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M!A : Demon Talon for 2 week ~


So here are the salient points for his backstory:

  • Talon and Varus killed each other, double-death style.
  • After Varus’ death, the arclight brought him back as a guardian of arclight.
  • After Talon’s death, the dragonblade brought him back as a demon since the eyes of the dragonblade are made of crystalized dragon blood, so the dragon’s spirit was always in the blade and was feeding off all the people Talon killed. It didn’t want to lose its host so revived the body but that resulted in certain changes.
  • As far as Talon is concerned, this happened a long time ago. Hundreds of years ago, even.
  • The changes are: claws, fangs, black wings tipped by claws, different blood, increased strength, breathes dragon fire.
  • He also has a dragon that’s normally insubstantial/in spirit form but likes to whisper advice to him.
  • ask-arclight-varus is his prey. He hasn’t forgotten it was Varus that killed him and he is pissed about it.
  • Talon has no memory of any current relationships. As far as he’s concerned, he died hundreds of years ago and has been hunting Varus on and off all the while.

Please exercise caution when interacting with Talon. I normally play Talon as being Neutral Evil, type 1 (”essentially, this is anyone who would be a True Neutral if not for the lack of conscience or empathy, or their practice of putting either aside to further their own ends“) but demon!Talon is Chaotic Evil, type 3 (”They believe that you’re either a predator or prey for another predator, so to them the only thing that matters is having the strength to take what you want.”)

All current threads will continue. Any threads started after this point will be with M!A on unless specifically requested otherwise.

Every Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts III will have its own transformation; Re-confirmation that attraction flow can be used at any time

During the Disney Interactive event at D23 Expo 2015, it was announced that every Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts III will have its own transformation. The hosts made sure to emphasize that every single Keyblade is included in this. It was also re-confirmed at the event that attraction flow is able to be activated at any time.


Back when I first started watching anime (like ten years ago), I only liked shonen anime or manga. I vowed to never watch or read shoujo because it was too **girly** for me. That was a long time ago though, as I grew older I decided to toss that mentality since it was just childish. My Love Story!!,OHSHC,and Fruits basket have some of the best characters and storylines. But like most animes, I recommend the manga specifically for OHSHC and Fruits Basket since the animes were cut extremely short(but both of the animes are still very good imo). The My Love Story!! anime however, is following the manga pretty well so far.

But yeah I love these ladies!!! *big smooches all around*


When the Whitney Studio Club opened in 1918, one of its primary goals was to host affordable life drawing classes. Edward Hopper attended the classes regularly between 1920 and 1925, making hundreds of drawings there—several of which are featured on the first floor

Installation view of America Is Hard to See (Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, May 1–September 27, 2015). Photography by Ronald Amstutz


Today’s throwback: the Fighting Girl Clothes video which I reblogged from eschergirls at the very beginning of BABD.
A repost instead of a reblog, because the old post hosted its media on (now dead) Blip.

It’s Rooster Teeth’s attempt to do a mock fight in Soul Calibur female character costumes (particularly Ivy and Sophita). The results, of course, are as hilarious as predictable. And censored accordingly.


Denver was awarded the 1976 Winter Olympics, but later turned the games down because of overwhelming public opposition to the financial terms that would make the city and the state pay for everything. That plus the environmental impact made politicians and citizens rally in opposition. Voters defeated a proposal to start paying $5 million of Olympic costs by a nearly 60-40 margin. A week later, Denver relinquished its status as Olympic host.


Thanks to the wonderful ddagent, this blog is lucky enough to have hosted many wonderful challenges!

Now if you can’t wait for Kelly’s next big idea, maybe you enjoy playing with this!

Just have lots of fun, friends!

- Su

Can Plants Get Cancer?

Kind of. Tumors form when a cell (or group of cells) begins multiplying uncontrollably, usually in response to some DNA mutation. In plants, these growths are called galls, and they’re usually caused by bacterial or fungal infections. But one bacteria does cause plant DNA to mutate: Agrobacterium tumefaciens inserts a piece of its own DNA into a host plant and causes ugly, cauliflower-like galls. Thankfully, plants have rigid cell walls, so the diseased cells don’t spread. And if a gall takes out one organ, the plant can just grow another.