why stiles and derek are back as sterek

I said I wouldn’t get involved anymore and just enjoy the ride for what it is but alas I’m bored and sterek still haunts me at night 6 years later. 

I think most of us came back from our respective garbage cans when we saw Stiles and Derek grace our screens again and together nonetheless. We’re back at it again, but I know we’re also cautious and calling it for what it is. At the end of the day though, let’s agree that we’re all here because we love sterek, no strings attached to teen wolf. So let’s go from there. 

As the hype kinda died (until it airs that is), all that is left is to replay those 4 seconds of sterek until the skin of my forefinger is scraped away. And now, what I’m struggling with is quite simply sterek

It would be foolish to hope for endgame, I know, but at the same time, there are things that don’t make sense. Color me surprised, we’re dealing with teen wolf.

First thought is that it’s a big ass effort to bring back both Dylan and Hoechlin. It is. It’s not just a call all like “so how are you feeling about making an appearance on trash wolf”, “hell yeah sign me up”. No. It’s planning and contracts and like 6 people making a decision and Dylan and Hoechlin with their busy careers. It’s an effort okay. Big one. So why would they do it?

Level-headed objective answer is: Stiles and Derek are fan favorites. Nay, they’re the two most loved characters. Of course they would bring them back for the last season. It’s for the fans. Any show would do that for the fans.

But now satan intervenes and it’s like let’s be honest this is teen wolf and jeff davis. How much would they actually do for the fans? They never gave a shit, why would they now, at the very end? Even if it’s for profit. 

Which brings me to my second train of thought. Queerbaiting is basically profit. But are they really making profit from sterek? Not really. The season is already filmed, ratings don’t really count anymore, and hell, they have a reboot on the way. MTV doesn’t give a shit. Sterek/Stiles & Derek are not being brought back for profits. Period. It’s a fact. Accept it.

Now publicity and hype are another thing. Imagine, in an AU, sterek is canon.This show will be remembered as a representation pillar for the unforeseeable future. Jeff Davis would be finally remembered as something positive. Point here is that it’s a good thing and no one can deny it - no freaking media outlet, network, or producer. Not to mention that this is the last season. There would be no pressure of validating or continuing this godforbidden gay ship.  

So taking into consideration the effort of bringing hobrien back, along with this being the last season, and the positive promotion that stiles and derek would entitle, I do have a bit of a “hope” encouraged by the trailer. Hear me out. 

From that supposedly 2 year future flash we get that Stiles is in the FBI and he’s in the DC. But then we get Stiles carrying Derek in the same flash forward. More than, from the people in the background, we can gather that Stiles and his team are there as well so clearly some shit is going on. So if shit is still going on in the future I can draw two conclusions: 1. It’s not serious. Like who would kick start another plot during a series finale. So it must have a higher reason. 2. Derek is on Stiles’ end. Which also means that they kept in contact, which is not that groundbreaking, but showing that after two years and when Stiles is on duty should count for something. I’m not saying it should count for canon sterek, but still. 

Point here is that I want you to grasp the importance of showing Derek and Stiles together after a 2 year gap. Stiles is still the one supporting Derek. Like, how is that still a thing. It’s not about canon at this point. I don’t need an endgame. This is it. Stiles will always be there for Derek and that’s canon. Even after all this time. Thing about it is that it’s predictable and reasonable. Of course, them being friends/family entitles that they are there for each other.

But as in many cases before, showing it makes all the difference

It’s not Stiles supporting Scott, it’s not Stiles supporting Lydia, it’s not Stiles supporting his father. It’s Stiles supporting Derek.

Film choices.

And I’m sure there’s even more to it than we know right now. 

So this is what makes me be all torn up about it. I’m not looking into it as a big proof of anything and I should just enjoy sterek on my screen, but honestly? Even though it’s not suspicious that Stiles and Derek are brought back, it is curious how they’re brought back together.

Am I hoping for sterek endgame? No. But I am looking for some kind of closure. 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: do people really think that Steve is only being nice to impress Nancy? do they remember when Barb cut her hand and he was the only one who actually tried to help and gave her space but watched her while he was outside still? he tried so hard to include her and he actually was really nice to Nancy for the most part and he tried really hard to fix his behavior. he even dropped his friends before he knew that Nancy would take him back and went to apologise to Jonathan. Just let the kid battle his internalized hyper-masculinity and aggressive tendencies before getting so mad at him. please. he's doing his best.
reasons i am charlie kelly
  • bad coping mechanisms for days
  • has a hard time making eye contact
  • small
  • Awful hygiene
  • stutters sometimes
  • taken for granted
  • screams
  • only wears grungy oversized hoodies
  • drugs
  • always confused
  • conspiracy theories
  • hyperfixates
  • uncontrollable around cheese
  • has eaten off the floor, would do it again
  • screams a Lot
  • doesn’t need friends to get fucked up ✌️
  • Fidgety™
  • anxious
  • chaotic neutral
  • watches too many lawyer shows
  • loves birds
  • doesnt know his dad

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did you see dome being a hot mess twitter? this boy is really out there tryin to win back all those cl*ce shippers and dissing jaia like he wasnt just talking abt their chemistry and passion a few weeks ago

OH BUT I SAW IT ANON, he’s so fucking annoying lmao he just wants to stay relevant but its just making me dislike him more looool, boy you were up jaia’s ass when 213 was here but ok!

story time

crankthatfrank made a video about unicorns killed my girlfriend a while ago and when he did i thought it was hilarious. they had a song about shooting up a school and i was like oh my god HAHA (mind you this is before i knew anything about columbine) fast forward to about a week ago when i tried to think of the name of the band and someone just told me and i found the song its more relevant to me now but here: