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Headcanon: watching Supergirl land without shattering, it's obvious to Lena that Kara's a genius. So she starts casually talking shop around her, giving her openings to chime in (maybe saying incorrect things on purpose). And there's never a 'gotcha' moment -- Lena just loves talking about superscience with her best friend. And if Kara slips and mentions things Earth hasn't discovered yet, well, that's a small bonus.

yes!! accepted. confirmed. 10/10 would recommend

the dean winchester graphic challenge
glorioustiel vs. haelwings
prompt: “I like messy people; people who don’t fit in a box or stay between the 
lines, but whose integrity is greater than any rule book and whose 
loyalty is stronger than blood.”- Jim Wern

F/Z doodle: Diarturia videogame war ❤

Man, after all these years, I still ship these chivalry nerds so hard it’s not even funny. (*ノωヾ*)

I don’t know but I really wanna make more fanart/doodles of them tbh since they are one of my top otps.

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I have a tattoo that runs from my wrist to my elbow & my uniform is shirtsleeve. It's pretty bright too. My coworker just got the pride flag tattooed very small on his wrist and he regularly wears the long sleeve top. He got written up. He's steamed and so am I cause that is super homophobic bs but since technically the rules say 'no visible tattoos' i don't think we can do anything. He has to use make up to cover it every day now and that shit ain't cheap. :/