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Paralysed Man Stands On Wedding Day For First Time In Eight Years (Thanks To Crowdfunded Wheelchair)

A wheelchair-bound man brought his new wife and guests to tears on his wedding day by standing up for the first time in eight years.

Paralysed Neil Martin, 47, stood for the first time since 2007 to say “I do” to bride Ginny Marchmont, 54.

The couple went onto impress guests with a romantic first dance, which was a poignant nod to the love of dancing around the living room the couple shared, before a rare form of muscular dystrophy paralysed Mr Martin.

Remarkably, the £15,000 specially adapted chair which enabled Mr Martin to stand was crowdfunded by selfless strangers.

Neil Martin and his wife, Ginny

“It was wonderful,” he said, recalling his wedding on 1 August in Westbury, Wiltshire. “Ginny was delighted. She was choking back tears.

“I can’t thank the people – the strangers – who helped me enough.”

Mr Martin told his wife, who he met through friends, to leave him after he became gravely sick in 2007. But she refused, and a date was set for their wedding.

“I knew I wanted to walk and surprise her,” the volunteer receptionist said. “Ginny’s face was a picture when she saw me standing up. She was trying not to cry.

“Before I was paralysed I used to love dancing. We wouldn’t have had a first dance if I’d had to sit down for it and that would have been heart-breaking.”


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“We would still have had our song - Lionel Richie’s Ballerina Girl - but we would have listened to it and not danced,” he said.

The couple told of how they would chat for hours on the phone when they met back in 2001.

“We’d play soppy love songs to each other over the mouth piece too,” Mr Martin recalled. “We slow danced every night in our living room once we moved in together.

"But after the diagnosis we hadn’t danced in eight years. We wanted to be able to cuddle standing up.”

Neil Martin and his wife, Ginny

Mr Martin, who was inspired to stand up on his wedding day after watching a video online of a paraplegic groom whose friends had hoisted him up for his first dance, has a form of muscular dystrophy called myotubular myopathy.

It is so rare it affects just seven people worldwide.

In January this year, Mr Martin set up a fundraising page asking people to donate towards a stand-up wheelchair.

Only he, best man Jason Wright, and bridesmaid Sharon Diment knew that the chair had been delivered in time for the wedding. They even managed to keep the secret under wraps during the rehearsal.

Mr Martin said: “During the rehearsal, I sat down in my wheelchair. Ginny didn’t know the chair had arrived.

"I got to the church early on the day so no-one saw me, then I was sat down in the stand-up wheelchair when the congregation came in to the church.

“When the vicar said: “Please stand,” I did too. "Because the congregation had looked round to see Ginny they didn’t see me stand up.”

Neil Martin standing at the altar with his wife, Ginny

“Then when everyone turned round, to see Ginny reach the front, they saw me stood up and were amazed,” said Mr Martin. “Ginny was gulping down tears as she was walking down the aisle, trying not to cry.

"My daughter Abbie, said: ‘Oh my God, he’s standing up,’ and Sharon said: 'It was a secret for you as much as for Ginny’.”

Mr Martin stood up to say his vows, walk down the aisle, give a speech at the reception and have his first dance with his bride.

"I wanted to make the most of it,” he said.

Mrs Martin added: "As we greeted people at the reception, everyone was so pleased to see him standing up. I didn’t know he’d had the chair delivered. I was gulping back tears.

“It really made the day.”

from UK - The Huffington Post
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Congratulations. I have read many an emotional fan fiction, and this first section of I'll Always Come Home is the first one that has ever brought me to tears. Seriously, well done. Beautiful story so far.

Thank you. Great to hear you’re liking it. And I never thought I’d say this to anyone, but I’m kinda glad I made you cry! 🙊

I do not espouse my history or where i came from very often, so those whom find interest to know me better these are the last things i ever said to my Mother : i do no know if you will read this, yet i may establish the habit of the writing of letters to whom will not read them by you. as i have read many letters you yourself have written to the dead. When given chance to hear my grievances you fled the place i had hard fought to call sanctuary. even the last words i exchanged with your person where not met with an air of willing to discuss or converse the out come of the person i have become. so my greatest complaint of your person of all things of all the number of actions i may point to of your person in exchange of my being. is the moment you disowned me in front of your blood brother and step brothers and their child in the same breath, when you brought me to tears and kicked me from the only shelter i knew. for the simple act which i still hold true as what i had said to you, “you do not know me” which i challenge you to do so as much of the tales you regale those whom entertain your person of how far i have gone and the pride you feel for me. to this very day you do not know your first child. you do not know why they got their first tattoo as an inverted cross on their palm, and never pay the debt you so claim of a rosary as you have insisted on many occasions. (just because you swore to git my first tattoo did not make me your property to mark as you saw fit). Yet from when i was fifteen and saw the cross on my palm to this day now, you still do not know whom i am. You raised me on fear to not harm others for you had, (“if i ever catch you touching a child or raping a woman i will take you in the woods and put a shotgun to your head”), was your exact words not because it was wrong but because i should fear you and the outcome of such fear. yet the very hypocritical irony is, Joe and Greg are you going to claim there was zero fucking red flags you just ignored? yet i was raised on fear and suffering from my inception and not once have you taken the time to actually hear your own fucking child. yet you allow your heart to swell with pride and joy for what you observe as something you could never had accomplish yet the greatest tragedy is the writer you could have been, the children you could have raised and not lost because of your selfish inclinations, that you never grasped that i understood how you felt just in another method. Yet the moment i gave you an in to even try to figure me out you just cast me out. Do not think i will see to you if i make my success in my endeavors you only raised me for nine years and of that very poorly, you allowed greg and joe to do what they did. yet if you ever wish to know whom i am know you will do it from a stranger, you may have allowed me my first breath you may have brought me in this world gives you no right to remove me from it for when i was seven even the gallows god refused the sacrifice. yet if you where ever to know me it is from page fucking one, how i perceive what i endured not the glory you describe it as. as well i might add the trophy of greg’s locks you claimed as your own you are in debt to me their fucking skull. as you cut their hair i was in a mental ward, then many years later i shook their hand as you encouraged me to “roll them over where they camped” for revenges sake only to sate your very guilt and make me the exact same monster they where the powerful versus the powerless. so you merely encouraged me to be them.

He scared me today.

It all started during dinner. We were eating at buffalo wild wings and when we were sitting waiting for the food to be brought out, I started tearing up. I went to the bathroom and started crying to myself. “Please don’t fall apart here, not in front of everyone.” Was the only thing I was telling myself in that moment. I went out of the stall and made sure my eyes weren’t red or that my make up wasn’t messy to look at in the mirror. I then exited the bathroom. I sat down but holy fuck, I couldn’t stop the tears. My eyes watered all through out the night. As Mike and I were eating, he was staring at me; as he always does. I didn’t want him to look at me because then I’d be pressured to hold my tears back but he kept staring. He stares at me when he finds me beautiful but tonight, I think because I felt shitty about myself I felt like he could see into my soul. I was worried he’d say something like “Why are you crying?” Because then I’d fall apart and it would be ugly. We finished dinner and went home. The ride home, I was quiet, tearing up, but quiet. He picked up his things from my house and as I was waiting in the car. All the tears I’ve been holding back, just fell. When he got in the car and asked me what was wrong, I didn’t want to say anything but I had to. I told him to pull up so that I could tell him what was wrong without my dad thinking something was wrong because we were parked outside my house. So he pulled up, and I told him. I knew he wouldn’t understand but because he deserved to know, I told him anyways. “Something’s wrong with me.”

-“Something is wrong with everyone, baby.”

And his reply is what pissed me off. Mike is usually a realistic guy so everything I say to him, he’ll always back it up with a reasonable explanation or a scientific one. That’s what I get for dating a smart guy, I guess… But I wanted him to see how much I was hurting. I wanted him to look me in the eye and think: “wow, something IS wrong.” But the moment I got angry and started brushing the conversation away, he called me childish and stupid and that I think, is what threw me off the edge. I don’t remember what I said to him after that. I think it was “Now, you’re treating me like shit.” Or something of the sort. He sped all the way home and all I remember is crying hysterically. I cried so much that my eyes still hurt. I don’t know what happened but soon, I looked up and the car was stopped near his house, in his neighborhood and he slowly tried to put his arms around me and I was scared of him, I was scared to be touched by him. But when he held me, I felt better.. Then he talked to me. I don’t remember what he said but what I do remember is the way his voice was so soft it sounded beautiful, the way that his eyes were beautiful and I fell for him all over again. All I was thinking while I was staring at him because he told me to was that he was a masterpiece and I’m so in love with him. He kissed me and with each kiss it was like a band aid covering every broken piece of my body. And I guess that’s what happens when you love someone so much. I’m scared to lose him. I NEED to fix myself again. I want to be happy for the both of us.

There was nothing wrong with the role of Odile. It was a fun role, calling for passion and finesse. It was a fine role… A fine role for someone else. La Sorelli, turning wildly as she practiced Odile’s solo on an empty stage, collapsed in on herself in an ungraceful heap. Each step she had taken brought fresh tears to her eyes and now, alone, she wept.

It was that damned ghost! The mysterious Phantom of the Opera had once more pulled his strings on the management and had demanded the role be given to his keeper’s daughter: Meg Giry. Sorelli had always known there would be a day when Little Giry threatened her career, but she had never expected it to happen so soon. When did the ballet rat become a prima ballerina? When had her own mastery over dance slipped so much that she would be given second billing in a ballet she had danced as principle so many times before? Why were the managers such cowardly dogs? One run in with La Sorelli’s stiletto knife would set Monsieur le Fantome straight! That was for certain! 

Her angry, despairing, hot tears began to make noise, but under her own sobs, Sorelli heard a noise at stage right. Immediately she leapt to her feet and wiped her eyes. 

“Who is there?” she demanded, voice as jagged and broken as she felt. “No use in hiding in the shadows… I know you’re there!”

Losing my mind

So, today during world history, I sort of lost my mind for a moment. We were playing a review game and the way it work wax my teacher would call on your group and if you have the right answer, it’s +1 point, if it’s wrong, it’s -1 point, and if it’s blank, noting changes. My group, we did the worst, we started off with -2 points, and slowly got to 0, then he gave us a point on accident, but nobody cared that much so we had 1 point. W get another question right and we have 2 points, we lose them instantly. Then it came to the final question worth 2 points, he had everybody raise their board, and if you were right, you got 2 points, if not, you lost 2, we got it wrong. The second it was over, I just started laughing, and laughing till it brought me to tears, I did not take that loss well, but I gave everyone a new resin to believe I’m insane


As I was leaving one of my favorite spots today, the security guard for the property stopped me. I thought to myself (oh God, here we go) but to my surprise we stopped and chatted about this abandoned beauty and brought tears to my eyes. The town of Waterford has plans to rip her down and it breaks my heart. For years this has been my go to spot. These buildings are art, they’re history. People travel from all over to visit the grounds. I live not even 10 minutes from it and everytime I go I appreciate it like its my first. I truly hope they change their mind.

Sorry I’ve been MIA, it’s been hell for me for weeks because of exhibit preparations and portfolio defense at uni but we opened UTOPIA (our exhibit) last night at the gallery and it was a success! Been getting a lot of love from people about my artworks and it’s so nice being commended for something you worked really hard on especially when it comes from established artists. I’m so humbled, thank you. Pre-exhibit was a horrible experience that brought me to tears and nearly dying but when it happened, it was such a great relief. I’m happy how it all turned out. Now for a much needed rest day because I haven’t slept well in weeks. Also what is happening to Tumblr

I bought this journal a couple months back but didn’t bother to read/write in it at that time. I came across it on my desk today and decided to open it up. Reading the first sentence brought me to tears because I’ve been hearing these words for some time now. It just fascinates me how God works everything at his perfect timing. Honestly I couldn’t be anymore thankful or blessed.


War Room with my awesome bible study group🙏🏼❤️ This movie brought tears to my eyes, this movie was so uplifting! “Submit yourself, then, to God, Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” My God is Faithful🙏🏼 #God #biblestudy #friends #family #WarRoom #blessed #MyGodisFaithful (at Harkins 18 Chino Hills)

so I was unpacking and I found one of my old journals. the entire thing is a few pages long and I went on and on saying, “I love Taylor so much I wish I could go to one of her concerts oh my gosh what if I got to meet her?! I probably won’t ever be able to go to one of her concerts, let alone meet her, but I hope one day I get to thank her for making me happy” and oh. my. god. it brought me to tears. three years later and the one thing changed; I got to go to one of Taylor’s concerts. so, keep holding on to faith, 2012 Caymi!!! because you do get to go to one of Taylor’s concerts!!!💛

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If u have a Dr/therapist I'd talk to them about your meds. I was put on birth control for endo and warned it could worsen depression. Situations I'd worked thru to be able to handle brought me to panic and tears! I still haven't gotten to my Dr. =(

Oh no :( well on one hand that helps me, but in the other, not good for you! I hope you get to the doctor soon and/or find some relief! Sending love your way!

Intro into my Fear of the Future

Now this is one I know Matt knows about. I talked to him about it very recently. This one also has nothing to do with existentialism, well maybe a little, it could, but I really don’t want to make a connection right now. Man I’m a lazy piece of shit.

Alright, well out of all the things I’ve talked about tonight, this one might scare me the most. I already mentioned that I have watched a lot of TV shows, and if I didn’t mention that, well now I have. Anywho, I have watched a lot of TV, and literally every single one that has ended has nearly brought me to tears. I am not comfortable with things I like changing. That’s why I fear what the future holds, because its like a TV show, and I never know when its going to get cancelled. I am starring in a fantastic show, with a fantastic cast of people who make up my friends. Our show is fantastic guys, and there is a part of me that does not want it to ever end. Unfortunately, I know better than that, and acknowledge it must end at some point.

This is the first time I’ve actually put this fear into words, so it’s a bit more shaky than the others. The general idea though, is that I love everyone of our friends soooo much, and I don’t want any of you to leave me. There’s a part of me that fears that I will forever live in the shadow of this place, that I will lead the rest of my life with my heart very much still in Wylie High School, there in that hallway outside of the band hall, right under the anime club banner, where we ate lunch everyday. Or that I will never move on from the classroom with the painted ceiling titles, where we are all equals in our identity as poultry, where we argued and laughed. I fear that I will never have something as good as this show that I am living right now. I don’t want our series to end.

My 3 year old angel

One of my stops takes me to rehab house for single mothers recovering from addiction. From time to time, I take a mother with her child to the methadone clinic and back home again. This morning, mom asked me to stop on the way home at the donut shop and the convenience store for milk. Her son was full of energy, life and love as I was about to find out. With every stop, he  wanted to stay with me but mom said no. So he made sure I wasn’t going anywhere. I told him I would wait, no worries. When we arrived back at his house, he stood up from the back seat, whispered thank you in my ear, and gave me the slightest peck on the cheek. The gesture brought me to tears and thanked him. All day long, I felt like I had been kissed by an angel. 

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The grimer sobbed as she looked up at him. She wiped away one of Lucas' tears, leaving a line of sludge where it was. Then, she hugged him again.

Lucas could only blink in surprise as the Grimer wiped one of his tears. He brought a hand up to where she had wiped the tear (feeling a bit of the sludge in the process) and looked down at her as she hugged him again. He couldn’t stop the small smile from appearing on his face.

He could always take comfort in the fact that Pokemon were there. Even if he was tired of people in general….he couldn’t be mad at a Pokemon for trying to comfort him. Even if it was probably wild.

“Hey, no need for that,” he responded, giving the little one a pat on the head. He’d probably have to wash it off later, but this wasn’t the first Poison-type he had encountered. The smile hadn’t disappeared from his face, so Grimer might see it and stop sobbing. “There’s no need for you to cry. See? All better.”