Reasons to watch Lilo and Stitch
  • backgrounds are literally watercolor how rad is that?
  • cute aliens
  • all them round shapes
  • sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters
  • the existence of David Kawena literally the best human ever
  • how they actually respect Hawaiian culture and make fun of tourists
  • music that’s in Hawaiian but impossible not to try and sing along to
  • Hawaii
  • Cobra Bubbles, CIA
  • early 2000s girl-pop version of Elvis Presley at the end

Louise knows how the bachelor works.  

WORLDS AWAY. For moments when you peel back leaves and push aside the vines to uncover a world beyond words. [listen]

1. Skeleton of a Town - Inon Zur // 2. Love Dance - Cirque du Soleil // 3. The Legend of Ashitaka Theme - Joe Hisaishi // 4. Call of Magic/Nerevar Rising - Jeremy Soule // 5. Arrival of the Birds - The Cinematic Orchestra // 6. Fairytale - Harry Gregson-Williams // 7. Jeux D'Eau - Cirque du Soleil // 8. From Past to Present -Jeremy Soule // 9. Circus Fantasy - James Newton Howard // 10. Chimerical Dream - Franoius Paul Ache // 11. Long, Long Time Ago - Javier Navarrete // 12. One Happy Day - Maggie Stiefvater // 13. Becoming a Geisha - John Williams // 14. Prologue - James Newton Howard // 15. The Girl Who Fell From The Sky - Joe Hisaishi 

things that are pure:

  • niall’s poker face
  • the breakneck speed at which niall turned to look at louis at the mention of the rainbow bear
  • the horrified uncertainty on his face at the question of where are harry and louis 
  • niall
  • niall wearing a cast on his HEALED foot because he ‘forgot the other shoe’, despite being a multi millionaire who could get one delivered, hand encrusted in diamonds, in ten minutes flat
  • niall
  • the look on his face when asked if he’s slept with a fan, and saying never (despite e v e r y o n e knowing he has)

If you want a break from the babygate nonsense I suggest you grab some popcorn and come to my corner to watch the hilarity of Calvin Harris vs Taylor/Tom. It’s action-reaction, Calvin reacting to whatever Taylor and Tom do (taking pictures of himself in a speedo or videos dancing merengue, wearing Kanye West’s clothing line or following literally every person that has a ‘feud’ with Taylor, namely, all the members of the Kardashian clan, Katy Perry, his own ex-girlfriends and Harry) and Taylor and Tom are being super extra dancing at a Selena Gomez concert and getting papped while they go bowling in Nashville.

I’ve never been so entertained by something I don’t even care about before.


John Oliver’s take on inequality (x).

In fact, I think what he is saying here goes beyond the specific issue being discussed above. Because no matter what kind of inequality, intolerance or injustice we’re talking about - THE SIZE OF THE DUMP IS !NEVER! THE ISSUE.