Prompt #4: Strange Relatives AU

A.N - Nana is related to Lussuria? Lussuria coming over to his favourite cousin/sister & baby nephew, Baby Tsuna confiding in Big Sis Luss, Luss gleefully gossiping with Nana over Tsuna’s first crush on the boy in his beginners boxing class? :D - cy-ella


“Oh honey,” Lussuria croons, “He’s perfect.”

Bundled up in a flimsy hospital gown, holding her newborn son to her side, Nana smiles tiredly up at him. “I should hope so, considering how long I spent giving birth to him,” she jokes. “Would you like to hold him?”

It’s been years since Lussuria’s been allowed to hold a baby. He’s missed it, and his expression must give it away. “Oh please!”

“I do hope you remember how to hold them?”

“Honey, this is like breathing for me. Oh, just look at you!” His voice drops significantly once he has little Tsunayoshi in his arms. He has to hurriedly bite his lip to stop himself squealing. But god, its been so long, and Nana’s little bundle of joy is so freaking cute!

“Trade you?” he offers, only half joking, and Nana laughs as she bundles herself under the hospital blankets. 

“Not for all the money in the world, Luss,” she says, and closes her eyes to take a nap. “But I’ll tell you what, you can take over babysitting duty.”



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Hope Part II

Previous Parts: Part I  

Genre: Drama; Smut [The Vampire Diaries AU! Part II] 

Word Count: 4300ish 

I hope you all like this chapter as much as you loved the first one!

@nomoreghostie-anon, there are gonna be a lot more parts for this~ Be prepared!

You stayed in your bed, not moving an inch, not showing any signs of waking up, since Jungkook still had his arms around you. You stared out of the window aimlessly as the sunrays fell on your face, pondering over how long you’d be able to stay like this, your patience already running thin.

After a while you felt Jungkook stir and you shut your eyes immediately in case he woke up, but he only took his hands off you and turned to the side.

Thinking that you were free, you walked into the bathroom and carried out your morning routine as usual but instead of thinking about what you were going to make Jungkook for breakfast, you thought of how you were going to talk to him, what you were going to ask him and most importantly, what was going to happen to your relationship afterwards. Your hands fiddled with the ring on your finger as you continued to ponder over the future…your future.

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First Imagine

|Thank you to everyone who said I should post an imagine, it not the best. I will try to get better, I promise. But this is just a quick little something I can up with, I would love if maybe you could tell me what I can do to get better. Tell me what you would like to see in a next imagine, again thank you!!|

Today was the Spiderman: Homecoming premier, y/n was really excited to see the movie. She has always been a big fan of Marvel and Spiderman. So when Sony announced that they would be coming together with Marvel to make the new Spiderman movie y/n was beyond excited.

Y/n looked at her phone for the time. 5:30. The Premier was at 7:00 and she would be leaving around 6:15 to get there in time but she could not wait any longer. Y/n was sitting in her beautiful red off the shoulder dress in the hotel loby waiting for the car that would take her to the premier to arrive. Y/n was on her phone stalking the star of Spiderman: Homecoming, Tom Holland, since the day they announced he would be playing Peter Parker/Spiderman y/n had “lightly” stalked him. She had a huge crush on the British star and was hoping well praying that she would get to meet him tonight.
“Y/n, the car is here.” Her manger Olivia said. Y/n got up with a huge smile on her face.
*skip drive*

Once they got to the premier y/n became a bit nervous but was excited to meet all the fans and see some of her friends here. The car pulled up to the red carpet, y/n got out and quickly people started screeming her name. With a smile she walked over to a coward of fans
“Hi!!” She said happily. Y/n took a couple photos with the fans and talked for a bit to them, then it was time for some interviews. Y/n went up to one girl in a short gold dress with long blonde hair. “Hello! Ms. y/n y/l” the interviewer said with a smile. After talking about the show y/n was on the interviewer said something about Tom and had all of y/n attention. “So I hear you have a big crush on Tom Holland who plays Peter Parker/Spiderman in Homecoming.” The lady paused and gave me a little smirk. “Is this true y/n?” Y/n couldn’t help but blush, she had been saying things on twitter about Tom and some fans made a ship name for her and tom. “Um, yeah its true. I can’t hide it! Look at me, I’m a blushing mess right now.” Y/n let out a nervous laugh and covered her face. The lady in gold let out a little laugh too and said her goodbyes to y/n and she was ushered away to the part of the carpet to take photos. As y/n was poseing for a photo someone came up behind her and yelled in her ear “Y/N!!” she let out a scream, only one person would do that to her. Y/n turned around to see her good friend Zendaya.
“Z!! Omg I hate you!!” y/n lightly hit her shoulder but then hugged her and laughed along with Zendaya. Y/n and Zendaya had been friend for a while now and Z knew about y/n’s crush on Tom, she always teased her about it.
“Zendaya!! Y/n!!! This way!! Pose together!” The camera men and women were yelling at then after a couple photos together y/n let Zendaya do her own thing and she went to the said to talk to more people when she saw him and the crowd got louder as they all saw what y/n saw too. Tom Holland get out of a black car, he looked like to be holding the Spiderman suit but then threw it into the car and went to talk to fan and take photos. God he’s so much more handsome in real life! Y/n thought, she was falling for Tom….hard.

The red carpet part of the premier was coming to an end and y/n had still not meet Tom, she was losing hope. But she was ready and excited to see the movie now as she was getting ushered into the theater where the movie was being showed.
*Skip to after the movie*
The movie was amazing, y/n thought. Everything about it was great and Tom did a perfect job. Now y/n was headed to the after party, she wasnt much of a party person but Zendaya said she sohld totally come to it. Y/n was standing talking to Zendaya telling her about how much she loved the movie and congratulating her on the movie. “Omg!” Zendaya said as she looked over y/n shoulder. “What?” Y/n said confused. Before Zendaya could say anything y/n heard a voice that was all to well known in her head. “Hello!” Said a happy cheery British voice. Y/n slowly turned around, there stood the man she had be stalking for over a year, Tom Holland. Y/n heart started racing,
“Tom! This is y/n, y/n this is Tom.” Zendaya said as she pulled away from the hug she gave Tom. The tall British man looked at y/n with a huge smile on his face.
“y/n its lovely to meet you. I’m a big fan of y/f/s.” Y/n’s smile was even bigger then Tom’s if possible.
“Hi! Thank you, thats really nice to hear. I’m a big fan of yours too, you were amazing in the movie tonight.” There was a sudden confidence in y/n, she thought she would be able to get any words out but she was glad she did. Tom looked at y/n there was something about her that he wanted to know more about, all he wanted to do was talk to her the rest of the night. And thats what happened. |Again sorry if it wasn’t good, im working on it! But thank you for reading. Xoxo|

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imagine how long yousef waited for a real oportunity to talk to sana alone? and how much he practiced what he would say? and then there's sana alone in kitchen and he takes a chance and he's like wtf should i do so then he's like she cant cook?! amazin!!so hes like man you gotta impress her, shes looking for a real man say u love kids! and then hes like say something! and asks her how many kids she wants&then he panicks when sana asks him the same q so he just goes with 12 and knows he fucked up

LMAO he was probably like…ok shit what should i say to impress her????? uM KIDS I LoveH KIDS ?=O F??? hOOW MANY kdi dIISDS??? 12 I waNT 12 kiD!S!!!! and then he’ll be like ?????? TWELVE WTF and he’s trying to come up with an excuse so he says UM YEAH itS FO!R my um FOOOTBALL teAM !!+??

Drunken Mistakes|| Nate ‘Skate’ Maloley

Part 4

After a while Stassie came over to get ready with me for the club. i went into my closet and looked for something to wear. stassie comes in. 

“you should wear this black mini dress” she says. i nod and grab it from her and slip it on. after that i go onto to doing my hair and makeup. once me and stassie finish we take a few mirror selfies for snapchat and instagram. 

“this dress really brings out my ass” i laugh. she takes a picture and adds the caption “Big Booty Bitches Do It Right 😍’ and posted it to snapchat and instagram. we both grabbed our purses and headed to the club.

We got to the club and grabbed our drinks and headed to the dance floor. one we were at the dance floor our favorite song came on which is Red Cup by E-40. we both started twerking and soon a bunch of party girls came over and started twerking with us. i had one of the girls take a video of me and stassie twerking and i captioned it ‘make that ass shake, thats an assquake’ and saved and posted it to snapchat. then a really good looking guy came over to me and started dancing with me. we were getting instense with our dancing, grinding up on each other and whispering things in each others ear. i looked over at stassie and saw her dancing with sammy. i didnt even know sammy was here. i continued dancing with the guy when i felt a hand grab my hand and pull me away. i traced the hand up  and realized it was Nate. what is he doing here. shouldnt he be with Kara? he walked me to the back of the club where it was darker and there was less people. he pushed me again the wall. 

“Nate, what are you doing here?” i ask him. he completely ignores my question and lok at me up and down. 

“damn ma” he bites his lip. 

“nate, what are you doing here, what about Kara?” i ask him.

“thats not important. Kara isnt important. what is important is you and i” he says. his hand cups my chin and he brings my face up to his and he puts his lips on mine. his kisses were intoxicating. he put my hands above my head and he continued kissing me. he pushed against me and started grinding on me. i wanted him so bad. he swayed his hips against mine. he looked at me and grabbed my phone from my bra and walked over to some guy and gave him my phone.nate got back into his postion and started grinding on me again. after about maybe 30 seconds the guy comes back and hands nate my phone. nate puts my phone back in my bra. i look at him with a questioning look.

“a little video for later” nate whispered. i nod. he continued to grind against me. i use all my strength to move my arms but nate is to strong. 

“your not going anywhere” he says gruffly. i bite my lip. i ached for him. he pushed against me and i felt his hard on. i wrapped one of legs around him keeping him nice and close to my body. i wanted him to know i wasnt letting him go anywhere either. he left lingering kisses up and down my neck making me ache more. he pushed his body against mine just so there was barley a centimeter of space between us. his kissing became fast, intense and rough. i let out a little moan.

“mhmm just what i like to hear”he whispers, leaving chills owns my back. he lets one hand go off my arm but the other grabs it so one hand is holding both my hands above my hand, then his free hand grabs my ass.

“i love your ass, its no big” nate says. he evetually lets my hands go so both of his hands can grab my ass. he massaged my ass while having himself against me. 

“nate..”i moan a little.

“mhmm ma?” he whispers. 

“i need you” i whisper.

“hmm, i didnt hear you” he smirks. 

“nate…you heard me” i whined.

“say it louder” he says. 

“Nate i neeeeed youuuu” i drag out. he looks at me and smirks. 

“ive got you princess.” he smiles. he looks around real quick and spots a girl walking out of the private bathroom and he grabs my hand and leads me to the bathroom. he quickly pushes me and locks the door behind us. next thing i know i leap into his arms kissing him. his hands grab my ass pulling at it. he pushes us against the of his hands held the wall. i undid his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. his dick popped out looking better than ever. i looked at it for a second and noticed how big he really was. nates hands go up my dress and pulls down my panties. he picks me up and puts me on his dick. he held the wall and i wrapped m y legs around him my hands hold his neck and partially his back. he began thrusting into me. i let out a loud moan. he felt so good. he left hickeys on my heck making sure he imprinted on me. 

“oh my, ma you feel amazing” he moans a little. i grab onto him harder.

“nate…” i trail off

“i got you” he says. i then let out an orgasam that came with a loud moan. he smirked. then i felt another orgasam coming on. hes the only one who can make me cum more than once. he let out his first orgasam out and i soon reached my second high. gripping him hard and soon going limp in his arms. he soon finishes his second high and he goes limp still holding me and holding the wall. 

“god damn ma, i can never get that with Kara” he says. then reality hits. he has kara. i quickly get off of him and pull up my panties. i fix my dress and head for the door.

“where are you going, whats wrong?” nate asks. he grabs my hand and pulls me back.

“nate, you have Kara. i cant….” i trail off. i pull my hand back and walk out of the bathroom. i walked through the crowd and looked for stassie. i feel a hand grab my mine and i flinch.

“hey are you okay?” i realize its stassie. 

“um yeah i need to go” i say.

“wow your neck” she says. i put my hand up to my neck. shit the hickeys nate gave me.

“they’re just hickeys.” i say.

“who” she smiles. 

“um” i look over and see nate walking my way. 

“no one, ill see you later” i say. i quickly walk out of the club and get an uber home. once im home i lock my doors and turn off my phone. i cant believe i fucked nate again. hes got a girlfriend, and he my bestfriend. i cant do this with him. but he was so good at it. he made me feel so good. No Violet. no more. i went up stairs and went to bed. 

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do you have any tips for getting tumblr followers?

honestly I have no idea how I got followers, so nothing highly specifc. idk. I know this one isn’t possible for everyone, but making original content is one contributing factor. Otherwise, just be nice, tag things, have a nice theme? Idk tbh. I talk about it a little more here, tho, if you want to check that out.

Me at work
  • Me: *listening to Yuri! on Ice soundtrack*
  • Co-worker: wow, you really like instrumental music. It's pleasant.
  • Me: oh - um, yeah!
  • My mind: Pretty gay ice skating boys! Victor and Yuuri are so in love! I want Otabek and Yurio to find love when they are older... yay!
THE bedroom

Type: Oneshot.

Genre: Fluff.

Word count: 1085

Pairing: Phan.

Summary: While Phil is doing a younow he’s laptop is almost dead so he calls for Dan to get it, but lets it slip that they share a bedroom.

Warnings: None.

A/N: Thank you so much to the anon who left me this prompt, I hope you like and enjoy it and I hope it’s up to the standard that you wanted it to be ^-^ I hope you all enjoy and feel free to leave me a prompt if you’d like :3


Phil sat on the couch looking at his macbook screen watching younow countdown the time until he goes live




He smiled as the chat starts up and thousands of people say hi, ask questions and comment about his clothing, hair and just about anything else

‘Hi Phil!’


‘Nice red shirt Phil ;)’




‘Your hair is on point today’



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FBI's First (Part 2)

A/N: Um yeah its kinda trash but i’m kinda stressed rn and it was in my head so I just typed it all up hoping for the best lol… Also I decided to go with the surname James as it’s pretty common and also ‘Y/L/N’ irritates me sometimes.

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4 End Alternate End

Sitting with the team was possibly one of the most awkward things you’ve ever experienced. Rossi awkwardly fingered the files strewn across the table. Morgan avoided eye contact with you. Reid tapped his pen on the table in silence, something very unfamiliar. JJ grabbed your arm trying to distract you from the obvious uncomfortable atmosphere.

“Ok Garcia can you begin?” Hotch instructed as she ran in obviously flustered.

“You’re heading to Jacksonville, where the bodies of 3 young men have been found and another has been reported missing.” Garcia carried on flashing images of the men on the screen your head spinning as you tried to take in all the facts whilst trying to ignore the underlying feel of humiliation.

Garcia finished and the total silence was almost comical. You let out a slight giggle trying to stop yourself. All the humour was quickly drained away by a unanimous glare from all of the male team member.

“Wheels up in 30” Hotch instructed moving swiftly out of the room. Quickly followed by the others in silence leaving you, JJ and Garcia sat around the table.

“That was horrible” JJ laughed holding your hand.

“I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my life” you replied rolling your eyes.

“Probably just jealous of whoever the guy was that got to be with your beautiful bod” Garcia winked as she ushered you both out of the room.


“There was no sexual assault on any of the victims which suggests the unsub is either incompetent or a woman, but this kind of murder doesn’t suggest either?” Morgan added to the conversation.

He and Reid carried on discussing the statistics about female killers.

“Ok pretty boy I understand, it’s not likely but it doesn’t mean it’s not true, otherwise it doesn’t make sense” Morgan finished the conversation with a shrug.

“Reid, Morgan head to the dump site. Rossi, Y/N head to the ME and see if there’s anything new. JJ and I will head to the field office to get set up.” Hotch finished up and walked to his seat.

The plane journey descended into silence which you was frustrating, it wasn’t your fault, you didn’t want anyone to see that. Your impatience for someone to bring it up was too much, they’d all seen it and you knew, it wasn’t like they were keeping a secret. You got up preparing to say something but thankfully stopped yourself knowing it would only make it worse. The toilet seemed like a safe space. You locked the door and sat on the toilet trying to control your emotions.

——————————————————————————————————- “Are you guys serious? Are you just going to ignore her?” JJ exclaimed “she didn’t consent to any of this”

“It’s not that JJ, we understand it wasn’t on purpose but I’ve seen more of her than I ever thought I would” Rossi replied in his slow caring tone.

 "Don’t lie Rossi, we all know she was your target for wife number… 8 was it?“ Morgan laughed trying to add some humour to the situation.

“Sorry JJ but you’re joking right? She may not have consented but some of it looked like she knew the camera was there…” Reid piped up.

“Trust me she didn’t know about any of this, you should’ve seen her face. Plus we’ve got a case that’s more important and a man to save!“ Hotch said sternly eyes flicking from each person.


You spent what felt like a lifetime in the bathroom and it wasn’t until you went back out to the team that you realised it had only been 30 minutes. You made you way back to your seat, JJ smiled as you sat back down eyes and cheeks burning red.


“Morning, I’m Agent Rossi and this is Agent James. Can you give us an update?”

“Agent James? As in the one from the video?” the ME looked you up and down quite obviously holding back a laugh. Tears started return and the burning red of your cheeks was helping no one.

“Yes the one and only” Rossi laughed nudging you.

“Can you just give us an update? Now please, or did you spend too much time watching the video and not enough time doing you job?” You stated abruptly staring the ME down. Rossi let out a small laugh and punched you softly in the arm, you turned to him trying to hide your proud smile.

“Um” He paused, mouth slightly open “Yes…Y… Of course”

The rest of the case followed the same pattern. Each introduction was followed by the same questions and looks:

‘Hi, I’m Agent James.

‘You from the sex tape?’


Well at least that’s how it went in your head.

It was normally followed by a whole load of awkward glances and coughs.

A kiss is sweeter than Candy

((This was so much better in my head but I procrastinated too much. ))

(The tenses of this fic comes off real weirdly. or the first part, i really saw no need to have dialogue. Its just internal dialogue till towards the end. IDK. I really tried sticking dialogue in it, but couldnt. Maybe down the road i can, but really it doesnt really NEED it. But i digress, this was actually painful to write at points. Just a reminder, in my headcanon Arthur is asexual. )

Arthur will admit, he is not the best at expressing himself. Sometimes he just doesn’t want to bother people with his feelings, or things like that. If he was asked, he would come clean, but usually he just tried to keep them to himself. There are times where this would end up biting him in the butt tho. He just never had the courage to be honest, not with himself, not with his friends.

He realized it by accident, after one drunken night of truth or dare. Vivi giggled and crowed at the sight, while Lewis thought he was beet-red embarrassed and flustered due to pushing his limits with his being asexual. But that wasn’t the whole truth. Arthur had nothing against kissing. The kiss in question he shared was chaste. It just caused him confusion that he couldn’t think thru till he was sober, and even then it was still hard to figure out. Lewis had laughed it off, and Arthur laughed with him, all the while the budding feelings grew. The kiss was Arthur’s first, and wouldn’t be his last. But one he would never forget.

He was in love. And did not know how to tell the person he was in love with how he felt. They were best friends for the longest time, since the 3rd grade. But one of the things that stopped him from coming forward with his feelings, was the fact that both of his friends were obviously madly in love with each other. Who was he to get in the middle of that? He had no right. And, he was a coward. He feared being rejected or laughed at for his feelings. So he just suppressed them. Denied them. Pretended they didn’t exist. And that just made him an easier target.


Arthur, being completely oblivious about romance, totally did not see the cues. He never noticed the way Vivi seemed to look at him, nor did he realized how he was looking towards Vivi. He hated the paranormal crap, but he always wanted to make Vivi happy. And while he first started continuing the ghost hunting after he finished his prosthetic to distract him from wallowing in self hatred, he eventually went along because he loved to make Vivi happy. And making her happy became the most important thing to him. He also felt a slight need to also protect her, in spite of knowing what Mystery was.

He never realized how he felt towards her, nor how she felt towards him till after dinner, payed with money from their most recent case. She had leaned over the table and planted a kiss on his lips. He was shocked at first, then started to kiss back. He wont deny enjoying it. It reminded him of something he couldn’t describe. But then he remembered what Vivi was to him. Not just a close friend, but his dead best friend’s girlfriend. He broke the kiss gently, placing both hands on her shoulders. The look of confusion and hurt sending a stabbing pain of regret into his heart. He almost gave the classic ‘its not you it’s me’ speech, but managed to stop himself. He had just said that he wasn’t ready for that kind of relationship. Then he turned from the tear filled blue eyes he walked towards he bathrooms. He then realized that he loved Vivi too. Just like he had loved Lewis. And that was the reason he had to let her down. She was Lewis’s. Not his. Even tho Lewis was dead, he had no right! Maybe one day he will sum up the courage to explain his behavior. But for now, the two of them pretended it never happened. It was for the better, right?


A short time after finding Lewis and rekindling all friendships, Lewis and Vivi managed to rekindle their relationship. It was rocky at first as Vivi slowly was able to sot thru her memories. But as she remembered more and more, the closer she and Lewis got.  And the more it hurt Arthur. How he felt for both of them, the confusing attraction. And the fact that there was that time where he made out with Vivi. Trying to keep it a secret was painful. Lewis and Vivi would always ask what was wrong, and he would brush it off. Its not a secret that he would have nightmares about that night. And it wasn’t a secret that he would feel uncomfortable if they got too touchy feely. But he hated lying. He decided one night, that if he could face Lewis about that night, he could come clean about making out with Vivi. Which is how he ended up in front of Lewis’s room at his mansion.

“Hey Arthur, whats up?” Lewis answered, in his human form. 

Arthur nervously rubbed the back of his neck with his right hand. “Um, can we talk? I-in my room?”

“Sure,” Lewis replied and following Arthur back to his room across the hall.

Arthur was fidgity, that much was obvious. Lewis wondered what had gotten him so nervous, as he watched Arthur pace the length of his room. As far as he could tell, he wasnt having any exceptionally bad nightmares lately. Altho Arthur had recently started trying to isolate himself again, which was typical if he was uncomfortable about how he and Vivi got sometimes. 

“Well? What did you need Arthur?” Lewis asked.

Arthur stopped his pacing, and turned towards the ghost. He took a deep breath and said in one go “OkSoWhileYouWereDeadIKindaMadeOutWithViviIMeanSheKissedMeAndIKissedHerBackAndIKnowIHadNoRightToI'mSorryIDidThat.”

Lewis stared at Arthur for a full minute with a confused look on his face. “I’m sorry, what did you just say?”

Arthur didn’t look up at his friend, “I know, I’m a horrible friend to do that." 

Lewis held his hand out to catch Arthur’s attention. "No, I mean I have no idea what you just said. Mind trying it again and maybe include some punctuation?” He gave him a half smile.

“O-oh. Sorry.” Arthur rubbed the back of his neck. “So, um, after your death, Vivi and I… s-sort of made out.”

Lewis quirked an eyebrow. “You made out.” A statement, not a question. He crossed his arms.

Arthur seemed to become more flustered. “I mean, yeah. She kissed me, and I kissed back. It was nice sure, but I stopped it. I mean, she was your girlfriend, and I had no right to fall in love. It… I-”

Lewis cut him off by holding his hand up.

“Arthur, stop a sec, OK?” Arthur didn’t meet his eyes. It was obvious that he thought this was a horrible offense. Lewis wasn’t going to tolerate Arthur hating himself over something like this. “OK, first of all, Vivi already told me about that kiss not too long after she got her memory back. She had no idea why you rejected her at the time but realized it later. In her eyes it was just a kiss, but to you it seems a bit more. I mean I was GONE. But let me tell you this.” His voice slowly elevating, “ Its not up to you to decide if I’m angry about you falling in love with Vivi. Its MY decision how I feel about you kissing Vivi, it’s MY decision whether to forgive you over killing me and its MY decision about whether I love you or not.”

Both boys stood there in silence over what just came out of Lewis’s mouth. The room slightly became warmer due to heat radiating off of a Lewis. In a much softer voice, “Did I say that last one out loud?”

It was all Arthur could do but nod. “You, uh, l-love m-me?” Arthur could not believe it.

Lewis cleared his throat. “Um. Yeah. Its one of the reasons I was so upset about you killing me.”

Blushing Arthur rubbed the back of his neck. “Since when?”

Lewis shrugged. “Probably since that time we kissed.”

Arthur’s eyes widened. “We were both drunk that night tho. I thought I was the only one…”

Lewis gave a lopsided smile. “Don’t tell Vivi but I wasn’t actually drunk. I had a shift at 10am at the restaurant. I didn’t have a death wish so I wasn’t going to show up to work drunk.” Lewis blanched at what he said, but Arthur seemed to not realize.

Sitting down as he lost control of his legs, Arthur ran his hand thru his hair. “I don’t know what to say to that. I thought I was the only one. I never said anything to either of you cuz you 2 were so into each other. But it hurt you know? I was scared…”

Lewis floated closer to the blond. “Why were you scared then but not now tho?”

Arthur scrubbed his right hand over his face. “I don’t know. The pain of it all I guess. It started hurting more than the guilt about killing you.” A single tear escaped his eye.

Lewis shook his head, laying a hand on his shoulder. But before he could think of a way to comfort the mechanic, the door burst inward.

“Oh Arthur, now I understand what happened that night!” Vivi rushed over wrapping her arms around him. “I understand why you had to keep it a secret then, but its been two months!”

Arthur looked up at the blue girl in stunned silence before finding his voice. “Vivi, I… How much did you hear?”

Tears were in her eyes. “Enough.” She pulled them both into a hug. “Arthur its OK to be in love with both of us. I think its obvious that the feeling is mutual between the 3 of us.”

Arthur was still unsure. “But how will that work with… I don’t know everything?”

Knowing what he meant, Lewis wrapped an arm around his shoulder. “We’ll work thru it one day at a time, and only what your comfortable with.”

Arthur seemed to accept that, and returned the hug he was getting from Vivi and Lewis.

people either get offended or think i’m stupid when i understand things but attempt to explain it like “it’s because you do the thing, and uh.. it’s connected because its um.. yeah you gotta see it from.. ”

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And tjeffs is making excuses for Alex to come in and chat to him about 'Phillips school work'

“Mr. Hamilton we need to take about your son’s- handwriting…”
“Um yeah,,, its,, too nice,,”