I have o-fish-ally heavenfell in love with your au. (sans hush)

Please tell me frisk came into the underground in a unicorn top. Make this canon, pleeeeease. 😂

My response :




And my god, if they were a happy kid, they’d probably walk around in this outfit. It’s just too adorable I can’t even wskwjgwsgswfwg

Thank you so much for these adorable gifts, Frisk is so precious in your style I wanna squeal ;_;

Mileena Kahnum a.k.a. worst liar ever

anonymous asked:

Can you write about the RFA reacting to making MC laugh really hard? Does this make sense? Your blog is really awesome! Thanks!

Thank you you are very kind !

It makes sense to me. - I just wish I was funny then I could make jokes up but I think my humour is like Jumins and I find him hilarious – so take that as you wish.


  • You had a bit of a bad day so Zen does everything to make you better.
  • When he finally makes you laugh he feels really accomplished.
  • He tells you that your laughter is the sweetest in whole world.
  • Zen would record it and use it as his ringtone specially when you laugh over a joke that he made.
  • When you laugh hard over other peoples jokes -Jumins-  he gets mad .
  • Zen want to be the one that makes you laugh -pouty Zen face-
  • Now that really makes you laugh hard because its too precious -victory for Zen take that Jumin-
  • -insert Victory pose for Zen here- that makes you laugh even more he is too cute


  • When he tickles you and you laugh really hard he really likes the sound of that.
  • He tickles you more till you are out of breath.
  • You tell him to stop once you out of breath so he does.
  • He is really happy to make you laugh as long you not laugh about him.
  • When you do -because 707 trolled him- he will get mad
  • But not for long since he loves you a lot and he knows your weak spots for tickles
  • Yoosung is more then happy to make you laugh as long its not when he fails
  • canon that Yoosung is a ditz ?


  • She impersonates Jumin and its so spot on that I makes you laugh really hard
  • If you heard her impersonate Zen you know she is quite good .
  • Jaehee is glad that she made you laugh really hard
  • She cant help it but laugh too now you feel really blessed laughing Jaehee is really rare after all.
  • Jaehee can´t wait to hear you laugh again
  • Loves to make you laugh with a little performance she will super embarrassed if you tell her that she is better then Zen
  • Jaehee really loves to see you happy so hearing you laugh is the best for her


  • He makes you laugh with his awesome jokes – more likely he will make you laugh by failing to cook -
  • However he does it when he makes you laugh he feels really blessed.
  • It never happens that someone finds Jumin genuinely funny -well maybe V-
  • So when he makes you laugh he just feels really special and he takes a picture of you it´s blurry
  • Its funny how he tries though -he gets flustered when you laugh about that-
  • As long you laugh he does not really care that it is when he fails at something
  • Or when he tries to do commoner thinks for you like : no Jumin you cant let your bodyguards push the shopping cart and no you not need a drivers license for it


  • He lives to make you laugh
  • So when he does he feels really accomplished
  • of course you can laugh over all his jokes but sometimes you laugh when he is too cheesy and tries to hard – also a lowkey ditz like he falls from the couch or the chair when he tries to look cool-
  • He records your laughter  and uses it for ring tones
  • You get revenge by doing the same but he is the opposite of mad he is glad when you have that as your ringtone.
  • He pulls up all his jokes and memes just to make you laugh again till you finally laugh at something minor that he does -like looking for his glasses when he has them right on his nose-

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I thought, at first, he’d struck a match, but the fire at his fingertips bloomed, swallowing his hand, devouring the arm he sent flying toward Jarvin’s face. There was screaming, so much screaming, as the fires around us grew, catching the soldiers behind him and engulfing them in a wave of heat that sent them running down the hall, stumbling over one another until they finally collapsed. The smell of burned skin made my stomach convulse. I couldn’t escape it.
“Holy shit, you’re—!” one of the agents began to say.
One of us, my mind finished, shutting down at the sight of the fire between Cole’s fingers again, the way he threw a ball of it at the agent who had spoken. How he stoked it, letting it rip over the screaming man’s body until I could only see the dark silhouette trapped in the flames dancing over his skin.

No—no, he was—Cole was too old, he wasn’t—
“Hey—hey!” The fire was gone now, but Cole’s hands were still hot to the touch as he tried to haul me to my feet. My legs still weren’t there. He tried lightly slapping my face. “Shit…kid, come on. You can do this; I know you can.”
“You…” I tried to say. “You just…”