kin drama is like that one fight kids have in kindergarten where everyones having fun and then one kid goes “im batman!” and another kid is like “no im batman!!” and this goes on and on until its nap time, one starts crying or one of them straight up slaps the other

there’s a whole world out there you haven’t seen yet; cute coffee shops you havent been at and aesthetic buildings you have never even heard about. dogs to pet along the way while you’re exploring your favorite foreign city. you still have to go through days of stargazing with the love of your life and waking up next to them.
- the struggles you’re going through are not worth throwing all these things away. stay alive to see what the future brings you. stay alive. even if it is just for the fact that you cant imagine never smelling flowers again. whatever happens, its not time yet to become one with the sky.

Batfam cleaning headcanons
  • Dick once accidentally sucked up Tim’s iPad charger with the vacuum. 
  • Damian once intentionally attacked Tim with the vacuum. They ended up having to cut his hair just to set him loose and Tim was not happy.
  • When told to clean his room, Jason would, without fail, stuff everything into the closet and drawers… only to be busted by Alfred. 
  • Cass tends to do the same thing at her place, but more because she genuinely thinks she’s cleaning? Alfred is appalled when he opens a closet door and Literally Everything pours out.
  • Damian and Tim once had a “Windex fight”. 
  • Dick is really bad for not pointing the nozzle in the right direction when dusting or cleaning, and has sprayed himself in the eye many, many times. 
  • Jason once mopped the kitchen and forgot to tell anyone… so Bruce came back from patrol and slipped, falling face-down on the floor. When confronted, Jason shrugged and said that if Bruce had let him go on patrol “this wouldn’t have been a problem”. 
  • There is an ongoing competition to see who can scare Damian while he’s cleaning and wearing his headphones the most. Dick is currently winning with 7 confirmed scares. 
  • Eight-year-old Dick being made to do the occasional chore (at the behest of Bruce, “to teach him the values of diligence and hard work”) and singing “It’s The Hard-knock Life” from Annie just to piss of Alfred and Bruce. It works. 
  • Dick fell out of a window once when he was cleaning one of the top floor windows. Tried to do it again because he claimed it was “good practice”. 
  • Steph is forbidden from cleaning or touching anything in Wayne Manor after breaking a rare, antique vase that cost $1.2 million. She’s allowed to sit on the couch though.
  • Babs definitely stress cleans. Like, everything in sight. Don’t leave your stuff out when Babs gets really stressed because she will probably throw it away.
  • Dick dances and sings while he cleans, which means it takes him much longer and gets on everyone’s nerves because it’s usually cheesy pop or 80′s tunes. 
  • Bruce once took it upon himself to clean his own shower and Alfred found him laying on the bathroom floor, barely conscious, a strong fume permeating the room:
  • Alfred: *coughing through the fumes* Master Bruce! What on earth is— is that fear toxin?! Laughing gas? 
  • Bruce: No… *weakly points to a spray container* I used too much… Cillit Bang…. 
  • Alfred: *slowly stands and leaves the room without another word*

So I recently saw a post about how terrible the tags for men are on tumblr and decided to go further and check other tags.

To re-cap if you look up “men are…” you get:
Men are trash
Men are pigs
Men are gross
Men are the worst
Men are slaves

If you type “women are….” you get:
Women are superior
Women are beautiful
Women are slaves
Women are amazing
Women are objects

So only two negatives compared to the five negatives men get.

If you look up “white people are…” you get:
White people are the worse
White people are crazy
White people are wild
White people are demons.

But if you look up “black people are…” you get:
Black people are magic
Black people are amazing
Black people are awesome
Black people are racist

So this time its one negative compared to a complete four negatives.

Now if we look up “cis people are…” we get:
Cis people are the worst
Cis people are wild

Then look up “trans people are…” we get:
Trans people are beautiful
Trans people are valid
Trans people are people

This time we have no negatives compared to a full two negatives.

Now lets look up “straight people are…”:
Straight people are the worst
Straight people are weird
Straight people are exhausting
Straight people are wild

Nothing came up for “gay people are…”, “lesbians are…” or “lgbt are…” but if you look up “gays are” you get:
Gays are great

When will people learn hate gets you no where? When will people learn they are no better than the sexists, racists, transphobes and homophobes they are supposedly fighting against? Hating people based solely on the sex, race and sexuality they were born as is disgusting. Hating “majorities” is not progressive it’s regressive.

Stop normalising hate.