anonymous asked:

Could we cosplay your SUstuck designs? I will give proper credit.

sure go ahead! <3

Anon:What about sustuck gems summoning weapons?

ahh maybe later on!

Anon:wasn’t vriska originally olite or something in that gemstuck picture? did it change or am i going mad

yeah I changed it bc people kept saying she should be fluorite due to her canon dices being made of that

Anon:I wear a fluorite pendant around my neck, and the first thing I thought when I saw your new sustuck was that I was wearing Vriska :3 (I also own a hematite stone eheh)

aw that’s nice 8′) I also have a hematite one haha


5 facts about me for AroDay

1. I’ve kinda always known that I was aromantic, it’s just that I have never really cared for what people did, so it took a while for me to figure out that “Hey, I’m different!”

2. Despite me being an ‘aroace’, I am not in fact an arrow ace. I suck at archery.

3. I am romance-neutral.

4. I want to be in a QPP when I am older, but if I never get to be in one, I would n’t mind.

5. I’m really happy that this day exists and that I get share things about myself!

Have a great AroDay everyone!

(Sources: aroacelibrary made me the compass, thank you for that by the way. I can’t remember who made the template for the second one, but if they tell me, I will add them here. I made the bottom one with the template.) 

A small rant

I love Markiplier and I love a lot of the people in the fandom but we can’t ignore how toxic this fandom (mostly twitter + tumblr) has become in the last 4 months. I would’ve called this fandom perfect with confidence in February and now it’s just evolved into something pretty awful. I’ve been incredibly uncomfortable with a lot of things I have seen in the fandom recently, and when I brought it up on twitter. PEOPLE AGREED WITH ME. I wish nobody agreed with me and it was just me who felt that way but a lot of people of and in saying it now: a lot of people in this fandom need to sort themselves out. Sexual harassment isn’t okay. Objectification isn’t okay. Being possessive isn’t okay. Being nosey isn’t okay and this “daddy” joke is taken across a fine line by too many people here, know when it’s a joke and when it’s creepy.

I’ve been a fan of Marks since 2012, but can we please sort this fandoms issues out. You all kick things that we can fix under the rug and pretend they never happened. I’m forever a fan, but I’d rather be COMFORTABLE around people I have a mutual interest with.