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Darjeeling or Earl Grey?

Arthur : Let me see…

Arthur : HOW am I supposed to choose?!
Francis : Actually, Darjeeling tea grown in the mountainous part of Darjeeling city in India. It yields a floral and fruity aroma and displays a musky spiciness…It’s one of the most prized of all black teas in British Empire. Earl Grey tea is a blend of Indian and Sri Lankan black teas with a distinctive flavour of bergamot orange. Both are good, Master. 


First real post of the year 2016 ! I decided to make icons of some of the Hetalia Girls again !

  • Original art by Himaruya Hidekaz
  • Feel free to use them, just reblog or like.
  • Do not claim as your own please.

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It's too difficult for me in these days... I'm so fucking stessed... I'm always binge and in a few minutes I get all it out. I feel so wrong... I don't want to give up, but I'm so tired and I'm always thinking about death.

tbh me too

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I'm a Ravenclaw and I'm pretty proud of it. It's tells me that I'm either smart or love to learn. Though, I only like to learn about things I really like and want to do something with. I'm pretty smart, also in my logical thinking. But I have weaknesses in things like Math and Sience, I pretty much hate that. It's way too difficult for me. So, I think that being a Ravenclaw doesn't has to mean that you are smart in everything

That’s exactly right. A Raven who loves to learn is every bit as much a Ravenclaw as a Raven who is good at math or science.
- Mel (the Slytherin)

Genos was a being of destruction. Whatever crossed his path was dispatched as easily as one would swat a fly. After so many years on his own looking human had become a foreign concept to him. Why bother covering up the demon within? Only Doctor Stench’s pleas for him to keep a humanoid shape and face kept the cyborg from becoming a reflection of what lurked below the metallic surface.

“Genos, you look different. Did you get a hair cut?”

He might have only been under Saitama’s tutelage for a handful of months, but to Genos the two might as well have been together for decades. The time spent around the hero had caused a subtle, gradual change in the cyborg. Slowly what was once exposed metal was being replaced with soft, peachy synthetic skin. Stocky strands of false hair were traded in for a longer, more resilient upgrade. 

“…So you noticed…”

Reflecting on his past gave Genos pause. What seemed like eons ago he would have gladly taken on the visage of a demonic cyborg without complaint.

But now.

Now his only desire was to become accepted by the man before him. To shed off the steel and wires that kept the two worlds apart. To break down his self-built barriers that taunted and teased at night, whispering he’ll never love an abomination like you into his ear while Saitama slept soundly next to him.

To be happy.

To be loved.

To be human. Again.

I did it for you, sensei.

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I feel;;; I know you're gonna do great too! I'll be cheering for you, love!! ~ <3

its just general anxiety about it i suppose because its not;;; too difficult for me im just Afraid™ ^^;;;; but now its mainly just i also gotta go /DRIVE/ on monday and if you didnt know before:

4 Drives Like Jumin Han™ ~Admin 404

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(omg I found this in drafts; totally forgot)

~(Nick)Name: Dariiy
~Zodiac Sign:  Pisces
~Height: 174 cm
~Orientation:  very gay
~Ethnicity: idk russian + south ukranian I guess but not completely sure
~Favourite Fruit: lichi. I can eat 10000 kilos of it
~Favourite Season: summer then not too hot (hot in Moscow is death) and autumn than not too cold (cold without central heating is also death)

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