A Short Rant on Queer-baiting and Subtext.

So, today I was watching videos about subtext, queer-baiting, etc., and it got me thinking. I feel awful for Fandoms with a pairing that is hinted at and played with but never consummated (i.e. Destiel, Johnlock, and MANY more.). And to put more lemon in that paper cut, creators, writers, cast, and other staff usually brush it off, ignoring the clear tension between them or being downright rude about it. That’s why I love Hannibal. It seems to be the only one stepping largely in the right direction. The cast and Bryan Fuller fully acknowledge the evident love between Will and Hannibal. Heck, they are supporters of it (Hannigram) themselves. Although Bryan Fuller has said that their relationship isn’t sexual and more an intellectual, he has stated that they are in fact, in love. The show even says so (well at least Hannibal is, but we all know Will was feelin’ it too.). They are in love with each other. This is why I only want to stick with this pairing/show. Even from just seeing a few gifs and videos of different series guilty of queer-baiting, I know it would be EXHAUSTING waiting for an otp to become canon, even though the writers have no intention to make it so. I might get into these shows if they quit ignoring the obvious chemistry and go through with it already. In my opinion, they need to take a page out of Hannibal’s book. There’s plenty more I can say on the matter, and why Hannibal is revolutionary, but i dont want to be here all day. Okay, rant over.

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You know I just realized something: Not only I hate the ReySkywalker theory, but i'm neither a huge fan of the ReyKenobi or ReyPalpatine theories, if anything I want her to be the result of some weird Force experiment or something, to literally be "no one" because I'm tired of female characters in media being almost always being defined in relationship with some male character, I want Rey to be a no one who starts her own legacy and legend.

Tbh I’m not really a fan of any of them either. I definitely don’t hate the Rey Kenobi/Palpatine theories, but I’m kind of tired of legacy children and these past nine months have pushed my endurance for them to its limit (and yes, I say this even though I’m the biggest stanner for Revan and Bastila).

I’m also not okay with the internalized (and sometimes) overt misogyny I see cropping up with these theories, specifically the Skywalker one. Because as mentioned: why must a female character’s importance, accomplishments and legacy be defined by a man’s and how she’s theoretically related to him? Why can’t she stand on her own? Why must we insist upon the importance of Rey’s father (the mother is almost never mentioned unless it’s in relation to the dad) instead of Rey herself? I ask these questions, but I rarely get answers. Instead I get The Great Wall of Silence and this

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Opinions on JohnDave???

fuck….. fuCK…… ok listen.. i hope you know that this is all gonna have to be under keep reading…..

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An Introduction

I wasn’t entirely sure how to start this new blog of mine, and so I thought I’d start with an introduction. Hello, my name is Hannah and I’ve set up this blog to celebrate all things TJLC and Sherlock related. I fell into this community about four months ago and I’ve come to a point where I can’t just go on watching it from the sidelines and not doing anything myself, and must join in! Here I will post some of my own observations on the show and its subtext, as well as admiring and reblogging all of your wonderful additions to the community.

I’d like to start by thanking the beautiful and incredibly talented @quietlyprim for her excellent video series TJLCE which introduced me to this community in the first place and I genuinely can’t put it into words how much I am thankful to her for that, as I know many others are.

I’d also like to thank a few others of the many hundreds in this community of whom, over the past few months, I have stalked their wonderful blogs and been drawn even more into this wonderful place - @tjlc, @graceebooks, @welovethebeekeeper, @isitandwonder, @bug-catcher-in-viridian-forest, @finalproblem, @shlto, @shag-me-senseless-watson, @janewatsonholmes, @captain-liddy, @thejohnlockhell, @marcelock@deducingbbcsherlock and so many more that it’s getting obvious that I can’t name you all here, but thank you all for your contributions and I can’t wait to contribute too ^-^

So let me get this straight

After watching Voltron, Voltron Force, Voltron The Third Dimension, Voltron the Movie?, Voltron Legendary Defenders, and a bunch of like fan animations prior to LD, everything is like the same in all the versions BUT LD. Like LD takes everything and throws it out the window. Which is good cause the old versions are kinda…crap. (sorrybutitis) HOWEVER! I’d like to point out that even with all these changes, I have noticed that klance is like present in any version of Voltron. (granted it’s toned down in the previous versions and made more as a bromance/rivalry but like not really a rivalry cause old Keith kinda acts the way Shiro does in LD towards Lance when he makes comments but you get the picture)


In Voltron, Keith goes with Lance on several missions together or they tend to stand near each other or when Keith holds Lance back from picking fights he just DECIDES TO GRAB LANCE BY HIS HAND LIKE HOW DOES THAT STOP A FIGHT??? (I’m talking like…holding hands. Like…not grabbing someone’s wrist more like…hands….in hands…)

In Voltron Force, Lance tends to pick fights with Keith and I quote: “I respect you Keith” (says Lance) “Touching, Lance” (says Keith) end quote. Even one one of the kids are like: “I can’t believe Lance and Keith are giving me lectures on teamwork. Those two are always arguing.” UH WHAT.

In Voltron the Third Dimension (granted I could only stomach one episode), Lance sneaks onto Keith’s ship and they banter with Lance saying things like: “You used to like trouble, Keith! Hey, you’re not going soft are ya?” and “Tell ‘em I’m you’re little brother! Mom said you have to take me along!” BBBRRRROOOOMMMAAANNNNCCEEE. NOTHING REALLY GAY ABOUT IT.

My headcanon is that someone who’s working on LD has seen the previous versions of Voltron and was like: yo. yo. But think about it. KLANCE. It’ll be a hit I swear. These two have been gay since the 80′s yo.

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your laptop struggles make me so sad!

they make me sad too esp since i was trying to work on the obscuro fic and i had the lines all lined up in my head and then i lost them thanks to chrome fuckery so now ur all going to get a meandering aside about rodolphus lestrange, gentleman of leisure extraordinaire.

my bros been talking abt gay stuff a lot lately & idk what to make of this