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OMG you are so cute Lady! X3 I love your thing, I might make another tumblr so I can follow~ UwU -Jello <3

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I am really curious! If you were to describe and assign animals to each BTS member, what would they be and why? :3

this is so c u t e omg

Jin: A Lion. Lions are very protective and territorial animals. They often care for the young’ins. Brave and beautiful. Eats huge meals.

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Suga/Yoongi: A sloth. Doesn’t move too much, but when it does it’s very slow. Also very cute and cuddly. Small.

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J-hope/Hoseok: A HORSE(((: Has p l e n t y of energy. Very very beautiful animals. Super friendly and loud.

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Rap Mon/Namjoon: A baby deer. Clumsy af. But so so so adorable. Will grow up to be elegant and handsome looking.Bold features. Long legs to jump around with.

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Jimin: A puppy. Do i really have to explain why ?? I mean its adorable, obedient, and deserves all the love in the world, And everyone loves puppies.

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V/Taehyung: A chipmink. Has chubby cheeks. Good at hiding many things. Clever little things, they are. Cute cute cute. Moves fast and has a lot of energy to run around all day.

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Jungkook: A cheetah. Super cute when they’re small but when they grow up it’s like damn. V e r y quick. Intelligent. Good at mostly everything it does. Has a ‘I could or could not kill you’ look. Dangerous.

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oops i was at work all day yesterday, so this is going to be a bit late, but i just wanna take the time to wish a very happy twenty-third birthday to my dearest dearest Andrew. I still have every single note you sent me, my best girl. I’m so proud of everything you’ve done, and how far you’ve come, and I can’t wait for all the amazing things to come for you and your lady this year. loving you always sweet girl.

xx, J

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i know it sounds dumb but i always watch out for your announcements about your plants sprouting because i think its super cute & i love plants & i love you

Omg I love u too!!
Named my cilantro drake bc it was the last to sprout but now it’s the tallest plant of all my plants
It started from the bottom and now it’s here u get me?

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Blue and Noah?

I'm so sorry this is super late!!

  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa
    • Okay, so I think that when Noah’s invisible he walks around in fromt of Blue and opens all the doors for her so she never walks into them. Chivalry truly is dead
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them
    • Noah doodles hearts and stuff on all her stuff and blue makes them both little badges with love hearts and little drawings and its v cute
  • Who starts the tickle fights
  • Who starts the pillow fights
    • Blue, but Noah has the unfair advantage of being able to disappear before things hit him, blue says he’s cheating 
  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile
    • Noah doesn’t really sleep so he likes to watch her sleep and it makes him feel really calm bc her energy gets sort of slow and hazy and he loves it bc it feels sort of like dreaming
  • Who mistakes salt for sugar
    • Noah, he can’t exactly taste test things!! But blue says it’s okay bc they can decorate the biscuits together and hang them up as decorations
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1 am in the morning
    • Blue, she’s making popcorn for their midnight snack that noah lkes to pretend he can eat
  • Who comes up with cheesy pickup lines
    • BOTH, they range from the super cute ones to the extremely dirty that make all the other boys blush 
  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order
    • Neither of them?? they both like to live in organised chaos 
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies
    • Blue!! she watches as he makes them and makes sure he uses the right ingredients as he has a record for being v experimental in the kitchen 
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion
    • Noah!!
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen
    • Noah, he buys a blue glitter pen for exactly this!! 
  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation
    • Blue
  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines
    • Noah, he’s super invested in which Disney couple they are most like!!

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I love the idea of big bots with like 5+ girls on their shoulders they just schedule multiple girls during trips to the emporium just to be a jungle gym bc look!!! At how smol and agile these humans are!!! And for big ego trips yes humans praise me

A few of the really huge bots love just letting us climb over them and talk to them, its super cute! You’ll see a bot sitting in the gardens and he looks all alone but then you’ll see two or three hosts pop up and they’re joined by like two more and a few more and the bot gets so giddy.

Its really cute when hosts that are bothered by heights have a bot who will gently let them climb at their own pace until they reach a comfortable stopping point.

Caution: ticklish spots should be avoided unless you would like to be sitting down on the ground very quickly.

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Hey I just discovered your blog and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the concept. Especially the whole fight/dance system. I was wondering have you ever heard of an anime called Princess Tutu? It's super cute and a really good watch. It uses awesome music too. There's SOOOOOOO much dancing in it, its all ballet, but the entire story revolves around a ballerina, who is also a magical girl :D. And she fights people with the power of her dance and she dances SO well that her enemies just end of dancing with herlol

tea: Ahh wow, thank you so so much! ;_; <3 I have heard of that a couple of times, actually! I’ve never watched it though, but perhaps I should check it out? haha

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Main Head cannons: commanderflap, rubbercommandiplier, and razzaflap. Opinions?

commanderflap is super cute ok??? these girls are adorable and need to do adorable things together like i can just imagine them making flower crowns together and going to the spa or smth

rubbercommandiplier is so good ive seen cute art and fanfictions and it makes me smile super big all the time. dont have many headcanons for it though ;o;


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Is okay it took a bit! Gives me a chance to learn more about your OCs! :3 also sdhfkasjdfhskgdi ISCREAMED about the slight shipping its okay I kindaquietlystartedcrushinglikehelloverJaeloops. Tam I am going to read stories too and gently massage his hands and pet his head. Malik seems like a neato guy I would love to hang with! All your precious babs help my heart. Sorry if this double sends but AAAA AUGUST 23rd IS MY BDAY TOO Ahkdshfd

hueee I really do ship u with them I think its really cute. Jael thinks you’re super gorgeous but it’d have to be an au of course cause like, canon Jael likes Kira im sorry :c aaaa. But I hope thats okay! Tam would love to have a close relationship with you, too. 

and Malik is a fuck too but I love him. He would love to hang out with you hehe. Watch movies and stuff with him, he loves that.

ALSO thats so funny that your bday is August 23rd too cause I made that up on the spot for that ask. I stated it as something else in a diff ask but changed it because August 23rd kept popping out at me. What a coincidence :’)

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Can you write a super fluffy jimin scenario/imagine where he is in love with a very very shy older girl (only a few years) and he's afraid to tell her but he fibally gets the courage and she's all blushing (which he thinks is very cute) and they kiss and cuddle? :)

I made him confess on Valentines, because its soon and it would be more romantic. “this is you speaking” *gifs not mine*

Will you be mine Valentine?

It was Valentines day, a day for couples and a day for lovers. Jimin had been waiting for this day to come for a long time, because the was the day he was going to confess his love to y/n. He had always loved her, it was something about her smile and beautiful eyes. He had wanted to say so many times how much she ment to him.

He was in the park waiting for y/n`s arrival. He knew she walked past that exact bench every day at exactly at 13:42 pm. She was extremely beautiful day, maybe it was the thought that he was about to confess his love for her. He took a deep breath and sighed “i`m ready” he said to himself, one step at a time one hope than another. He got more nervous but at the same time more courage while walking up to her, she was just so beautiful where she stood and so peaceful. He collected himself before continuing walking towards her.

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She had her back against him, he took a deep sigh and she turned around and smiled “Oh hello Jimin, i did not see you there” Jimin smiled “I know y/n, so how are you” she smiled a shy smile “So what brings you here?” Jimin took her hands in his and held them tight. She blushed and looked away, Jimin took his hand and lifted her chin, he smiled before saying in a calm voice “y/n i wanted to say something, i wanted to say it for quit sometime now” she looked at him confused but with a sweet look “I know you are older than me, but that`s only two years, and i…I LOVE YOU” she was shocked.

He looked at the ground and scratched the back of his neck “i will understand if you dont feel the sa….” she kissed him, Jimin took her by the waist and held her closer to him “I love you too” she said with a bright smile that made Jimin`s heart skip. Jimin hugged her and smiled, he whispered “I am not done yet” she looked at him curious of what else he wanted to say “Will you be my valentine?” she giggled and kissed his cheek. “I would love to be your valentine” Jimin cheered of happiness shouting of the top of his lungs “YES!!! y/n SHE SAID YES!!!” She giggled and slapped him lightly. Jimin kissed her one last time before they spend the rest of the evening just talking and admiring each other.

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Hope you liked it!!! <3

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Heyyyyyy you're super cute and adorable as fuck asdfghjkl I love you omg

people are fucking with me now, all this love really needs to stop. it doesnt obviously but its overwhelming

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I'm so obsessed with Spaleb now that I never want them to end. Even though I was a big Spobyshipper before. Now I just want Spaleb cause I think that they are so cute together and love each other. I hope that they get to talk about their feelings.

Yes!! I was the biggest spoby (and Haleb) shipper but spaleb just makes more sense right now. I so badly want them to be endgame. But like all shows its all about fan service with ships and not what makes sense. They are super cute and I think they need to have a real conversation about their feelings, so far they have sorta been skirting around directly talking about their feelings (to each other) although I think Caleb not moving out kinda says something. 🙌🏻 Hoping for the best.


alright so i was reading up bara/big Sans headcanons over on @plushysins (NSFW blog be wary!) and i saw all these super cute headcanons and thought “i wanna draw these” and decided on Skeletuff // Theano Didot because the idea of him going on a date with a skele amused me (also its cute shut up)

so here’s a few,mostly focusing on some headcanons I read concerning him and short peeps. Apparently Sans likes ‘em short and tiny because A. Extra cute and easy to carry (i’ll draw that later) and B. All his shit is oversized on them so he’s like *u* constantly lol


Hey there!! I took a quick look around your super cool blog(seriously I love your theme omg) and decided you would probably like a Hiro card!! Hope you like him!!

Oh my glob, thank you! This is adorable! :D

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I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED FOR LOUIS SHARING HIS MUSIC! I NEED IT TO BE A COMIC! HOW COULD YOU GIVE ME THESE PRECIOUS THOUGHTS! ITS TO CUTE I CANT HANDLE THE CUTE! But alas you said you cant draw it. (;~;) P.s. i love you but why you gotta do this to me?


Louis being all super excited like his excited dork self showing Daniel some of his favorite CDs and favorite songs. “Try this one…wait, no…this one’s good, too…hold on–wait–” And fumbling about because he’s just SO EXCITED HE CANNOT EVEN and Daniel just watching him with adoring eyes, totally not even caring what noise Louis puts on in his boombox, the only thing that matters is that the bae is happy. After Louis plays one of his MOST FAVE CDS EVER, he ardently asks Daniel for his opinion, but his question is met…with Daniel’s lips smooshing against his own.