I’m endlessly thrilled by the physical parallels between these two pairs. Sherlock and his mother with the popped collars; John and Sherlock’s father with the matching shirts, the unassuming jackets, and even the way they part their hair. Sherlock and his mother sit forward, perched on the seat; John and Sherlock’s father lean back.

Complete flake, my wife, but happens to be a genius…she’s unbelievably hot!


Soul Mates

I don’t know how you are so familiar to me - or why it feels less like I am getting to know you and more as though I am remembering who you are. How every smile, every whisper brings me closer to the impossible conclusion that I have known you before, I have loved you before - in another time, a different place - some other existence.


This bangle is even more stellar! Of course it’s not real constellations like this bracelet, but I like the sentiment of the saying. Not that I endorse astrology, but I appreciate &enjoy that we as humans ascribe so much meaning to the stars.

“It’s Written in the Stars” navy enamel & silver stars idiom bangle bracelet from katespadeny available at nordstrom.



Next up, gold & silver idiom bangles from katespadeny:

It’s written in the stars (out of this world)

I’d follow you to the Moon and back

Pretty & poetic, much like the Universe itself! But wait, there’s more…


When Sulu and Kirk are beamed back aboard the ship after falling from the Romulan drill, Sulu glibly thanks Kirk for trying to save him, but where is Sulu thanking Chekov? Chekov who actually saved his life? Give me Sulu picking himself up from the transporter pad, and seeing Chekov grinning from ear to ear and bouncing on the balls of his feet. Give me Sulu beginning to notice Chekov, really notice him, as more than just a scrawny genius kid with a thick accent, as slender fingers gliding across a console, soft curls and wide eyes, high energy and higher aspirations. Sulu found himself staring at Chekov a lot more that could be considered healthy, and it was only a matter of time before Chekov noticed. 

 “Is everything alright, Mr. Sulu?” he asked, eyes darting between Sulu and his console. “What?” Sulu’s face was burning. ‘Shit.’ 

 “I can feel your eyes burning into my head. Can I help you vith something?”

 “Sorry, no. It’s nothing. It’s- Sorry.” The blush had spread up to Sulu’s ears and he felt like someone had set him on fire, eyes fixated on the screen in front of him, too embarrassed to look up and see the inevitable look of pity Chekov was most likely giving him. 

He had a horrible cramp in his neck by the end of his shift, having refused to look up or at anything other than his screen for hours. He kept his eyes on the floor, frogmarching himself to the turbo lift like a man possessed. He didn’t look up until he was safely in the lift and Chekov was slipping in behind him just as the doors slid shut. ‘Great.’ 

 “Deck two.” Chekov gave Sulu a small smile, rocking back and forth gently on his heels. “Have I done something to offend you, Mr. Sulu?” 

 What was he supposed to say? ‘What the hell am I supposed to say?’ 

 “You saved my life,” he blurted out. 

Chekov frowned. “And that…offends you?” 

 “No, no, of course not, that’s not- What I meant was…Well, you saved my life.”

 Chekov smiled. “Yes, you said.” 

 This was not going well. “I don’t know how I’m ever supposed to repay you,” Sulu admitted in a small voice, looking up at Chekov sheepishly. 

 Realisation dawned on Chekov’s face, and he frowned, as if in deep thought. “Hmm..I think maybe I have thought of something,” he replied with a barely supressed grin on his face, “Close your eyes.” 

 Sulu frowned. “Huh?” “Just trust me, close your eyes.” 

 Sulu did as he was told, his back hitting the wall of the turbo lift as slender hands gripped his shoulders, soft lips pressed against his. It was over as quickly as it had begun, but to Sulu it felt like hours, days even. 

Chekov looked up at a very exasperated Sulu with a mischievous grin on his face. “I think that might make us even,” he murmured as the lift doors opened. 

Sulu could only nod shakily. “See you later.” Chekov didn’t need to look back to know that Sulu couldn’t take his eyes off him as he left.

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1) Idolise Paul and Lauren’s relationship so much: meet when you’re young, have an unbreakble bond even when you’re opposite sides of the world and be married for like 5 years before making babies and generally act like rock stars ;)
2) I love family occasions
3) I’m a babysitter for my neighbours boy :3 he’s not too much trouble because he loves me ;) and I bought him ‘what does the fox say?’ Book for his 4th birthday :3
4) I can lick my nose ;) how lady like
5) Because I have a great passion for astrology, I found out that I am actually VERY compatible with Morten. *sigh* if only I was 36 years older, then we would have been perfect for each other …

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My boyfriend is a Sagittarius, but he is the WORST Sagi to ever walk the earth; he's a secret Scorpio. What I'm trying to say is, maybe the two of you were switched at birth.

DUN DUN DUNNN! The plot thickens! I’ve always considered myself quite a good Pisces, weirdly? I guess not too weirdly, Pisces are like the less driven/motivated cousins of Scorpio, haha. I just feel like I got a bunch of BAD Scorpio traits (jealousy, secretiveness) and none of the good. NO FAIR.

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Hahahah yeah, Libra ascending always made a lot of sense to me and I love so many Sags I have to have a little bit of it in me (though I don’t think it suits me quite as well). I WISH I WERE A BETTER SCORPIO what with the ~magnetism~ and ~drivenness~ I would be so successful by now.

receiving the title “the next stephen king” makes me want to do a 180 on every current fanfiction i have and plunge straight back into the horror scene. no holding back it’s time

I am so in love with this amazing fic, it’s one of those stories that you can’t help but want everyone else in the fandom to read. My original goal was to make a cover for a playlist I’d made for it, but this happened instead! I guess it is a cover of sorts… @miamaroo not sure if I’m declaring it “done” yet but I am pretty happy with it! now that i’ve got the digital art ball rolling, I’m sure they’ll be more to come ;) individual post-its below the cut, since they were my favorite part to draw.

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Pin the idiot || Accepting

Send “UNF” to pin my muse against the wall with DESIRE

Wylan isn’t completely at fault for once. It’s not a sin to be polite to other women is it? Just because he’s a capo of the controlling crime family doesn’t mean that he has to give everyone the cold shoulder or keep up a massive wall with interactions. Such a thing would be completely antagonistic to his inner character! Besides, the girls that work at the nightclub are all nice people. It’s just that tonight some of them, presumably new, were getting a little too nice. A little too close perhaps. Not that Wylan is aware of the repercussions of his passive flirting. (He’s just! Being! Nice! Having! Fun!) And? It’s not like? He and Nara? Are a thing? He’d like it if they were of course.

Despite these failures he’s enjoyed making the club a place for him to wind down after a busy day (or a busy night) out on the town with the rest of his posse. The music is enjoyable, and once again, the help is not a pain on the eyes by any means. If only Wylan had been paying a bit more attention he may have noticed the furtive glares from the owner. Fierce sapphires catching glimpses of her capo passing smiles and chuckles to women other than herself. It’s not! That she’s! Possessive! She’s just! Well. Maybe a little bit. It’s not her fault…

The night is making a slow turn to morning and Wylan has finished off his budget of pocket change that he sets for drinks for the night (if he doesn’t give himself limits he’ll use endless drinks to give him excuse to never leave). The alleyway that leads out from the back entrance feels quiet and dim. A crack of dying moonlight peeks over the looming building and gives him just enough light to navigate the way out. 

The moonlight also illuminates a shadow that isn’t his. He’s not alone. He turns to accost whoever may have followed him out (the thought of having to fight this late certainly irked him at this hour but alas–) but it’s not an assailant. It’s Na–

Nara assails him. Roughly grips him by the shoulders (goodness she’s tall) and puts him back against a wall, breathing heavily with her face rather flushed. Wylan’s face is flushing too. What’s going on? Why is she? He opens his mouth to speak.

“N-Nara, what are y–”

She cuts him off, locking her lips with his. Now he was hers! This was the way to make it concrete…. right? “You’re mine. Do you understand me?” She almost hisses at him as she breaks away from the kiss, now blushing even more fiercely.

“Loud… loud and clear.”

What…. just happened?