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Scout i love that Rob fangirls over you




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So. Did you have fun?

I HAD A WONDERFUL TIME AT MINNCON. i just got back and had a number of things to take care of, but once i get all caught up i’ll be making a post about it! 

AND ALSO as far as my health goes, i ran into 0 bumps. none. this was a first for me, and i was so relieved. you guys took really good care of me. thank you so much.

so yeah! i’ll be on top of that post in the next few hours!

The Arrow House Portraits

The lovely @thereshegoes-beyondthehaha asked me about these pictures, gosh, at least a fortnight ago, and being an Art History Honours and chronic procrastinator this is both super-long (near 4k words) and really delayed. I hope you find it interesting, it was a lot more rewarding than I thought it was going to be. The works pick up on themes of love and grief that were perhaps more present than I initially thought. 

The production designer and the artist himself say that the paintings are ‘massively important to the script’ x and ‘key to the plot,’ x so they must be. Cillian spoke about them being ostentatious chattels - “All the shiny, horrible things in the house are Tommy’s! It is a very nouveau riche thing: ‘What are we going to do now we’ve got lots of money? We’ll put up portraits of ourselves.’ It’s very telling.” x While there’s an element of that - a way to emphasise the new level of wealth and lack of taste that has been a Shelby theme (remember the Garrison makeover?) There’s a fair bit more to it. Under the cut are some thoughts about the artist’s technique, portrait iconography, hanging locations, appearances through and relevance to Series 3.

NB - Polly’s portrait is an essay in itself so I haven’t done more than mention it here.

btw, I’d love to know what you guys think @road-to-j0y & @apeakyblindersfangirl​ :)

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I’m allowed to choreograph, and I’m allowed to choreograph within my own abilities rather than beyond them

I know that I’m not at my peak yet, and I know that eventually I want to put out stuff that makes people go “holy shit that’s incredible”, but I’m allowed to put forth works in progress instead of polished, professional-caliber dances

good choreography doesn’t necessarily mean that every beat is filled with the most complicated rhythms I can spit out, as well… complexity does not necessarily equal passion, does not necessarily equal artistry

I’m not presenting these pieces for competition, I’m expressing myself as an artist, so I can sacrifice the technically impressive bits while I’m still learning them for the sake of emoting and conveying the stories I hear in the songs

because that’s what’s happening, I’m hearing stories and figuring out the best ways to express them with the skills I have

and it’s valid, and I’m allowed, and frankly if I’m going to make this my career in any way, I owe it to myself to start putting it all out there

So…things have not been great for me lately, and I have been really subdued at work and staring into space a lot. A lot of people noticed and asked how I am and are really concerned, which is nice, but I don’t want to talk about anything just yet and especially not at work where I am trying to be mostly professional.

As a result, I am getting a lot of well-meaning but massively off the mark advice from people who have attempted to guess. The best advice has been from adorable chubby South African manager. I mention his nationality because the accent is integral to the overall vibe of this:

“I don’t understand what you’re going through, and I know you don’t want to talk about it, but let me tell you about my hardship experiences and what I’ve learned and see if that helps, okay? My father died when I was nineteen. I had to raise my brothers, and look after my Mum who had never worked a day in her life. I’ve been working since I was fourteen. Hard work too. I used to haul sheep for a butcher. Big sheep. Sheep are really heavy. You want sausages? I know how to make sausages. You want burgers? I can make burgers, the whole way through the process. You gotta treat work and your home as separate. You come to work? Refresh from your home problems. You leave work? Refresh from your work problems. And you gotta understand that people, if people are mean to you, that’s on them. Mean comments are only hurting them. You gotta be like ‘Hey man, that’s your opinion, and you’re entitled to your opinion, but you are wrong. That’s on you.’ Because you are great, and you know what you are about. Anyway, I hope that helps.”

I fucking love that guy.

I’m going to sleep and those asks really really boosted my morale, thank you guys for all the kind words ;w; good night !!

YOOOOOOOO I did a Blind OTP with @askmerickandgail!!
My first blind otp with a theme!

The theme was Jungle and Swamp!

I got swamp!

SO BEHOLD. Tianna the swamp princess toxicroak!

She is the princess of a small tribe of frog pokemon that live in a rather large swamp!
She wears a lily pad/cat-tail head accessory and a lily pad skirt (with some cat-tails)
She has a large strand of lily flowers strapped around the front of her chest like one of those.. chest strap armor belts (dont know the proper name for them)
and finally she wars a belt, two wrist braclets and a ankle braclet made out of some swamp weeds! 

Tianna is very curious and (against her tribes wishes) often wanders around by herself to explore.
She isn’t the fastest individual but her stealth level is off the charts. She could hide in literally plain sight.
 She can also pack a pretty mean kick and could easily knock you on your booty-buns if she wanted too.
She is also very sweet and generous to everyone in her swamp.

When I was like 14 my parents let me repaint my room so I decided to go with a whole color scheme. I went with dark purple, white, gray, and black. Fast forward 4 years and I realize I’m asexual and also that fate is real


I just had so much fun with this filter y'all don’t even know- That second scary one is that fun kind of classic /luring men to their death/ kind of mermaid lmao.


I am too big of a Riley Stan to let Farkle get away with things. I feel as an RF Shipper I should be fine with it but seeing all these edits blaming Lucas but not Farkle pisses me off. Especially when it was established by RF Shippers that Riley would be more hurt by Farkle than by Lucas. 

scifikimmi replied to your post:Ahhhh I found a good klance song but I don’t…

I know that pain. Whats the song?

Knots by Speak Low if You Speak Love — It makes me think of Lance’s feelings towards Keith when they’re still pining and oblivious lmao

I’ve got knots in my hair and knots in my stomach, both thanks to you but for very different reasons.
I pretend not to care or act like I’m above it, 
but it’s hard to face the truth when you know all my demons.

I purposely chase the hearts I know I’ll never win

It’s like pulling teeth to get inside of your head because you’ve invested time not to say what’s on your mind.
Now I’m pulling out every strand and you can see every single vein on the back of my hand…
 …as I wait for you to tell me you love me.

          ❝ —think of it this way: it’s like knowing a secret, something that could possibly hurt someone you care about, and you can’t tell them no matter how much you want to. It’s not the knowledge that makes my heart ache, but the guilt of knowing that there are just some things people have to learn for themselves. ❞