hey yall!!! im russ and ive been on T for one month! its something i never really thought would happen so i just wanted to share the good word ;0
hmu im always game to make new friends!

pyjamathyst  asked:

Thank you for that post Kat. My irl mum (and Dad) are really fuckin bad and abusive so bei told I "have to love my biological parents" is really hard to handle.

for some reason people know abuse is a
thing but people never fucking believe someone is living under abuse?

Everyone says “abusive relationships are bad” and you bet your ass they are but they act and talk like its something that never happens to anyone.

Tbh it makes me sick.

  • Castiel: I'm having a lot of problems, Heaven is against me and my brothers are all trying to kill me.
  • Dean: Yeah I definitely don't like the name Castiel.
  • Castiel: Wow. What a way to kick me when I am down.
  • Dean: Sorry, I'm just trying to think of what I would call my kid if I had one.
  • Castiel: What's wrong with Castiel?
  • Dean: Well you know. It's just, something like this would never happen to my kid if he was called The Hulk, you know?
  • Me: What were you about to say?
  • Girl: never mind...
  • Me: say it
  • Girl: but it's something that would never happen in a million years
  • Me: What? I'd fuck you!
  • Girl: What??
  • Me: What???