Emilia Clarke’s character in Han Solo is named Kira.
Kira was Rey’s original name.
Emilia and Daisy are both British, brunette and caucasian.
Emilia Clarke is Daenerys Targaryen.
Kit Harrington is British and caucasian, as well as shredded like Daisy.
Jonerys boatsex is coming.
Ergo… Rey is the Jonerys baby.
Rey is Azor Ahai.


I’m endlessly thrilled by the physical parallels between these two pairs. Sherlock and his mother with the popped collars; John and Sherlock’s father with the matching shirts, the unassuming jackets, and even the way they part their hair. Sherlock and his mother sit forward, perched on the seat; John and Sherlock’s father lean back.

Complete flake, my wife, but happens to be a genius…she’s unbelievably hot!

Poldark, the hit BBC period drama, is to return for a fourth series.

The BBC1 adaptation of Winston Graham’s books stars Aidan Turner as Cornish captain Ross Poldark, and the actor confirmed that there will be another season.

Speaking at a panel for the show at the BFI & Radio Times television festival at the Southbank in London, Turner said: “We start filming series four in September.” The third series will air in June and is based on books five and six from the 12-novel series, The Black Moon and The Four Swans.

Another period hit, The Durrells, also had news for fans at the event. The ITV series, which is set in Corfu, had its season two premiere at the festival followed by a discussion with the cast and crew.

At one point, writer Simon Nye said: “They got some exotic new – that’s series three – some exotic new animals.”

Kirsty Lang, who was hosting the event, asked: “You mentioned series three. It hasn’t actually been announced. Is there going to be a series three?”

Nye confirmed that the script was written and its star, Keeley Hawes, was due to fly out to Corfu in three weeks to begin production. Series two of The Durrells will air on ITV later in April.

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my favorite thing about red is that shes fucking ready to fight

maybe its just cause the way i play her is like, blasting through the process at maximum power with no subtlety whatsoever because my skill at combat games is. limited to say the least. but im also pretty sure she’s just like that.

like. take boxer. in general he seems like a pretty chill dude. there’s the common headcanon that he’s red’s bodyguard and if that’s true, he’s probably the kind of guy that won’t start fights unless it’s absolutely necessary. boxer is the one making smart choices in this relationship, like finding a way to get red safely out of town with the minimum of conflict. boxer looks at the mess that is cloudbank and is like…no, this is a fight we can’t win. boxer out. 

but red is angry. and when red is angry, shes not fucking playing around. her voice is gone. her lover is dead. she’s not about to take this lying down, dammit. red is literally going to kick ass until she runs out of ass to kick. while boxer looks at a situation and picks the least risky solution, red just rolls up her sleeves and goes for it. 

in conclusion:

imagine your otp

random q for transistor fandom: do we figure that the names for the process (younglady, jerk, creep, etc) are things that boxer made up on the spot or are they royce’s designations? full disclosure i haven’t completed all the limiter files cause i get my ass kicked if i enable too many limiters

an incomplete list of fav things transistor has said
  • ‘you’re in one piece. that’s all that matters’
  • ‘that’s my star. always could handle yourself just fine’
  • when the spine is affecting him and he tries to sing with red
  • ‘two-bit camerata pieces of trash’
  • ‘i love you so much, red. you know that, right? it’s true. it’s true. it’s true’
  • ‘you’re really something’
  • whenever he trash-talks the process for you, like ‘get out of our way’ or ‘cleanin up the streets’
  • ‘thanks for the lift’
  • ‘hi’