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My Ultimate OTP Master List

YOU GUESSED IT. It’s Valentine’s Day and I want to do something special. And what’s more special than compiling a list of all the fictional couples who brought tears and joy and sometimes tears of joy to my eyes.

Just a little heads-up: Most of the gifs I used below are not mine. If you are the real maker of the gif and don’t want me using it, you can kindly ask me to take it down and I’ll replace it with something else. No harm done. Thank you.

Dipper & Pacifica (Gravity Falls)

Note: Couldn’t get enough fics about these two dorks.

Another note: I ship the Reverse AU of them, too, badly.

Steven & Connie (Steven Universe)

Penn & Sashi (Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero)

Note: This is a new but strong ship.

Rigby & Eileen (Regular Show)

Note: On Eileen’s debut episode, I smelled some romance between her and Rigby happening one day in the far future, but I had no idea this was how long it took to become canon. And I couldn’t be more happier. I mean, the writers didn’t rush into it at all and I’m glad things have turned out that way. Because we could see the major character development on both sides.

Jinx & Kid Flash (Teen Titans)

Note: I first watched Teen Titans when I was a tiny little toddler. Back then the CN channel here in Vietnam wasn’t dual lingual, and I hadn’t learned English then so I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. I even missed like over a half of the episodes, to be honest. But I just let it slide because I didn’t take cartoons seriously back at the time (what a shame!). And then one day, two years ago, I came across this exact gif on WeHeartIt, got so hyped, and decided to binge-watch the entire series again just for that episode. It’s called ship at first sight. Jinx and Kid Flash had little screen time together but their ship was legendary in my book.

Ladybug & Chat Noir (Miraculous Ladybug)

Note: Of all the ships in the love square, I ship this the hardest.

Stiles & Malia (Teen Wolf)

Nomi & Amanita (Sense8)

Barney & Robin (How I Met Your Mother)

Marshall & Lily (How I Met Your Mother)

Kili & Tauriel (The Hobbit films)

Note: I would still bawl my eyes out at this scene even if I’d seen it fifteen times before.

Wirt & Beatrice (at least when she became human again) (Over The Garden Wall)

Note: I can’t get enough of fanfics about these two. And their ship name is Infinite Eyerolls, which is like their relationship in two words. Gahhh, so adorable they made me cry at the end.

Another note: I made this gif.

Tony & Pepper (MCU)

Note: Their ship name - Pepperony - is literally the cutest ship name I’ve ever heard.

Will & Riley (Sense8)

Note: I admit that I didn’t like them together romantically at first. But they’ve won me over little by little.

Regina & Robin Hood (Once Upon A Time)

Note: Shipping these two is really fun.

Amy & Reagan (Faking It)

Tedros & Agatha (The School For Good And Evil)

Note: I want the movie! Give us the MOVIE!!!!!! *screams into oblivion*

Another note: I made this gif.

Wan & Raava (The Legend Of Korra)

Note: How I got here, I have no idea. I was just casually watching the episode, and then BOOM: “I was wrong about you, Wan. I had no idea that humans were capable of such nobility and courage. I’m sorry that we do not have much more time together.” I literally screamed in reflex. And just when my heartbeats went back to normal BAM:  “Before you get to her, you’ll have to go through me.” That’s when I knew they’re becoming my OTP. Then, the final blow is delivered: “Don’t worry. We will be together for all of your lifetimes. And we will never give up.” Just shoot me, goddamn it!!! How could they destroy all the beautiful ships in this show?

Another note: I’m always a sucker for spirits and humans falling in love with each other and relationships that started out rocky but slowly blossomed into something beautiful. And this ship’s got all I need.

Sokka & Suki (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Note: *goofiness intensifies*


She tried to keep to herself, but Mettaton could sense that Undyne was lonely. He was the leading authority on romance, after all. Being an entity created entirely out of ardor- he thrived on bettering the lives of those around him, be it through charity or kindness- and passion, he was no stranger to the behaviors of a longing monster. So, with an excess of flowers from his beloved, and a tenacious drive to rekindle long-dead childhood camaraderie, Mettaton knocked out a few familiar chords on the fish girl’s front door. He took a few steps back to avoid being speared on sight, supporting the bouquet he had brought for her in one hand and quickly tearing away the ‘FOR METTATON’ tag, which he discarded over one shoulder.

“Hellooo? Little Miss WWWA! Guess who?”

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"Those tears don't suit your face."

Send “Those tears don’t suit your face..” For my Muse’s reaction to Your’s coming up and finding them Crying..

Priestly was in his bedroom, the tears pouring down his face. His knees were brought up to his chest, his head resting on his knees and he looked up at Sam, his eyes red and wet. 



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You were sewn beautifully by light and stars. You were given the earths soul to keep warm and spread love throughout. You are extraordinary. Normal is white noise, while soothing to some, exhausting to others. You're transcending into someone greater, you're equipping yourself with strength, love and kindness. Remember to be kind to yourself buddy. Your feelings are valid and you are valid. But much more than that, you're growing into Hayden, the wonderful man we get to know.

This about brought me to tears because I am super not okay and it’s almost 2 am and this was just really nice thank you a thousand times I hope you’re night is going okay friend

I want to say thank you to all you lovely people who have sent messages of support. You have no idea how grateful I am for them right now. I’ve been through the worst two days of my life this weekend. Normally I can ignore when people add wanky replies to my stuff, but on top of everything’s that’s been happening, it just really got to me this time. So yeah, thank you guys so so much for taking time out to message me. I appreciate it so much and you are beautiful people. I will always keep fighting through what I’m going through right now and receiving these messages has genuinely brought me close to tears. You have made my day just that little bit brighter, so once again, thank you all

Sarah xxxxxx

the haikyuu characters when skiing
  • 99% of Hinata’s skiing experience is loud screaming. He has zero control over his skis and almost always ends up zooming down the hill, narrowly avoiding disastrous collisions, until he eventually slams into a giant mound of snow. Or, more commonly, Kageyama.     
  • Bokuto and kuroo spend their time in the terrain park, while akaashi stands to the side with a first aid kit. They think they look super cool but irl they just look like a couple of floundering idiots who can’t execute a successful stunt to save their lives (even though the other is always encouraging them like “man you totally nailed that, that was beautiful bro you literally brought tears to my eyes”) Every single skiing trip with the two of them ends up with a visit to the hospital.
  • Though most would expect oikawa to be an elegant skier, he actually cant ski for shit - he snow-ploughs down the mountain at a snails pace while iwa, who’s actually a really good skier, spends the whole time laughing his ass off at him ( @ryuunosukbae wrote a more detailed description of iwaoi skiing here
  • Suga and Daichi are both really good skiers, so they go off together and do the fairly difficult (but not too crazy) runs and have a romantic time 
  • Nishinoya and Tanaka do not understand the notion of “pacing themselves”. They literally just shoot down the mountain in a straight line, skis wide apart and arms in the air, screaming.
  • Asahi goes to the top of the mountain on the chairlift, but then gets too scared to ski down so he just ends up stranded there at the top, shaking in fear for like 2 hours until one of the others comes to rescue him. He ends up going back down  on the chairlift. 
  • Kenma doesn’t even bother to ski, he just stays in the lodge playing video games. 
  • Lev goes FULL RUSSIAN when he skis. He turns up in those traditional Russian fur hats and starts speaking with a heavy accent while everyone just stands there like ‘wtf’
  • At some point, Yachi accidentally loses control and skis into a really obscure trail leading through the trees, and ends up getting horrifically lost in the middle of the woods halfway up the mountain. She’s found about four hours later, shaking in a tree, face manic, her hair matted with twigs and skin smeared with dirt. Daichi is almost impaled with a tree-branch-dagger, and then yachi spends the next hour tearfully apologizing for trying to stab him because she thought he was a bear coming to eat her.
  • Ennoshita, to everyone’s surprise, turns up in a full professional skiing suit with those skinny racing skis, and zips down the mountain with razor grace and rocket speed. He nonchalantly mentions that he’s won dozens of ski tournaments and was invited to join the national team, but he turned it down because he was getting bored of skiing and decided to shake things up a little by starting volleyball. Kiyoko is the only one who even comes close to keeping up with him. 
  • Ushijima can be found amongst a flock of preschoolers, signed up for a skiing class for beginners. All the little kids (and Ushijima) are skiing in a line (like this), with Ushijima at the very back. Ushijima, however, keeps falling over, and the kids are getting really frustrated because they all have to stop skiing while the instructor goes back to help him up, and this giant idiot is fucking slowing everyone down.
  • Yamaguchi is really nervous about skiing, hunched over and shaking slightly as he starts down the hill. He’s surprised, however, when Tsuki glides up, face stoic, and offers him a hand. Tsuki ends up staying with him the whole time, holding Yamaguchi’s hands and coaxing him down the mountain in this position, giving him instructions on how to ski and steadying him when he wobbles. 

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Your art of yourself was so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye. I can't express just how much artistic ability you possess

not to show off but i made some fan art of u too :) 

What if every tear you cried brought a fictional character to life, but you could not choose which one.
The Spare /  part 5

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 

’Benjamin.’ His voice is low and solemn, as though the King had been sent to banish his second-born from the kingdom’s confinements. Your littlest one turns silent, his bottom lip wobbling and instantly he is brought to tears as he realises no one runs to hug him and tell him everything will be okay now that he is home.

How could he ever have thought home was better than the back of a dark and dirty van he had been imprisoned in for weeks?

Benny is quick on his feet and immediately rushes into your arms, hoping for any form of protection from his father. He knew that when he’d arrive home, if he ever did come home since the men in the truck and the van he’d been cooped up in, had repeatedly reminded him that he wasn’t missed, and that his father the King would be angry if he ever returned. Supposedly, the dirty men putting him up for ransom in several other countries wouldn’t have bothered the two parents who had sobbed their hearts out together, made themselves dangerously ill with worry, and scoured the globe trying to find him and keep their baby safe and back in their arms.

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Words CANNOT describe how I felt watching this video today. @lordminion thanking me for my fan art! (I tried my hardest to go to Pax South just to see Wade but plans were changed last minute)Made a thank you video for him on my YouTube channel but just him saying Kassy brought me to tears I cannot thank Wade and @callendesigns enough for this video! 💕

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Spider-Man #1 Oh wow. Oh wow. Never read anything how it Just so much of everything in it. Just brilliant. Thanks Sir!

thank all of you.  we had an AMAZING day yesterday. the sales numbers, both print AND digital, brought a little joy tear to our eyes. i’ll let marvel make the announcements when they are ready but it looks like miles is here to stay for a very long time.

but as a true thank you from all of us here is a sneaky peak at next issue

Several things go through your pan when your blue eyes open upon a familiar pond, most of them fond nostalgia battling mounting anxiety.

This had been a place of peace for you once. Where you could forget the rest of the word and just… be. For a while. Where there was no danger in easing off your eternal, exhausting restraint.. just for a bit.

Well, nothing was happening. The landscape didn’t waver or distort. Birds and frogs and insect sang just like you remembered. The occasional fish could be seen near the surface. 

It was the smell of honeysuckles that brought you to tears though, torn bewteen being so close to being able to imagine that you were awake, and the reality that you may never actually see this place or feel this kind of peace again.

So you wept.

Not bitterly. No fright. Not even anything that could be described as real anger. 

In respectful silence, while you really have the time, you simply mourn the end of a blissfully peaceful era the way you would an old friend whose time had just naturally run out.