100000000% ACCURATE MBTI

ESTJ - Boss trash
ISTJ - Worker trash
ESFJ - Social trash
ISFJ - Traditional trash
ENFJ - Overemotional trash
INFJ - Cultist trash
ENFP - Adorable trash
INFP - Snowflake trash
ENTP - Nerd trash
INTP - More nerd trash
ESTP - Impulsive trash
ISTP - Best
ENTJ - Bosses boss trash
INTJ - Even more nerd trash
ESFP - Party trash
ISFP - Emo trash


Figured I’d share this with you.

Holophonic sounds!

Listen to it with headphones, close your eyes, and freak out.

tbh i hate it when public restrooms for women dont have the little pad/tampon receptacles in the stalls bc i get really anxious like “shit did i just walk into the men’s room on accident??? this is the women’s right???”