The Team: Essay Writing
  • Kaldur: Meticulously researches the topic, makes an outline, writes several drafts, asks Black Canary to proofread, turns it in two days before the deadline. His papers end up being the examples for next year's class
  • Artemis: All of her counter-arguments boil down to "fight me", goes out of her way to pick a controversial, rad-fem stance on topics like "What I did this summer"
  • Wally: Writes it all in 2 hours before the deadline, downs 500 espresso shots, hits "submit" and falls asleep on his keyboard immediately
  • Conner: Very short sentences. Clear ideas. Good explanations. States everything as a fact. Wouldn't know the passive voice if it hit him in the face
  • Dick: Uses arcane words just to see if the teacher will call him on it. See: "the novel's plot is druxy, and I oppugn anyone who asserts that its subtexts...", etc. When you put together the beginning letters of each paragraph they spell out "feel my aster" or "u mad bro". Uses comic sans unless told otherwise
  • M'gann: Gets super-excited about every topic, does waaaay too much research. Is always about 3 pages over the page limit, goes off on tangents about cool facts she picked up on. Once included a paragraph about cool dog breeds in an essay on the causes of the American Civil War

I didn’t come to play it safe
I came to win or lose with you

this took…….far longer than it should have pff

Kara’s Friendsgiving Invites

I’m in love with Supercorp and Sanvers but…

1. Lena and Kara aren’t that close yet???

They’ve only talked a handful of times. It’s not out of character for Kara to not invite her to friendsgiving… 

Yes, Lena doesn’t have many friends in National City, but it’s actually usually a family holiday. Kara made it Friendsgiving in response to Winn not having family. Lena is probably spending it with her villain mom. 

That said, if Lena actually expressed that she had no one to spend Thanksgiving with, we all know Kara would offer in a heartbeat. 

2. Alex and Maggie are friends, but it’s likely a little shaky right now. And as strong as their connection has been, they haven’t actually known each other that long. (Come on guys, imagine inviting your crush that you met a couple weeks ago, who rejected you, then refriended you, to Thanksgiving. It’s just a bit much.)

Not to mention, Alex’s plan was to come out, which just complicates things more. At this stage, I think Alex’s coming out story is moving away from being about a person Alex likes, and more about Alex’s identity. Something she needs to do on her own, you know?

Also, Lena and Maggie don’t know Kara’s secret, and I feel like it’s not a comfortable Thanksgiving if you have to hide a part of yourself. (Anyone who isn’t out to all of their family knows that it is tiring. That sometimes, if you could choose, you’d prefer to only have the people that know around you.) 

Like 90% of the conversation topics would be out the window if Lena and Maggie came. No Supergirl saves, no DEO, no “there’s this cute girl I met”.

As for the boys, Winn and James are rather close friends with Kara, and Mon-El has no one else. So they’re just all gonna be there. Obviously.

The real question is, “where is J’onn?”

12x10 Speculation

What does everyone think about the synopsis? Lily Sunder is seeking revenge on the angels that killed her family. Which possibly includes Cas?

I was thinking about this the other day, and the only way I can imagine that a band of angels would have reason to murder some human woman’s family was if that family was a fallen angel and a Nephilim.

Think about it, we are at the start of a story involving a Nephilim which happens to be Lucifer’s unborn child. We know that angels think Nephilim are abominations. We also know that aside from the Nephilim murdered in 8x22 that there are no Nephilim left on earth. Castiel simply said that he “thought that wasn’t allowed”. If it wasn’t allowed, chances are someone like Zachariah or Naomi ordered the murder of any Nephilim born to humanity. Its not much of a stretch really. Although I would then wonder how the Nephilim from 8x22 slipped through their grasps for so long.

What a poetic and awesome story this could be though? An unknown angel falls in love with a human woman, abandons his kin and stays with her, they marry, and she bears him a child. But the angels find out and order a party of angels to go to earth and slaughter the angel and his Nephilim child. Imagine that Castiel was one of those angels? Imagine that he watched the scene play out, watched this poor woman begging the angels for mercy. to spare her child, but they followed orders. She was spared only because angels don’t care about human lives. They only care about cleaning up the mess of their own. Castiel didn’t like this. He had doubts. So Naomi wiped his memory.

Now imagine that woman, Lily Sunder, drowning in her own sorrow, vowing revenge on every angel who stole her family from her. The angel she loved and her child both dead at their hands. She turns to witchcraft, blood magic, and bides her time…

Imagine then, that Castiel and Dean and Sam have to talk her down, convince her to let go of her anger and hatred and thirst for revenge, and somehow convince her that Castiel isn’t the angel he once was? How would they do that? Well, Castiel has got an awful lot in common with the angel she fell in love with…

I mean yeah okay its only a theory but I think it would tie nicely into the current plot line of the show and the subtextual plot line of the show as well *cough*destiel*cough*.

Anyway, that was where my brain went immediately on reading the synopsis the other day. I just wanted to share that with you all. 

If I am way off the mark here someone please write that fanfic?

anonymous asked:

SAD TIMES! so when dean says that the boys home with sonny wasn't so bad because nobody bad touched him, burned him or beat him with a metal hanger? does that mean he's comparing his time there to all the other times he did get bad touched or burned etc? i bet that's it. like he could actually enjoy hid freedom from his father and freedom from responsibility in general and he was finally free of all the bad things that happened to him?

I’d read it as going under Dean’s pop culture knowledge of what’s “supposed” to happen in prisons or foster homes - the kind of abuse and violence that depictions of these often focus on, or of course sometimes are actually happening and you get horrible news reports about… (Honestly the fact they trawl the news for weird stories all the time means they must read some truly hideous news stories about regular people doing awful shit >.>)

I sort of file it under the same thing as what I was talking about in this recent post:

about Dean’s jokes about being in prison. Basically, he’s always projecting that defensive mechanism, and in these cases, trying to fit into the pop culture prisoner persona in a very genre-savvy way. In the end of season 2 you get those two episodes very close to each other (back to back?) where Dean is a PA on the movie set and in prison, and both times Sam calls him out for getting way too in character, but that’s sort of how Dean operates :P He’s very good at shedding personality skins and trying on a new one, possibly because 90% of Dean’s on screen time is Dean under one personality or another that’s not really who he is, whether because he’s acting as a persona obviously on the job, or because he’s deflecting and acting up a version of himself for emotional reasons… 

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The Harry Potter universe still can't translate its gay subtext to text. It's a problem.
It’s 2016, and the Harry Potter fandom has evolved. Why hasn’t the HP universe evolved with it?
By Aja Romano

In Cursed Child, Scorpius and Albus’s relationship is the textbook example of the kind of romance that gets cultivated at Hogwarts and then evolves into marriage after school. They’re primed to have a fairy-tale happy ending — or would be, if their relationship were the typical straight one.

Instead, fans are asked to accept that theirs is a fairy-tale friendship. But when there are no queer people anywhere in the entirety of the Harry Potter universe, there’s nothing progressive, or even particularly meaningful, about maintaining the status quo of straight relationships between two male characters. That one of those characters is named after Albus Dumbledore — thus far the only not-quite-canonically-gay character in the entire wizarding world — is the final dollop of irony.

It’s puzzling that Rowling, Thorne, and Tiffany didn’t immediately leap at the opportunity to create a game-changing queer romance between the Potter-Malfoy progeny. One could argue that perhaps it just didn’t occur to any of them. But Rowling, who has continued to contribute new canonical material to the Harry Potter universe on her Pottermore website, clearly spends an enormous amount of time thinking about the wizarding world. If Rowling honestly hasn’t thought about how she could incorporate queer characters into the wizarding world’s ever-expanding future — well, why not?

This question isn’t just about Rowling’s failure to consider queer romance in a single play. It’s a rhetorical indictment of Rowling’s consistent reluctance to allow her series to evolve in meaningful ways.

The Harry Potter franchise has established itself as a truly international phenomenon, touching fans across every possible cultural and ethnic background, of every possible gender and sexual orientation. But Harry’s story, and now the stories of Newt Scamander before him, and Albus Potter after him, are all stories about straight, cisgendered, European white men. In 2016, to many Harry Potter fans, that’s simply not an acceptable view of the wizarding world.

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