100000000% ACCURATE MBTI

ESTJ - Boss trash
ISTJ - Worker trash
ESFJ - Social trash
ISFJ - Traditional trash
ENFJ - Overemotional trash
INFJ - Cultist trash
ENFP - Adorable trash
INFP - Snowflake trash
ENTP - Nerd trash
INTP - More nerd trash
ESTP - Impulsive trash
ISTP - Best
ENTJ - Bosses boss trash
INTJ - Even more nerd trash
ESFP - Party trash
ISFP - Emo trash


Figured I’d share this with you.

Holophonic sounds!

Listen to it with headphones, close your eyes, and freak out.

tbh i hate it when public restrooms for women dont have the little pad/tampon receptacles in the stalls bc i get really anxious like “shit did i just walk into the men’s room on accident??? this is the women’s right???”

So um… I don’t know if I’ve ever posted a selfie here before? And I promise I’m going to keep them to a minimum? But I felt the need to document this flower crown that I made for Beltane because… well… this is Tumblr and where are flower crowns okay if not here? (The flowers are real, and there are ribbons coming off the back but they’re behind my head so you can’t see them, sadly)

The colors are terrible and everything looks a little more magenta than it should. But hey, this is my face.