Day 2: Lyrics

Then your fragments show.
[Fragments - Erio]

I’m sorry for the cheesy, uncreative idea, but I know KH3 won’t end good for those two, so I’ve made it my personal mission to draw as much Good-End! AkuSai as I can. Fight me if you dare. (  9   >   A  < ) 9

@people who complain about SPN getting another season even when they no longer wach the show: WHY DO YOU CARE???

well could you at least rent them

these character choices make less and less sense by the day


*s weats* …i did it…

the world is terrifying…

A Language all Their Own

An AU where Morty is mute.

An alternate universe where Morty is even more isolated and alone due to his inability to communicate easily with other people. Where Beth and Jerry who love their child and learn sign language for him still talk about it like its this awful secret and seem almost awkward to talk with Morty. Where Summer is an older supportive sister who sneaks into Morty’s room to talk with him and to let him rant on about how angry he is about how its not a big deal about how its not this awful thing. Just, lonely isolated Morty growing up in silence because so very few people bother to even try talking to him.

Until Rick shows up.

Rick has seen other Ricks and there Mortys and although he knows its useful hes not fond of the idea of lugging around a hormonal whiny teenager, but recently he’s had one to many close calls with everything from other Ricks to more then a few unfriendly alien groups, so he swallows his pride and decides to phone Beth. When he shows up he’s already picturing the massive headache he’s gonna have from a squeaky voiced self righteous teenager.

Until he actually meets Morty. And the kids quiet. Real quiet, watching Rick with this annoyed look while he probes for info, but Morty doesn’t respond and finally Rick gets annoyed. “Not talking huh?” There’s this empty silence before Beth whispers into Rick’s ear explaining that Morty is mute like its some dark secret that can’t be said out-loud and Morty storms out. It’s probably the worst first impression you can get.

And yet, Rick drags Morty on adventures anyway. Because he needs those sweet brainwaves. But the whole thing is always bathed in awkward silence with Morty usually gazing out of the window. Morty is amazed of course, who wouldn’t be? But there’s a wall between the pair and sooner or later someone has to step forward and knock it down. Surprisingly… It’s Rick.

It happens after a successful adventure. Morty who’s begun to get into the swing of things managed to save there asses and Rick earned a huge hunk of cash. To celebrate he takes the kid out to the one place he’s sure they’ll have fun. Blips and Chitz. Morty is like a monkey on steroids tugging on Rick’s sleeve and pointing to games or just dragging the inventor over to things that interest him. By the time the pair leave, they have a crowd cheering their names and the new high-score on Roy.

After that, the awkward silence isn’t awkward anymore. And Rick realizes, he’s got himself a good Morty, and he doesn’t wanna loose that. So he starts learning sign language so he can better communicate with the kid. He figures it should not be too hard for a genius like him to master. And in the mean time he takes to paying closer attention, as it turns out Morty has been slowly developing his own body language just for Rick. Certain looks and gestures no one else would understand make PERFECT sense to Rick. A tug here, a calculated glance there, each have worlds of meaning behind them but only Rick can understand.

And when Rick learns sign language, it starts to go farther. Because there are many alien words and things that don’t exist in sign language, so Rick and Morty start to make there own. Before long there able to carry entire conversations just between the two of them in total silence around the dinner table. And Morty… Loves it. Rick never treats his disability like a dark secret or something to be ashamed of, and he never avoids talking with Morty because of his own issues with the language barrier. Instead Rick broke down that barrier and built a whole new language for the pair to share. It’s a language all their own.

  • What I want:An etymology of pidgin vocabulary and full linguistic analysis of the language
  • What I'm gonna get:More white people and Nigerian baby boomers saying it's not a "real language"

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Oo! Would dark!locklyle be a thing? How do you think it would work? (This is an awesome blog btw)

(Aaaah thank you!)

((This post gets rlly dark as a warning–))

It really depends honestly.

If Lucy was dark and Lockwood was not, I think maybe he might try and help her because he genuinely cares about her, be it love or friendship is up for debate, but by the time he noticed she was possessed it wouldnt really help.

Both instances with a dark!Lockwood… Would get really really bad tbh.

If they were both dark, Lockwood might consider her a valuable asset. He’d actually encourage her descent into madness, painting himself out to be the merciful person who led her to her “salvation” and opened her eyes to all of the evil in the world. She would be wrapped around his pinky. With Lockwood…Most people are.

If Lockwood were dark and Lucy was not
ooooooh boy it would be scary
Dark Lockwood is a very delicate person to handle because he’s very much like regular Lockwood. He’s pretty. He’s nice. He always knows just the right way to smile and make a heart melt.

Normal Lockwood is honest, though. Hes nice. He’s a genuinely good person.
Dark Lockwood is not.
He is manipulative. He is cunning. He is abusive (emotionally and physically). His temper often gets the best of him. Lucy, while in the first chapter of TCS was very independent and has grown a lot, dark Lockwood wouldn’t really give her the chance to spread her wings. He’d keep her tethered with smiles and compliments and affection, but if she ever acted out of turn or simply said something he didn’t like… It’s not pretty. She’d have never left to become a freelance because Lockwood would never jet her leave.

He keeps her because she’s amusing to him. She’s useful. Shes entertaining. Hey, he might even genuinely like her. But being liked by dark Lockwood is a dangerous, dangerous thing, and hardly considered a blessing.

Me: so i’m pretty sure she has a thing for clav
Livvy: who doesn’t though
Me: [laughing, slightly worried] i do nT k NO W???
Livvy: [laughing] ME at least, that’s who
Livvy: [in a hushed tone] he’s too short…

I worked at McDonalds for nearly 3 years in high school, and let me tell you, 7.25 an hour is Not a lot. But it is still something and it is still your JOB. I love fighting for the little people and demanding higher pay, but I never took that shit out on my customers. You bet your ass I was up there smiling through my shift and making sure everyone was happy and got what they paid for. Its not their fault we never got paid enough, and McDonalds is such a huge franchise, it is so important to see the happy cashiers they promote on their commercials actually working in real life.

I hate complaining to the shift managers that their cashiers are rude or that their backcash order taker was being a dick, but most customers themselves have had shitty days, the last thing they need is an underpaid employee treating them like they hate them because they’re misdirecting their anger and frustration.

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just so you know the picture of dan in the wreath got approved ;)