streddie as a conversation i had in theatre:

richie: *pulls out ziplock bag of pennies*

eddie, after glancing at richie: “i thought he was gonna eat the pennies.”

stan: “i bet he will.”

[a minute passes]

richie: *has no more pennies and is chewing something*

stan: “he ate the pennies.”

interview (finn wolfhard)

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-when finn announced the relationship and said he wasn’t going to exploit you being together, the media went wild

-in almost every interview finn was asked about his relationship with you

-he didn’t like it, but he loved talking about you

-“what is y/n like?” “y/n is the best, they are genuinely the only thing keeping me in the business tbh”

-but sometimes he would blatantly avoid the questions altogether because again he didn’t want to exploit the relationship

-“how is y/n right now?” “oh did i mention that we started filming stranger things 3?”

-you loved to torture him by rewatching a few interviews, even when you guys were just facetiming

-but he didn’t care because you were happy which meant he was too

-sometimes paparazzi would catch the two of you on a date and try to ask you questions, and they were fairly invasive ones (i’ll provide some examples of invasive and semi-invasive)

-“how is finn in bed?” “is y/n a good kisser?” “have you ever gotten jealous of finn kissing other girls for his characters?”

-finn always told you to just keep walking and only answer the questions you wanted to answer

-for every question asked was another pull from finn to make you walk faster

-finn talking about you in a personal interview where he was alone, and didn’t have to worry about the quick questions the paparazzi normally used, usually ended with him talking about you for a good minute or so

-like i said earlier, finn loved talking about you

-he would talk about your hours cuddling and your sweet smelling hair and never-ending laughter

-he could genuinely talk about you for hours

-when you had a small “interview,” which it probably was just a lone guy saying he was paparazzi, you would talk about finn for as long as the guy would let you

-and normally they will take as much as they will get

-but again you don’t ever answer the invasive questions or you just don’t answer the question the way that they wanted you to

-interviews are pretty cute, especially if they were on tv


a/n: i had nothing to write about. i got this idea from a friend of mine, so i hope it’s as good as i wanted it to be. sorry if it’s not :)

Ships that are a-okay to post about

  • Reddie
  • Mileven
  • Peter Parker x MJ
  • fictional character x fictional character

Ships that are a not okay to post about

  • Fack
  • Fillie
  • Tom Holland x Zendaya
  • real person x real person

I’m not saying that you’re a bad person if you ship it, but just don’t post about it. Some of y’all need to learn hw to seperate actor from character, yes some actors are extemely similar to the chracter they play, but they are still people. Don’t break up friendships and drive literal co-workers away from eachother because you can’t seperate fact from fiction. 

Concept: Richie and Eddie are secretly musical loving boyfriends. They can’t get enough of them.

Disney musicals? Richie once put Eddie on his shoulders and ran around while they were watching Aladdin whilst singing A Whole New World.

Theatre musicals? These bitches know every Hamilton song by heart and saw it twice, one with the original cast.

There’s probably more but I can’t name any ://

sugar, we’re going down

summary: colleen writes richie tozier stuff that’s named after a fall out boy song (that doesn’t actually go along with anything)

pairing: richie tozier x sister!reader

warnings: cursing,

YOU’RE 16 & 17


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with the name tozier, people would always often assume you were a nerd covered up by a leather jacket and an ego that could swallow someone whole.

they didn’t know that you and your older brother could have sympathy and love in your hearts.

growing up was hard. it seemed as if it was just you and your brother. you weren’t abused, it just felt a little lonely. it was like the only person you could cry to without judgement was richie.

that was definitely why the two of you were as close as you were. rich wouldn’t tell a soul about how much he appreciated you. yet he didn’t need to. the losers could tell.

the only people that bothered you were greta and her bunch of self-centered girls.

she really knew how to get to you, but she didn’t know you were getting close to snapping.

the end of the day arrived and you hastily grabbed your stuff, ready to get out of the building.

“no, no. you aren’t leaving now,” you heard from behind. rolling your eyes at the bully, you glanced over in richie’s direction. he heard you were dealing with greta and he insisted you walk home with him.

“well hurry up, i have somewhere to be.”

“like what? are you busy with your idiot brother,” she smirked at you like an animal would at it’s prey.

finally turning to face her, you noticed she only had one of her friends behind her. the rest must’ve gone home.

“leave richie out of this. he doesn’t deserve to be the target of your trash insults,” you were starting to get more than irritated.

greta glanced at the other girl and whispered something making her giggle.

“if you wanna say something, say it to my face.”

“okay. i just said he’s a bigger whore than you are. i mean, have you heard how many people he’s slept wit-“

she was cut short by a hand coming in contact with her cheek.

“oh it’s on, bitch.”


“what the fuck is taking her so long?”

richie rolled his eyes.

“let’s just find her to tell her that we’re leaving,” beverly shrugged.

the losers club went to find their friend.

a noise rung through a hallway, catching the attention of eddie. his feet stopped walking and he turned his head towards the direction of the sound.

the others paused, too.

no one did anything for a moment before they heard a loud bang followed by a muffled voice, “we got you now, tozier.”

the teens looked at the tall boy, who was now rushing to get to the area of the chaos.

when the others caught up, they saw their friend stepping in between his sister and the obnoxious bullies.

“—and if you touch my sister ever again, i’ll knock you to next thursday,” richie growled.

greta just rolled her eyes and signaled for the other to follow as she stomped off.

your brother sighed, gently grabbing your shoulders to inspect the forming bruise on your cheek.

“gee, y/n/n, getting into fights?”

“sorry rich. she knows how to piss me off.”

after that richie smiled proudly at you and wrapped his arm around your shoulders, a protective gesture.

leaning into his side, you and your friends walked home.

Scars-Henry Bowers X Reader Smut

Request: Anonymous:  the reader escapes abuse from whoever (you pick!) during the night and always ends up sleeping over at one of the bowers gang boys houses (you pick again!),because they let her use their bed. it been going on for awhile and they have a convo about their newly realized feelings and it end with some softish smut :)

Warnings: Mentions of Abuse, NSFW, Sex, SOFT HENRY this one isn’t really worth a warning, but I just wanted to say soft Henry would be so rare unless he was around his girl, but nonetheless soft Henry is the best henry and you all can fight on me on that 

You flinch one final time as your brother delivers his last hit, a kick right to your stomach, knocking the wind out of you, as you are their laying helpless on the ground. He slams the door and leaves you there, tears well up in your eyes as you grab the side of your bed to help you get up. 

You tried to get yourself together a bit trying to think of a time when you didn’t dread  coming home everyday, back when your mother and father were alive and your brother, Bobby, wasn’t the abusive, drunken monster he became a few years back after losing your father. You wipe your tears a bit as soon as you hear Bobby’s door close knowing at this time of night he would be locked in his room drinking himself to sleep, and sneak out your window heading down to the Bowers’ farm. 

Throughout the few years Bobby hurt you, you found solace and safety in Henry. He always looked out for you,even as kids, he beat up any kids who messed with you, when you forgot your lunch and had no money to buy it he shared his with you even if it would’ve been the only meal he at that day, he was always there for you.

 You never understood why he defended you of all people, but you always returned the care in return, bringing him some of Bobby’s old clothes, keeping snacks on you to give to him, and helping him avoid going back home as he much as you could. 

So you can imagine his reaction when you showed up at school sporting bruises on your arms, of course you were trying to hide them with a hoodie, but you forgot since it wasn’t the time where it was completely chilly in Derry that you and the boys had made plans to go to the Quarry. You figured you could just make up something and avoid stripping down, it of course it didn’t work.

 “Hey guys I have a really bad headache so i think I’m gonna sit this one out with Pat,” you tell them when Belch parks. “Oh we can do a lot more than sit sweetheart,” he purrs at you making you roll your eyes. “In your dreams Hockstetter,” “You’re a recurring star there Princess,” he says throwing you a wink. You shove his face and shake your head at him. 

You two sit back and share and joint laughing at the rest of the boys stupidity before they come out of the water  “You feelin’ any better Y/N?”, Belch asks. “Yeah I am thanks,” Henry shoots you a look and asks to talk alone, leading to Patrick making a sex joke, and Henry telling him to “Can It” Once you’re away form the guys Henry looks at you with concern filled eyes.

“What’s wrong?” ‘What do you mean?” “I’ve known you since friggin kindergarten Y/N I can tell that headache excuse was a bunch of bull. So what’s wrong?” With those baby blue eyes staring directly into you, you knew that Henry wouldn’t let up, you sighed took you hoodie off holding out your arms so he could see your bruises. He grabs your arms to look and demands to know who did this to you. 

After that since he knew exactly what it was like to still feel scared and alone at night after a beating, so he gave you the option to come over and sleep in his bed when you needed it, of course if Butch wasn’t on the night shift you’d have to sneak in his bedroom window, but you did enjoy the feeling of comfort it brought to have Henry with you, evolving from him sleeping on the floor to sleeping in bed with you, sometimes holding you if you needed it. 

You shake all the thoughts out of your head as you arrive to the front of the house, Butch’s cruiser was gone and you let out a sigh of relief, trying to stop the rest of the tears as you knock on the door. Henry answers and looks at you automatically knowing from your tear stained cheeks and red eyes what happened. He pulls you into a hug and leads you to his room.

“Old man is on some trip this week so you don’t have to worry about sneaking out in the morning,”Cool,” you say laying down. “I’m not even tired, I just came over because I needed to talk.” “That’s fine,”he tells you lying behind you and taking you into his arms, you look at him and see him shaking his head.

“I hate him. This has been going on for years, I hate seeing you hurt like this,” “I hate getting hurt, but Hen what an I do?” “I’ll kill him. I’ll kill him with my bare hands if that’s what you want,” he says in a scarily calm tone. “I don’t want you to get in trouble because of me. Besides you have it worse than I do. It’s been going on longer plus because of your rep he can hurt you in more places and people will just think you got in a fight,” He sighs “Yeah,” “Sorry, let’s just change the subject,” you tell him, shifting his his arms. 

“I have always wanted to know though, you’ve always looked out for me, and I guess I just wonder why? Like what about me made you want to be my friend or protect me?” “I don’t know, it’s weird it’s like even as kids when I first saw I had a strange urge to protect you and make sure you were okay. And I mean if I’m being honest over the past few years I..uh….I’ve kinda gotten a thing for you. ,” Henry revels looking so red during the end of it.

You were shocked I mean sure you had thought about it a few times over the past few years, but figured there was no point in having a crush on Henry, since he most likely wouldn’t feel the same way. But hearing him say it made all the feelings you pushed down over the years flood back. Your E/C eyes flicker from his bright blue ones to his lips before you both just lean in and years of  emotions finally come to surface. 

“Sorry,” he says when you pull away. “It’s cool,”, you smile back. A few more seconds go by before you kiss again and start taking clothes off. When Henry pulls your shirt off, you get self conscious, and cover your stomach, trying to hide the scars Bobby had left on you. “Aw come on,” Henry says as his eyebrows furrow and he gently moves your arms out of the way.

“Did he leave those on you?” “Yeah,” you tell him looking away. He takes his shirt off and turns around, making it his turn to bare his scars from his dad, thick red lash marks decorating his entire back. You reach out to gently graze the raised skin, making him flinch. 

You kiss one and then he turns around, caressing your face, kissing you, and helping you lay back down as he climbs over you. His lips gradually move from your lips to your neck, making you release a moan. He pulls back and looks at you making sure you want to continue, you give him a slight nod. Henry goes back to your neck moving down your body with his sloppy kisses, making every inch of your body feel like it’s on fire. 

The rest of your clothes come off in the process and then Henry stops right in between your thighs. He kisses each thigh and then wastes no times as he starts switching between licking at you and sucking your clit. Leaving you to just writhe in pleasure as you grip his hair and pull him closer.

The coil in your stomach grows tighter and tighter before you cum all over Henry’s face, while he continues moving his tongue and lapping at you during it. when you come down Henry moves back to your neck, leaving a hickey and then looking at you again touching your foreheads. “You ready?”, he asks knowing your a virgin.“Yeah,” you breathe out. 

You hiss slightly at the pressure of Henry stretching you, but it slowly turns to pleasure. “Fuck Henry,” you moan. He groans as he buries his face into your beck for a third time leaving more hickies. His speed picks up and it drives you  insane your  moans  and his groans go louder and longer. “H-Henry I’m gonna cum,” “Do it for me then,”  he breathes. you both let go at the same time feeling absolutely out of breath and in complete bliss, 

“That was awesome,” you say as you cuddle into him again. “Damn straight it was Princess,”Henry replies kissing your temple and throwing his arms around you. Before he can say anymore he sees that you are already drifting off, which makes him smirk to himself. As you drift you think about how safe e always makes you feel and now make a promise to yourself that the second you graduate, you will do everything in your power to have enough money to get a small apartment with him, and escape the hells you called home.