stooooory time

okay so when my fam moved to Bangkok in 2004 i was going into year 1 and at the orientation thing my mom saw a kid wearing a shirt from OCC in hawaii and that kids mom saw me wearing these flip flops you can only get in hawaii so our moms became best friends and the kid so happened to be the CUTEST boy i have ever seen so voila my first crush. so im only in his class for year 1 and i continued to like him for 3 more years before my family moved back to the states in year 4 and i was so sad to leave. So after 7 years in the states we’re moving to korea and we stop in hawaii for a month and GUESS WHOS FAMILY IS THERE AS WELL so we meet up at the OCC and THIS KID is a 6'2 EXTREMELY ATTRActive rugby player with a deep british accent and i spent the whole afternoon and evening talking to him and his family but its so weird to think that i was basically in love with him all my elementary life and now we’re both grown up and mature yet we met as little kids,either way it was so nice and i’m so happy today was a great day