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My New Henry Big Boy in .357 mag/.38 Special

About a month and a half ago I used my tax refund to buy this beautiful new lever action rifle. The Henry Big Boy is a lever action produced by Henry Repeating Arms Co., one of their many lever action products. Mine is chambered in .357 magnum, many of their rifles are chambered in pistol caliber cartridges, hearkening back to the days of the Old West when Winchester lever actions were chambered in cowboy pistol cartridges such as .44-40 and .45 Colt. The Henry Big Boy comes in .357, .44 mag, and .45 colt. Since mine is .357, it can also feed and chamber .38 special as well.  I bought this possibly as a short range hunting rifle, something to use when I don’t feel like using my flintlock.  Plus, since it can fire .38 special, it is a very economical plinking gun.  .357 is a fairly powerful pistol cartridge, but from a rifle it sports some very impressive ballistics, and it’s certainly good enough to take medium sized game at short ranges.

The most notable feature of the Big Boy is its brass frame. They also offer the same model with an iron frame, a checkered stock, and rubber butt pad. I considered buying that one because it would probably be more practical as a rifle to lug through thick woods. However the lovely gleam of it’s brass frame, brass butt plate, and brass barrel bands was too much to resist.  It will probably get scratched, oh well, it was worth it. The rifle features a neat hexagon barrel, adding to its nostalgic old timey look and giving you the feeling that you are handling an old fashioned cowboy gun. It features a ten round fixed magazine, which is loaded through a loading port at the end of the barrel.  To load the magazine port must be twisted and magazine rod removed. Then you insert the cartridges one at a time, then re-insert the magazine rod.

When I first bought this rifle the magazine rod was very hard to twist and operate.  However the more and more I work it, the more its wearing in and its becoming progressively easier.

Often the Henry Golden Boy and Big Boy is mistaken as a replica of the American Civil War era Henry M1860 lever action rifle. However this is not true. Rather, the Big Boy is almost like a hybrid of a Henry rifle, a Winchester Model 1866, and a Marlin Model 336.  It has the loading port system and tube magazine of the Henry, the forearm and brass frame of a Winchester M1866, and a Marlin action.  Regardless you still get this feeling of handling and firing an antique cowboy lever gun, a must for my tastes. The sights are simple, featuring and adjustable ramp rear sight and a front post sight.

Another feature I must mention is a transfer bar, which means you can have the hammer uncocked and down on a round without risk of accidental discharge, which is probably the most important modern feature on a rifle with design elements dating to the 19th century.

With .357 the action is very smooth and operates without any problem.  I did some plinking with both .357 and .38 special.  I purchased some cheap bottom shelf ammo not thinking about the possibility of feeding issues. Problem is I bought this really cheap .38 special ammo that used lacquered steel casings, and ejection was certainly is issue. I later bought some better quality .38 special with brass casings and found they fed with far less issues, though the action isn’t as smooth as with .357 and you kind of have to work the lever harder and faster to ensure proper feeding and ejection. The recoil is very light, even firing .357 magnum. Recoil wise I would compare it to 7.62x39.  So it will definitely save your shoulder despite the brass buttplate.

At first I just did some simple close range plinking at steel swivel targets at 25 yards.  The rifle hits right on at that range and it certainly is a fun plinker.  Then I took it to the 100 yard range to see what I can do. I must admit I had a bit of a handicap shooting, I work night shift and it was a particularly bright day. So my eyes were very sensitive to light and my vision a bit blurry. I think I’m turning into a vampire. 

I was shooting from a bench rest with open sights, using Fiocchi .357 magnum ammo with 142 grain bullets.  I was firing three rounds groups.  First I tested it at 50 yards. At 50 yards the target and visible and well defined. Note that each increment on the grid is one inch.

The first group shot to the right and high aiming at the bull. I decided to play with the adjustable ramp sight, lowering it one increment.  The result was the 2nd group, which shot low.  Thus I reset the sight and adjusted but aiming low, and to the left, resulting in the third group. At 50 yards it shoots on average 1-2 inch groupings.

I then continued by shooting at 100 yards.  At 100 yards the front sight completely covers the bullseye and black portion of the target.

Despite increasing range to 100 yards it still shot high, in fact it shot much higher than at 50 yards. The first grouping I was aiming right for the bull, resulting again in a high group, with one shot completely off the target. I can only assume know that the .357 magnum’s ballistic arc from this rifle is much more considerable than I had previously imagined.  Thus I adjust the the ramp sight down one increment. Like at 50 yards it then shot too low (2nd group). So I reset the sight and decided to aim low, resulting in the third group. At 100 yards it shoots around 2-3 inch groupings on average.

In my final test, I went back to 50 yards. This time I was not using the bench rest, instead firing off hand.  Nor was I taking time with my shots.  Basically the scenario was that I am the sheriff of a western town and some outlaws are up to no good and I have to deal with them.  So I was shooting as quickly as possible while keeping rounds on target.  This was the result.

Now I must say this is no tack driver, nor is it a long range rifle, and I bought it with that expectation. Ballistics data using a 140 grain bullet show that it has a drop of -.2 inches at 100 yards and -5 inches at 150 yards.  So 100 yards is probably the edge of its optimum range. Mine seems to shoot high, but I still would not go beyond 100 yards.  That is fine to me since where I traditionally hunt it is thick woods and there is rarely any continuous ground more than 75 yards. With a scope you could probably get much better range and accuracy out of it. I imagine that if I was using much better quality ammunition with hotter loads, say +P or buffalo bore ammunition, the groupings would tighten considerably at 100 yards and the adjustable sites will be much more useful.  I shall try that some time in the future and post the results.

My final comments on the Henry Big Boy had to do with its quality. Originally I wanted to buy a Rossi Circuit Judge in .410/.45 long colt, most because of the allure of a revolving rifle.  However, I had seen many complaints about the quality of it and manufacturing flaws. Plus it carried the Taurus name (Rossi is owned by Taurus), a Brazilian company which has a reputation for iffy quality control.  So I decided to ditch the Circuit Judge. I also looked at the Ross M1892 lever action rifle, also in .357/38 and also made by Taurus.  It was $300 cheaper (the Henry cost $730), but when I saw it in person I was not impressed.  The metal work was OK, as was the metal finish, done satisfactorily but nothing thrilling.  However the wood and wood finish looked bad, as if it had been done by either child labor, a drunk, or someone who just didn’t really care about what they were doing.  It was really off putting.  The Henry looks like a rifle of unparalleled quality at first glance. It looks like someone made them with an eye for detail and with uncompromising quality in mind. I also own a Henry lever action in .22LR as well, although with a steel frame, and I can say the same for it.  When the sales person took it out of the box I immediately blurted “holy shit, that’s a beautiful rifIe.” I can’t stress the quality of workmanship that goes into Henry rifles, they are more than just firearms, they are works of art.  They are the only metallic cartridge firearms I own and I have no plans nor feel the need to buy any other modern firearms again. Instead I want to focus my collection on antique muzzleloaders or replicas of antique muzzleloaders.  So for me the quality of the Henry trumps all else, its a rifle you can own for a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation.

[FANACCT] 170611 KNK “해달별" Fansign Experience at 제일라아트홀 (Fanboy)

Hi again! 

I’m here with my fanaccount for KNK’s fansign during their “해달별" promotions.

This was a notably important fansign for me because I’m pretty sure this is my last fansign event before I leave Korea on the 22nd…

I’m so sad. ㅠㅠ

Anyway, it was a really awesome event and I’m glad I got to see my favorite group up close and personal again.

I did a video about their fansign before during “U” era too.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

KNK’s fansigns are getting more competitive nowadays, with fans buying more than 10 albums to have a chance to get in. I originally bought 9 albums, but after seeing a fan next to me at the CD store buy 10, I bought 3 more, totaling up to 12 albums overall. And I got in!

On the day of the fansign, I found the building where it was held and headed to the B2 floor. Some fans were waiting to get in, but the staircase and entrance was rather narrow. I showed my Alien Registration Card to verify my identification (though a passport works just as well) and the staff told me to pick a card that was on the table. The assorted cards were all face-down, and this was to determine my seat number. I got number 63. 

I took my seat, but the rows of chairs were all close together and narrow too, not allowing much room. This was a noticeable inconvenience when fans had to squeeze past each other in the rows. I spent a huge amount of time before coming to prepare a fanletter for my bias Seungjun, so I had to write down all the post-its for the members that I would put in my album.

Soon the members appeared and the fansign went underway. They looked so handsome as always, but they look especially good with the suits in this era aghhhh. 

Sorry that my picture’s quality isn’t too good, but this is how the fansign was conducted. The order was: Jihun→Inseong→Seungjun→Youjin→Heejun

MEMBER INTERACTIONS (with pictures and gifs!)

I’ll fast-forward to the interactions I had with each member. I’m sorry that I forgot some things that happened, but in the thick of the moment, it’s hard to process and take in everything that happened (for me). Luckily, I met someone at the fansign that was kind enough to take a video of me when I went through this great experience. I was really nervous again, because they’re my favorite group and this was my last time, so I was even more anxious. 


So leader Jihun was first this time around~ Actually he was rather quiet today as well; when I met him at a fansign last year, he was rather soft-spoken too. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I pointed to the questions I had brought for him on the post-its and told him I was a part of an international KNK fan group on Facebook, and I gathered some questions other Tinkerbells wanted to know about KNK. He was listening and then all of a sudden, said, “Ah. International,” in English. THAT WAS FREAKING CUTE AHH. He was really handsome up-close, though. He looked mature and cool when he was in thinking mode, but then he lapsed into squishy mode when he smiled and it was just adorable.

He really thought deeply about the questions I wrote. I guess he had to think a lot about how to answer them. But another factor was that time was really limited and the staff members were quite strict so they moved our albums to the next member by force, cutting our time short. 

Blue post-it note:
Q: Which member is really the closest to Jihun-hyung…?
A: I’m close with all but umm… Heejun?!
Jihun had some trouble answering this question but dang, I didn’t expect him to think so seriously about it. ㅠㅠ I’m sorry if I had to make you pick a favorite! I know you all love each other LOL. 

Yellow post-it note:
Q: Where do you draw the inspiration when you make the choreography (for KNK)?
A: There’s just times when suddenly… Ttak! 
I forgot what other little things we said after he answered those, but I had to move on. I gave him high-fives as a farewell and moved over to… Inseong!


Next was my second bias, Inseong. I greeted him by saying, “Inseonggie hyung~” hahaha because he’s just a fun, cool guy. He grinned and asked, “Hyung?” I SWEAR THIS WAS SO REMINISCENT WHEN I FIRST MET HIM in person when he asked me, “Am I hyung?” LOL. But he is just killing the visual game nowadays. He looked especially handsome today. He asked me where I’m from and I told him America, more specifically Hawaii. 

Bottom post-it note:
Q: Is there a place you really want to visit (vacation-wise)?
A: Hawaii

That’s probably why he cleverly wrote his answer as “Hawaii” for my question, but I’m not complaining! Inseong is really easy to talk to. 
I told him that his hairstyle for this concept suits him very well and that he looks really handsome. He was really happy to hear a compliment and ahhh he was just an excited hamster. I assured him that he was already handsome but now, even more. I basically complimented him a lot because he deserves more love and attention!!

Top post-it note:
Q: The most difficult point of this promotion…?

A: Live…!?

He explained that singing live was one of the toughest parts of promotions. I asked why, and he said it’s because he has to sing rather high. I understand him because him singing the chorus in “해달별" while dancing pretty vigorously looked really tiring… But he pulled it off! I told him he was really good and that he’s doing well. I feel like he was insecure a little about his performance as a vocalist and how well he does and I wanted to reassure him. It was time to move on so I told him bye~ Inseong really does have a warm heart and he’s such a nice person please give him lots of affection and reassurance


*sigh* I really can’t express how great and caring Seungjun is. I can tell he truly loves and adores his fans, and it shows from the way he treats them. He said my name like, “Junior?” in a cute tone and I said cutely too, “Seungjunnie-hyung~” AHAHAHAHA. He immediately looked at my questions and more antics ensued.

Blue post-it note:
Q: POKEMON or DIGIMON, you can only choose one
A: *marks Pokemon* but went the extra mile to show his UNCONDITIONAL PREFERENCE FOR DIGIMON LIKE WHAT THE NOOOOOOO

Yellow post-it note:
Q: Is there a member you want to live with for the rest of your life?
A: Inseong Jihun

At first, he took a look at the blue note and I reiterated, “You can only choose one!” Without hesitation, he answered, “Digimon!” I was like WHAT THE HECK, NO YOU CAN’T CHOOSE DIGIMON OVER POKEMON OMGG.

He was so firm, he was like, “Digimon~” in a cute tone and I told him, “Why??” He seemed a bit sympathetic and marked Pokemon, but said, “Digimon~” again and decorated a box around the word Digimon. DANG IT SEUNGJUN. I was like OTL because I came dressed in a Squirtle hoodie because I thought he loved Pokemon more but that happened. I mockingly complained, “I came dressed like this too…” Seungjun chuckled and then proceeded to gently grab my arm and draw a little heart on the Squirtle patch design on my hoodie!!!

SJ: *in a Korean accent* Hearteu~
I internally died at this cute action like I AM NEVER WASHING THIS HOODIE AGAIN LOL

I also made sure to give him the letter I worked on. He then looked at my second post-it, which he thought about for a moment. At first, Seungjun wrote Inseong, so I asked him why. He said because Inseong is funny. BUT THEN LAST MINUTE Seungjun scratches out Inseong’s name and writes Jihun AND HE DIDN’T EVEN GIVE A REASON WHY LOL. So that made think like HMMMMM this ship really sails itself huh… Now I had to tell him that this was pretty much my last chance to see them…

Me: Actually, on the 22nd, I’m leaving Korea, so this is my last chance to see you guys. I’m really glad I got to see you guys often while I was here.
SJ: *in a cute pleading voice* Don’t go~ (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)
Me: I don’t wanna leave either!

And then this happened.

OMG I was so flustered when he asked when I’ll be back with that cheeky smile that I accidentally lapsed into English hahahaha. He probably didn’t understand what I said, but I had to move on ㅠㅠ!! Wait for me Seungjun, I’ll be back!! I really want to cry now… Hahahaha. And it ended cutely because I kept shaking his hand, and then…

Thank goodness. He is the best and he’s always so sweet!!


Okay I’m going to start off my account of Youjin because right when I got to him, he asked me, “Are you a fan of Seungjun?” BWAHAHAHA he called me out!! I told him that I liked all the members but yeah, Seungjun was my fave… If he noticed that, then wow… 

And then it was like another round of deja vu because I told him I was from Hawaii and that he should come, and he replied, “I want to go too!” LIKE THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT WE SAID LAST YEAR AT THE FIRST FANSIGN LOL.

He looked over my questions and I told him they were from other international fans. He got super excited over the Overwatch question and his inner fanboy came out. 

Yellow post-it note:
Q: Which heroes (do you use) when you play Overwatch?
A: Roadhog, Reinhardt, and… the last part was a bit illegible but I think he wrote the name of a Korean Overwatch player named 후아유. [If anyone wants to help me out with deciphering that, it’d be much appreciated~]

He was so happy when talking about his mains for OW, but I had to tell him that I actually didn’t know the game at all loooool. I wish I could’ve nerded out with him but idk ㅋㅋㅋ He even asked me, “Isn’t Overwatch quite popular in America?” lmaooo which is true but yeah, I’m clueless.

Blue post-it note:
Q: What are you most afraid of??
A: Bugs! 1인칭 horror game.

So Youjin seems to be the least fearful in the group so I also wanted to know what scares him. He wrote “bugs” and I couldn’t believe like this guy didn’t flinch for the ghost prank or a VR zombie slashing him but he’s afraid of insects??



But Youjin is a cool chill guy who loves gaming so hit him up yo


Heejun, Heejun, Heejun. You never know how he’ll be like. I heard from a friend that he’s different every time which is kinda true. The first time I met him, he was comical but on the quiet side, and we were kinda awkward… BUT THIS TIME WAS JUST OMG LOL.
He spoke some English to me even though I was talking to him in Korean which was cute. He said things like, “Where are you from?” and “Really?” Soooo silly. I complimented him on his English pronunciation and I DIDN’T NOTICE THIS UNTIL MY FRIEND SHOWED ME THE FOOTAGE SHE TOOK AND-

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Heejun’s also quite chill but he’s so funny agh.

Yellow post-it note: 
Q: Is there a concept you want to try?
A: BTS’ Blood, Sweat, Tears 
hOLY SHIZ IS IT WEIRD THAT I CAN ALREADY IMAGINE HEEJUN IN THAT KIND OF CONCEPT? he already bares his chest sometimes like omfg and I can totally see him pulling it off like shiz I AM READY

Blue post-it note:
Q: Heejun-ah~ Please write down your favorite color!!
A: Black, gray
Heejun forgot because he even asked himself out loud, “Which colors do I like?” I told him, “Why don’t you know??” HAHAHA. 

I told him I was l was leaving soon and he just replied, “When will you be back?” LOL. IDK, I wish I knew, then I wouldn’t have to leave y’all ㅠㅠ I told him bye and he was like, “bye bye!!!” 

Later on, the members picked random seat numbers from a box and the chosen fans could take a selca with them. SO LUCKYY. I WASN’T CHOSEN BUT UGH IT’S OKKK. 

Then they played 공기, which is a Korean bean game similar to Jacks. Jihun got really competitive and he almost kicked the stage LMAOOOO. Seungjun was really bad at it and he ended up last. Youjin was first, followed by Inseong, Heejun and finally Jihun secured a place by a hair. Seungjun’s punishment was dancing to their title track with aegyo LOOOOOL he tried his best but he looked so awkward omg

And that was it.
My last fansign with them.

I love them so much, because they’re all so wholesome and show their personalities unabashedly. All of them are SO DIFFERENT and the dynamics are just so interesting and charming. 

SORRY I cut it a little at the end but I have to go to class ㅠㅠ I’ll tweak this a bit later maybe but I hope y’all enjoyed this!!!!

A Breach of Trust: Chapter 13

(Chapter Index: Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5 || Chapter 6 || Chapter 7 || Chapter 8 || Chapter 9 || Chapter 10 || Chapter 11 || Chapter 12 || Chapter 13 || Chapter 14)

When Reigen finally threw open the doctor office’s door, frantic and frazzled and 42 minutes late, he was certain he’d walked into the wrong room.

Colorful was the first thing to come to mind, between the wallpaper and the rug and the toys scattered across it. Blocky cartoon animals rung the wall, each a solid unnatural unapologetic color: pink tiger followed by orange monkey followed by green giraffe. The rug matched in vibrancy, stark geometric patterns stained across it like paint spatter. Camouflaged among the pinks and blues and greens were the toys: one abacus-like contraption of twirling wires and movable pieces, two simplistic puzzles where single pieces belonged distinctly to each of the six gouges in their surfaces, a single plastic truck gunked at the wheels with paint chipped along all sides from years of use.

Reigen looked up, and registered the three distinct sets of moms and children spread around the waiting room, each parent varying degrees of visibly exhausted. The left-most mom sat rocking a snotty and red-cheeked baby on her knee. The right-most spoke quietly and tersely on the phone while her son probed her iPad. The brother-sister pair in the center eyed the abacus toy on the rug with furtive, eager glances to their mom and back.

Reigen would have eased the door shut with a quiet, embarrassed apology for his mistake. He didn’t, once he noticed the married couple tucked away in the wooden chairs in the corner. Recognition registered like surprise in Reigen’s mind—he hardly recognized them—and it was Jun who caught his eye. She flagged him over.

He stepped carefully across the colored rug, lest he step on some well-disguised toy strewn somewhere. He kept his steps high, and relaxed only once he’d made it to the open seat beside Tetsuo. He took it, attention divided between Tetsuo and the kids, who filled him with sort of a confused wonder–the brother-sister pair had now scrambled to the abacus toy, eyes alight, and were spinning its plastic pieces.

“Dr. Wong is a pediatrician,” Jun said, following Reigen’s eyes and guessing at his silent confusion.

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answering asks!

SOME GOOD QUESTIONS UNDER THE CUT!!! idk how many ppl read these but u def should if wanna kno more abt my goofy ocs >:^)

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okay folks time for renison for the ask meme (part two of anon’s request) let’s dive in


who is more likely to hurt the other?

i wanna say that they’ve transcended hurt and experience only love and peace for the rest of their lives but unfortunately…. allison…. is a bitch bless her

basically I think allison can be harsh when she’s upset and she tries to make sure that shit never touches renee but sometimes it does and she likes it when she can upset ppl bc it makes her feel strong again? but she also can’t stand renee hurting so it’s this constant discord. (but also renee pulls away so much to protect people and it hurts allison to see her go, sometimes.)

who is emotionally stronger?

they’re both absolute warriors lemme tell you. remember when allison’s boyfriend died and she pulled her hair back and got to fucking work?? remember when renee’s life was a vicious cycle of abuse and she took up a bible and started smacking ppl around with it?? BOTH of them could be sifting through their emotional baggage at 5 and kicking ass at 5:30 tbh

who is physically stronger?

renee,,,,, could kill you with her hands tied behind her back

she spars and LIFTS she is gentle and small and she has a six pack and she carries her gf to bed

who is more likely to break a bone? 

I can’t imagine anything getting the best of renee even like.. the ground… but also allison walks in towering heels 24/7 and has yet to bust her ass so maybe they’re both superhuman?? I feel like maybe renee would take things too far and break a pinky when she’s scrapping with andrew and probably dead-faced set her own finger and leave every fox……. shaken

who knows best what to say to upset the other? 

Allison can rip out every follicle of your hair if she’s in the mood, she’s neil with crystal earrings, just bc her mouth is all perfectly applicated peaches & cream doesn’t mean it’s not filthy

she never uses renee’s past against her though. never.

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument? 

I think renee is a LOT more willing to admit when she’s in the wrong, and her life is pretty much a balance of redemption and honesty so I think she apologizes very earnestly and seriously and allison basically snorts and tells her it’s forgotten and goes in for neck kisses

allison is a liiiittle too proud to apologize but when she knows she’s done BAD and when they’re alone & intimate in their apartment allison will come in crying and bare-faced and apologize and apologize and apologize

who treats who’s wounds more often? 

renee is scrappy and allison hates it but she’ll sit down for hours making sure every bit of renee is seen to, and she’ll neatly cover up renee’s bruises like she did for neil, quiet and sweet and methodical like she rarely is

who is in constant need of comfort? 

yikes it’s always both w our foxes man

I think allison’s loss is such a fresh wound in her mind and it’s so constant. She still feels so brutally undervalued for her talent and her ingenuity and her strength, and like. that gets bad. Renee’s loss runs deeper and harder and she can’t even think about it, most of the time. She’s making constant amends, but no matter how many times she prays before bed the nightmares still come. (so does allison, lighting sweet smelling candles and brushing renee’s hair back and kissing her face)

who gets more jealous? 

TOUGH bc I think renee projects this very ‘i’ve transcended human emotions and am an eternal sweetie with clothes knit from bible verses’ but she’s still very human and her girlfriend is very very hot and if one more man touches allison without her permission renee will take his hand off :))

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 

okay… neither.. 

who will propose? 

I think allison would and I think she would spend 1 million dollars trying to make it unforgettable even though they could be collapsed on the court after a game and renee would say yes? they could be in bed or walking with their arms linked or having their weekly chinese food with dan and matt and renee would always say yes

(she proposes when they’re on vacation, at some european cathedral with streaming stained glass so renee can feel as close to god as allison feels to renee, and every pew is filled with a different colour of flower and a choir sings something ancient and sapphic ok bye)

who has the most difficult parents?


who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 

it’s pretty equal on the PDA front they’re very affectionate ppl

like I imagine Allison w her hands in the pockets of her designer bomber jacket and renee slipping her hand in too and smiling like fucking summer just rolled in early and hung up its coat

who comes up for the other all the time? 

you know that post where allison calls renee ‘exy’s cutest goalkeeper’?? yeah.. picture that…. all the time

who hogs the blankets? 

you’d think allison bc she enjoys the height of luxury at All Times but it’s renee actually she nests it’s what she does

I think bc she’s so comfortable that she subconsciously lets herself take more than her fair share

who gets more sad? 

allison is more outwardly sad, and it manifests itself in a shade that’s almost angry, almost nothing at all

she hates that she never got to see what seth could have been and she hates that her parents don’t love her and she hates the sight of her own face sometimes

renee doesn’t let the darkness in but when she does she spirals, hard, and she can’t even feel worthy of the cross she wears or the friends she keeps

who is better at cheering the other up? 

allison is such a whirlwind that she can crush sadness under her stilettos tbh like if renee can’t quite get her serene mask tied at the back allison will come in with truckloads of food and a brand fuckin new rhinestone cross (it was the early 2000′s… leave them be) and Dan in tow, and they talk around renee until she feels herself enough to pay attention and actually… smile a real smile

renee is a soother and she knows how to fight bad moods off, so she can calm people down, but allison can pump them up

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

i feel like renee is more likely to just look very wryly and fondly at allison if she says something ridiculous, but allison would be more of a slapper

who is more streetwise?

LMAO uh renee. next

who is more wise?

renee has that kind of all-knowing aura about her like I bet she knows the weirdest shit. Allison is smart in a very straightforward, brisk, I know how to fix this or work this out way, but renee just. knows things

who’s the shyest? 

also hilarious allison will stare a stranger down until they cower and die and renee is the most soft-spoken kiddo on earth

like it’s more of a self-imposed restraint than shyness but the fact remains that allison is an extrovertTM and renee is always going to look calm next to her

who boasts about the other more? 

allison thinks renee is the best thing that’s ever happened and she will show renee off the same way she shows off her wealth tbh bc renee is PRECIOUS to her anyway

who sits on who’s lap? 

renee sits in allison’s for height reasons, and bc allison buries her face in her hair and calls her baby when she does and it’s this whole spectacle

anonymous asked:

Hi!! have you seen Mark's tweets about Fitzsimmons? what are your thoughts?

Anonymous said:  Don’t know if you have a Twitter but Mark, the man who does the VFX work of shield was saying that Aida didn’t manipulate Fitz in any other way than fixing his one regret. Do you feel like that came across in the storytelling, because I know you think he had been brainwashed, what gave you that impression over this is who Fitz is with this kind of influence? As opposed to no he has clearly been tampered with on a larger scale?

Anonymous said:  Kolpack’s responses to fans on twitter is not inspiring confidence. He agrees that evil was always within him and it was the ‘real’ Fitz in the framework - making Fitz in the real world justifiable in his feelings of complicity. Kolpack also states that Aida did not program him to love her, he fell in love with her because of who he is in the framework. She did not ‘brainwash’ him - he had a choice. How have the writers not maliciously destroyed the original character?

Hi Anons!

Well Mark certainly has been busy tonight!   And its going to totally look like I’m cherry picking what tweets I like and don’t I’m really not because there are three major areas that he focused on in is impromptu Q&A session there.

  • FX
  • Fitzsimmons 
  • Framework Fitz

And no one is worried about what he’s said FX wise (though cutting it a bit close on 21 there!).   And he is SUPER excited for Tuesday so YAY!?!   But I”m sure at least part of that is Ghost Rider’s epic return near the closing moments of the episode too.  

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First we’ll start with Fitzsimmons.  Mark was very kind tonight with his responses and addressing some of the fandoms fears, concerns, and complains even.  He (and I’m sure everyone else) are very aware that the Fitzsimmons fandom is frustrated…oh so frustrated and upset right now.  As fantastic as this arc has been is been very difficult on them.   I’m there too guys.  I love the arc but I am beyond ready to have them back together.  For now I’ll settle for Fitz being himself again…even if he’s still Ophelia’s hostage.  Mark is telling us to hang in there, it will be worth it, that there is a light.  And I believe him.  He’s on set, he’s seen/read the scripts.   He knows what happened.  So yes, hang tight guys we’re ALMOST THERE.  

Then there is the other stuff…

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And I promise I’m not cherry picking what I do and don’t like in his tweets, but I do disagree with his interpretation of what happened with Fitz in the Framework.  Because like I said he’s on set, seen/read the scripts, so how he sees Framework Fitz is HIS interpretation of it, just as my metas are mine.  And I politely and respectfully disagree with Mark.  

Not only are my theories and metas on the subject my own interpretation based on what I’ve seen and read but its also based on what we have heard Iain say.  And Iain is the one who sat down with the writers and executive producers when they were getting him ready for this arc.   

Its not the obvious brainwashing of Hive but he was still manipulated in a mind boggling manner by AIDA to get him right where he wanted him.

  • In 19 Radcliffe said that AIDA changed Papa Fitz so that he would stick around for his son.   
    • I personally still don’t even feel that was a regret for Fitz and just more evidence that AIDA was manipulating the loopholes.
  • It went beyond having his father in his life.  It was the kind of man his father was.  Controlling, abusive, harsh, taught him that love/kindness was a weakness, taught him to grab for power.  ALISTAIR MADE THE DOCTOR, Fitz had no choice in the matter, he was dropped into the Avatar with his real memories repressed.  Alistair told Jemma he made him.  Then we throw in AIDA was directing the path ahead.  Placing herself in at the right time to allow herself to take Jemma’s place at his side.
    • People were REMOVED from Fitz’s life.  Alistair TOOK HIM from his mother and Jemma was murdered.
    • The other hostages Fixes all came later in their lives while Fitz’s was from his childhood.  
  • His father and then Ophelia were continuous influences on him.  He was always around them.
  • When Fitz did show ‘weakness’ in his fathers eyes AKA remorse and questioning killing Agnes his father was there to re enforce the ‘programming’.  When he started to get off track, his father redirected him back to AIDA’s goals.
  • It was Iain that said she ‘redirected’ his love/loyalty from Jemma to Ophelia.   So eyes The Doctor loved Ophelia, like Fitz loved Jemma due to when/how Ophelia placed herself in the Doctor’s life.
  • Radcliffe said that AIDA had taken advantage of loopholes for herself and changed things.
  • Ophelia bragged about meddling in things.  

Fitz did not have a choice in any of that.   As I’ve said before AIDA needed him to turn right at an intersection so she took away the left turn.  

Fitz does have a choice now.  He is not a bad person, a bad person wouldn’t have reacted like this when he woke up.  The world they had him ‘evil’ in wasn’t real/was designed by the big bad with an evil book who needed him to do something for her.   so I don’t see it as character assassination unless he makes those kinds of choices in the REAL world when he’s himself again.  And he won’t, because that is not who Fitz really is.  

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Until canon explicitly tells me otherwise I’m sticking to my theory.  I do see what was done to Fitz as a form of brainwashing and a vast amount of manipulation.  That AIDA”s manipulations went well beyond simply fixing a regret, she changed things in order to get what she wanted.  

The other really really crummy answer to this is that was the direction they needed the story to go. They needed Fitz to finish looking glass so went with the ‘make him evil in the alternate world route with it’.   And like with 4722 hours I don’t think they imagined we would dive into it as we have…I mean really guys have you met us?  Did you not see the 4575 metas we did on a freaking necklace last season?  Of course we are going to dig into this!  

5 Clichés to Stay Away From in YA

Young Adult Fiction. It’s a genre that’s been debated for as long as it’s existed.  You might hate it; you might love it, but we all have to agree that it has its fair share of clichés that everyone is pretty much sick of.  Personally, I love YA, but some of the clichés have gotten so bad that I can hardly read this genre anymore.

If you’re planning on writing something in the YA genre, try to stay away from these 5 clichés.  If you must use them, morph them into something amazing that makes them no longer seem like a cliche.

1. Love at First Sight

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Do not make your character relationships akin to that of Marius and Cosette (though I love them and have a concerning obsession with Les Misérables).  No one here is falling in love with a stranger they just bumped into on the street, and then having a flawless relationship with them. You might believe in love at first sight, but it’s hardly ever believable in writing. If you are going to make characters fall in love, do it gradually with some bumps in the road every once in a while.

2. Every Girl is a Damsel in Distress

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“Just as Stephanie thought that her world was going to collapse, she met Brad, and he changed everything.” 

If I ever see this on the back cover of a book, I immediately walk away. Not only is it overdone, it’s completely wrong and unnecessary. Girls’ lives do not just suddenly become perfect because some guy whisks them off of their feet. Yes, meeting someone they really like can help make things easier, because of the joy that they bring them, but that doesn’t mean that everything is somehow magically better, especially if they are a character struggling with conflicts that are out of their control.

Women are not damsels in distress.  We are not waiting for a night in shining armor to save us, so stop putting this in YA novels. It’s by far the worst cliché in any sort of fiction (in my opinion), so please stay away from it at all costs.

3. Every Guy is Tall, Dark, and Handsome

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Not only is he tall, dark, and handsome, but he’s also captain of the football team, he volunteers at a rescue center, he’s the funniest guy in school, he’s attending an ivy league school next year, and he’s willing to fall in love with the main character.

*slow clap*

People aren’t perfect! That means your characters shouldn’t be either, and that includes male love interests. You must add “imperfections” to your characters, whether that is physically, morally, or personality-wise. Readers will never be able to relate to or sympathize with a perfect character, so through some vices in there. I promise that you can still love your character, even if they aren’t perfect.

4. The Character That Suddenly Realizes How Attractive They Are

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This is a more recent one that keeps popping up in YA, and it’s primarily been in female characters. A character thinks that they are ugly and are incapable of being loved, and then the designated love interest of the novel calls them beautiful, and they suddenly have a great sense of self-worth.

Guys, it doesn’t happen like that. Of course, that can help give the character a confidence boost, but going from hating yourself to believing you are flawless and anyone would be lucky to have you is pretty hard to accomplish just from having a single human compliment you. 

For once, I would love to see a YA character who is confident in themselves from the beginning, and doesn’t need to have their self-worth validating by anyone but themselves. That’s a positive message that needs to get out there, and books have the power to do that.

5. Everyone’s an Orphan (or at least has terrible parents)

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Why are all of the parents either dead or abusive? I don’t get it. Of course, these can be real issues with true impact and meaning, but lately I’ve seen books that have orphaned/abused characters in which their home life has no meaning at all. If it serves no purpose, take it out of the book. Write about orphaned kids or abusive parents, as long as that has meaning and can make a (usually dark and haunting) impact on the novel.  Otherwise, let the parents be good and alive. I think it’s about time we let them live.

After 200+ hours of playing  Breath of the Wild, I have finished my adventure. Here are my thoughts. (Spoilers)

So, almost two months after its release, I have officially completed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and oh boy, do I have a lot to say about this game. I’m a little hesitant to call this a review, I guess, because it’s not organized too well or intent on giving a score or anything silly like that. But considering my love for this series and acknowledging this game as a huge departure from what many have grown used to, its got my head spinning with a whole bunch of thoughts that I just feel like dumping somewhere. This is mostly an art blog, it feels a little weird sticking this here but I honestly don’t know where else I’d put it. I’ll try to organize my brain and keep things as short as possible, but for the most part I’m just gonna jump in.

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My personal thoughts on all of the Nicktoons (so far as of May 2017)
  • Doug: Cute, sweet show. I love it. Sad how it tends to be labeled as "boring" now- it's still a great show. And of course it kicked off the whole "slice-of-life cartoons" trend so that's pretty cool. And yes, I did like the Disney version. But it's nowhere near as good as the Nick version.
  • Rugrats: Probably one of my favorite cartoons ever. Funny, clever, great characters, great music, great '90s aesthetics, and Klasky-Csupo's style is perfect. One of THE best Nicktoons..too bad it got dumbed down in 2001. was such a great show and then I don't know what happened there. Rugrats in Paris should've been the finale. But...even the later episodes are better than it's spin-offs.
  • The Ren and Stimpy Show: While I'm not the biggest fan of most gross-out shows, I LOVE this one. I'm pretty much with Mr. Enter on how most gross-out cartoons seem to be TRYING to be R&S but rarely getting it right. The characters are hilarious and it's so weird, it's funny. But the less about Adult Party Cartoon; the better.
  • Rocko's Modern Life: Amazing show and I'm really excited for the TV movie...whenever that's coming out. I love the visual style, the music, the characters, and I'm sure I love it even more as an adult than I did as a kid (and I did love it as a kid)
  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: Another great show (really, Nick was at it's highest point in the '90s, but the early-to-mid '90s especially). Love the characters, the intentionally ugly's just great. Shame it tends to be so underrated.
  • Hey Arnold!: One of the greatest cartoons ever and probably the best Nicktoon ever. I love how it never tried to shy away from more mature themes that other kids' shows wouldn't try touching and it did a great job at it. Looking forward to the Jungle Movie, and of course...Helga was the best.
  • KaBlam!: I loved it as a kid. As an adult, I REALLY wonder why. The wraparounds try way too hard to be "hip", just akwardly shoehorning in references attempting to be the next TTA or Animaniacs, but falling completely flat. Characters were annoying but the voice acting was awesome. I do need to give the show credit for making me a ska fan. Most of the individual shorts kind of sucked but Action League Now! was hilarious and The Off-Beats was cute. And of course...
  • Life With Loopy: Yes I had to give this it's own mention because it's just that good. Nick really needs to give this one it's own series because the campy and surreal nature mixed with the overall sweetness was just a perfect blend, and the animation style was pretty awesome. The title character is just so perfect and so underrated. And I LOVE how aesthetically '90s the whole show is.
  • The Angry Beavers: Another one that's pretty underrated. I always really loved this show. I love all the banter and ad-libbing between Norbert and Daggett. And the music was great. I still listen to "Beaver Fever" and "I Think I Like You" now and again (also...Salem and Zim as beavers. How could you go wrong there?)
  • CatDog: Everyone hates this show but I really loved it. I love the character designs, CatDog themselves, and the theme song is NEVER going to leave my head. Sure, it's no Rocko or Hey Arnold!, but it's still a funny show.
  • Oh Yeah! Cartoons: Unlike KaBlam!, this one had different shorts in every episode rather than just four main short series, so it would take too long to go over all of them (not to mention that a good chunk of them aren't even online!). A lot of the shorts on this show were really funny and had some great visual styles. And Mina and the Count still needs a TV show.
  • The Wild Thornberrys: Really loved this show; I was the "animal kid" in my class so obviously I really liked this one. I just really love Klasky-Csupo. The movie was awesome and so was the show.
  • SpongeBob Squarepants: One of the funniest cartoons ever. While it got annoying seeing it become a schedule clog, the earlier episodes are still great. I heard that it got itself out of seasonal rot (look, let's pretend most of what came in-between the movie and the second movie never happened), but I rarely watch Nick anymore so I wouldn't know. Let's hope so.
  • Rocket Power: Not one of my favorites as a kid or as an adult (I wasn't really into the extreme sports craze), but my friends really liked it so I watched it with them and yeah, I enjoyed what I saw. It does have it's funny moments and while it's incredibly cheesy and way too late '90s/early 2000s that it hurts, it's a fun watch just for the cheese.
  • As Told By Ginger: A great show that I don't think I really appreciated enough until I got older. I guess I was just a LITTLE too young when it was new and by the time I was older and getting more into it...the show got cancelled. It's a really great show and one of Nick's best slice-of-life shows.
  • The Fairly OddParents: Really funny...for the first four seasons. S5 was when it started to slip and everything after that just got worse and worse. I still have fond memories of watching the older seasons and they're still good...but let's hope that jump to Nicktoons meant something.
  • Invader Zim: Great show, great animation, great character designs...did NOT deserve to be screwed over. I'm really looking forward to the TV movie. But...while I do love GIR (though he's not my #1 favorite character), the whole Hot Topic worship of GIR was pretty annoying. Let's face it- 2006/2007 on the internet was a bad time.
  • ChalkZone: Really cute. Admittedly I like the worldbuilding elements and characters a little more than the actual episodes (I did love all of S1 though; I think it was the best season), it's still great. S4 was...not the best though. From what we know about the canned S5, it was probably gonna be a lot better but...Nick had to be Nick. Let us have S5, already. And really- why didn't we get a ton of Snap merchandise?
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Good show but I liked the movie more. Had some really funny moments and is so aesthetically early 2000s that it's pretty fun looking back on.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot: Loved this one and I wish it got more recognition. Jenny was absolutely adorable and she was a hero to me as a kid (okay, looking back...I'm sure I had a crush on Jenny). Sad that the network treated it like shit.
  • All Grown Up!: The special was good. The first season was pretty good. After that I felt like I was reading glorified Rugrats fanfic. All it was really was "Ginger Lite" as ATBG was dealing with the heavier stuff while this was all the leftover stuff. Rugrats was great and had an interesting premise. AGU! was more of the same.
  • Danny Phantom: This was the last Nicktoon I REALLY loved as a kid. A really good show that could've gotten even more awesome had it's own creator not fucked it up. Ugh...I want a revival but PLEASE let it be by Steve Marmel and not Butch. Also Sam was a preteen. And I've got tons of purple and black in my wardrobe (and the same purple lipstick) now that may or may not have been influenced by her (well, that and/or the fact that those are my favorite colors anyway). Like many others...I totally had a crush on Danny as a kid.
  • Avatar the Last Airbender: Okay, admittedly...I was never into this show. But I praise it for it's themes, animation, story...while I personally couldn't get into it, it still is a great show and probably the last really good Nicktoon for a while. And yeah- we don't talk about that movie.
  • Catscratch: I didn't really see enough of it but what I saw I liked. Wanted to see more but it came and went really fast.
  • The Xs: While the previews for it looked pretty good, I...did not like it. I watched it when it premiered and everything but it was a letdown. Felt like they were trying WAY too hard to make their own version of The Incredibles but with Erin Esurance-esque animation. Voice acting was great though (I noticed that Wendie Malick was the saving grace for TWO bad 2005 cartoons)
  • El Tigre: Okay this was RIGHT around the time I was starting to lose interest/outgrow Nickelodeon. Had a great premise and could've been a really good show and I was looking forward to it, but it felt like tons of other flash cartoons at the time and the voice acting could've been a lot better (great talents- direction-wise though...). Maybe if I were a younger kid when it came out, I would've liked it more, was annoying. But the creator has made some other great stuff and I STILL need to see The Book of Life. I'm kicking myself for not seeing it in the theaters due to my work and college schedule.
  • Tak and the Power of JuJu: Didn't play the games but I already knew the franchise was pretty much dying by the time the show came out. It was awful. And we never heard from Tak again...
  • Back at the Barnyard: The movie had it's problems but was at least watchable. The show was just annoying and unfunny.
  • The Mighty B!: Unpopular opinion, but...I really loved this show. It has problems, but there was something about it I couldn't hate. Bessie was just such a great character. Wasn't a big fan of the grossout elements but otherwise it was really funny. Not a great show, but I was entertained enough.
  • Rugrats Pre-School Daze: YES THIS IS A REAL SHOW. Ugly art style (I'm pissed that K-C didn't use their signature style and went for something more "cutesy"; it just looked awful), bland writing, and really not a very interesting series. No wonder why it only lasted four episodes and didn't even air in the US until 2008 after all the episodes were released direct-to-video as bonus features on those Tales of the Crib DVDs (the less about them, the better). All it felt like was a desperate attempt to keep a dying franchise alive.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar: I was pretty neutral to the Madagascar franchise- saw the first movie in theaters and it was alright; wasn't dying to see the sequels so I never did. The show however never did anything for me.
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum: While I was already losing interest in Nick around 2005-2007, this was right around the time where I was officially done. I was a teenager at this point and not into this stuff anymore, but I stuck around for the old SpongeBob or FOP rerun and well...guilty pleasure Mighty B!. Then they changed the logo. And then this show came out. was SO annoying. Annoying theme song, annoying characters...animation style would've worked a lot better if it was in 2D rather than CGI; it just fell way too deep into the uncanny valley for me. I wouldn't say this was the final nail in the coffin for me though; it was definitely the logo change.
  • T.U.F.F. Puppy: Didn't like it. Jokes weren't that funny. I did love the character designs though.
  • Planet Sheen: Sheen didn't need a spinoff. This was one of the worst ideas ever.
  • Kung-Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness: Liked the first movie (I need to watch it again), haven't seen the sequels but I should. Was bored with the TV show.
  • TMNT: Haven't seen it but I've heard nothing but good things about it. Maybe I should check it out.
  • The Legend of Korra: Heard it was pretty good, but as I wasn't really into Avatar I probably wouldn't be too interested.
  • Robot and Monster: Never saw.
  • Monsters vs. Aliens: Saw the movie and it was...alright. Didn't think it was warranting of a TV series. Didn't watch it.
  • Sanjay and Craig: Saw some of it while waiting for another show to come and...I never wanted to watch it again. Not a fan of the character designs and it was really unfunny. But it's better than Breadwinners.
  • Rabbids Invasion: I did like the Rabbids games as a preteen this time, I don't think they were that popular anymore. Didn't watch it. How is it still running?
  • Breadwinners: Worst Nicktoon ever (so far). Ugly characters, awful animation, shitty did this get greenlit? Nick...just because "it's for kids" doesn't mean "we can half-ass it"
  • Harvey Beaks: What's this? A GOOD NICKTOON? Yes- it's such a cute show with cute character designs, really nice's got a nice, nostalgic feel to it while also feeling like something brand new that Nick hasn't done. I'm pissed that it was screwed over.
  • Pig Goat Banana Cricket: Like Monsters, I like how it's "intentionally ugly" and some of the jokes/line delivery managed to be pretty funny, but is otherwise pretty meh to me overall. I'd like it more if I were seven, because hey, that's the show's target audience.
  • The Loud House: I'm glad it has positive representation (thank you for including gay parents in one of your shows, Nick!), but otherwise it's just too bland and cliched for me. Nice character designs; animation could be better. Again, I'd probably like it more if I were in the target audience.
  • Bunsen is a Beast!: Haven't watched it. Don't plan on it, either.
An Intern’s Guide To: Interning

Yesterday I turned 19. Meaning today it has officially been one year since I claimed the title of intern. That’s one year of intern knowledge, and then some, that I would like to share with you. 

Let’s begin with a bit of background. I lost my intern virginity last summer. I started applying in spring and, to my surprise, heard back from all the magazines I applied to - bar one. But their Twitter pic hasn’t changed in a year so I’m not quite sure what’s going on there. I ended up becoming an editorial intern at two magazines. Both of different genres - I figured it’d be beneficial to  get a diversity of experience. The first was a fashion magazine and I absolutely loved it. It was the first magazine I set eyes on and I even modelled my entire CV around one of its covers (more on that later.) I enjoyed it so much that I re-arranged the dates of my next internship just so I could stay longer. I woke up every morning last summer looking forward to what my day had to offer. Even though I struggled to afford travelling into London everyday, and got achey eyes from hours in front of a laptop screen, I began each day with a flurry of butterflies in my stomach because I loved writing for them so much. It felt like the right fit from day one. Despite arriving 2 hours late on day one that is.

I was given so much freedom to write exactly how I wanted to — much different to my next internship, where despite the fact it was a much younger magazine, had a more traditional approach with its interns. Everything would get sent back with highlighted notes and once it was finally published, lost all remnants of its initial vitality, but in turn gained the slick and polished voice of an edited feature.  I did learn a lot from all that editing. Things they’d usually teach you in journalism school like “numbers under ten are expressed in words.” Not only did I learn a lot but met some really wonderful people.

Despite each internship’s differences, both editors seemed happy with my work and expressed they wished I could stay longer! I now write for the first magazine, which is beyond what I could’ve imagined when I began applying last year (have a read of my elated response to first-time publication here.) I’d like to stress that I had no contacts nor family members who have a clue about this industry. If I can do it, you most definitely can too! So from me to you, here’s how to become an intern.  

Find Your Own Experience.

High-key every intern’s #goals

Before writing your CV you need relevant things to fill it with. Instead of waiting for opportunity to knock on your door, why not make your own? With the Internet at your fingertips there is no excuse. Gaining experience and building a portfolio is as simple as e-mailing your favourite blog and asking to contribute an article. Starting your own blog and making sure it’s in tip-top shape when future employers decide to Google you, and sincerely reaching out to growing online platforms asking to write for them. In the beginning I built my portfolio through Twitter search. I would search key phrases like “bloggers wanted” or “writers wanted” and volunteer my services (@UKFashionIntern is fab for this). You’d be surprised how far a well-composed e-mail can get you! Experience wise, you really don’t need anything fancy, you just need to show employers that you’re competent in the basics. So e-mail the editor of your local paper and ask to shadow someone for a week, or get down to your local radio and volunteer your time for a few days. If you’re at school or university make use of all the opportunities to write for the magazine or paper. This is all classed as experience, will build your portfolio and get you suited for an internship.

Stand Out.


I think this is most important. Especially if you’re lacking in the experience department. It’s imperative to set yourself apart from all the other candidates who have the same or more experience than you. Two ways to get your application an eyebrow raise are your e-mail subject line and the aesthetic of your CV. Editors’ inboxes are filled with hundreds of e-mails a day so use your subject line to stand out from all the other intern e-mails. Make it short, concise but interesting so they have to read it. I’m not sure where I came up with mine, but I definitely did a ton of research, looked at lots of examples and steered away from the conventional. Think of it like a headline, but always ensure it’s appropriate. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your CV. Fashion and media are industries where creativity is celebrated after all, so you can afford to push boundaries with your application (although as was suggested to me by Heat’s Senior Editor, simplicity is often better). It’ll make you memorable and give you a chance to show your personality and how badly you want that internship. Think of the dozens of black and white word documents an editor receives then *boom* in comes your creative piece of curriculum vitae. At one of my internships, the editor showed my CV to the entire office and asked how I created it. I used photoshop (good way to showcase photoshop skills) in order to create an infographic CV. Infographics are a succinct means of getting your experience across, way more visual and fun to look at, and a great way to play on human psychology (psych student coming thru). Who wants to read through dozens of identical applications when you could present the same information through image, colour and an attractive aesthetic. Chances are they won’t be glossing over your CV. It’s different to the usual application so they’ll take note. If you dont know how to use photoshop - like me pre-CV - just google everything. Google is your friend.

Be as modest or as extra as you please

For infographic inspo I did a Google and Pinterest search for creative CVs. I saved my favourites and used them for inspiration on how to design my own. As mentioned in the intro, I based the colour scheme of my CV on the cover of the first magazine I applied to. Partly because the colours were soo beautiful, and because I wanted to impress them. I literally used a colour code finder to find the exact colours. If that doesn’t show how bad you want that internship I don’t know what could! A strong subject line and a pretty CV are bound to give you a good footing in the application process.

Here’s a buzzfeed link to CV ideas you could use for any job, not just creative ones

Use your Initiative/Be a Ninja.

Once you’ve got through the prelims and finally land that internship, it’s time to be on your A-game and stay on that A-game. Bring a notebook so you can take note of instructions, feedback and stay on track. It also makes you look like an eager beaver who’s ready to work. It’s important not just to do what you’re told, but to go beyond that. Do things that your editor didnt even ask or expect you to do. Make everyone’s life as easy as possible by doing more than you have to. So if you’re asked to write an article for online, write the tags and social media posts for it too. If you’re asked to research an interviewee organise your research in an easy-to-read format and suggest interview questions - even if you weren’t asked to. You must always be one step ahead. It’s important to be quick but not to sacrifice quality. So edit, edit, edit. You better be the most helpful and competent ninja that office has ever seen.

Be Present.

Carrie started as an intern. Who wouldn’t want to be Carrie?

Don’t be scared to contribute to discussions. An intern is still a part of the team so offer your ideas and when asked - dont be a neutral party - give your opinion. Be sure to make the most of your time at a publication and get to know people. A good conversation starter is to ask them questions about themselves. Like how they came to work there or any advice they could give you. Dont be a silent voice in the background, you’ve got to be a helping hand and a smiling face. Remember, these are the people giving you references and everyone seems to know each other in fashion, so they could recommend you to someone or even offer you a job based on how lovely you were during your stay.

Be a Nice Human.

UAL produced McQueen and Phoebe Philo. Their word is golden. 

This is integral in any field. Be nice and respectful to any and everyone you meet. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met and googled when I got home only to realise how major they were. These are the people you could be working with one day or the key to your next opportunity. You need to be remembered as a pleasant and competent person because in order to advance, it really can be about who you know. So greet and say hello to everyone. Even if you’re shy and really awkward, you have to do it! Try to get as many contacts as you can and keep in touch. Whether that be e-mailing them for advice once, thanking them for your experience or offering your time to help them (I recently did this and ended up working at Topshop’s flagship for a few days - score!) This includes fellow interns. A lot of people in the industry started as interns - look at where they are now? Who’s to say that intern on the Mac next you won’t go on to work at a PR firm that might just be hiring, or recommend you when a last minute stylist assistant is needed? Just leave a good impression on everyone you meet, k?

In summary, get off your bottom and seek experience whether that be online or in your local area, get creative with your e-mail, cover letter and CV, always be one step ahead of your editor’s needs and treat everyone with upmost respect. Fashion and the media aren’t as mean as TV and film make them out to be. People tend to be very helpful. The opportunity is there you just have to be willing to go for it!

Now you’re equipped, go get that internship!

Yours truly,


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Spring Anime Final Impressions

Now that I’m back from the dead and only my detestable part-time job keeping me from being a NEET, I can finally go back to do the shit I opened this log for: rant about anime! Spring season is over and there was so much variety and so many good shows that, after a certain cutoff point, it became difficult to ascertain my top picks for the quarter. So here are my summarized last impressions for this season, as usual, from worst to best (The top two are pretty much a tie, so don’t pay the order there much mind). I’m not mentioning the half-dozen shows I dropped because I already addressed that in this post

It must be noted that I’m extremely gullible, so if a show had a lot of flaws along the way but nailed a perfect ending, I’m probably gonna rate it higher than it should. Meanwhile, if a show that was great through most of its run craps the landing, I’m gonna be harsher with it than it probably deserves

Mayoiga/The Lost Village. To be honest I don’t even have words to describe this. I couldn’t even begin to explain all that was wrong with this show. Nonsensical direction, plot and characterization might be an apt way to put it. To make things worse, the last couple of episodes dropped all of the hilarity of earlier moments (nothing will ever top the silicone boob monster), to focus in the two most boring characters out of the entire cast, with an amazingly stupid underlying “message” about “psychological scars”. It’s sincerely baffling that there are people who think this mess was being “bad on purpose”. And the most frustrating part of it all is that not a single person died. At least Another had the component of ridiculous over the top death scenes that had me laughing all the way through. Lost Village didn’t even deliver on that front. Might be worth the watch just to amaze yourself in how such a thing even came to happen. I also can’t believe that not a single person died because I was so ready to see all these despicable people meet a bloody end. Rated 0/10. It failed in everything it attempted to do and the final episodes weren’t even so-bad-is-funny which was criminal in and of itself.

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Super Lovers: This shit ended so long ago I hardly remember it. It’s horrible and gross and I can’t believe it’s getting a second season when Love Stage isn’t. Agh. As the weeks went by it just got more and more gross with worse and worse grooming undertones. But, to be honest, I might have been able to deal with all of that if the romantic drama was even the slightest bit compelling, and it’s not. At least Junjou Romantica (which y’all know I despise) has the latent conflict of having to tell Misaki’s brother about their relationship. Here everyone sees Haru and Ren kissing, sleeping together and even borderline humping and everyone’s a-ok with that. Not only is that very creepy but makes for very boring storytelling. There are no stakes, no tension and no drama whatsoever. And I’m still gonna watch S2 for the pleasure of trashing it. Rated 0.5/10 and I’m being lenient here because the dog is cute.

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Sailor Moon Crystal III:  Chibiusa’s friendship with Hotaru was well-developed (except at the finale) and the first set of OP/ED was great. That’s about the only good things I can say about it as a whole. But the rest, well, poop painted in gold is still poop. Even with better designs and slightly better animation, the story was as flat and childishly stupid, full of plotholes and contrivances, and the character development was nonexistent. The entire season is about how Usagi is a perfect queen and everyone loves her and she can do no wrong. Character relationships are paper thin, nothing in the entire series has sold me on why the senshis are such good friends. And the very beloved HarukaxMichiru pair that I was excited to meet for the first time didn’t even exist. I still struggle to figure out what made this shallow and badly-written series an all-time classic.  Rated 2/10

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Kiznaiver: I have conflicting thoughts on this show. The premise on which it rests is incredibly stupid, and not in a good way. The show acts like it’s being deep and clever, but when the whole exposition happens, I was left scratching my head because the writers were obviously challenging my suspension of disbelief. I didn’t care about the characters either. I kind of liked Tenga because his design was very appealing to me, he looked mighty handsome when he smiled at Chidori at the end, but that’s about it. And I’m probably gonna get stoned for this but I really disliked Nico. Her crush on Tenga came completely out of left field and her character was overall annoying. The only moment I liked her was when she said she didn’t care about Noriko because those were my thoughts exactly. The first half of the show was absolutely a drag, entirely boring and unengaging. All that being said, the visual execution of the show is top notch, the director is clearly very talented. The scenes at the bridge with Katsuhira and Noriko were stunning. And it hit some great emotional notes in the second half, even if I couldn’t get behind on what drove the characters to those emotions. I’m a big sucker for pining, so the scene of everyone screaming under the rain hit my buttons just right. But everything else about was just so… ugh. The teachers were insufferable. The kids were insufferable. The premise was insufferable. And there’s just a lot it does wrong for me to even think of recommending it to anyone. So it’ll just have to stick to a mediocre lower-middle spot. And it’s sad because it could’ve done great things. Maybe next time, TRIGGER. Rated 5/10

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Kotetsujo no Kabaneri: This is the reason we didn’t get more Attack on Titan this year (even though we were supposed to). And that’s fine I guess. It was a fun and exciting show for the most part, with great action scenes and gorgeous designs. It kind of went off the rails in the middle section, but it recovered in time for a bombastic finale, so almost all of its shit is forbidden. I mean, don’t go in expecting your life will change, but it’s a perfectly acceptable piece of entertainment. And Ayame’s character really grew into her role instead of devolving like I’d feared she’d do, which was great. Oh, Mumei also flings Ikoma like a sack of potatoes back into the train and it’s hilarious. 7/10. Could be a little higher, but yeah, that middle portion was baaaad.

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Joker Game: This is another one of those shows that I don’t know what to make of. I think I liked the concept of it more than I liked the actual show, mostly because the final episode was so terribly underwhelming and with that gross, unnecessary sexist remark at the end. This is probably the one show that doesn’t benefit from how much a series’s ending influences my opinion of it as a whole. If they had capped off the show with an introspection into Yuuki’s character this could’ve gone way up higher, but it didn’t. I doubt I’ll remember this show a month from now because it didn’t give me anything to chew on character-wise, which is a shame because it had so much potential. Oh well. Rated 7.5/10

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Shonen Maid: This show was way more adorable than it had any right to be, with a loveable cast and predictable, yet funny storylines. It took a premise that could’ve made it a rival for Super Lovers in the creepy department and made something cute and sweet. I’m partial to family stories, so this one worked pretty great for me.  But the last couple of episodes teased the possibility of predictably heart-wrenching melodrama and then decided to cop-out. The final two episodes were actually rather boring in comparison to the rest of the show. I was also thrown off and annoyed by the last minute introduction of a girl that I suppose is meant to be a love interest for Chihiro. Not only was her introduction to the series clumsy –nothing like the well-handled introductions of the other cast members-, but she brought nothing to the two episodes she was in, and was more of a background character. Also, if anyone’s gonna be a love interest for Chihiro it should be Hino because their level of mutual understanding is wonderful. 8/10

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Flying Witch: Honestly these three shows stand relatively equal to me in terms of enjoyment. I’m putting Flying Witch in the middle because I got a little less magic than I had hoped for, but it had an absolutely beautiful ending. The last two episodes showed us how lovely and magical this show could be, so in comparison it’s kind of sad that the rest of the show was borderline pedestrian as far as supernatural stuff. But the show accomplished what it set itself to do while delivering a loveable cast and a pleasant atmosphere, and it’s definitely a stand-out in the slice-of-life genre. Rated 8/10

Tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge: I caught on to this show sometime mid-season due to all the positive responses it had. It was definitely worth checking it out. Like Flying Witch, it is perhaps too slow and quiet, but in Tanaka-kun’s case, that is kind of the point. Like all the others in this section, it has a loveable cast, with all the characters working quite well as a group. One could say Tanaka is the polar opposite of Sakamoto, in that we’re always waiting to see how far Tanaka is willing to go for the sake of his own laziness. I wasn’t a big fan of how much the last episode focused on teasing Tanaka about his nonexistent relationship with Shiraishi (people who won’t take “I don’t have a girlfriend” for an answer irk me to no end), but it led us to a very sweet realization from Tanaka himself about how he’s come to enjoy his friends’ company. Rated 8/10. Continuing in the sacred tradition of Seki-kun and Nozaki-kun, Tanaka-kun joins the list of unusual school comedies with unusual leads that are way more fun than they’ve any right to be.

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Bungou Stray Dogs: This is a hard show to rate because I had very high expectations for it, but it turned out to be something completely different from what I wanted, as I have mentioned before. It’s not that the thing it did turn out to be is bad, but it’s not what I wanted from it. In spite of that it still managed to be fun and the character work they did was great. I came to really love the cast. The last confrontation was really cool, especially with Mori Ogai pushing Atsushi forward, that was very interesting. I could’ve used a bit more Akiko Yosano because she’s the true boss of this season and I loved her, but I’ll be looking forward to season 2.  Rated 8.5/10

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Sakamoto desu ga?! This was definitely the stand out comedy of the season, with a unique take on the old high school anime setting and a protagonist that was perfectly able to carry the whole show in spite of its irregular production values. It’s not without its faults, and there are a handful of episodes where the jokes just don’t land, but its overall a lot of laughs and over-the-top fun. There’s not much else to say about this anime Mary Poppins other than I’m glad the show addressed Acchan’s huge gay crush on Sakamoto :D 9/10

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Assassination Classroom: That was a dang ballsy ending and I applaud Matsui for it! Lesser mangaka would’ve gone the cop-out route –it even seemed like he was gonna do that at some point-. This second season had its ups and downs, it had great stories and rushed plot points, but the finale earns it a high place in my book. This is truly a unique series –especially for Shonen Jump- with a message about growing up, finding your own talent, and how important a teacher can be, that it’s not  a job to be taken lightly. Even though a part of me was slightly hoping for the cop-out ending, but I’m also glad they didn’t go that way and preserved the wonderfully executed emotional climax. 9/10

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Concrete Revolutio: Anime that takes a spin on historical characters or periods is the stuff my dreams are made of, and I’m not exaggerating. Even though it had a shakey start and could’ve used more episodes to really establish all of its ideas, ConRevo was a creative and smart take on the 60s in Japan. It might have lacked a little in character development, but it still told a complete story that’s different from everything else that’s out there, with a unique visual concept and maybe a thing or two to say about Japan’s politics. This is certainly a show I’d like to binge (once I know more about the period, my specialty is 30s Japan!) eventually to really grasp the story in its full Rated 9/10

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Macross Delta: I wasn’t very impressed with the first episode but boy has this show grown on me. Probably 90% of that is that Mikumo is my new waifu and queen of the world. I wasn’t big on the idea of an idol unit instead of a solo singer (stop it with the idols Japan, that industry is horrible), but I’ve come to like Walküre. Though I wouldn’t mind if they wrote out the Reina and Makina because they don’t really add anything vocally to the group or plot-wise to the series (also Makina’s godawful nicknames need to die. I fucking hate every time she speaks and calls someone by one of those dead stupid nicknames uuuugggh). Anyway, they’ve made an interesting story for this series and it’s one of the shows I most look forward to every week. The emotional peaks in episode 11 were absolutely beautiful. And the songs are pretty good in general, which is kinda important for a Macross show y’all 9.5/10

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Ushio to Tora: Y’all know I’ve had an up-and-down relationship with Ushio to Tora. The first half-a-dozen monster of the week episodes bored me to tears, but once the plot picked up it got better and better. This final cour started on a rocky path too, rushing through plot points and character development (Nagare’s bit is still pretty damn bad in hindsight). But the second half and the final battle against Hakumen were absolutely among the best shit the shonen genre has to offer. Everything since Ushio’s reunion with his mom hit the perfect emotional beats to make for a great story and the Hakumen no Mono was one of the most memorable shonen villains I’ve seen. The final battle was hands down amazingly cool and emotional. Yes, the show could’ve been executed better, but what it accomplished was so great I’m willing to overlook most of its earlier flaws  Rated 9.5/10

Boku no Hero Academia : If it wasn’t evident at this point, I’m a complete sucker for shonen anime, and one that is so well executed makes my soul sing. Fans of the manga have complained about the slow pace but to be honest, with one exception, I never felt that the pace was slow. The characters are endearing, Deku is the type of shonen protagonist that I love, and I’m eager for new seasons to get to know the rest of the cast better. They did a good job in showing us at least a little bit from most of the kids in Deku’s class, so I was very satisfied with that. The animation was stunning and every episode reached moments of wonderful emotional peaks which had me on the verge of tears. And I love All Might. I’m so excited for S2 and I might pick up the manga too. 10/10

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable: This show is so fun. I love how much David Production loves this franchise, and how palpable their passion for the material is with the wonderful animation and direction, the lively colors, the great pacing. I’m way more engaged in Josuke and his crazy bizarre pals than I was with Jotaro’s crew, and I loved that crew. That they ended the quarter with the very emotional reunion with Joseph, who is my favorite Jojo. They’re doing a very good job in portraying Josuke’s inner conflict about resenting his father while also wanting to get close to him. Now that the bow and arrow have been captured, I do have to wonder what they’ll be doing for the next 25 episodes, but I’m absolutely willing to tag along 10/10

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You’ll note that I didn’t mention Sinbad no Bouken. The reason for that is that, along with how busy I became with my dissertation (I can’t believe it’s finally over), the fansubs were taking a while to come out and I lost track of it. Since it’s coming to Netflix I’ll binge it when it shows up.

So that was spring! What were y’all’s favorite shows? Are you among the crazy people that claim Mayoiga was intentional comedy? Team Freyja or Team Mirage? Let me know which shows you liked/hated and if I missed out on anything that I should check out from the season. And stay tuned for my summer lineup, it’s a crazy busy season y’all!

A Crash Course in Sigils

This started out as a submission, but I couldn’t help it and before I knew it I’d spent over an hour writing!

Hey! Not exactly new to the ideas behind meditation, wicca, sigils and such, but before now I hadn’t really had the opportunity to express my interest.. I was wondering if you had some basic guidelines / crash course to sigils and how to go about them? Any help would be much appreciated

– thephoenixguy

A Crash Course in Sigil Design and Usage

Sigils are, at their core, a way of infusing a pattern with magick in a way that means those who use them kind of… “call” on the magick when they need it, and the sigil directs the magick in a prearranged way that removes the need to worry about performing an entire spell every time. The most important thing to remember about sigils, therefore, is that they’re a way of creating a single-purpose spell that can direct specific actions, and they can be very powerful in the hands of someone who’s good with them and knows how to cast them properly.

The first thing to learn about sigils is where you put them. Sigils are intended to be drawn in different places, depending on how they work. Most sigils act on people, and are therefore most commonly either drawn on the skin, or on something that frequently has skin contact (or is often worn on the body). These include amulets, charms, and talismans, but also commonly work clothing items like shoes. Many sigils may also act best on the sleeping mind, and so drawing them on a person’s pillow, or their bedhead or bed frame, is common (especially if you can’t get skin access).

The second thing is that a sigil design is a very personal enterprise, and as a result it can be extremely difficult, and usually impossible, to know for sure why a sigil was created just by looking at it. Unless you know exactly what a sigil means, therefore, it’s a bad idea to just use one you found online - for all you know, it could be a hex or a target!

But how do I make a sigil?

Creating sigils is a relatively simple process, and there are many methods out there. The most common method beginners use is the “letters” method, but sigils made in this fashion can often be overly complex or not really “speak” to the person making it, and can sometimes therefore be less effective. 

  1. The letters method involves writing out a statement that you want to perform; say, to be a wiser person when making judgements. You would write out a statement on paper as “I am a wise judge of situations”, making sure to use phrases like “I am” rather than “I will be” - this has more “oomph” as it were, it’s a command to the magick rather than a request.

    I’ll include a written illustration at the bottom!

  2. Next, you remove all the vowels in the sentence. This is because when you pronounce a word, vowels are often what make it intelligible; on their own, consonants can be anything, and therefore make a better conduit for the meaning YOU want to put there. So, “I am a wise judge of situations” would become “MWSJDGFSTTNS”.

  3. This is pretty long, so next we erase all duplicated letters. Some people erase all of them, others erase all but one. I’ll erase all of them for simplicity, leaving us with “MWJDGFN”.

  4. Finally, we make our sigil from the letters! Arrange them however you want; big, small, back to front, upside down, inside out, cursive, blocky, bold or italicised, howsoever you like it! 

As you can see, I mucked up my first attempt and didn’t like what I had made, so I just crossed it out. That’s totally allowed! Sometimes I run through a whole A4 page before stumbling across a design I like, especially with this method. 

Of course, the letters method is a great beginner technique, helping you to craft something new, unique and with an inherent message. However, I don’t much like the sigil I did for that specific message using that method, because it feels wrong. So, I also drew a more freeform sigil, simply using some imagery and a little imagination!

The sigil I designed freeform is the one in the middle, with the black and white circles. In this instance, I used a few different inspirations for the design, none of which were letters. 

  • The stylised infinity symbol represents the eyes of a person, representing the all-seeing nature of the truly wise and impartial judge.
  • The circles, one black and one white, represents that there is always more than one side to a judgement, and that all aspects must be considered. 
  • The lines at the base represent that there are myriad possible outcomes, and one must be wise enough to select the best from the many. 
  • The cross in the centre (the diagonal is simply a stylisation) connects the centre elements together. 
  • The circle moving around the outside, broken around the circles for stylisation reasons, represents the ever-repeating nature of decisions and judgements, one feeding into the next, and into the next, and back to the first, forever.

Though it may appear simple, there’s a lot of energy going into each sigil because it’s designed with a lot of thought and love, and a lot of creativity and design. Every element of a freeform sigil has meaning, and every element is important, which is why I find they’re usually more powerful.

So I’ve got my sigil. What next?

The next thing you’ll need to do is cast it! All spells need to be cast, and by casting a sigil what you’re doing is “casting” its energy out into the world, infusing that pattern with magick for a purpose.
Everyone has a different method of casting their sigils, but the most common method is Fire casting, which is taken from Chaos magick. This involves drawing the sigil on paper, and then burning the paper into ash whilst concentrating hard on what you want the sigil to become. This method works well for those who work with discordant magick, and especially for sigils of a destructive nature. However, as a nature-worshipper I find that Fire is not my best element and therefore I developed Earth-casting.

I’m not the only person to use this method, but I developed it independently and I find it works well for me. I dig a hole in the earth, usually about 6 inches deep. I write, on biodegradable paper, the sigil and its meaning. I then place the sigil into the hole, and replace the earth before pouring over some water and pushing the magick into the planet itself, infusing it into the Earth. 
Other methods involve shredding the sigil and scattering it to the wind, burning it in a sacred dish as an offering to your gods, soaking it in the ocean and letting it go, tying string around it and wearing it for a day and a night as a pendant… you name it. Most methods of casting destroy the original, but some do not! Find the method that works best for you, though be aware that like all magick it can be very tiring! Don’t do too many at once.
I hope this helps as a crash course in sigil magick! Look up other forms of sigil magick and research around, perhaps you’ll find your own path!
– Juniper

The process by which I created Blue Lace.

1) Picking a gem! Obviously, since Spinel is pinkish and red and Halite is light blue, I looked at a bunch of gems that were both at the extremes and blends of those colours. The most appropriate gem, colour-wise, would probably have been hackmanite. It’s a gem that changes from white to rich purple depending on how much sunlight it receives. And the hack part made me think of what the fusion would attack: by hacking people with her foot blades. In the end I went with blue lace agate, even though the colours favour the Halite half of the fusion. This was partially because I wanted to avoid an -ite name (very difficult seeing as how most minerals these days all new minerals end in -ite) and because I liked how it abbreviated to Blue Lace.

2) References! I discussed the fusion quite a bit with @joe-sparrow, the creator of Halite. We wanted to do something on the more monstrous end of fusions, though it didn’t quite end up that way. Anima from FFX, one of his favourite Final Fantasy creatures, was our starting point. We wanted a gem that could contort and flex, so that adds a few other images. Dian Yoon and the monocephalus skulls for how her face would potentially look. Obviously, I also looked at actual fusion gems from Steven Universe show to try and keep them stylistically similar, seeing how simple and how complex the show’s creators had gone with them. I feel bad for those who animate Sugilite – she’s easily the most detailed of the fusions. Size-wise, I imagine Blue Lace to be about as tall as Opal and Rainbow Quartz.

3) Sketches! Time for figure out what Blue Lace looks like. This part was actually quite tricky, especially when it came to the bodies. SU is really good in that all its characters have very distinct body shapes and that the fusions end up being somewhere in between. Examples: Sugilite is more muscular than Amethyst, but broader than Garnet; Rainbow Quartz is slimmer than Rose Quartz, but more curvacious than Pearl. But both Halite and Spinel are quite slim (except for Spinel’s chest), so there wasn’t that much to be done in terms of body shape. But they both have long legs, so eventually came to a conclusion: stretch her! Blue Lace’s body parts should be longer than either of her two constituent gems. I also tried to give her a really weird face, but they ended up just feeling awkward. It’s a shame.

4) Rejected Design! An early design for Blue Lace. At first Joe and I were quite fond of the long-hair-in-front-of-the-face thing, but I found it quite difficult to work with in the end. The hair kept getting in the way and spoiling the silhouette. The arms wrapped around the torso did the same thing. (Fun fact: this version has an extra bend in her arms, upper arm, middle arm, lower arm, hands). The upper body also felt like it needed something, but the shoulder pads just felt too Spinel, even if it gave her a cool X-shape. In the end, the whole design felt too Spinel for me, too normal-looking. A fusion should be influenced by her gems, but not so much that she just looks like a big version of one of them. In the end, I felt this was going in a direction I didn’t like and couldn’t fix, so I went back to the sketches.

5) Finalizing the design! One of Halite’s early designs had her wearing a cloak to accentuate her shyness. Joe eventually scrapped that idea, but I really liked it. I went back to the sketch stage and did a few designs with variations of cloaks and hairstyles. Then I did a large version and fiddled around with the decoration on the cloak. I still really like the neck diamonds that the first cloak has, but in the end felt that breaking the symmetry worked better, and that its simplicity would make her easy to animate.

In the end, I still feel a little guilty that Blue Lace maybe takes more design influences from Spinel than Halite. I tried to check myself, hence the rejection of the first design, but I guess I’m just biased towards my own gem. I also feel I maybe copped out with the arms. Does Blue Lace have them? Does she not? If she does have arms, is it because she’s shape-shifted them into existence?

But I’m very happy with her regardless. I haven’t actually designed something in a while. Those of you who follow me because of @dungeonsanddrawings will notice that I haven’t made a post in some time. I’ve tried, but I felt pretty burned out after 6 years of designing new monsters every week. Blue Lace is the first time in months where I’ve drawn something new that I felt was good enough to show other people.

anonymous asked:

wait, so are you a neuroscience major? What do you do? I think it sounds really cool, but i'm bad at math, so.

Hi Anon,

I am in fact a neuroscience major twice.  I did my undergrad degree in Neuroscience, and now I’m doing my Ph.D. in neuroscience.  And I love it.  Its a fantastic subject.

I am actually not completely sure what you want to know about from your ask, so I’m just going to sort of attempt to cover everything I can think of, and if you want something clarified you can come back and ask again.

Neuroscience is a really really broad field. It covers everything brain and nerve related.  So topic wise that’s everything related to the brain, the spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system, as well as how the nervous system interacts with other systems like the immune system.  Neuroscientists work at every level of biology. That ranges from genetics, to how specific proteins work inside cells (molecular biology or biochemistry), to specific cells, or how cells interact (cellular neuroscience, electrophysiology), to larger networks (systems neuroscience), right up to how the brain produces thought and behaviour (cognitive neuroscience). Neuroscientists can also work on making computer models of cells or of brains (computational neuroscience).  That isn’t even all the major branches, it’s really very diverse.

I specifically, am working in Neuroimaging, and investigating personality using functional MRI.  Neuroimaging is one of the most multidisciplinary fields, it involves information from cognitive neuroscience, psychology,cellular neuroscience, and neurovascular physiology (the specific way the blood supply to the brain works is a field in and of itself) to design experiments and interpret data, but to actually do experiments I use techniques from computer science, statistics and signal processing. And actually using MRI involves physics, but I’m not involved in that directly, I just trust the physicists and MR techs and say thank you to them a lot. I love this and its one of the reasons I picked this field to work in. 

If you want to know what exactly what neuroscientists do all day, you’re really going to have to pick a field or two though, because if I try to sum them all up I’ll be here all night. But very briefly, it can range from what I do, to focusing more on behavioural tests, and working with patients with specific illnesses or lesions, or working with animals to see the effects of whatever you’re studying on their brain, to working with individual cells cultured in dishes, its hugely variable.

And neuroscientists come from a lot of backgrounds, a lot of us started in some part of biology, or psychology and increasingly, from actual neuroscience undergrads, because they’re getting more common, but there are also engineers and physicists, and computer scientists, and in some places you can do cognitive science degrees, which are a combination of computer science, psychology, neuroscience and philosophy, centred around cognition.

In terms of what a neuroscience UNDERGRAD does, if you’re more interested in getting a first degree, you’re probably going to do a little bit of everything neuroscience related.  Neuroscience programs vary a but, you’ll do intro sciences and math, then the biological sciences (genetics, cellular, biochem, organic chemistry, etc), and then a combination of specific neuroscience courses and psychology courses. The man who designed my program thought a liberal arts type background was important, so I also took some anthropology, and humanities, and a combined history/ethics course, but depending on where you are you might stay more science focused. And in terms of course type, it’ll be a combination lectures, lecture/lab combos and some discussion classes, where you read and analyze current research, in all likelihood.  I also had pure lab courses. You’ll essentially finish with a crash course in each of the neuroscience related fields.

Its a really great degree.  I went into it planning to go into a neuroscience Ph.D. which worked well, but it will also set you up well to go to medical school, or into clinical psychology, or physiotherapy/occupational therapy, if you’re interested in health care. Not to mention any number of research adjacent careers. If you want specifically, to know about the mechanics of a research career, come back and let me know, I’ll make a separate post, its kind of involved.

I want to specifically address you’re comment that you’re bad at math.  PLEASE DO NOT LET MATH SCARE YOU AWAY FROM NEUROSCIENCE!!!

Its a little hard to give specific advice about this because ‘bad at math’ can cover everything from intimidated, to having a disability like dyscalculia.  

At undergrad level, I took 2 math courses, calculus, and linear algebra.  And an introductory statistics course.  Outside of my math specific courses there was a few basic calculations in chemistry and genetics, and in my research based courses I used the stats I’d already learned in my stats course. But it isn’t a math heavy degree.  

If mostly you’re just intimidated, or have trouble keeping up with math and the undergrad math is what’s frightening you off, most universities have a LOT of tutorial resources for intro math, because a lot of people have trouble with them (and they mostly get through them and go on to do very well). If you’re concerned about statistics, don’t be, the actual math involved in statistics is incredibly straight-forward, it looks complicated, when you write it out, but its essentially all the y = mx + b equation you learned in 7th or 8th grade, with some fancy clothing on. Also, a lot of stats is done using statistics programming.  That doesn’t involve doing the math yourself, it involves understanding what to tell the computer.

That’s pretty much how I do math too.  I use really complicated math (I spent all today on independent components analysis), but I don’t actually have to be able to do it, just understand how it works, and how to interpret the results it gives me. 

If you do have dyscalculia or some other math-related learning disability I can’t really give a lot of specific advice, but there is plenty of neuroscience you can do that doesn’t involve math, and you can almost certainly work around it in courses if your instructors are cooperative (the majority of professors are nice and will help, they just don’t know what you need until you explain, unfortunately).

But please, please, whatever you do, don’t buy into the obnoxious idea that struggling with math in school permanently shuts you out of STEM!

I hope this at least moves in the direction of what you wanted to know, I will happily answer any other neuroscience or brain related questions you may have :). Neuroscience is wonderful and I totally recommend it.

Chabashira Tenko discourse

Excuse this long ass post here but I have to vent on certain topics.

Don’t worry I’m not gonna hate on someone’s opinion or judge an opinion as I know people might think different about some stuff then I do, but I’m just surprised some are already pretty biased and prejudicial about a few things which honestly isn’t nessassery and also a little bit distracting considering the game isn’t out yet.

As said, people can disagree on this and I’m happy we have different opinions, so we can disscuss about several topics. But what bugs me is that a bunch of people are already hating on a certain NDRV3 girl with no real reason or are just jumping onto the hate-train without having further knowledge about that certain girl and it makes me a little sad she receives so much hate when she’s actually a well-designed character just like the rest of the cast.

To be honest, I would just like to write down my opinion about Chabashira Tenko and don’t worry, I’m not gonna attack or talk down the people who dislike her already – as I know some might have their own reasons for it or maybe just find her unappealing – but I feel like I must get this off my chest, especially because I do in fact like her and at this point I feel like I should explain why I think she is not as bad as most of the people are making her seem to be.

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A comprehensive ranking and review of all 33 Nancy Drew games

In light of unsuccessfully trying to finish RAN and feeling the need to express my anger about its quality, I wrote this unprompted, totally biased and subjective ranking of all the games. (spoilers, of course):

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Is the New Republic surrounded?

Weeeell. That’s a line of thought i’ve been entertaining. Like a lot. I’ve been meaning to do a post on that, so that’s the occasion. Let’s talk facts and possibilities. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

Maps. Maps are good. We can’t talk about the NR being surrounded without a map. But first let’s get an idea of the Empire’s reach before it got wrecked - it’s very incomplete, but gives an idea.

Also i did say it’d be a wild ride. Bear with me.

The red points are locations (really) easy to find, where Imperial presence most definitely was a thing. All the exploration and mapping going on shows they’re going everywhere.

Fast forward. The Empire’s been defeated at Endor, and Imperials are fleeing towards the Unknown Regions (where the Starkiller will be built), the Outer Rim and Wild Space, as seen in [Aftermath]. Let’s note an important map-related point from the VD:

One of those travelers is Lor San Tekka. It’s highly likely some of these records touched on Imperial exploration endeavors. 

- THE MAPS. And we know, through TFA, the FO has maps inherited from the Empire. Which already gives them an advantage. Since to surround the NR, you’d need to start your pincer move from the edges of the galaxy - Wild Space and the Unknown Reaches.

Anyway. The [preview to the history of propaganda book] says:

The thousand-year regime did not outlive its founder. The death of Palpatine at the Battle of Endor threw the Galactic Empire into tumult, as the autocracy did not have ironclad instruction of succession in the event of such a disaster. Ambitious members of the Imperial Council attempted to grab into their fiefdoms of power, while distant governors and Imperial military leaders seized what territories they could. Other loyalists tried to uphold Palpatine’s vision and considered such power grabs traitorous. Still more Imperials were relieved to be free of their sovereign and sued for peace with the victorious Alliance at their earliest opportunity.

This was a time of chess. The Empire’s expansion stalled, and its aggression turned inwards. Governors used their propaganda apparatus to spread tailored messages, which in aggregate were a contradictory and bewildering mess. Some, like Governor Abelhard of the Anoat sector, insisted that the Emperor lived on and that the Rebellion was spreading lies. Others downplayed the threat of the newly emergent New Republic, or refused to name it as such to avoid giving the victors any kind of legitimacy. Some ramped up fear by describing the New Republic as monstrous terrorists, swallowing former Imperial worlds whole with their anarchy.

The Akiva summit in Aftermath has also shown the Imperials are, at this point, splintered. Most important, the end reveals there’s a fleet in hiding somewhere in the Vulpinus Nebula (location unknown), led by a Grand Admiral. It’s also where Admiral Rae Sloane and the Super Star Destroyer Ravager are.

But we know at some point, the Ravager will leave its hiding place, and participate in the Battle of Jakku, where it’ll meet its end. Lost Stars told us the Battle of Jakku was followed by some Imperials retreating in the Core, and of a fleet hidden in the Queluhan Nebula (location unknown). The battle was also followed by the signing of the Galactic Concordance treaty (a mutual treaty, though the exact terms are hard to work out), but let’s emphasize an important point from the propaganda book:

The Galactic Concordance, the peace treaty that brought an end to hostility, was at last signed after the last remnants of the Imperial fleet vanished following the Battle of Jakku. Former Imperial governors were invited to the New Republic, though many of them bore the weight of crushing reparations.

So those didn’t sign no treaty. The VD confirms that:

We also know, from the propaganda book preview, that post Battle of Jakku, some other Imperials will join the NR, and later secede to form the FO:

Over time, the former Imperials reunited as the First Order and coolly inhabited a wing of Republic politics until tension reached a breaking point. The First Order seceded from the New Republic, a move that was welcomed by many in the galactic capital. But others realized that without Republic oversight, the First Order would return to the Empire’s draconian ways and ambitious expansion. To counter this specific concern, Leia Organa of Alderaan founded the Resistance, a paramilitary group that probed the neutral space separating the First Order and the Republic for signs of treaty violation.

Okay so timeline-wise, we now get to [Bloodline]. Methinks the Centrists, not all probably, but the most extreme, are likely to be the seceding party. The threat at the edges of the galaxy teased in released materials for the book would be another imperial splinter, and my working hypothesis is the FO as such is born from a meeting of the Senate-splinter extremists and the Hidden-splinter (or, alternatively, one of an unknown number of Hidden-splinters. You know, for another trilogy. Or spin-offs.)

Okay, so overall, we have timeline issues, and it’s hard to see yet how all those different remnants relate to each other exactly. Bloodline will probably give us more on the FO’s birth, and that’ll clarify a few things. In any case, we know the book should at least end with the creation of the Resistance, and the NR aware of the FO’s existence. 

And so we get to the situation before TFA. We know the NR isn’t taking the FO seriously at this point, and i could mount up evidence but let’s just quote a bit from [Poe’s Before the Awakening chapter]. It comes from a Major Deso, of the NR’s Navy, so we can say it’s the official line:

“The Senate Intelligence Committee has reviewed the reports and has found them inconclusive, at best grossly overstated, Poe. This is a non-issue. It’s a big galaxy. The First Order is a remnant born of a war thirty years gone. Yes, they persist, yes, they continue, but by all accounts they do so barely. They are, at best, an ill-organized, poorly equipped, and badly funded group of loyalists who use propaganda and fear to inflate their strength and their importance.”

Yeah. Moving on, much has been said of the NR’s head-in-the-sand policy. Let’s ask instead, what’s exactly the influence zone of the New Republic?

The propaganda book preview tells us, emphasis mine,

Once the dust of the Galactic Civil War settled, the New Republic was a fraction of the size of the Empire and the Republic that preceded it. Its size was dictated by the egalitarian process that created it. Many systems opted out of galactic representation, but remained on friendly terms with the galactic government. A Galactic Senate would convene on the capital - a capital that would have no fixed location and would travel to different worlds determined by election.

Those are some very important points. 

The Poe chapter in Before the Awakening has three helpful bits; the first one is about an official NR map:

“[Poe] clenched his fists, unclenched them, then looked past Deso at the wall of the briefing room behind him. A display showed the galaxy, color overlays marking realms of political influence. Their position at the Republic base in Mirrin Prime was marked by a gently pulsing gold dot at sea in the royal blue that represented the New Republic’s sphere of influence. It stretched far and wide, from the Inner Core to great swaths of the Outer Rim. A gray band designated the neutral region of the Borderland, and beyond that was a pocket of crimson, First Order territory.

For the first time, Poe saw the map and thought it was lying”.

The second one is on the Resistance’s maps:

A holoprojector, used for analysis and planning, glowed in an opposite corner, projecting one of the Republic news feeds, but it had been muted, making it seem as if the reporter were speaking in pantomime. On the far wall, opposite where he’d entered, were two displays showing the galaxy, similar to the overlay map in Deso’s office. It took Poe another second to realize the difference, that these weren’t political maps but rather operational ones, showing troop and fleet movements”.

I keep thinking it’s weird the Navy uses what amounts to political maps, and it makes me wonder if the NR didn’t recognize the sovereignty of the FO, or the seceding Senate-splinter, on some areas of space.

The uncivilized ones, mostly. Far from the Core. 

Which, of course, would have been a really bad move, since that’s not NR territory. 

Anyway, last bit:

Republic space and First Order space were separated by a buffer zone of neutral systems, and the peace that had been negotiated—a peace that many, including Poe, believed existed in name only—meant that military action taken by one side upon the other was considered an overt act of war. It didn’t seem to matter that evidence of First Order incursions into Republic space continued to mount; the Republic refused to take any action outside of the most formal diplomatic protest. Striking directly at the First Order was out of the question. As Leia explained it to Poe, Resistance action had to remain covert, at least until irrefutable evidence of the First Order’s violation of the peace could be presented to Republic Command

Hey. Mutual treaty! Breaking of terms on both sides!

More importantly for today’s question, buffer zones.

Let’s work magic now (i wish)

  • in dark blue, 
    • Kashyyyk, whom we can suppose has been liberated during Aftermath: Life Debt
    • Chandrila, first seat of the NR’s Senate
    • D’Qar gets some blue too, since it’s a Resistance base of operation.
  •  in dark blue + less dark blue, 
    • Bespin, freed in the comics post RotJ 
    • Endor
  • in green
    • Ryloth, who likely stayed an independent player since Bloodline. 
    • The deformed green potato is Hutt Space (EU limits since official map’s so sadly lacking, but Bloodline confirms it exists and is disintegrating, so for now that’ll do to get an idea), where it’s very probable that, disintegration of Hutt power or not, the NR has little influence. Bloodline will probably tell us more. 
    • Takodana gets some green too, because it’s a neutral system 
  • the red dots are
    • Jakku, in the Inner Rim, and that should be NR territory – but it’s also pretty far from the main routes and near the Unknown Reaches.
    • Takodana, Mid Rim, neutral system.
    • D’Qar, Outer Rim, where the Resistance has a base.

That gives us an idea of how deep into the galaxy the FO ventured from the edges where it’s been relegated. Interesting to see how much terrain the FO/imperial remnants gained back, what with those red dots’ locations compared to the Endor and Bespin ones. From that’s here’s another speculative map, on possible influence zones. It’s of course wildly speculative.

In green possible FO reach; in green possible independent and/or buffer zones ; in blue possible extension of the NR and Resistance holdouts. The big red line is an approximation of the frontline as seen in TFA. Zones without colors i need more data for. No idea what could have been going in the Core with that Imperial fleet, for one. But that looks like a pincer move. Moar data will maybe make the NR look even more surrounded.

Also i really should start trying for decent maps instead of crappy paint edits.

Now a few last detail - we also know Mon Mothma’s argument for demilitarization in Aftermath was followed on by the NR; among other sources on that, the VD says

So from the start, the NR was, military-wise, in a bad place.

And even better, or worse depending on one’s point of view, we know the destruction of Hosnian Prime was the occasion to destroy part of the NR’s fleet. Hux’s speech:

Today is the end of the Republic. The end of a regime that acquiesces to disorder. At this very moment in a system far from here, the New Republic lies to the galaxy while secretly supporting the treachery of the loathsome Resistance. This fierce machine which you have built, upon which we stand will bring an end to the Senate, to their cherished fleet. All remaining systems will bow to the First Order and will remember this as the last day of the Republic! FIRE!

Some estimations by @seankayos on the destruction, from [here]:

If I had to guess, I’d assume the entirety of the New Republics civilian and military leadership is dead or missing in action in Hosnia, with 80 to 85% of the entire New Republic fleet burning from stem to stern alongside, including pretty much all of their heavy assets (battleships, Star Destroyers equivalents, carriers etc). What’s left is most likely the smattering of patrol bases that Poe refers to in his chapter of Before The Awakening, maybe some light escorts, cruisers and carriers on patrol/pirate hunting duty, as well as the various local defense forces. Either way, the situation is basically even worse than it was for the Rebels back in the day, in this new war the local defense forces will in all likelihood abandon other systems to defend their homes, and the NR has been at peace for 30 years

Now, we still have the Resistance - they’re a private paramilitary organisation, and have been fighting (well sort of) the FO already, so at least they’re ready. Aren’t they?

When the First Order’s true agenda was exposed in the most spectacular and horrific display of war technology known to history, the arguments evaporated as quickly as the Hosnian system. The Republic was burned away in minutes, the result of long-term plotting on the part of the First Order. The minuscule Resistance instantly became the galaxy’s only hope. And emerging from the depth of hidden space, the First Order appeared as a fully mechanized military threat.

Once again, war engulfed the galaxy. Once again, the candle of hope guttered in the winds of troop movements.

Yeah, no.

- Back to the question (was it a question? i’m not that sure). It’s quite possible.



Theory Time: The Enigma of The Metro Girls

As usual, the majority of the theory is below the cut. (Warning: This might be my longest one yet, as it’s covering almost everything I’ve researched about Nataka and Imika. I should write a book.)

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goodqueenalys  asked:

That Au list I love, LOVE! It's so you :) If you are taking prompts from it can I request “you’re supposed to be on a blind date with someone but you sat down at the wrong table and i haven’t been able to get a word in edgewise to tell you that and it’s been thirty minutes” au for Jon/Sansa pretty please!

1. So sorry this took so long I have like, two or three prompts that got lost in the shuffle and I’m trying to catch up on.



“And so I’m just getting out there, you know?” and for the first time in a half hour, the very pretty red head stopped talking.

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