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The Truth Exists Beyond the Gate

I’m so excited for the FMA live action coming up! Also bonus points to everyone who knows where the quote is from~ 

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I’m at summer school rn and a very sweaty guy wearing a toga and carrying a toaster just told me Jesus loves me and he’ll die for my memes and if that’s not the true high school experience I don’t know what is

Early mornings. Bruce Wayne x reader.

(ok, go easy on me. This is my first ever attempt at writing reader insert fanfiction, or any kind of fan fiction. So bear with me. Constructive criticism is welcome. Let me know what you think. I would love some feedback.) It’s always pleasant to wake up in the late afternoon with the one you love. Especially for me. It isn’t very often that Bruce gets a day off, but even when he does, he’s usually still up at a pretty good hour. Not 1:30 in the afternoon. I smile as I turn over in our bed. My eyes landing on the still sleeping form of my husband. He always looks so peaceful when sleeping. All the stress from working and being the Batman, it takes a lot out of him. But I understand his reasons for doing it. “You’re thinking to loudly.” He smiles at me, eyes still not fully focused. “What are you thinking about?” He asks. I can still hear the groggyness in his voice from just waking up. I scoot closer to him and start running my fingers through his hair. He closes his eyes and sighs in contentment. “Oh, nothing really. Just wishing we could have more days like this. You know, just waking up late, and laying in bed together. Not having to worry about work or other responsibilities.” He smiles at me. “Yeah, I know what you mean.” He roles onto him back and pulls me, so I’m laying with my head on his chest and our legs intertwined. “It’s not often I get to just lay here with you in my arms.” He says as he kisses my forehead. “Well then, let’s enjoy it while we can.” He hums in agreement. “I love you, Bruce.” I mumble as my eyes begin to droop, and I once again fall into dream land. “I love you too, (y/n).”

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Hello everyone! For the next 2 and a half weeks there won’t be any imagines or anything like that because I’m going to be in Korea! I’m flying on Saturday and have been really busy today getting some last minute things ready before we travel to the hotel tomorrow afternoon. I’ll probably post a few updates while I’m away and might post some pictures too~

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i'm so excited for the sequel i can hardly wait! i do wonder, though, do you think the sequel will be out before around this time next year? (i understand that a lot of crazy things happen in life and that your answer may be different than what happens)

(Mochi: Hey, Cookie’s so busy I’m jumping in to answer some asks. Cookie’s hoping the game will be done in two years, maybe less if life isn’t super demanding in the meantime (and we all know how much THAT can change). So hopefully, two years and Cookie will keep us updated on their progress. There is a progress bar on the top of their blog, so you can keep track of that if you want. It really does take a TON of work to make a game from scratch and they really, really appreciate everyone’s patience and support for Ai!)

my shop has been closed for renovations + a summer catalog update!! 
On August 4th, my new zine [ Recens; ] , charms, enamel pins, prints and more will be available !!  ^ Here is a preview for the zine! ^

I am so happy to report that I have finished Act 2 of my book!!! It’s 113 pages, totaling my entire book at 225 pages!!

I’m doing round three of editing, but it shouldn’t take too much time because I’m only looking for grammar errors, not plot points.

By the time August starts, HOPEFULLY I should be devoting my attention to outlining Act 3 and writing it before the end of September!!

Looking good!!!
Sweet Dreams - Chapter 1 - indecisivegaymer - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
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Relationships: Keith/Shiro (Voltron)
Characters: Keith (Voltron), Shiro (Voltron), Pidge (Voltron), Lance (Voltron), Hunk (Voltron), Coran (Voltron), Allura (Voltron)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Coma AU

A horrible accident leaves Keith in a coma and the Castle of Lions inoperable and unable to aid in Keith’s recovery. Unable to have a speedy recovery, Keith is left to his mind where he has vivid, life-like dreams of an alternate world where things were different: where Keith actually confesses his more than platonic feelings for Shiro before Shiro leaves for the Project Kerberos mission, where they are lovingly reunited after a long year apart, where they share a fraction of their romantic lives together as paladins… Then suddenly, Keith awakens in a healing pod, days after he went comatose, with Coran informing him that any dreams he had may feel like actual memories. Don’t worry, those faux memories will fade though! But…will they fade before Keith slips up and lets Shiro know of his true feelings and of their ideal life together…?

Check out the sheith fic I just posted!!!

Ugh, I’m the worst! I’ve been so excited to write this next Quakerider prompt for the past couple weeks and now that it’s time to write it I am procrastinating like a little bitch. I just keep staring at my computer screen, like “ehhh, maybe I’ll start it in a minute” *three hours later having done absolutely nothing* “fuck!”