She wears power, like a queen wearing a crown. She wears it with pride, deluding herself that she will be safe from its weight, unlike so many others who succumbed. Maybe that is the power of delusion, the ability to wear a crown without crumbling under its weight.
—  bluestohckings 

its funny how so many “off duty model looks” aren’t really looks we’re just conditioned to think every outfit on a thin person is cute

Imagine living in a city where there are no monuments, no buildings from before 1970, no proof that you had grandparents or parents, no history at all. Wouldn’t that make you feel like you were just a passing fad, that you could be blown away like leaves?… for any community to feel substantial and able to change without losing themselves, a history is absolutely crucial.
—  Emma Donoghue, talking about LGBT history and LGBT historical fiction
How To Work With Hounds

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Types of Hounds

  • Hellhounds: A demonic hound; ‘darker arts’; very good for beginners; can shift to a more human form (may or may not depending on their personal preference); Many varieties (Cerberus, Orthrus, Icarus, Rogue, Etc)
  • Heavenhounds: Angelic Hounds; ‘lighter arts’; has wings; can shift into a humanoid form if desired; takes on different types of dogs; can be good for beginners
  • Cu Sidhe (Irish)  / Cu Sith (Scottish): Faery Hounds; normally green, brown, or white; Appears normally as either an Irish Wolfhound, a Wolf, or a Greyhound; Beginners be cautious but not like, paranoid
  • Cwn Annwn: The Hounds of The Celtic God Arawn ; Grey; DO NOT CONTACT UNLESS YOU WORK WITH ARAWN / WANT TO WORK WITH HIM
  • Grim: Hounds of Death; Guardians; ‘darker arts’; Very Territorial; Intermediate
  • Black Shuck: The Black Dogs of Folklore; Super Sweet; So Nice; Good for Beginners
  • Gwyllgi: Welsh; ‘Dark Arts’; 50/50 shot; Caution; Intermediate+; Appear as a black dog or a mastiff
  • Barghest: Large Dog; Sharp claws, Toxic Teeth; Actually Really Nice; ‘Dark arts’; Intermediate
  • Madrai Dryads: Hounds who live in trees; My personal discovery; Brown with green eyes; leave trails of dirt where they walk; info post soon; sweet but shy; beginner friendly
  • Werewolves: Humanoid Shifters; Shift either at will or with the moon phases/extreme anger; man buns for dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyys; beginner friendly sometimes, use caution
  • Familiars: Spirits of animals passed on; very chill; I would recommend these for anyone. {I have a wolf I got from a shop and she is the sweetest thing ever <3 )
  • Celestial Hounds: The Hounds of The Stars; Very spacey; They glow; harder to contact

How To Bond

  • Spend time with them and their vessel
  • Talk to them
  • Do fun things with them
  • Draw them
  • Give Them Food
  • Cuddle
  • Etc

Things That Help (No Seriously, I Wish I Would Have Been Told This Stuff)

1) Get A Damn Pendulum, this is the easiest way to communicate with any spirit, is user friendly, and very inconspicuous

2) Be patient. Do not fucking get mad when they mess up, explain why thats not ok or how it should be done

3) Set house rules, but don’t be a dictator about it

4) Develop a Mom™ Voice (I mean this in a gender neutral way, but you know that voice that your mom used that made you feel compelled to do what she asked or tell her what she wanted to know? Yeah, develop one of those. Its helped me so many times its not even funny. (it actually is kinda funny tbh)

5) Vessels aren’t supposed to be an uncomfortable trap for your companion, its supposed to make it easier to feel them and connect with them. Ask to make sure their binding (if they have one) doesn’t hurt them. If it does contact the shop you got them from, break the binding you did, or have someone else (like me) break the binding and redo it. (IF YOU GOT THEM FROM A SHOP PLEASE CONTACT THAT SHOP FIRST, I don’t like stepping on other peoples work unless they refuse to help, EVERY SHOP SHOULD / WILL WANT TO KNOW IF THEIR BINDING IS INFLICTING PAIN.)

If you need help contacting any of the above mentioned spirits, please message me and I would be glad to help you 

‘Everyones so friendly Noct 8D’
'That guy was asking about my camera 8D
Its cool to see so many people interested in photography’
Prom not even noticing the guy was doing the lean
'So what lens do you use??’
'75-300’ 8DD
'Thats *big*
'Yeah you get some great long distance shots’
'I’ll bet’
Imagine Noct dragging him to the stalls near where Iggy is and releasing him
And being like 'You. Don’t wander off’
And then softer 'We’ll go check out the chocobo races’
And then he goes over to Ignis to tell him he needs to keep an eye on Prompto
Because there’s all these people here that are creeping on him
And Ignis is like 'Well, he is an adult Noctis, with no attachments. If he wanted to partake in some frivolity whilst we’re here-’
'Get your shit together Noct or back off’
Prompto’s started chatting to someone
and Nocts huffing and puffing
like what can he even say to Ignis that isn’t a string of 'No’s’
And goes and grabs Proms arm and steers him away from the latest guy
Doesnt let go of his hand
And Proms like 'weird…but ok i dig it’
I kind of imagine later in the night Nocts bringing some food over for them and Proms like
'You kknow what this is like??’
'A date 8D heehee’
Noct chokes on his food
Nocts internal cheering squad is like 'DO IT GO FOR IT’
'Yeah it uh…it kinda is’
'Right? So weird, Gladdy would die laughing’
Shot through the heart
He can come back from this
“I kinda wish it was one”
'Yeah I k-WHAT???’


“Lost Me…”  

A redraw from November,

 A Happy birthday gift to @therealjacksepticeye ! This dude, seriously. *here comes the cheesy stuff* The first time Jack reblogged my work, you should’ve seen me (the first one was actually this “Lost me” piece! The “original” so to speak) I was jumping around the walls and screaming. You know what this gave me? Courage, a feeling of moving forward! It was a feeling of progress. This is what got me here. Drawing this latest one. It may be different in some ways of color and choice of layout, but it is still growth. Jack was a cause of this. Maybe not the only one, but a big one. Where would I be without him, I don’t know. I met a lot of my good friends because of him, joined the community, and grew with everyone. Its been amazing watching so many artists of all kinds publish work and establish their work. To anyone reading this, grow. Inspire, work, do the cliché stuff I said. Because with work of dedication, you can become who you want to be. Sean, the least I can say, is thank you. Artists of all kinds and I give the biggest of thanks. 

 this was also a mini celebration thing for hitting 400+ watchers on Deviant art ;w; seriously you guys are amazing. 


“I think that… I think that until you’ve fought those battles yourself, until you’ve had the guts to stand up for who you are, you should be really fucking careful talking about and putting yourself above Gay Pride.”

ways to utilize the eclipse

so! the eclipse is coming up tmr on the 21st and its kind of a big deal lol. the eclipse has many correspondences with change, rebirth, and new beginnings and i know a lot of ppl have been feeling the influence of the eclipse already. 

so here are some ways to utilize the energy of the eclipse in your craft!

1. Cleansing
because of the correspondence of new beginnings, cleansing is very very important. grab a trash bag and scoop up ALL of the things in your room that u don’t use anymore. don’t leave things lying around bc “i’ll need to use it maybe!!!” we all know thats not going to happen any time soon. TRASH IT! clean everything, wash your sheets, start anew

2. Charging
charge everything u can think of with energy of the eclipse. leave out water, jewelry, sigils, poppets, anything and then use that energy in the future. if you ever need a change of course or u just are trying to change something, pull from the energy in your charged object and go from there

3. Explore a new path
it seems that a lot of ppl who i’ve talked to have felt rather antsy and restless in the past couple days, myself included for sure. follow your heart and look into a new aspect of your path. find something that looks interesting to you? try it out! i think it would be also appropriate to look into shadow work on the “day of shadows” lol!

4. Reflect on who your friends are
though this isn’t necessarily witchy, you should reflect on your friends and determine who is beneficial in your life and who is toxic. start a new phase of your life and devote it to healing and only surrounding yourself with people who care for you and uplift you. we need to get out of the mentality that healing is bad. recovery is important and this could be a new time for you to start

5. Meditate
meditation is a really important thing lol. i know that everyoneee says that but its because its true!! there are so many benefits to meditation and it can be just what u need for starting fresh. meditate on the past and what you want for you future. try astral traveling! try discovering what path you are meant to travel on and go from there

there are obviously other things you can do with the eclipse so feel free to add on! but please please please stay safe and wear protective glasses if you plan on looking at the sun!!! keep anyone without glasses inside, including any pets as well. stay safe and happy eclipse!

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Hi! If you're still doing the character/outfit requests, may I request H-4 with Allura? May we use them as icons?

Y’all are free to use any and all of my drawings as icons if doing that strikes your fancy y’know, haha


I may surprise you, pixie boots.