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Jeremy comforting Michael through nightmares (ones about the Squip coming back and Jeremy not loving him)?

You mean like this   like this artist ( @squigglegigs made me FEEL FUCKING THINGGGSSSSS) 

  • Michael lowkey even in a squip-less universe probs has bouts of “what if Jeremy doesn’t love him love him)
  • He doesn’t say anything but he goes un-characteristically quiet and Jeremy at this point knows him
  • “I love you” Jeremy says to him in a moment of silence and Michael kinda tears up and nods. “I really love you, Michael” 
  • Its hard for him to believe it because years of pining, Jeremy was after Christine
  • Jeremy knows the only way to convince him is to prove him wrong everyday for the rest of their lives, so he holds his hand and says just that
  • Michael is highkey looking forward to being proved wrong
  • Michael wakes up from nightmares and goes to smoke immediately, he fumbles with the bowl
  • Jeremy is up and hugs him from behind and tells him that its too early/late to start smoking
  • They hug in silence for a long time and Michael decides to try sleep again
  • this time Jeremy stroking the side of his head

So I was thinking today that when people started saying that Patroclus and Achilles and the rest of the Greeks were Super StraightHomer was probably like glaring daggers from the underworld, but now with the rising popularity of The Song of Achilles and the subsequent interest in the fact that the Greeks were the Original Gay Trashlords by both readers of the book and historians who care about fact rather than appeasing the heteronormative beast, Homer is probably having a fucking party. Like damn, now I can fucking be dead in peace.

My heart is set upon a lusty pin 
I pray to Venus of good continuance,
For I rejoice the case that I am in,
Deliver’d from sorrow, annex’d to pleasance,
Of all comfort having abundance 
This joy and I, I trust, shall never twin
My heart is set upon a lusty pin.

I pray to Venus of good continuance
Since she hath set me in the way of ease 
My hearty service with my attendance
So to continue it ever I may please 
Thus voiding from all pensful disease,
Now stand I whole far from all grievance
I pray to Venus of good continuance.

Things Derek Tells Stiles

Call yourself a monster
And tell me you’re to blame
Let me see your demons
I’ll love you all the same

Count all your blemishes
When you see the mirror
I’ll kiss you twice for each
And a thousand times more

Let the nightmares shake you
I’ll be there when you wake
I’ll hold you together
Any time you break

I’ll be there for your smile
Just as for tears and pain
‘Cause in this world of chaos
Loving you keeps me sane

  • Michael Jackson: *sneezes* Hehe I'm sorry!
  • Moonwalkers: I love you Michael!
  • Moonwalkers: You're so freaking adorable asdfghjkl;!
  • Moonwalkers: I must watch this moment 100 times over!
  • Moonwalkers: *reblogs three times in one day... just cause*
  • Moonwalkers: Have my children!!!
  • Moonwalkers: *ovaries explode*
  • Moonwalkers: You are sooo hot omg!
  • Moonwalkers: That sneeze just made my day
  • Moonwalkers: It's too late(early) for this!

you wouldn’t believe how much taylor swift means to me