Fire Island Modernist

The Hamptons’ party-going cousin, south of Long Island, New York, didn’t earn its reputation for nothing. In the mid-twentieth century is was a place to see and be seen; a place where good times could be found, particularly for the sexually-liberated young man.

Fire Island Pines, its upmarket gay resort, hosted near-naked black tie galas and impromptu fashion shows by Diane von Furstenburg in its pomp. Calvin Klein called the Pines home and Truman Capote wrote “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” from one of its beach houses. At its peak, 1979’s “Party of the Century” was such a hot ticket even the owner of Studio 54 struggled to get in.

The island’s exploits from this era have since passed into legend. However, what lives on is its stunning architecture, built for the Pines’ tasteful and moneyed inhabitants. But with no protection from developers and suburban creep, can the party last for much longer?

Read the full article Sun, sex and sculpted timber: How architecture shaped Fire Island Pines here.

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It’s been said before, but I’d like to present some evidence that Kyoya Ootori was, in fact, the inciting force behind Haruhi joining the host club. For exhibit A, I give you the iconic anime introduction scene from Kyoya’s perspective.

Hikaru & Kaoru: “Oh wow, it’s a boy.”

Kyoya: “Hikaru, Kaoru, I believe this young man is in your class, isn’t he?”

We know Kyoya knows enough about everyone to determine whether they’re important and, if they are, he’ll have much more information than that. An honor student at Ouran on scholarship would certainly not escape his notice given that it’s such a rare occurrence. Knowing Haruhi’s name, sex, middle school, and approximate net worth is the least we’d expect of him. Thus, I propose that his use of male pronouns and the added emphasis of “young man” is a deliberate mistake. He’s at once taking cues from Hikaru and Kaoru and testing the waters to see if anyone, including Haruhi, will correct them. He can’t see the future, so he’s probably not doing more than setting up a game to watch everyone embarrass themselves. Still, it sets the stage.

Hikaru & Kaoru: “Yeah, but he’s shy. He doesn’t act very sociably, so we don’t know very much about him.”

The first lightbulb is lit. The other lightbulbs symbolically represent each of the hosts figuring out Haruhi’s gender, but I would say that this is Kyoya figuring out that no one knows enough about Haruhi to spoil his fun. If the twins who’re in her class don’t know much, no one will and she hasn’t offered a correction herself.

Kyoya: “Oh, that wasn’t very polite. Welcome to the Ouran Host Club, Mr. Honor Student.”

The trap is set and Kyoya adds the bait. He cues the group to go into Host Mode by referencing proper social conduct, draws Haruhi in and blocks her escape by welcoming her, subtly reinforces the gender mistake, and adds in “honor student” to spark Tamaki’s memory and get him talking.

Tamaki: “What? You must be Haruhi Fujioka. You’re the exceptional honor student we’ve heard about.”

Haruhi: “How did you know my name?”

Kyoya: “Why, you’re infamous. It’s not every day that a commoner gains entrance into our academy. You must have an audacious nerve to work hard enough to fight your way into this school as an honor student, Mr. Fujioka.”

Tamaki takes the bait and Haruhi’s question allows Kyoya to step in again. He builds on Tamaki’s statement and insists that Haruhi is important enough for their notice. Key words like “commoner,” “audacious nerve,” “work hard,” and “fight” are guaranteed to get Tamaki’s imagination going and he won’t be able to resist getting dramatic. At this point, I don’t think Kyoya has a clue where this is going, but it’s entertaining nonetheless. Tamaki monologues, Haruhi protests, the monologue continues, she tries to leave, Honey pulls her back because now he’s interested, Tamaki puts on his hosting face, and Haruhi gets flustered enough by all this nonsense to break the very expensive vase.

Hikaru & Kaoru: “Awww.”

Hikaru: “We were going to feature that Renaissance vase in an upcoming school auction.”

Kaoru: “Oh, now you’ve done it, commoner. The bidding on that vase was supposed to start at eight million yen.”

Haruhi: “What, eight million yen? How many thousand yen is that? How many thousands are in eight million? I’m gonna have to pay you back.”

Hikaru & Kaoru: “With what money? You can’t even afford a school uniform.”

Kaoru: “What’s with that grubby outfit you’ve got on anyway?”

Kyoya: “Well, what do you think we should do, Tamaki?”

This is a lucky moment for Kyoya. The universe has conspired such that he has the perfect hook to keep Haruhi around for a little longer and continue the game. Something expensive is broken, Haruhi doesn’t have any hope of replacing it, and yet she’s honorable enough to insist on paying them back somehow. All she could do is work off the debt. All Kyoya has to do is give their glorious leader the idea. Easy enough when the question only has one logical answer.

Tamaki: “There’s a famous saying you may have heard, Fujioka. When in Rome, you should do as the Romans do. Since you have no money, you can pay with your body. That means, starting today, you’re the host club’s dog.”

And so it begins. It was, in fact, a series of accidents that led Haruhi to join the host club, but behind each of those accidents was Kyoya taking full advantage of the situation.


Kyoya gives Haruhi a promotion.

Haruhi: “You sure it’s really okay for me to keep this uniform?”

Tamaki: “Cute! You’re as pretty as a girl! Adorable!”

Honey: “Haru-chan, you look so cute!”

Hikaru: “If we had known that’s how you really look…”

Kaoru: “…we would have helped you out sooner.”

Kyoya: “Who knows, maybe he’ll draw in some customers.”

Tamaki: “You know, that’s just what I was thinking. Our errand boy is moving up the ranks. Starting today, you are an official member of the host club. I will personally train you to be a first-rate host. If you can get one hundred customers to request your service, we will completely forget about your eight million yen debt.”

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Mama, please tell me that when they reach Eren's basement its the Ouran Highschool Host Club... Also I love you so much and you've created a magical being that I also love so much (Levi) so thank you for that ❤❤❤

Okay, so for what’s in the basement up till now we have:
Grisha’s porn stash


mob psycho 100 chapter 96.4

this chapter is only available on the mangaone app, so it isn’t slated to be translated by the usual scanlator until thursday. but why wait when you have THE ENTIRE TYPESET CHAPTER RIGHT HERE??? 

YES, THIS IS… a full and actual translation. TL’d by me, typeset by the dependable femoralynn, here’s the whole chapter.

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Bet-boy and the Old Woods

This is the story that parents tell the children about the boy.

“A long time ago, after the split, there was still a time when all the regions were regular, without any moving rivers or mountains. People could walk from town to town and didn’t have to worry about getting lost each time; little kids could play in streams, and when their parents called, they wouldn’t have to go searching for missing children in missing water.

“In those days, all the kids in Johto would play this game called Hide and Find, where they would take turns hiding from one another in the woods, and there would be one who would go and find them in their hiding spots. Those who were the best at hiding were always praised for how smart they were, how well they spotted good holes or high branches, or how quiet they could be when the finder came.

“But in one town, no one could ever beat the best of all their finders. He knew all the hiding spots in near their town, and could tell when someone was using one. Any time he was playing, the other kids tried best to cover their tracks, but he could find them all after only 5 minutes.

“Over the years, he got so good at finding, he began to boast to all the other kids. ‘I bet there’s nobody in the world who’s better than me at finding people.’ ‘Anyone can try, but I bet I can get them without even looking.’

“Every day he would say the same things, over and over, bragging at how good he was, and finding people every time they played, and soon the other kids got tired with the boy.

“’Who does he think he is, making fun of us and thinking that he’s better?’ ‘I just don’t get why he brags so much, I’m good at school and I don’t brag as much.’ ‘Isn’t he better though?’ ‘Shut up Hao Shuo, just because he’s better doesn’t mean he should brag about it.’ ‘We should knock him down a peg.’ ‘How? He’s not kidding when he’s bragging.’ ‘Then we should change up the game.’

“The next day, all the kids got together to play the game, and asked the boy to be it first.

‘But count to 200 this time, we want to see if we can hide better with twice as much of a headstart.’

‘It won’t help, but good luck trying to find anyplace that’s at least a bit hard,’ said the boy, as he began to close his eyes and count.

“Quickly, all the kids ran as far as they could into woods and hid. As the boy got to 200 and began to search for them, they listened as his footsteps got nearer, and then began to hide further into the woods.

“As the boy searched, he began to realize that the other kids were tricking him, as he found the kicked up dirt and leaves of their previous hiding spots. But he refused to call out their unfairness, not wanting to give them the satisfaction for beating him. He went out deeper and deeper into the woods, following their tracks.

“But as he searched, he began to notice that some of the tracks disappearing, footprints stopping in patches of clover or beside the snapped branches of a bush. The sun was beginning to go down too, and the green of the woods began to grow darker, the leaves and trunks letting go of the golden shine of the last hours of the day. The boy was concerned, but he wanted to win, and so on he went.

“Soon, the sun was fully down and the boy had not found one other kid, though he’d searched in every ditch and tree. Defeated, he turned around, and realized that in the fading light, he’d gone far deeper into the woods than he’d anticipated. The kids had called this part the Old Woods; the trees grew closer together here, and more gnarled, and the canopy held on tighter to the falling light so that very little underbrush grew, only the brown and slimy leaves and the lichen grey against the above ground roots.

“They only ever played in the old woods during the day; noon was the time that a person could run among the twisted trunks and not think twice about what might be behind a rock or just past the grove. The boy did not want to face these woods at night, alone. He began to walk.

“But somehow, the tracks he followed led him even deeper, into parts of the old woods he’d never seen before, the trees now closer, rotting limbs above him and old dead trunks he had to climb, coating his hands with a slime he couldn’t seem to rub off. Again and again, he tried to turn back, but the more he walked, the deeper the darkness seemed to grow, the lower his shoes would sink into moist refuse, he can feel a dampness in his socks, cold and clammy, decay growing in his nostrils, hinting of spores and tendrils under every surface, grey and black fungi beneath every leaf and vine, he is releasing a new wave after every step, he can feel the waves of rot inside him, feel the waves of fear coursing through, the air tastes like the green fuzz of old onions, the back of damp closets, the basement of his old house, vomit, he is on the ground heaving the slime around his hands he can see the grey move up in bubbling stalks he can see his pores growing open the tendrils moving down into the holes he is filled with rot and scum and mold and pus and pain it is filling him up it is eating him through it is speaking to him

D̴O̵͂̔̐̄͌̂̀ ̶̆̒̈̓͗͛̚ ̵̿͊̆̐̈́͒ ̷̛͊̉̆̉̔͝ỹ̷̑̊͌̂́̌Ö̸́u̵͑̋̈́̽̃̈́̏ ̔̆̿́̀̀̈̐͆̓̾̈́̔̊͘͝͠͠w̎̃͌̏͆̔̃͌̎̅͑̉̓̕͘̕͘̚͝ȉ̓̀̇̈́͌̓͂͗̈̏̐͆̀̕͝͝͝š̒̓̍͂́̎̇͒͆̉̀͗̉̉͋̅̊̑h̛̐̇̓̋̒̋̌͌̔͆͌̆̈͘̚͝͝ ̛̂̓̽͊̄̂̀̓̔́̉͒̏͘͘͝͝t̛̉́͛͆͒͛̄̿̾͌̈́̅̏͗͛̃̕͝O͌͆͋̿̏̊̎ ̀̈̿͂͐̋̎̾̆̓̓̋̾̆̓͌̈́͝ ̶̧̣̠̜̺̥͍̠̰̱̎̐̑̆͊̔̾̀̀̚͝ͅ ̴̳̗͍̝̬̙̣͇̥͕̙͒̌̑̉̒͂͗̄̀̚̚ ̶̡͇̮̙̯̖̜̟̪̯̜̾͌̽̈́̄̆̾̿̔͘͘ ̴̡̛̫̲̙̫̘͕͈̯͚̼̀̂̀͛̋̆̓͒̊̚ ̷͈̼̬͓͇̥̳̠̲͔̼̔̃̊̉́̀̃̃̑̎̕ ̵̨̦͍̮͚̩̹͖̱͇̞͂̑̓͐̿̄̀̑̚͠͝ ̵̢̧̮͕̺͍̹̪̦͎̮͊̍̍̐̄̂̏͒̎͗͝ ̵̧̘͔̹̜̰̳͎͚̙̏̂͂̂̈́͋̇̋̒͑̕͜ ̸̧̳͕̪̫̲̣̜̲̦̦̉̽̋̐͌́̈́̃͂̈͝f̴̧̡̛̳̜̖͓̗͎̟̤̰̽̊̊̽́̃̏͌͛̌i̸̛̤̼̬̘̳̟̙͓͙͚̝͒̌̀͊̆̈͐̍͘̕N̴̨̧̨̺̺̰̯̘͎̹̲̒̊̒̋̇̔̒͐͂͌͝D̸̛̻̟̯̦̗̘̩͈̙̖̮̔͆͐͋͂̈́̌̓͠͝ ̸̞͍͚̩͍̮͔̰̪͔͍̎̾͒̿̈́̃͗͒́͘̕ţ̶̟̣̮͈̰̗͇̹̳͗̓̉̂̽̾̎̈̑͘͘͜h̸̨͓͔̟̲̜̜̦̠͒̽̀̂͊͛̂́͐̆͌͜ͅË̷̛̤̱̹̳͍̰͕͓̪̭͈́̎͒͋͐̐́͋͝͝m̴̨̧͚̳̠̰͇͈̼̜͑͆̎̀̆͆̓̄̈́̕͝ͅ?̵̻̪̝̱͙̻̱̰̣̘̭͒̒̈́́͒̂̊̀̑̕̚



what are you doing

i̷̬̮͜ ̵̢̤̮ a̸̲̺̹̼̠m̷͔̝̮̫̰ ̸͗̓͛̔̓h̷̓̈́̑́͘E̷̒̏̄̓͐L̵̏͆͂̄̇p̶͑͊̉͗͌i̷̼͙̼̥̋̅̃̀͠ͅN̴̪̘̝͙̺͆̂͂́̊G̶̡͔͇͔̣̾̐͋̅̾ ̵̍̈̉̿̽y̷̛̎̄͑̚Ơ̸͆̿̉͑ǘ̵̀̒̾͝

“The other kids had long been back home and were waiting for the boy to come out of the woods so they could laugh at him. But as the sun came down, they began to worry about the boy.

“’Is he okay?’ ‘Hao Shuo shut up’ ‘I just want to know! He’s been out there for a while!’ ‘Serves him right, he was being stupid, he deserve to get lost in the woods, shows how well he knows them’ ‘But Celia, what if he’s really hurt or something?’ ‘That’s dumb, no one who anyone is gonna get really hurt in the woods’ ‘Guys look someone’s coming!’

“All the other kids turned towards the woods, and saw somebody coming out of line of trees. Relieved, they all started yelling, but whoever it was didn’t respond, just kept walking closer and closer to the group.

“’Hey, are you okay?’ ‘See, you totally aren’t the best at hide and find’ ‘Shut up Joshua we don’t even know if it’s him’ ‘Well I’m gonna say it anyway cause he deserves it’

“The figure comes into the light and the group recognizes the boy. He looks weird though; his has some sort of weird grey hood over his head, connected to his jacket, and he’s walking funny, as if he’s hurt somehow.

“’Hey man, are you okay?’

“The boy looks at the kids. He smiles.

y̖͔̝̫̲̟̞̠̙͉̙̭̠̘͚̯͙̪͍̝̬͜O̧̡̧̡͎̦̯̰̦̩̟̺̞̹̥̜̯̘̟̘͜ͅu̧̨̡̧͇̹̫̠̺̜͉̯͔͉̰͙͔̤̯̘͜ͅ b͋͒̎̓̈́̏̈͆̅̑́͗̚E̽̈̄̍͛̃͋̿͊͐̏͗͋t̛̉͊̎̅̀̍͑̍̈̽͘̕

“And he’s gone. In front of their eyes, disappears into nothingness, no smoke, no sound, no fade. Just gone.


“Over the next few months, they put out search parties for both missing kids, but to no avail. Eventually, both families hold funerals, holding each other in their grief. The kids go back to school, but they stop playing in the woods.

“After a few years, the kids stop thinking about the games they played, growing into puberty and then into young adulthood. A few of them get jobs in the larger cities of Goldenrod and Olivine, and start hanging out together at the local bars. One night, they meet another group from a different town, and start swapping stories.

“’Oh wow, that’s so weird. Same thing happened to us; we used to play in the woods until one time two of the kids didn’t make it home.’ ‘That’s crazy.’ ‘Yeah, we had a whole funeral and everything. And the weirdest part was that the first guy wasn’t even from our town. He just showed up one day and started hanging out with us. None of the adults even knew who he was, they all just assumed he was someone else’s kid.’ ‘That’s so weird. Do you think there’s a chance that they’re still out there somewhere?’

“One of the quieter guys pipes up,

you bet.”


“That was a weird story mommy.”
“Yeah? It’s very spooky, isn’t it.”
“Yeah. I don’t know if I like it.”
“Well, you don’t have to like it. You can just learn from it.”
“What do I have to learn?”
“Well, what were the other kids doing?”
“They were being mean to the boy.”
“That’s right, and what happened?”
“I don’t know.”
“One of the boys got taken, right?”
“I guess.”
“So what does that mean?”
“Don’t be mean?”
“That’s right, you shouldn’t be mean to other people, otherwise the Bet-boy’s gonna get you!”
“Okay, alright, I’ll stop.”
“That was mean, Mommy. Bet-boy’s gonna get you.”
“Okay, I’m sorry.”
“That’s okay.”
“Hey guess what?”
“There’s something else to learn here.”
“Do you want to learn it?”
“It has to do with Bet-boy.”
“Mommy, stop being slow and tell me.”
“What was Bet-boy doing before he got lost?”
“I don’t know.”
“Well, try something.”
“He was looking for the other kids?”
“Yes, but why was he looking for them?”
“Cause they were playing the game.”
“Okay, but why were they playing the game?”
“Cause they wanted to trick him?”
“Yep! And why did they want to trick him?”
“Cause he was bragging!”
“Yes! And why did he get lost in the woods?”
“Cause he thought he was really good?”
“Exactly! And so what happened after he got lost?”
“He got eaten.”
“So what?”
“So what does that mean?”
“Uhm, does it mean you shouldn’t brag?”
“Yes, but what happens if you do brag, like Bet-boy?”
“You’re gonna get eaten!”
“That’s right! So don’t be mean and don’t brag, okay hon?”
“Okay mommy!”
“Good, now go to sleep okay?”
“You bet!”
“Good night hon.”
“Good night mom!”

I made a highlight reel from my Lethe stream the other day. @jaboody kept me company on Skype and we got through about half of the game. Idk why the video got cropped weird and the volume levels are so different :// gonna try to fix that next time, which will probably be this weekend.

Hey fuck you Comedy Central.
I don’t care if the ratings were low - I thought maybe you had some spine and would keep on with the nightly show because it was offering an important and different perspective on things.

Don’t know why I expected anything of a channel that continues to air Tosh.O tho
Nordic scientists test the first non-invasive tagging on cetaceans in Loro Parque

Loro Parque strengthens its commitment to research by hosting the first non-invasive tagging test on cetaceans by placing an innovative belt at the end Keto’s tail.

This pioneering study, conducted today in OrcaOcean by Icelandic and Danish scientists, consists in confirming the viability of the device and verifying that it does not create any disturbance on animals’ skin. The final goal of this procedure is to mark humpback whales in the wild.

Methodically, the concept features a belt placed at the animal’s tail that includes a number of sensors to measure basic parametres. This will provide data for further studies on geolocation, feeding behaviours and vertical movements of the animal and many other aspects.

Furthermore, these innovative “tagging” will be capturing and processing unique oceanographic data. This data will then be used to evaluate certain issues related to climate change and the main objective of the effort is to set up a network of sensors using humpback whales in different locations around the world. This unique tool will allow learning more about both their biology and obtain information about the climate on a global scale.

The results of the test performed on the orca Keto have been satisfying: it has not caused any problem on animal’s skin and it has been ascertained that it does not affect the movement of the animal – the innovative material of the belt is flexible, impermeable and does not create friction.

As the success of the test in Loro Parque has been confirmed, the scientists will perform the tagging of two humpback whales in Iceland, whose collected information will be used to know more about the migration processes of these cetaceans.

Dr. Javier Almunia, Deputy Director of Loro Parque Fundación, and Rafael Sánchez, Head Trainer of OrcaOcean, viewed positively the initial viability of a non-invasive marking system in comparison to the traditional tagging, in which harpoons are used that cause discomfort and potential injuries to the animal.

Without this kind of tests, it would not be possible to determine that the design is appropriate for use. Therefore, it has been noted that Loro Parque’s orcas contribute to scientific research and to data gathering that benefit cetaceans in the wild, performing a role of ambassadors of their species in the nature.

Study done on Loro Parque’s Keto to try out new tagging methods for humpback whales. In this particular case, a belt is attached to the tail that takes information.

Topp Dogg grouchat:   our banner is great right??

what is this?

well me & @hurricanejongin thought it was really fun what we did last night which was an event hosted by @madllght , so we decided why not make a groupchat so we can all become closer and be more of a family!! 


- new friends and mutuals since everyone within the groupchat will follow eachother

- lots of fun!!

- an experience to meet new people and learn a little bit more about others

- memes

- honestly just fun 


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basically that’s it!! we’ll most likely be choosing the first 10 people bc we can’t have too many, but if you aren’t chosen and you really want to be in the gc talk to me please!! 

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" yandere Dev...why won't you love me? I make ocs for your game and even talk about sjws." Saids a yansim fan as they reach out to him. "No..." Said yandere Dev, flinching back as he turned away. " I am in love with someone else....Killer Keemstar.". Suddenly the door slowly opened, with a faint noise echoing through the room. "whAT IS UPPPP DRAMA ALERT NATION, ITS YOUR HOST-"


New Avengers #15 feels very, I have to say it, rushed. Multiple plot elements get done very quickly, although not without its share of awesome. The entire issue is just purerly awesome. Maker learns not to underestimate Roberto big time, there is dramatic conclusion to Toni and Aikku’s subplot (spoiler: POD dies to have its host, but Aikku lives and gets the armor we saw on the cover of USAvengers), Billy, Teddy and Dorren patch things up with Songbird and Garret is still possessed by spirit of Dirk Anger. And all of that falls nicely into a well-made story, even if it feels like racing to get every subplot closed before cancellation.

But the real crown jewel is Ava’s confrontation with Angela. It kicks asses, all of it. Her way to deal with Tiger God problem is a great conclusion to her subplot that Ewing has been building ever since Mighty Avengers.

And now it’s time for the final battle. Seeing how the only Revengers left are counterparts to Billy, Teddy, Squirrel Girl and Songbird, I suspect a lot of awesome from them.