friendly reminder to the anti sterek people who keep flooding the supergirl tag: Greg Berlanti, creator of Supergirl, ships sterek (◡‿◡✿)


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Which is explains why we have this


insead of this

In other words, not all pokemon are measured like humans gasp foot to head. Instead, they can be measured from tail to head as well as various other methods (pokemon with wings might be measured by their wingspan). So don’t be fooled by those joke posts about some pokemon sizes, especially when “height” is considered. Weight, on the other hand, might be an issue…

SHADES OF COOL ➵ Icon PSD Pack #1 by kstewrpc


  • Preview examples of these icons here
  • Each icon style is 100x100
  • Twelve icon styles included, divided by shape (square, circle, teardrop)
  • Color customization options include: stokes on all images, icons and background squares on square options 3 and 4.
  • Five symbols are included as well. Font Awesome may be required if you’d like to change the colors/size. 
  • A tutorial on how to use this PSD can be provided upon request, but a basic knowledge of clipping masks should be all you need.
  • It is recommended that you color your icon before using it with these templates because adding a psd may change the color of the strokes and other features.
  • Download this PSD here.


  • Please like or reblog this post before downloading. If the number of notes doesn’t match the number of downloads, this PSD will be taken down.
  • Do not claim as your own. Do NOT use parts of my PSD for your own.
  • Credit on your page is not required, just don’t claim them as your own.
  • If asked where you got the PSD, please refer them to this post.
Sunday mornings

Prompt: We both live in the same apartment building but haven’t ever talked and Sunday morning we’re both doing the walk of shame

This is 4.8k of a neighbours au. It’s mostly cute :)


Dex tried not to groan as he pushed the button for his floor. Fuck, were the elevator lights too bright for him now? Where had his university alcohol tolerance gone?

“Hold the elevator!”

Dex did groan that time, but hit the “open door” button because even as hungover as he was, he wasn’t a fucking asshole.

The other person slid into the elevator, almost falling over his own feet. “Thanks man. Did not want to spend any more time in that hallway.”

Dex looked at him and recognized the guy from the 7th floor who lived across from Lardo. He looked nearly as disheveled as Dex, his hair obviously rumpled, and was that a - yep, that was definitely a hickey where his t-shirt met his neck. Dex smirked at the guy. “Looks like you had a good night though.”

The guy smirked back at him, taking in Dex’s similar appearance. “I could say the same thing.”

“You wouldn’t be wrong,” Dex said, deadpan.

“Nice.” The other guy nodded at him.

They stood in silence as the elevator went the last few seconds up to the 7th floor. Before getting off the elevator, the other guy held out his fist and bumped his knuckles against Dex’s when he returned the gesture. “Nice,” the guy repeated, and walked out of the elevator.

Dex managed to drag himself to the kitchen of his 10th floor apartment, where he drank two glasses of water, set a two hour alarm, and passed out on his couch, the low voices of ESPN broadcasters on the tv in the background.

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