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PHILOSOPHIA, guggenheim grotto // WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN NOW, owen pallett  //  BE CALM, fun. // KEEP BREATHING, ingrid michaelson // THE WEIGHT OF US, sanders bohlke // JUST BREATHE, pearl jam // NEW MORNING, alpha rev // ROCK PAPER SCISSORS, katzenjammer  // EVERLASTING LIGHT, alex winston // BEAUTIFUL CHILD, rufus wainwright // KISS THE SKY, shawn lee’s ping pong orchestra // BEGIN, ben lee //  BRAVE, sara bareilles // YOUR MISFORTUNE, mike doughty  //  ORDINARY DAY, great big sea // DON’T DREAM IT’S OVER (CROWDED HOUSE COVER), sixpence none the richer

{part I} {cover art credit}


They thought the Earth was survivable once more.
They thought that the disease they had fled to space to avoid would have died out in the 100 years they had been off the ground.
They were wrong.
Beth Greene spent her whole life in space looking down at Earth and dreaming of one day seeing its wonders. But after being nearly fatally thrown from her drop ship when it crashed open during descent she’s had no time to marvel in the beauty around her. The man, the Grounder, who found her and saved her life is sullen and looks at her like he should have let her drown in the lake she landed in but some unspeakable bond between them has kept him by her side. But the Earth is a dangerous place and their bond, and their very selves, are being tested.
On the Earth Beth has only two goals: find the remains of her people and survive.


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Does anyone else  want a really solid hollstein hug in season 2?

Laura and Carmilla just holding each other, relaxed. One of Carmilla’s hands in Laura’s hair because that’s her thing. Laura completely focused on getting as close to Carmilla as possible because she went long enough with Carmilla not knowing how she felt and she’s not losing her again. Soft faces. Sleepy faces maybe. One little moment of calm before the storm.

*makes high-pitched whining noises they can probably hear in canada*

mama-jiru asked:

You send lots of snapchats of your lunches, and I was just wondering if you'd be willing to post a recipe or two if/when you have the time? (I understand you're very busy so obviously no pressure.) They always look so yummy and healthy!

…I- I just ate a bacon burger with fries. 

Heather Maverick

Made by rayscho, Heather is the main vocalist and guitarist for Paradise Found, as well as a local celebrity in Starburst Shores. The youngest of the group, she is also the group’s resident troublemaker, though she isn’t without her good points! She handles their younger fans the best, and her upbeat attitude and funny antics keeps everybody going on those late night practice and recording sessions. While not as naturally talented as Avian and Spiral, she’s worked hard to get where she is and she’ll be the first to remind you of it! Really, she isn’t quite sure if she wants to do this whole band thing forever, and is pretty fond of settling down someday. For now, however, she’s having a lot of fun with her friends, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have the perks she does!


I have a tiny secret Hogwarts!AU headcanon that Light could never cast the Patronus charm and never quite knew why.

 This is the last and only real thing I’m going to say on all this fandom drama, and then I’m done. 

*A small disclaimer that this is in reference to people who make CRITICISMS, and do not make horrible, unfounded and distasteful remarks about others. Many tumblr writers who expend a lot of energy and emotion into standing up for their beliefs and promotion of social issues are being labelled as things they are not, which is ultimately very hurtful when their valid and decent arguments are reduced to being “trash” *

*Another small disclaimer that I am not trying to be the fandom police, I just want to encourage a healthy acceptance of all us lovely people who are varied and diverse in our outlook on things, because I think we’ve all noticed an upsetting conflict brewing this week, and that is NOT what we are about*

Criticism is NOT hate. Making criticisms of a person is a perfectly valid thing to do. Shaming people for making criticisms is not a nice thing to do. We all have different opinions, and we should all respect each others right to think whatever we do, AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT RUN INTO  NASTY HATE AND REMAINS PURELY REASONABLE AND LOGICALLY THOUGHT OUT CRITICISM.

Some people like to think that someone they are a fan of is 100% perfect and cannot be scrutinized  in anyway, and that’s absolutely fine. However, shaming people for thinking otherwise and being honest enough to admit flaws in someone they have admired IS NOT FINE.

Admitting that your favorite is imperfect, has made mistakes , or has supported things of questionable reputation does not make you any less of a fan. In fact, it probably makes you a better fan because you continue to love and support the person despite their faults, in the hope that they may one day rectify those, and shows that one can distinguish between “ super intense *I wanna marry you* flaily fangirl feels”, and recognition that said person is not gods precious gift to humanity.

One can argue that “You don’t know my precious baby in real life so you can’t prove that they aren’t anything but a perfect angel”, but looking at it logically, none of us know what a celebrity is like in real life. All we can go on is the presentation of the celebrity to us as we see, and the actual facts we have available to us, which of course includes ALL facts, and not simply the things we want to hear. Some of us will interpret the facts differently, but at least there is an acknowledgement of EVERYTHING needed to form a judgement, and not a self imposed “turning a blind eye” because we feel like it and don’t like facing up to very real truths.

Debate and discussion should be welcomed by anyone wanting to broaden their horizons and gain different perspectives on things. This means either party being able to have a well reasoned conversation and taking on board things they have not thought about previously, and then acknowledging where they have now either reviewed or completely re-evaluated their opinions.

For people who turn a blind eye to all facts to then turn around and claim that people who make criticisms (in most cases of the people they too are fans of) are not true fans, are haters, are an embarrasment etc, well I have no patience for it because………

 YOU ARE INSULTING THEIR  INTELLIGENCE. You are insulting their ability to look at information presented to them and make their own mind up based on what they see without being clouded by preconceptions or favoritism. You are literally downgrading them to being mindless, mean, unthinking, nasty, jealous individuals who for some reason want to cause harm when they don’t. You are being just as “insulting” as you claim the so called “perpetrators” to be.  Why would they want to be nasty when they  are actual fans of a person? Being a fan does not mean they have to worship them in every single way. Of course, it doesn’t mean they need to get fixated on flaws all the time (because we all get too carried away sometimes, it happens), but why should we ignore them?

Things I prefer to preach about are ;Acceptance, tolerance of others, liberality, not letting your bias cloud your judgement,  the ability to accept we are wrong ourselves and that we have not been the best person we could (I think many of us, myself included need to do a bit of this), being sure in your own mind and being confident that you believe in doing the right thing, reaching out to others in need, supporting one another, or simply knowing when to remain quiet.

Now, let’s all go drink some cocoa and look at cute pictures of kittens and puppies.


“The irony was that I always thought that weddings were more sad than funerals.”
Word Count: 534

“I always thought that weddings were worse than funerals.”

“Hm?” Your brows furrowed as you looked at Jaebum over the brim of your mug of tea. “What do you mean?” You asked setting your mug down on the table’s top that sat between the two of you on the balcony of your apartment.

Jaebum shrugged, rotating his own cup in his palms and staring into the murky water.Like he had been for the past half hour. Why was he even here, drinking tea? He hates tea… When you first opened the door you thought maybe he just forgot something from yesterday. But the look on his face made you invite him in for tea, even if it was past noon.

“It’s just that…I dunno, it’s hard to explain.”  He sighed and shrugged again, his frown deepening.

“What are you doing here?” You questioned. “I mean, I love your company but…” Jaebum brought the mug up to his lips, taking his first sip before cringing. “Ugh, why do you drink this?” He mumbled ignoring your question. “Well, it’s usually hot when I drink it,” You chuckled taking both mugs in your hands and getting up from your seat.. “ Come on, I’ll go warm them up.”  he  got up and followed you back inside to the kitchen.

You placed both mugs in the microwave for thirty seconds and watched them turn.

“So,” You started to ask him what was wrong, before he interrupted you.

“She invited me to her wedding.” he admitted hopping on the breakfast bar. You could feel your nose scrunch up. You wanted to ask him who and why it mattered. Instead you only took the mugs out of the microwave and stood in front of Jaebum, waiting for him to elaborate. He took the mug out of your hands and set it beside him. “I mean, I know she’s a grown woman, but … I can’t believe she’s getting married! Before me!” He muttered the last part. You smirked, trying not to snicker at the almost jealous tone in his voice. “Who’s getting married?”

“I mean, I’m likable right? Lovable?!” Jaebum demanded ignoring you.  "Of course, I love you,“ you giggled sipping your tea. "But who’s getting married?” You asked again with a wide grin.

“Lovable enough to get hitched one day?!”

You rolled your eyes, “Yeah, lovable to get hitched one day.”

“Will you get hitched with me? One day?” He questioned leaning forward.

“Definitely.” You smiled at him.

A small smile crept on his face as he tugged you closer by your belt loops. “Good. I was getting worried.” he sighed into your hair, causing you to laugh and lay your head on his chest.

“Who’s getting married Jae?”

“My baby sister.” He murmured.

“Really? You come in here all depressed and I’m thinking it’s a past girlfriend or something!” You hissed frowning, pushing away from him before he grabbed you by the elbow to pull you back between his legs.

 "Awe well, I appreciate you trying to cheer me up jagiyah…“ He grinned, kissing your cheek. "But next time, you can keep your tea.

Soo lately I’ve been seriously stressed and irritated and everything else under the sun(my friend is also doing a countdown to my birthday- which is when I’ll turn into an ‘old useless hag’- I’m down to one day woo! lol) so to make my self feel more ALIVE and well I decided to do “writing prompts” i find in my spare time and post them here. :) So they usually just end up as small drabbles like this. 
Hope you all are enjoying your…i dunno days? Lives? Whatever just enjoy it!?