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11, 27, 31, 32, 50, 79

11: Lots of things. School for a start, some of my friends. The usual shit. I got a new bed so i miss being able to sleep without busting my back.

27: its very simple my friends. Little is because i am smol, miss is just a title (although i get peeved because lots of people think i am a boy), and patient is because i have been told i am a patient person. I dont know why, i think my temper is atrocious.

31: hella excited because im going to the beach.

32: meh, the only non family person i love is Isaac/saddaisyboy. And Miranda Hart. Im always a slut for comediennes

50: yeah, why?

72: on my tombstone i dont really care. As long as my family arent cheapskates with the letters (the past away post for those who know) and so long as the death date 90+ years after the birth date