You guys have no idea how thankful i am that this community is 99.99% positivity and love and happiness, i’ve felt so safe literally the whole time i have been here. It’s heartbreaking to be excited and happy about certain things only to be constantly shut down by fighting and drama and negativity, and that never happens here bc people are always so respectful and nice towards others. I never feel anxious about drama because there never is any???? never!! If something bad/negative happens its addressed immediately and we move on and its sooooo damn amazing. If someone doesn’t feel good about something there are literally hundreds of people waiting to make them feel better.

Jack you have an amazing thing here and it constantly blows my mind????

Here’s some sketchy ficart for @perfectlyrose‘s amazing doomsday fix-it. Go read it if you haven’t already!

*friend upsets me*

*sends friend an honest and open message explaining that she upset me*

…is this what standing up for myself feels like? 

I’ve only tried to make friends on here twice and both times I talked to them and then they never acknowledged my existence ever again

I love it when random strangers see me on the street looking for Pokemon while wearing my Dan and Phil jumper and llama hat and scream “DAN AND PHIL!” and I scream back “DAN AND PHIL!” and then we end up walking together trying to catch Pokemon next to the golf course together.