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dan reminds me of those dogs like german shepherds or black labs that are giant and close to 200 pounds but in their lil sweet brains they think they're lap dogs and they try and climb up on the couch with you and cuddle. he wants to be a lil small baby but he's actually a giant but everyone goes along with it because it's too adorable to say anything about

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u know what would kill me tho, since viktor in the canon universe confirmed that when he was younger he never really listened to anything yakov used to say, so please imagine coach yuuri chiding (its more of a stubborn pout that says 'you know what u did wrong, im not even gonna say it') viktor for maybe putting too many quads in his sp. Viktor's dying from the pout because its too adorable to be on his coach and viktor cant handle it

When he skates off the ice with his free program, giving the teenagers around him a run for their money, Yuuri just slowly shakes his head and opens his arms.

Victor falls into them with a gratified sigh, moved to tears.

“New personal best,” Yuuri huffs against his chest, toying with the sweaty ends of Victor’s messy ponytail. “But I told you not to do that last quad.”

“You’re lecturing me about that now?”

Yuuri pulls back and taps Victor lightly on the forehead, looking awfully smug. “If not now, when?”

Victor’s been crushing on Yuuri for years. Over the last few weeks, the crush has moved into a full-blown, realized infatuation, and in this moment, Victor would dramatically claim that this is the first pull of love blooming between himself and his mentor.

friend if u like the idea of that please read this scene from the body music series by @wbtrashking ive been dead for 15 years