love live problems: when u keep scouting rares while doing normal scouting and u dont have any more roo m in ur uf ck king character b ox save me stop this hell

Atention Losrs

like as much as everyone hates tumblr i love it. ive met a lot of my rlly good friends thro here adn it all started out as liking each others posts and the simple things. i rlly love u guys and qhen we all have these debates abt like minions and rickrolling or milk its just fun. its so fun. and 2 me its everything & it makes me very happy 2 be engaged with all of u . tyhank yo guys 4 making me this happy

today in things Kirsten is doing instead of writing: rewatching old vlogs and crying over how much has changed 

I’m amazed at how uninvested I am in 12/clara, that hug in the trailer back then left me stone cold

PSA for everyone who loves the Inners and Sailor Moon:

  • Watch the Live Action

But yeah, that episode made it really hard to root for anyone in particular.

On the one hand, I was rooting for Crow because it’s freaking Crow-sama how could I not.

But on the other hand, Crow was being a major dork and worrying about the kids instead of focusing on the duel, which. Crow no. That’s not gonna make the kids feel any better. (And even Shinji was like, “CROW WHAT THE HELL BRO” I love him) So rooting for Gogenzaka it was.

But then Gogenzaka said “WHAT ARE THOSE KIDS TO YOU” and all this “show them your true strength” stuff and I was all, “Welp. See ya, Gogenzaka.”

I’m scared for Gogenzaka’s fate since he lost, but that was such a good duel between the manchild and the childman. If only Crow had gone all out from the get go (even if it meant putting on a show for Tops), it would have been one of my favorite duels in this series so far. 

The music in this duel was A+ tho like yes

not using sandstorm ekko kills me so bad bc.. classic ekko is so disgustingly adorable, i mean sandstorm is obviously rly nice & i love it but its like

classic ekko is just.  there he is.  theres my precious angel boy w his silly floppy hair and his.  everything im so,

My Thanks

Since coming on Tumblr, I’ve quickily seen the good and the bad. Apparently becaue of my personality and how I treat others on here I quickly became popular.

This is the first time I’ve ever found a community so accepting, wonderful and just open in general. Theres many people on here MANY, who have fully accepted me as a transgender woman and a leading witch of atleast a top contender in the community. For that I thank you!

I am happy, VERY happy that I have all of my butterflies supporting me, helping me and all around being good people!

I only ask one thing. In the face of hate, anger, bigotry and general idiots, Simply spread love and happiness. Dont play intotheir little scheme, Thats what theyre planning youll do!

You want to know why im the way I am? Its because I learned the hard way that being an idiot, so full of hate and anger gets you NOWHERE. But being nice and joyful opens up so many other doors for you!

Just wanted to post a little message of thanks and graditude for all 6500~+ of you that follow me! Simply because I dont pull any punches, no bull crap and I am simply be. I like to think I have this many followers because I dont try to get followers.

~Mama WinterWolf

minachano3o asked:

I just read something about Ritsu taking over his Fathers company so it kinda got into my head: Imagine that after Ritsu confessed to Takano 10-13 years (or more) past and they finally tell theire parents, Ritsus are pretty shocked but get along with it and they even ask if Takano wants to take other their company with Ritsu cause he is popular for being an real good Editor and so they just both are the heads of a big company. I think that would be really intresting o.o

Awww its almost like Junjou mistake only Takano is also head of the company Ritsu working side by side  that would be really sweet (♡ ὅ ◡ ὅ )ʃ♡

  • what she says:So do you like Ed Sheeran?
  • what she means:I don't really know how I feel about you just yet so I'm trying to gage your personality via musical preferences. I know this seems like a redundant question but your answer holds the utmost of significance to me, my friends and the remainder of the western hemisphere. For the love of everything holy on this good Earth, your answer better be yes or hell yes or in any way indicate your approval of the above mentioned human being. If not, hit the road jack, I can't associate myself with heathens like yourself.

anonymous asked:

Wait you went through Viking romance phase? Omg you might be soulmate. Non-con and dub con is a little off putting but yeah apparently I'm a trash so I continue to read some of it as long as the story is good. Have you read "Fires of winter"?

Hell yeah I’ve read it. I think I’ve probably read most of the major, well known ones in that genre. My favorite is ‘Surrender My Love’. I read it when I was a kid (god I had no boundaries as a child) and it remains one of my favorite trash romances.  

Tumblr Crush Time!

These are the lovelies I have reblogged from the most lately and tomorrow it will probably look different because I’m an equal opportunity poster - I try to reblog from everyone I follow so no one feels left out!!!  But the stats don’t lie so here they are:










I love you all!!!

And here are the awesome blogs who’ve reblogged/liked from me the most lately. Thanks for making me feel special and for making tumblr fun! <3

iwillprobablybechangingthislater khrys548 hbear purpletigerlilydragon

im so excited about the thought of seventeens future comeback!! like theyre going to have a new theme and new clothes and new hairstyles omg theyre all gonna look and sound so good im so excited!!!

sorry for being fake deep and likeing pun pun but i love that part where punpun sees his reflection and hes the eyeball demon thing and hes like “have i always looked like this”

like its made clear from the narrative that he isnt actually a lil birdy guy or a triangle or whatever, thats a level of artistic abstraction showing his state of mind

so hes seeing himself not transformed physically but still not recognizing his reflection because of whats happening inside of him, but its represented by this scary fucking eyeball thing

i dunno its a really good comic i think. it handles depression and dealing with like, living with an evil nature really well

i was tagged by jeonphan (thank you!) my top 10 biases are:

1. JB - got7 (its actually between jb and jackson??)
2. Jackson - got7
3. Kyungsoo - exo
4. Sooyoung - snsd
5. Yura - girls day
6. Kai - exo
7. Joshua - seventeen
8. Irene - red velvet
9. Bambam - got7
10. Chorong -apink

im tagging xiumalik sootrinity tenderyeol banhcanh donghyes