“Hey,” Dean said, catching you in the kitchen as you grabbed another round of beers for everyone. “Are you having a good time?”

“Best birthday ever,” you replied with a grin. And it was true, maybe even more so now that you were standing so near him, standing together in the sliver of light from the fridge.

“Happy birthday, Y/N,” he said, and stepped just a bit closer, effectively casting every birthday wish you’d had planned away in an instant in the wake of his green eyes, crinkled at the edges with a smile just for you.



if you don’t think this is the cutest fucking thing then get out of my face

sup niggas im back at it again. I hit 4k followers today and im super happy about it. But that means i have to get ready for my giveaway. anyways, im just here to say thank you for having amazing blogs and keeping me going. Without you guys i would never have anything to reblog. SIKE LMAO all yall blogs ugly bye.

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i know i just posted a selfie BUT my lovelies lucasbieneke cruciomalfoy and ohlumos tagged me to do the 20 beautiful people challenge, so i couldn’t resist. enjoy this beautiful compilation ft. my injured knee and meelo the pillow pet

 i did this challenge a month ago and i won’t tag anyone (since i already tagged a bunch of people) but if you take selfies feel free to tag me so i can see them!