countries and chairs 

my friend shared a post about chairs on facebook and i had no choice but to edit it



-okay you’re really scared of loud noises so whenever a thunderstorm comes around and i hear you whimpering trying to form a blanket burrito i cant help but cuddle you to my chest like the adorable thing you are.

-you’re super clumsy so now i pretty much follow you around everywhere to make sure you dont die. That would suck.

-So hey i hear the OITNB theme song and my Netflix account got cancelled so uh- you want to watch it together or what. NO WAY dude you love Poussey too? shes so adorable.

-Its finals week and we really need to get some sleep but you have the hiccups and i cant sleep cuz i find you too adorable so common time to test some remedies. Let the late night adventures begin.

-you somehow manage to confuse my bed with yours when you get up at ungodly hours in the morning to go to the bathroom, but YOU’RE TOO DAMN CUTE TO KICK OUT. DAMNIT.


im so tired of staying awake…but too terrified to sleep

( heres a song i was listening to when i was drawing this x )


Sooo, it’s really late and i should probably go to sleep, but i’m trying this text thing out, and to inaugurate it i’m being extremely cheesy and doing a “you’re good friends and he likes you but you’re slightly oblivious to his feelings” sorta thing? (and things don’t go exactly as planned for jungkook, sorry, i’ll make it up to you i promise)

I’m not entirely satisfied with these, but it’s worth a shot, hope you like it! :)