical blog doesn’t mean I am a Nazi or “apologize” or “justify” it. Educate yourself!