ITS PLAYOFF 🏒🏒TIME⏱. Get ready 😬👌🏻👌🏻 for the highs😆😆and the lows😭😭 the injuries🤕🤒and the triple ❌❌❌OTs😱😵. 16 teams enter but only one will win ☝🏼☝🏼💍🏆🏆. Send this to your friends👯‍♂️👯. If you get 5 back ✋🏼 you are a first round loss 🙅🏻🙅🏻🙅🏻 10 and you are the conference champs🏅🏅 20 and you are Stanley’s new owner! 🏆🏆 25 and you are out ❌❌ of this world 🌎. Crosby who🤔🤔🤔🤔. Now make your brackets 🤓 and your bets 💵💵💵💰💰 and get ready for the puck ⚫️drop⬇️⬇️

I’m pretty sure staying up to watch the NHL playoffs, again, tonight is going to be a terrible idea. Am I going to do it anyway? Fuck yeah! I’ve got too much invested in the Penguins, especially since the Lightning didn’t make it. If anyone needs me tonight I’ll be at the ESPN Club attempting to keep up with two, then three, games at one time.

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Fuck management. i work(ed) at a crab shack/sports bar as a hostess, and it's been pretty quiet recently because it's not playoff season and the Leafs suck. Anyway, i worked there for 6 months, and about a month ago, i was asked to train a new hostess. Last week i came in for my shift and found that i was taken completely off the schedule, and wasn't notified. manager said they were cutting down to 1 hostess. i look at the schedule this week and see they they've hired a new second hostess. fuck!

Hockey and Chibs

“Chibs: What are ye watching that has ye yelling at the TV?

You: Watching the hockey game, its the playoffs”

You begin to explain the game to him during commercials, and begins to understand

“Chibs: What the shite is that? That was a clean hit

You: I know, they call such ridiculous penalties

Chibs: Making Hap look like the innocent one

You: With all these bull shit penalties making all of you look innocent

Chibs: Well that was an entertaining second period

You: Is that sarcasm?

Chibs: A little

You: One of these days we should go and watch a game

Chibs: I would actually like that

You: Good. Now its your turn to wash the dishes

Chibs: Is that what all of this is for? Ye butter me up and then make me do the chores

You: Yes

Chibs: Oh yer good”

You walk away from the living room and head up the stairs with a side smile on your face. Chibs walks into the kitchen as he gets the water ready and when the third period begins is when he peeks his head to watch the game. The water over flows and he turns off the water quickly and begins cleaning it up. It was a perfect day to spend it together and you finally have someone to watch hockey with. Finally

  • Hockey demons: so now the series between your two favourite NHL teams is finished
  • Me: yes thank god
  • Hockey demons: well... we were thinking... you know how it's the AHL playoffs
  • Me: ...
  • Hockey demons: and now that Everett is eliminated from the WHL playoffs that frees up a certain goalie
  • Hockey demons: and it just so happens that the flyers AHL team is playing your favourite AHL team
  • Hockey demons: wouldn't it be a shame if something were to Lehigh putting Carter hart in net against the Hershey bears on Wednesday
  • Me: *looks into the camera like it's the office*

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The "Russian Machine Never Breaks" post that you just made... literally... it's too true... tbt to playoffs when his knee got really fucked up by a hit and after leaving the ice he was all "it doesn't hurt at all, i was just in the locker room drinking coke and watching tv lol" and THEN playoffs end and he's like "well yea the doctors had to inject painkillers before a couple games or else i couldn't stand but other than that, not hurt at all" YOU'RE GONNA MAKE US GO GREY PREMATURELY OVI


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who said the 'its not fun, its playoffs' quote???

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