How is everyone in the Supergirl fandom always so impressively observant ¿?? Like I swear y'all can spot a speck of dust 60 miles away in a blurry screenshot submerged in the deepest depths of the ‬Mariana Trench‪ and describe it in detail while making a connection to why its hidden in subtext but still a important part of your fav characters lives/growth‬

  • Dinah: It's all in the subtext. Like when someone says, "I'm only two minutes away."
  • Normani: I'm still in my pajamas.
  • Dinah: "We should stay in touch!"
  • Normani: I've already forgotten about you.
  • Dinah: Or, "It's fine, honey!"
  • Normani: You have five minutes left to live.
  • Camila: Uh, okay. So are you going to tell us what we should be celebrating?
  • Ally: Don't worry about it.
  • Lauren: May the universe have mercy on you.