i always used to think that you are terrified of love.
or maybe you are out here looking for the one.

and i am not her.

but now i think maybe you are not looking for anything.
and you are not scared of anything at all.

i think maybe i am the one that’s looking -
for love.
and you could be the one or maybe not.

i think that terrifies me.

—  letters from drake’s ex; and taint all the images of your ‘mr. perfect’

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I feel this on an emotional level don’t say that too loud tho or else they’ll hear and ruin our lives even more oH NO-

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Like ok you got princely Seokjin

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who is literally like boyfriend/husband material like he’s just got the whole package he’s beautiful and cooks and is talented and hard working and just *-*

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and so it’s like ya i’m fine with him being my bias-

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and I’m like yes i change my mind i think dorky taehyung is my bias look at those eyebrows and that freckle on his nose what’s not to love 

oh wait what’s that??? is it a bird is it a plane-

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nOPE IT’S MIN YOONGI lookin’ like a badass and shit but he’s just dare I say even more of a dork than the boys combined

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what’s not to love about this boy i mean he’s like effortlessly sexy when he’s rapping and trying to be swaggie but also naturally such a sweetie aka min yoongels the turtle


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this boy is literally an angel like i’m pretty sure he’s fallen from heaven to grace us with his beauty inside and out-

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wait- wha- what was that?? do u hear that???

oh it’s nothing just jung hoseok screaming and slipping his way to the top of your bias list that’s what

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it’s ok if he’s number 1 on ur bias list now he’s too beautiful to ignore

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rude jungkook bring hoseok back i wasn’t done looking at him

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ok u know what every jeon stan can’t handle him and i can attest to this but he is pretty damn adorable and just asdfghjkl at the same time sO WHAT IF I LIKE YOU, JEON, SO WHAT????? SUE ME

anyway ya bangtan are a bunch of rude boys wrecking our hearts one smile and hip thrusts at a time

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all you do is defend duchovny!!!!! its annoying

Oh. Didn’t we tell you? 

We’re members of the DDDS (David Duchovny Defense Squad). We meet once a month in NYC at a top secret location (it’s like Fight Club, tbh. We’re not supposed to talk about it).

 Gillian is our founding member…but lately, she’s been too busy photoshopping pics of David to use for Twitter. We keep telling her, ‘Gill, you need to delegate.’ But. Photo shop is her passion. And so is David. So we let her be. 

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Goku and Vegeta are SO CLOSE TO EACH OTHER ALL THE TIME LATELY. It's cracking me up cos how many times in the past has Vegeta gone out of his way to stand apart from the group, to lean against something in the distance, to turn away from Goku - and now its like, lets stand inches apart and drag a chair from the other side of this table to talk to Bulma and get flustered when she gets mad at us and sleep over together - I BET GOKU FOLLOWED VEGETA TO HIS ROOM TILL BULMA CLOSED THE DOOR ON HIS FACE


First things first I just want to remember you that after that glorious scene where Goku and Vegeta touched each other Vegeta literally cleaned his face beucase, you know, Kakarot’s germs, ew:

Vegeta always tries to stand apart from the group, specially when “group” involves Kakarot. It’s impressive how things have been changing in DBS between them, really. I mean, they even held hands when it was completely unnecessary. After that things escalated quickly. 

“I’LL EXPLAIN IT AGAIN, LATER”, Vegeta is totally used to Goku’s stupidity. He’s more patient and that’s obvious the outcome of living with Goku. That’s beautiful. How many times do you think they yelled at each other until Vegeta finally get that Goku’s oblivious like a brick wall and learn to live with that?

I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT THIS. There’s NO FUCKING REASON Vegeta is not by his wife side after months away from her, just to sit next to Kakarot. He literally loathed any kind of contact or proximity with Goku and now… It’s just natural. That mean that after some weeks Vegeta stopped to push his bed away from Goku’s, perhaps? Because he’s so surrounded by Kakarot that life doesn’t even make sense anymore.

LOOK AT BULMA GRABBING GOKU’S CLOTHES AND SHAKING HIM AND VEGETA GOES “BULMA!” BUT ALL I HEARD WAS “DON’T TOUCH KAKAROT LIKE THAT”, honestly. He wouldn’t give a shit about that scene some years ago but now he’s a little bit worried before the possibility of his wives punch each other.

But that’s is my favorite scene. Goku is back on earth after months. But he fucking slept at corp. capsule? Instead of, you know, GOING TO HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN? What the fuck? And he’s not even totally awake and is already after Vegeta? I HAVE FEELINGS, SO MANY FEELINGS. And yes I support the idea that Goku followed Vegeta to his room till Bulma closed the door on his face (and Vegeta was “Bulma!” again).

Goku: Let’s go.
Vegeta: * obediently follows Kakarot.* 

Online Security for Feminists 101
Everyone should know how to protect their accounts and personal information online, but online security is particularly important for feminists.

“Everyone should know how to protect their accounts and personal information online, but online security is particularly important for feminists who work on the internet, as anti-feminists increasingly turn to hacking, harassment and doxxing (that is, leaking people’s personal details online) in their campaigns against us. 

Despite this, many of us don’t take steps to protect ourselves until we’re being attacked – and by then its often too late. Online security has a reputation for being time-consuming, expensive and confusing, but all it takes is a lunch hour to take some basic steps to shore up your defence against potential attackers.”

Read the recommendations here

Also check out:



Hello DEEPS and friends!!! The time is now– this is your calling, to help push Speed’s latest MV up past the million view mark!!!! Although they are facing some rough/uncertain waters~~ (Member loss~~ potential disbandment~~) It is never too late to say ‘Thank You’ for all of the hard work the members have put in over the years!!!! They have done so much for us, now its time to show that we’re watching, and we appreciate every bit of it!!!! Spread the word– stream/share the video–  If you listen to the song, do so on the official channel– Every view helps!! Help show Speed that we love them and we’re grateful!!

The Goal Is To Add 300,000 views by March 3rd


“When We Were Young” Pt.1

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Genre: Fluff;Angst; Highschool AU

Word Count: +1,600 words

Summary: What would you do when your first love that you desperately tried to forget, came back into your life? Will you hold on to it? or let it disappear and be forgotten once and for all?

a/n: HEYOOO THIS IS ADMIN SKY HERE~Since I’m a girl too ended, this is a new series by typing scenarios! I hope you all enjoy it!! feel free to message us for any feedback or inputs!  -sky🌥

Remember what mom used to say? It only consists a few words, but those little words managed to completely turn your feelings into overdrive and your mind functioning back and forth.

“The right place, the right time, the right love. Those three qualities must be present. If you miss even one of those, then he’s not the one. Remember this Y/N. I just don’t want you to end up like me. I don’t want you hurt.” She always said that with a smile, painted on her ever so beautiful face.

“Yes mom! I’ll always remember that! I promise.” The small and innocent you back then would automatically reply that way. Every single time your mom repeats those words, you’d reply using the exact same words in a heartbeat.

But this time, your heart skipped twice and you can’t let those words out. You can’t bring yourself to do as you promised your mom a long time ago.

Flashback//JULY 2008//

“What’s with the gloomy atmosphere this morning.” You sighed and yawned. “To top it all, I’m sleepy as hell. This is going to be a long, and dreary day…” you mumbled to yourself while walking towards your desk located right in the middle of the classroom.

You plop yourself down on your chair, and toss your bag haphazardly on top of your table. “ugh.. I hate mornings. Why the hell does school start so early? I need coffee. Desperately.”

And then you saw a familiar bag also carelessly tossed on top of your table and a cup of steaming hot coffee beside it.

“Hey seat mate! heard you need a cup coffee to stop you from killing anyone this morning.”

“Oh I knew why I resisted the urge to kill you the first day you’re assigned to be my seat mate. You proved yourself worthy of being my seat mate jiminie….” You hurriedly grasp the coffee cup, knowing that he’ll try to snatch it back after that remark. “oops! No take backs jiminie!” you said that while laughing at his annoyed face.

“I deserve at least a thank you Y/N! I wasted precious money for you, a stupid talking trash.”

You laughed while pinching his ever so ample cheeks. “awhhh… Is my Jiminie angry? Awhh my poor baby. Do you want me to give you a kiss Jimin?” you said that with a teasing tone.

“No thank you. I don’t want your trashy mouth going anywhere near me.” He said that, crossing his arms while feigning annoyance.

“Gah Park Jimin! The coffee is so hot!” you can feel the burning sensation coursing through your mouth. There were remnants of your spilt coffee scattered around your crisp white uniform. Followed by a failed attempt in getting rid of the brown stains. Thank god for blazers. They were invented to cover spilled coffee.

And instantly, laughter emits from the person sitting beside you. With his body shaking uncontrollably and hands clutching his stomach he said “ That’s karma for you Y/N! This is what you get for harassing me this early in the morning!”

“ Yah Park Jimin! At least get tissue and a glass of water or something! Your bestie is in need right now!” you start stomping your foot and hitting his biceps repeatedly.

“Geez Y/N. Now look who needs me. “ He got up before you got the chance to hit him one more time. “Yes princess, your wish is my command. Tissue and a glass of water will be coming right up.” He threw one last smirk at you before exiting the classroom.


She’s just so perfect. Even with that attitude of hers, I still think that she’s beyond perfect.

The way she held herself like she’s not afraid of anything. The way she threw all the insults back at my face. The way she talks, always looking straight at me. And boy does those eyes shine.

She constantly fascinates me. That feisty little thing, and that potty mouth could turn my dull and boring day into a painful (she hits me. A LOT.) and enjoyable day.

Without realizing it, I’ve fallen deeper for her.


And deeper.

I noticed all the little things she does. The way she tucks a strand of her hair when immensely focused on a task, or the way she flicks her nose every time she has difficulties with something and even how her eyes fluttered shut every time she yawns.

I, Park Jimin, am hopelessly in love with Y/N.

But, she doesn’t even know.


“Yah! Park Jimin! What took you so long? Are you ogling those juniors who wore skirts shorter than their own damn name? Did you stop and flirt with them to?” He then chuckled and pulled you into a one armed hug and starts ruffling your hair, ruining your perfectly styled hair.

“What if I did? Is my princess jealous? Oh my what a great way to start my morning!” he chuckled once more and threw a flirty wink at you.

“Well Jiminie… say whatever to help you sleep at night. We don’t want you to have nightmares do we?” You looked at him, determined to return his relay of sexy winks but you stopped dead in your tracks.

Just like a deer caught in headlights, you were blinded for a second. Being in a state of daze, not knowing what to do after seeing that. How is he able to do something like that so casually? Does he know what effect he has on you?

And what is this weird but pleasant sensation happening in the pit of your stomach? And why is your heart beating so erratically? Most importantly, why are you feeling like this? Towards Park Jimin, the boy who sat next to you, the seat mate?

“ What’s wrong princess? Am I that captivating that you kept on staring at me like that? Thanks princess, I’m flattered.” He throws another wink, with an addition if his signature lip lick move.

What’s with this guy. Seriously. His confidence is just too much. You saw him beside you, while puckering his lips and making smooching sounds, trying to annoy you to no end. Getting fed up by his act, you pinch the arm nestled in your shoulders and lift your other hand to smack his puckered lips.

“ Ah Y/N! What did you just do? My lips! My beautiful, soft lips!” he started gasping dramatically, covering his ‘damaged’ lips.

“ Well its all your fault! And don’t you ever do that cheap and tacky thing going on with your tongue and lips! You disgust me! Just so you know, things like that won’t affect me at all.” you exclaimed irritated, while gesturing at his lips.

Then he caught your wild hand midair and said “Well, not according to your crimson painted cheeks a while ago princess! You must feel so scandalous right now! Being caught gazing at your own seat mate…. My poor Y/N!”

And he ran, barging through the sea of students. Knowing that he’ll go home with a bruised arm if he didn’t escape while he had the chance.


The Present//January 2016//

You stared at the coffee you are holding right now. Reminiscing the days you found your right love. Yes.

Park Jimin.

The love you’ll never forget.

He’s the right love, the love that you longed to have. But it appeared in front of you in the wrong time and place. Even if you heart says yes, your hands can’t reach out and take those with you. Just like trying to hold onto thin air. It’s impossible.

He did leave you in the end and didn’t look back. You shouldn’t either.

At this point in your life you can’t help but think that it’s not fitting to start questioning the choices you made 8 years ago. All those what ifs, and possibilities thrown in your head would just weigh down on you.

Why are you doing this to yourself Y/N! You’re about to embark on a new journey with someone you hold dearly! You can’t do this to you and also to him! Its not fair for neither of you! Snap out of it!

You tried so hard to erase his face from your memories, but the heart never forgets.

And then you felt a warm hand brush against your shoulders. “Y/N, lets go now. Our appointment with the tailor is in an hour.”

You heard the familiar lull of his voice, saying your name. With each syllable perfectly caressed by the rich tone of his voice, you were brought back to reality.

“Oh hey Tae! Yeah let’s just go now before were late and we have to reschedule again. I’d hate to do that and you know how busy she is right? We better hurry.” You grabbed Taehyung’s hand and start pulling him to the car, while trying to distract yourself from your thoughts.

“Hey sunshine, wait….. Slow down will you? Were not gonna be late dear…” And Taehyung smiled at you, his trademark box smile painted on his lips.

He lifts his hand, and starts caressing your cheeks. Little by little, the distance between you diminished. You can feel the ghost of his breath, and your eyes fluttered close, expecting his soft lips to land on yours. But all you felt was a finger flicking your nose.

“Gotcha there sunshine!”

“Yah Kim Taehyung! Why did you do that?” your cheeks are turning warm and a tint of crimson printed there.

Yes. Kim Taehyung.

You Y/N, is getting married to Kim Taehyung.

The wrong love, but the right time and place.

Yes. You’ll learn to love him. You definitely can learn to love him. Maybe even stronger than you felt for your ‘right’ love. He understands you, and supports you. What more can you—–

Suddenly something interrupted your train of thoughts. A figure you knew so well, the same figure you kept in your heart, the same figure who you longed to meet after so many years. The same figure who’s behind all your doubts and worries.

“Ji….. Jimin…? Park Jimin?”

AA/N: what do you think guys?

No one ever thinks of the possibility of loving someone too much, but I think that’s exactly what I did with him. I was so absolutely dependent on him. I wanted to spend every second of the day talking to him, I wanted to be by his side at every waking moment. And unfortunately that’s just not healthy. Especially since I was so insecure and jealous. I mean, of course I had valid reasons to feel that way but … maybe all this time, it wasn’t all him, maybe I played a part in ruining us.

And I wish I could tell him that if I could go back in the past and change all the things I did wrong, I would do it in a heartbeat. I wish I could tell him that I’m sorry for always blaming him … when I did damage too. But its too late. We’ve hurt each other too much. He’s completely over me, and I’m almost completely over him. Unfortunately, our once love story turned into a tragedy. Our love is nothing but a memory now.

—  K.S // I loved you too much and that, along with many other things, is probably what killed us in the end. Maybe we were destined to fall in love but fall apart. But you win. This is my final goodbye.


But here is my Miraculous Ladybug Shipping Week Day one Fanart!


I feel like i couldve done better// orz// but i really wanted to make it on timex3

So either way i hope you all enjoy this super most adorable couple//

side note: i have to say i love how already by the end of Animan/ep 16/ Alya is already yelling at him (not aggressive its more like a married couple almost, i imagine since Alya use to like him like a brother so, they understand each other well//) anyways, saying Nino! and that i thought was the cutest!!!////

i recorded the process of this so ill try to have it up soonx3!


@be-cronus‘s hemoswap design for this lovely fuck! I sorta did this at school so its all by memory, unfortuantly didn’t turn out too identical but i really wanted to give it a shot because my supply of freckly amporas has been severely lacking lately.  I liked it, colored it, and fought with tumblr to get it uploaded at like 3 in the morning so woohoo.

EDIT: yeah i know he doesn’t smoke either but i couldn’t resist. meh..

A Perfect Love

Type & Edit by Jude Dias 

As of late, fear has started to take up the spotlight all around the world. Unrest in countries is breaking out. Poverty is raging. Disease seem to go even more viral leaving unhealthy and deadly outcomes in its wake. Fear has become way too real. It’s scary.

But when I think of all things real, fear does come to mind for sure. But God - the thought of Him just floods my entire being when I think of “real”. In a time when all hope was lost and was crumbling under the weight of evil and fear, Christ came down to us in the most unlikeliest of  ways and trampled fear and death with love so perfect that nothing of this world can even properly describe it. The whole thing kind of reminds me of that time in the Bible when Moses was leading his people out of slavery that they endure in Egypt. At one point he was leading his people through the Red sea that was parted by God. Fear was pursuing them but God had it all in control. When the Egyptians stepped right in the middle of that parted sea, God brought down the waters on top of them and they all drowned in its wake. Fear lost to God and was drowned that day. It was by the love and faithfulness of God for His people that caused the whole thing.

This reminds me of nothing but the fact that I and we all have a God who is on our side. He is on our side because we are deeply and intimately loved by Him. We are His and He is our own. Fear may be pursuing you but in God’s love, you can be certain and sure that it’ll drown by the power and might of His love.

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I can give you a preview: A horse breaks into frame. On its back is a determined woman in red leather jacket. Her clothes tell us she's somewhere different. In a far off land from UW. This is Emma Swan and she's in a fucking hurry. Emma pushes her horse hard into the woods. She moves through the thick trees. Dodging branches. She reaches a clearing and skids to a halt. As she dismounts--*sad voice*: ''You’re too late''. The savior strides toward the voice. And we reveal (cont)

part two: –a green witch. This is Zelena. And yeah, we’re in the midst of a tale we ALL know. Emma shakes her head at Zelena. Emma: “It’s never too late”. She pushes through into the clearing and comes upon – A GLASS COFFIN. Surrounding the coffin are the other honorary cs shippers like Cora, Liam and even Neal. They slowly part, revealing in the coffin Killian Jones. Beautiful. Dark haired. Eyes closed. Hand folding hook over his chest. DEAD. Emma’s eyes well up. She can’t believe it.(cont)

[p. 3]Emma: “No. No. NO!” She moves to the coffin’s side. Kneels down in front of it asthe tears stream down her cheeks. We sit on her in moment of grief. And then she barks at the others: “Open it” Regina gently places a hand on the savior’s shoulder. Reg: “There’s nothing you can do”. Emma fills with resolve: “OPEN IT”. Reg: “I’m sorry…he’s gone”. Emma slowly unclenches her fists. Realizes she’s right. There’s no fighting this. Sadly, she looks at Regina: “At least let me say goodbye” (cont)

[P4] Regina nods. Then slowly opens the glass case. Emma leans over and softly kisses Captain Hook’s lips. A SHOCK OF ENERGY. She pulls back, startled. And now we witness pure unadulterated MAGIC as Captain Hook’s eyes flutter open. Yes, folks, TRUE LOVE is showing its power. Killian smiles as he sits up, groggy, and sees his princess. Killian: “You… you found me”. And now Emma’s tears move from grief to joy. Emma: “Did you ever doubt I would?”. He looks around at his sorroundings…(cont)

[P5 and last one i swear xddd] and smiles wryly. Killian: “Given our history, can you blame me for being uncertain?”. P.S: AW. I always wanted a parallel.

OMG You flawless human being you! This is wonderful! (I do need one of them to go under a sleeping curse at some point…. lol)  Thank you!!

Hey petitietimidgay apologised for her racist BS all those months ago.  Not saying you have to forgive her or anything (hey, I sure as hell don’t) But I figured you should know:

Also sorry for submitting this I can’t use your ask box on desktop or mobile (it cuts off and I can’t press the send button)

[ thats good to know but like yea i still dont forgive her its too little too late and shes still doing similar shit rn thats shes only speaking ab now bc it blew up with everyone else so i just dont tbh]

((It’s really sad to see that a lot of Animal Crossing Ask Blogs are leaving or going on hiatuses. I know it has to do with personal reasons, but its really sad to see us as a community slowly drift apart. I wish i could’ve done something about it, but its too late for that…

We’re almost like a family, and seeing all these people go is like seeing a family member go. It’s so sad really..))

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So, I'm just here to tell you about my reaction on stydia 5x16 (i watched all the scenes on youtube): -laugh hysterically (idk why) -cry hysterically (at the same time) -run from one room to another WHAT HAS THIS SHOW DONE TO ME