If yer walking around in Katsucon and happen to see someone who looks vaguely like this fella…..

It me.

I just woke up from my nap because I realized that I forgot to thank you guys for 15k. Thank you guys, didn’t expect to get it but the realization will probably happen tomorrow, goodnight (:

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Ok ok I got this "it's our first Valentine's Day together and I didn't know what to get you so I literally bought you every Valentine's Day related thing I saw"

The only thing that Annabeth could see when she opened the door was red. 

It was everywhere. Red flowers, red candies, red stuffed animals. The presents covered the floor, the couch, the rest of the furniture. The whole apartment smelled like chocolate candy. 

Annabeth sighed as she stepped inside his apartment. She knew Percy loved the holidays, so of course she should have been expecting something like this. 

“Percy?” she called, glancing around at the piles of Valentine’s gifts. There was a vase of lilies sitting on one the end of the counter, and Annabeth ran her fingers over the soft petals. 

His head popped up from behind a hug stuffed teddy bear that was sitting on the edge of his couch. He was frowning, “I didn’t know what to get so I bought everything.”

She laughed, wading through the boxes of chocolates on the ground until she could toss her arms around him and lean forward to kiss him. When she pulled back, she grinned and said, “You’re enough, Seaweed Brain. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

i don’t know if there’s anything more telling of comics being a clusterfuck as batman inc’s very existence. half of it is pre-flashpoint, the other half is new 52 and it’s all canon. all of it