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37 :D also 76

37. What is the worst gift you have received?

I answered this, but here’s another good story. 

In high school, there was this guy who was in love with me. He wasn’t great about respecting my boundaries and couldn’t seem to grasp that the feeling was not and never would be mutual. There’s a lot of complicated backstory here, including the fact that this all started when we didn’t even know each other that well and I was very confused and distressed, but I think this story stands on its own. (If you want thee complicated backstory lmk boy howdy do I ever love to bitch about him.) 

So this fucking dude travels, like, a lot, and junior year he goes to London for Christmas break because of course he does. (Note: Dude spent a month or two in Switzerland one summer and came back saying “Ah, Switzerland, I used to live there.” He was THAT GUY.) One of the first days back from break I was walking out of school with my dad who worked at the school. Understand that faculty have to stay at least an extra half hour, so everyone else without a reason to stay is gone by now, but he’s still here because he’s bothering me. 

He hands me this flat white box of chocolates and says, clearly very proud of himself, “for you, from London.” Not knowing what else to do, I take the box. And wanting to be polite but not give this guy any ideas, since god knows he got them on his own, I had to think quickly and I swear to god this is what I said: 

“Thanks, I love food.” 

I took the chocolate home and figured, well, might as well eat it. It was the worst chocolate I’ve ever had. It didn’t even taste good. 

76. Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion?

A couple summers ago I read an article that colored denim was in but I didn’t ever join in that because fitting jeans for me is really hard (custom length, yo) so I would love for that to be a thing again.