Even though you did try to kill me

Don Juan: 俺の名は (Mon Nom)/My Name [lyric translation]

I translated this song for fun to tide me over between the iTunes soundtrack release and the dvd release. It’s Don Juan’s self-introduction, of sorts, so absolutely no spoilers. 

Japanese lyrics transcribed from the iTunes soundtrack by me and my ears

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anonymous asked:

Where did you get the idea for the title of "selected dialogues"?

so the thing is

when you have your fic formatted on ao3 and you’re literally about to hit post and the only thing stopping you is that you still don’t have a title then believe me you come up with something

 @sonxfdoom it’s 4am and I am drawing them being disgustingly sappy again slay me and spread my ashes through the grossest landfill in the world please and thanks

superskie  asked:

Your art style is so lovely! Really amazing! Are you still open for requests? If yes, I'd like to see a swap with Widowmaker and Symmetra

Hey buddy! 

I know this has been in my inbox for ages but I’m still sorting through all the things. Unfortunately I haven’t been open for requests for even longer, so if I do get to this one, it’ll be in like… a year.. ;___; 

Which sucks, because Widow and Symmetra have two of my favourite outfits. 

maybe I’ll doodle them someday but I honestly don’t know when


Art Collab with @riko-os

Part 2

I love that Abby is considered the Mom friend but she really isn’t. Abby is the person who recorded a fart and pranked people with it. Abby is the person who makes “yo mama” jokes. Abby is the person who apparently forgets to eat sometimes and Patty has to remind her to or else she gets cranky. Abby is the person who has a secret handshake with Holtz and yells “SCATTER SCATTER SCATTER” when stealing science equipment. Abby is the one who still has her presentation from school with Erin at the ready. I guess the reason why she could be considered the Mom friend is because she is the most loyal and loving friend, and the pillar of the group. I love Abby.