i love…. when boys ramble? like when they just excitedly start telling u about something and they go on about it for a long time and u just sit back and listen to them talking about the the thing ahhh its so cute

also this 100% counts autistic boys who ramble about their special interests!! I’d love to hear yall tell me abt your SI’s ☺️


I wanted for a long time to make some cute pattern to use on my tumblr, and since I had a little problem with my old theme and had to change it, I had the perfect excuse to do this!!! 

Have a cute YOI pattern!!! You’re free to use it in your tumblr too or whenever you want, just don’t erase my signature (And if you want to give credits to me I will be even more happy, it’s not necessary tho)!

(You may want to reduze the image before using it, since I drew it too big and didn’t notice it lmao Sorry, it’s my first try at patterns)

Commission me!

Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Sakamaki Shuu (Heaven 03)

(Today I felt like a change, I changed my hairstyle a little but…)


(It seems like Shuu-san hasn’t noticed, he’s listening to music like always…)

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Like ok tbh in all honesty in my honest opinion when will the citizens of lazytown realize that when they involve Robbie in stuff he’s not a total asshole to them like he’s such a simple gay all he wants is cake, sleep, and companionship


Going to a party/meeting with all the other pocket-sized’s and their human partners where everyone has their own clothing theme and you somehow manage to convince Woozi into picking the flower theme along with wearing a tiny real flower crown for the party. Now imagine pocket-sized Woozi getting all flustered with pink cheeks and shy smiles because whenever people ask about your theme you would say “Our theme is flower. Can you guess which one is the flower?” while gesturing at him.

LOL, scrolling through my dash and I just basically re-experienced the Kimallura Moment but backwards? So my dash was like:

  1. Joyous gifs and all caps about Kimallura canon <3
  2. Crying about feeblemind and shouting about how they should kiss
  3. Shouting at Matt Mercer because we were all scared Allura was actually dead
  4. Shouting about why Allura might not be fighting.