it's... it's exciting

It’s getting better now, less butterflies more comfort. We can talk more easily, make eye contact more easily, and all I wanna do is be around you. But don’t get me wrong I still get excited over small conversations and smiles and eye contact, just not so nervous. It’s nice. I don't want it to go away.
—  1:18

Enbies who play sports and have to deal with the clear divide between “guy” and “girl” teams are strong and awesome. No matter what team you end up on, you are still valid. Sports are sports, whatever your gender; girl football, guy basketball, girl volleyball, it’s all sports. If you want to join a team, don’t let the “gender” of it invalidate you.


a little sneaky peaky on a music video i’ve been editing (that will be up on friday!!)


So, Yoshi has become a very picky eater over the last two years. He stopped wanting to eat his dry food, Royal Canin, so I had to mix some bananas or something for him to eat. Which at the time he would maybe skip a meal every three days or so. Then we moved to the US and changed his food to Orijen, and he liked it and ate fairly well for a week or two. Then he got picky again and wouldn’t eat. So now we’re mixing dry food and wet food, and we was super excited about that but after a month he got bored again and he’s now barely eating. He gets maybe one treat + a dental chew per day. So I’m thinking, cut on the treats and only give him his food until he settles? But idk he just doesn’t seem to like the dry food at all. I tried a bag of Acana with a different flavor and he seemed just as disgusted. 

Any advice to get him to eat???

Phone call with my parents just now:

Mom: So Dad’s been looking at real estate in Pittsburgh, he wants to help you buy and fix up a house! What do you think about that?

[insert discussion about Responsible Adult Things like owning real estate]

Mom: So what’s going on with you?

Me: I…just spent a large amount of money on plane tickets to visit Finland and Germany this summer. *sweats*

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fake spoiler riza hawkeye gets transmuted into a hawk chimera near the end and literally just flies into all the villains' faces to scratch and scream until they surrender. everyone is happy. except for riza, who hasnt had enough blood yet, and flies off into the distance with a large screech to transcend series and kick other anime villains' asses. the end

whelp, that’s it, y’all, no more FMA:B. there’s no way the show itself could ever top this glorious ending

lol jk

A few updates on that Bendy and the Ink Machine animation I’m working on!

-First two scenes are completley done!

-The entire thing is now sketched and has about 290 frames!

-The amount of movement in this animation will be much more than the movement in every single one of my other animations and it looks fantastic.

-All dialogue boxes and letters have been fully animated!

-White background is complete! (This is important because I had to copy and paste the BG over every. Single. Frame. And it kept crashing haha this app sucks)

So yup that’s how far along it is! If I mainly do the animation I could be done by the end of the week, but with all my other projects it may take two!