it brought such tear

“And then another laugh—silvery and bright. More beautiful than any music played at one of Velaris’s countless halls and theatres. I stood at the kitchen window, staring at the garden in full summer splendor, not quite seeing the blooms Elain Archeron had tended these weeks. Just staring—and listening to that beautiful laugh. My mates laugh.

I rubbed a hand over my chest at that sound—the joy in it.”

- Rhysand -

ACOWAR chapter 81 - SJM

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do you play horror games? if you do then what's your favorite

mmmmmm i don’t really,, play them? but i do really really like them and i think my favorite was that teaser for silent hills


Boy did this idea sucker punch me in the gut.

Inspired by Kendrick’s latest pictures of her in Noelle…

Enjoy. #BechloeIsLife


“I can’t believe you’re making me do this Chloe.” Beca grumbled as she and her girlfriend walked side by side down the high street; her high heeled boots clicking on the pavement with each step she took.

The redhead could barely contain her mirth as she listened to the empty threats that were uttered from Beca’s lips; the younger girl’s hands clenched tightly within the woolly constrains of her dark red mittens.

The brunette loved Chloe more than anything in the world; she’d do almost anything to make her happy… note the word “almost”. This was not one of the things. Honestly, who forces their girlfriend to dress up as one of Santa’s elves… all in the “spirit of Christmas”… and then go out in public? This was a whole new level of cruelty.

The tights were rubbing against her recently shaved legs and they kept falling down slightly when she walled, something that never failed to make Chloe giggle every time she saw Beca’s hands go to… righten them… every few steps.

In addition to that, Beca was certain that, because of her natural height, people actually mistook her for an elf. So she gave anyone who looked at her for too long a dirty look, hoping that they would get the message. She wished that she possessed a sign with the words: “my girlfriend made me do this”, so as to assure people that this had not been her idea… in any way shape or form.

Though she complained, the truth is that Beca loved seeing Chloe happy, and right now, her redhead was gazing at her fondly with the largest smile she had even seen grace those perfect lips. It was a breathtaking sight.

The Bellas were told that Chloe was taking Beca Christmas shopping due to the younger girls’ reluctance to buy her presents early, which caused the other girls to erupt in voracious laughter. Although Beca knew it was true, she just wished the girls would put their bloody phones away before she smashed them.

They were currently huddled together under Chloe’s umbrella; it had just been raining heavily and there remained a slight chill in the air. Beca knew the umbrella may not be necessary, but the last thing she needed was to be soaked to the skin in an outfit as thin and light as the one she was currently wearing. She would not be a happy elf.

The super-senior had dragged her to various locations within the last few hours, and to Beca’s surprise, they had all been toy shops. Children’s stores. Strange. They spent no time perusing the small stores, which is what she had expected. Instead Beca was left at the door whilst Chloe made her way to the main desk where she, after a brief conversation with the cashier, would be given a few large sacs filled to the brim with… gifts, Beca guessed.

She trusted her girlfriend more than anything in the world, and although she was feeling rather impatient at being kept in the dark, she knew Chloe had good intentions for doing so. Every now and again, their eyes would meet and the super senior would smile softly as her eyes shimmered in the sun. Beautiful.

Arriving at Chloe’s car, she was startled to see that there were a few other large, identical sacs in the back seat of the Mini Cooper; Chloe placing the ones she currently held amongst the rest. Giving her girlfriend a questioning look, which was promptly ignored, Beca sighed and buckled herself into the car before Chloe did the same and drove off.

Ten minutes passed before Beca felt the car come to a gentle stop. Noticing where they were, Beca’s eyebrows furrowed and she turned to Chloe, intent on finally hearing an explanation.

The redhead knew Beca had wanted to understand what was happening from the moment she asked her to wear the costume, but she knew her girlfriend would have been reluctant to come had she told her. She owed it to Beca to open up too. Never before had she told anyone what she was about to tell her girlfriend; that’s how much Beca means to her.

Turning the engine off and lifting up the handbrake, Chloe took a calming breath and kept her eyes focused on the windshield.

“Every year, since I was old enough to understand, my family has had a tradition. My grandfather would choose between myself and my four brothers for someone to accompany him on what he called his ‘Quest For Happiness’.”

She paused, as if lost in her memories and she felt a soft touch on her arm. Beca’s fingers were gently curled around her forearm and it was clear she was trying to get her to face her.

Complying with Beca’s silent plea, she then continued. “My grandfather would take us to different toy stores; a large smile on his face as he greeted anyone and everyone, carrying large sacs as he did so. The final stop was always the Children’s Hospital; a different one every year. People considered him to be a 'Christmas Miracle’; I would go with him as he’d visit every child in that hospital, dressed as Father Christmas, and watch as he would do everything in his power to make them smile before moving to the next child. He didn’t do it for himself, he didn’t do it because it was expected… he did it because he wanted to give something to those children that no one else could give them… happiness. Terminally ill children were given happiness, even if just for a moment. And it was in that moment, that I swore I would follow his footsteps and bring happiness to others, the way he did. After he died, my father took over that role, and we’ve been doing it ever since… and now, I want to share it with you.”

Beca sniffled as she furiously wiped away the tears that trickled down her cheeks. Chloe constantly surprised her everyday, but this… this was the most beautiful thing she had ever heard. Everyone knew that Chloe Beale was a generous woman; that she was someone who desired to help anyone and everyone who needed it… but this story had shaken her to the core.

If Beca had not already been head over heals in love with the redhead, then this story would have erased any and all doubt. Chloe’s eyes glimmered with such emotion, such passion, that Beca knew this meant the world to her. Leaning forward to gently place a lingering kiss on her lips, Beca gently and lovingly caressed her cheek.

“Thank you.” Was all the younger girl said as she blinked back the next wave of tears.

Sensing Chloe’s confusion, Beca smiled fondly at her. “Thank you for sharing this with me. This is something that means a lot to you and your family, and I want to thank you for including me in something as wonderful as bringing joy to those that need it most at Christmas. I am so proud of you and nothing would bring me greater pleasure than to do this with you.”

Chloe’s smile shone brighter than any star in the sky; and it was all Beca could do to just hold her close and make sure this wonderful girl knew how extraordinary she truly was.

Squeezing her hand, Beca gazed into Chloe’s eyes. “Come on Chlo, let’s go and change children’s lives for the better so that we can one day teach our own children to do the same.”

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the plot is so goosososoossk on my god THANK U FOR THIS I NEEDED THISSSSS. also I’m srry LOWKEY no shade towards nooori but what was she expecting they’d know each other for ages and JUNGKOOK only came around for the oc like how naive can a college girl be!

AW UR WELCOME ANON!!!!! and thats okay LMAO a lot of people are throwing shade at noori and i dont blame them. u guys dont really know much about her and i think she let her emotions control her!!!!! but yeah. i think she really is a naive character and innocent but she keeps making bad decisions because of her own emotions? shes very immature and dramatic i think!!!!!!