This is just me guessing, but I officially think that maybe Cameron is going to push Kirsten away or hold her at arms length for a while. 

He’s the emotionally intelligent one of the two and while he might not know exactly what she saw considering he didn’t know whether or not she’d gotten the licence plate number, he can probably guess. 

He knows he’s in love with her, but he also knows the effect the stitches have on her. She might be pushing things, but for a while he’s probably just going to assume the emotions she’s showing towards him are just a reflection of his own. 

Where as with Kirsten, I think she officially has access to her own emotions now. Like, stitching into a living consciousness is what broke that part of her in the first place. It’d make sense that stitching into another living consciousness would help to fit it…..maybe…idk. (Storywise yes, but science wise probably now….not like it matters tho) 

But he’s officially like the center of her universe and yeahhhhh.

Mutual pining for completely different yet understandable reasons. 

When you clean your cc to it’s core and your game still crashes cuz of bad cc or not enough memory so you start reading all the tutorials again and realize you should have never had converted those counters into packages cuz that’s the only thing wrong with the game and now it’s pretty impossible to clean/take them out of the game 

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From the animation cels I've seen and another upload of the Toon Makers' Sailor Moon video, Mercury was the one in the wheelchair, Mars was Asian, Jupiter was black, and Venus was Latina (I believe). Tuxedo Mask was to be in it- he just wasn't in any of the clips of that video. The outers had not yet been properly introduced by the time the pilot of that was produced, but a bit of the script online mentions a Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn.


(i get v stressed thinking about representation issues in my fic and how to properly communicate things and not have it be tokenized and not be a dick about things and this is…such a silly thing to complain about i know that but i keep keeping these thoughts to myself and maybe it’s ok to share them on tumblr)

it’s 9pm on a friday night and i’m sitting at home in a hoodie and yoga pants, eating cheez-its, and shopping for furniture


random life update, but my new year’s resolution was to focus on my health, since i figured that i am always trying to find ways to improve at art anyways! and so far, so good! i’ve lost 10+ pounds since december and I dont cling to my sides crying after just 1 mile!! 

but it also means that after a couple of delicious but bodily-destructive foods (fried chicken, cookies, cupcakes), my body kind of glares at me like ‘what ya doin’ hun i can’t do this anymore’ and i feel like sin 

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Okay okay, there, it’s out of my system. Seriously. I’ve relieved my tension for this ‘ship and can move on with my life.

I think.

Listen guys, Beetle and Question are adorable as a team. I was gonna draw them being badass together to get out of my persistent artblock, but my hand slipped and…

You know what, I don’t have any excuse. Please ban me from comic books.

Do you value your life as little as you value the lives of others?

who knows how jungle cat’s hands work, not me

screenshot redraw of this scene from Grounded


cards against humanity / doctor who edition

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