Never underestimate the creativity (or perversion) of your players

DM gave my character a ring that allowed me to change a letter or drop a letter of a spell I could cast. The spell will reflect its new name. So a spell like Fireball would become Firball (sharp pine needles explode in a radius), Blur became Slur (if cast on a magic user, they can’t use spells with verbal components), Slow becomes Plow (till a field in a minute), etc.

I’m looking down my list of spells after I get the ring to see what mayhem I can cause & I don’t make it past the cantrips before I start laughing so hard I start to cry. I look up at the DM with a huge grin on my face.

“From now on I will only be casting Vicious Cockery at my enemies. It still does 1d4 psychic damage, but instead of insulting them, a disembodied dick smacks them in the face.”

The Witch Head Nebula : Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble . maybe Macbeth should have consulted the Witch Head Nebula. A frighteningly shaped reflection nebula, this cosmic crone is about 800 light-years away though. Its malevolent visage seems to glare toward nearby bright star Rigel in Orion, just off the right edge of this frame. More formally known as IC 2118, the interstellar cloud of dust and gas is nearly 70 light-years across, its dust grains reflecting Rigels starlight. In this composite portrait, the nebulas color is caused not only by the stars intense bluish light but because the dust grains scatter blue light more efficiently than red. The same physical process causes Earths daytime sky to appear blue, although the scatterers in planet Earths atmosphere are molecules of nitrogen and oxygen. via NASA


I’ve spent the past few months attempting to figure out a framework for Ghost Physics in the Danny Phantom universe? Enjoy my crazed scribblings.

Cliff notes version: The Ghost Zone is our dimension’s 4D “atmosphere,” absorbing harmful trans-dimensional radiation. Ghosts are made of the Ghost Zone’s version of matter, called ectoplasm, a substance capable of 4D motion (video explanation of that), “toggling” how physical forces (esp. electromagnetism and gravity) interact with it, and storing huge amounts of energy. A ghost’s unique nervous system and encoded body plan (the ecto-signature) remains in the upper energy levels of the Ghost Zone at all times, remotely controlling their body. Danny can chemically change his body between ectoplasm and regular matter, and has both a normal physical brain and an ecto-signature.

A Literal Essay:

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  • Gryffindor: Just bring Ravenclaw to me.
  • Hufflepuff: Well, he locked himself in the bathroom.
  • Gryffindor: Just tell him I said something.
  • Hufflepuff: Said what?
  • Gryffindor: Anything factually inaccurate.
  • *two minutes later*
  • Ravenclaw (to Gryffindor): I'm sorry, the sky is blue because it's reflecting the color of the ocean?

The Witch Head Nebula : Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble . maybe Macbeth should have consulted the Witch Head Nebula. A frighteningly shaped reflection nebula, this cosmic crone is about 800 light-years away though. Its malevolent visage seems to glare toward nearby bright star Rigel in Orion, just off the right edge of this frame. More formally known as IC 2118, the interstellar cloud of dust and gas is nearly 70 light-years across, its dust grains reflecting Rigels starlight. In this composite portrait, the nebulas color is caused not only by the stars intense bluish light but because the dust grains scatter blue light more efficiently than red. The same physical process causes Earths daytime sky to appear blue, although the scatterers in planet Earths atmosphere are molecules of nitrogen and oxygen. via NASA


Advice for the signs

Aries:you are amazing. I admire your courage, although i do believe your impulsiveness and irrationality is a little too much at times. Dont ruin your life chasing decisions you made impulsively.

Taurus:you are so easy to talk to and so chill no wonder you make friends easily. But sometimes realise, its okay to step back and save your energy. You cannot always win and thats okay. Nobody is out there to get you, nobody is against you. Be firm and believe in your values, thats all you gotta do.

Gemini :its weird isnt it? Your confusions? What matters is that you try. You know inside your heart whats good and bad, just try to follow it and rest will come naturally. I know temptation and easy ways may make you fluctuate bt its okay as long as you know wjat kind of person you want to end up as.

Cancer: you are strong. Remember that. You may try to hide your emotions, you may think you are overly emotional but try to rationalise it. Try to step back and understand your emotions like a theory. And when you do something wrong, which you dont always do intentionally,realise and admit. Its okay to be a mess at times, nobody is judging you..

Leo:your nose up in the air, may mean you feel confident. Your judgement and criticism of others wont fix you. You know the root of your problems, you know you are not a bad person, you are just a human. Its okay to judge, as long as you keep it to yourself bt remember putting others down wont make you rise anyway so learn to cope with insecurities and learn to give others equal space.

Virgo: you dont have it together, you probably wont anytime soon, either. Thats the best thing about life. Dont keep trying to find and fix stuff. Sometimes life means the exact opposite. Learn to let go of things and try to be a little flexible in your judgement. You are okay, you are doing fine. Everything will fall in place.

Libra: you are enough okay? You hear me? You are enough. You dont have to be liked or loved in order to feel valid. If you like love, chase it bt carry your mind with you too. You deserve the same treatment you give to others.its okay to be giving bt save some for yourself too. I know your friends matter alot, your lover matters alot but learn to balance. They arent everything that good about you, its you.

Scorpio: you are loved. Learn to accept love. I know things seem so messed up.i know your feelings are messed up and you either overthink or dont think at all and its okay. Its okay to fall back, let loose and be vulnerable. If you are ever deceived, its never a reflection of who you are. Sometimes people are bad just because they are. But try to manage your emotions healthily, you are gold underneath all of it and you better believe it. If you hurt others, its okay to accept and apologise bt dont beat yourself too much, you said sorry, you felt guilty thats all you can do.

Sagittarius :i know you care and you also hurt. Dont feel guilty to put yourself first bt try to do it in a friendly way. Your judgements and needs are all valid, try to communicate it thoroughly. Have faith that they will understand you, they do. If you do good, it always comes back in some form. Go for the damn adventure. You are star youd survive. You always do.

Capricorn:it gets too much doesnt it? You are always busy, always disappointing people, stress out easily and people always complain you dont give them time. They call you shallow and materialistic. But they dont know. They dont know the hard word, the emotional draining exercises, the mental work, the heart wrenching things you do for your dreams. I know you are tired, i know you dislike relaxing when you know you can be doing other amazing things. But its okay to give up at times, its okay to be lazy, to be imperfect or lethargic. You can always pick yourself back up.

Aquarius:you are intelligent, you know that. Relationships may seem difficult, pointless at times. But its alright, try to make peace with the situation and dont think about the know it in your bones if its right or not, don’t think much, do what you like drop regrets and guilt. You maybe unique bt everyone deserves equal respect. They are all as important as you are.

Pisces:my fish, you question it all, dont you? Is he lying? What did he mean by that? Why wont they reply? Why are they so mean? How can i fix it? Do they need my help? Fish, you need to lie down and stop thinking. Turn it off. If they need your help, they will ask. If they dont respect enough to respond to you, then its a reflection of who they are, not who you are. If they leave, its their loss. You maybe attatched bt we all are wired to survive alone. He maybe be god to you, bt if he leaves you can always believe in yourself. Whatever people do is who they are, not what you made them do. Be kind, if they disrespect you, still be kind bt dont let them walk all over you.

Erika Moen has finally reached her peak, we have now seen the absolute apex of Oh Joy, Sex Toy! as a body of work. Going into an in-depth description of cuckolding while ignoring that there is an overwhelming, totalizing racism in the very language of it as a practice, how that language results in its own reflection in a hyperreality of pornography and practice, how it has specifically been claimed by white supremacy due not only to its sexualization but moreover its connotations of violent racism and homophobia, and how all of this ends with someone saying that they’re proud to be a cuck.

Can we just…be done? Can I opt out of like, everything? I should be allowed to call out of work tomorrow about this. Erika Moen owes me money now. 


word count: 1.8 K

tags: patronus, drarry, eighth year

Harry held out his hand, “Start over?” he was smiling hesitantly, his eyes showing his worry. Draco took his hand, it was larger than he thought it would be, dry and calloused like a laborer rather than a wizard. Harry’s grip was firm and his smile grew more certain and hopeful. After the first failed handshake, Draco had never allowed himself to think Harry would ever look at him like that.

Draco remembered the hope, the warm flutter of nerves that would bloom into happiness over time, “Expecto Patronum.” he held his breath as he opened his eyes, half expecting to see flesh-eating slugs spilling from his wand. Instead, he saw a thin silvery mist, stretching and curling around him even as it slowly began to dissipate.

His breath caught in excitement. Perhaps he could. Perhaps he might be worthy after all.

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Crafting Globes by Hand with Bellerby & Co. Globemakers

To see more of Bellerby & Co.’s handiwork, follow @globemakers on Instagram.

Bellerby & Co. Globemakers (@globemakers) is one of the only companies in the world still handcrafting globes — everything from molding a perfect sphere to personalizing the maps to painting details — and they have no intention of stopping. “A globe is a true representation of the world,” says Jade Fenster, longtime partner in life and work of company founder Peter Bellerby. “A globe may inspire you to travel. It makes you understand where you belong on this amazing world. And sometimes, you might just reflect on its beauty and fragility.”

After learning how to make a globe for his father’s 80th birthday, Peter founded the company in his living room in 2008, and it has since grown to 20 cartographers, woodworkers, illustrators, engravers and painters in a former warehouse space in northern London. “Everything is bespoke, and using old-school methods means that each globe ends up being entirely unique,” says Jade. After placing an order, several months will pass before customers receive their globes — size options range in diameter from 9 to 50 inches (23 to 127 centimeters) — but the wait is always worth it. “It’s rare to be able to purchase something that is made just for you, and will always be one of a kind.” 🌍

Virgo - The Letters of Love

The Virgo allure is endearing wit, bright eyes, and communication that can make strangers feel at ease. The more comfortable the Virgo becomes, the more sweeping and saturation conversation becomes. They can be transporting and seductive. But Venus is at fall in Virgo, so the expression of love does not come so easily. They are detached enough to be serial heartbreakers. Their youthful and responsive spirit can even seem flirtatious, so people can misread signals. The purity of Virgo however, expresses love in its wholesome form, reflecting their cleansing Sheaf Bearer. Their natural labor is love. Energy is produced on behalf of other people, so they can literally live for lovers. Communication is their communion, and they know when you need advice, silence, or space. Virgo associates with the mind. Conversation can be as intimate as sex for Virgo. But their earthy nature generates intense physical needs, so there is nothing undemonstrative about Virgo. They desire to make lovers happy. They commit themselves to lovers sexually, often subordinately. There is a great respect for partners and diversion from drama or controlling behaviour. 

Virgos would rather have relationships acting as an addition to life rather than a requirement. They feel dependency is unfair to partners. Devoted and collaborative in love, Virgos rely on team work to maintain the partnership and enjoy watching the success story of loved ones. The sign of Virgo is renowned for its discrimination and perfectionism. They will prefer to sit back and patiently observe their object of desire before making their move. Their blind pursuit of perfection can paint unrealistic ideals of lovers, so Virgos can feel deeply betrayed when their loved one makes a mistake or hurts them. Emotion and love is intangible, and when Virgos cannot grab ahold of something it throws off their inner equilibrium entirely. The individual may feel a close physical, emotional, and intellectual attraction to somebody but regress when the moment comes. Love can be displayed through physical service and helpful acts like running errands, planning, or repairing. 

Virgos are easily swooned, and can become saturated by lust - yet they can be too shy to admit it. The inner hysteric in Virgo warns the individual of making the wrong move and exaggerates self consciousness. Every move they make will be deeply evaluated. Like they can spend hours internally deliberating on how to respond to a message. When partners think they are being ignored, Virgo has simply retreated into their own bubble, engaged in the comfort in the home of their thoughts, fearful, and often rife with self hatred. Within every Virgo is a heart that aches for love, yet they are not willing to compromise their order to fit that person in, that person must just ‘fit in’, and this proves its righteousness to Virgo. 


(art: Heatherlee Chan)

sometimes I think about all the effort the writers and artists I work with put into making sure all our characters are visually distinct and interesting and then I think about the fact that Jeff Davis not only cast two VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL ACTORS in his TV show but then MADE THEIR CHARACTERS DATE EACH OTHER


“The ranger stepped into the poisonous glow he was casting, dust whorls and strands of tainted energy alike swirling away from him, as though touching him would be their end. He was wearing the crimson-and-gold cloak Hanzo remembered from the house and it clung to him like a shield, its reflection catching in his eyes and lighting them with points of color that glowed in the near-dark. Behind him, a pair of shadows – one mountainously huge, the other merely enormously tall – began dislodging the wreckage of the ceiling from atop his brother and his friends.

“Witch-thing.” The voice possessing his throat crooned again. “It is so good to see you again. I have missed you, all these years.”“


Tossing in my 2cents for humans are space orcs

For time immemorial, sector df-17 of the galaxy had been used as an industrial waste dump, for want of a better term. Gravity distortions had filled it with an exorbitant amount of random debris, choking clouds of toxic dust and the whole area was bathed in lethal radiation that rendered all forms of long distance communications uselessly scrambled . The common name of the area translated as dead zone, wasteland, or the boonies. A hundred different worlds would bring their derelict ships here, ships too worthless to bother with, or considered too dangerous to strip down and salvage. They brought them here and cast them into the wastes.

It should be noted, that “worthless” and “Too dangerous” are terms relative to the scale of an operation, as well as one’s rationality and desperation. What makes for a poor or pointless company’s bottom line, is more than enough to keep a small salvage ship running, with a crew that’s well fed. Salvaging ships from the wastes was not illegal per se, but was seen as distasteful, dirty, and a living for those with few to no other options.

Kurthar’s ship was weeks deeper into the wastes than they had ever been. Pickings had been slim this run, and xe was worried if they’d gather enough trade goods to even refuel. Ran-gee, the communications and sensor operator had shut down most of the ship in an attempt to reduce interference and extend their scanner range. Xis personal communicator crackled as Ran-gee called out.

“Hey, Kurthar. I think I’m picking something up. Come have a look.” Kurthar ran a clawed hand over his skull frill in a subconscious gesture of hiding his concerns. It was a short walk to the bridge where Ran-gee squinted into the glowing monitor. “It’s so distorted that I thought it was glitch, or interference of some kind… but its a hot reactor, that’s for sure. Really, insanely hot. I’d argue that someone peeled the shielding away and left it just on the edge of critical. Why anyone would do that is beyond me.”
“Someone laying a trap ship out here seems like a stretch, but it’s possible. Or it had some biological contamination that they left the core exposed with the hope of killing it off.”
“The radiation levels should do that nicely.” Ran-gee leaned forward, quickly making adjustments. “It’s moving.”
“Moving moving. Like it’s under power moving.”
Kurthar paled, “Someone is flying it? Is there a distress beacon? Maybe they had a failure and are trying to limp to port.”
“This far out? It would be a damn desperate move.”
“I’d do it if I had no other choice. Hope they can treat the poisoning later.”
“I guess. But there’s no beacon. And…” Xe tried to resolve the scanner results. “The reactor signature looks like its Trath, but the drive reads N’gthy.”
“It must be interference. The N’gthy have no business with the Trath. Not in a million eons.”
“I’ve rechecked it twice. Also… there seems to be some dust haze around it that looks like its reflecting Gamma radiation.”
“Is it a weapon of some kind?”
“They’d be firing a Gamma beam of like 130 petawatts at nothing. And not just a burst, this is a continuous beam.”
“What in the great egg would do that?”
“ If we stay here too much longer, we’ll find out. It’s 4 causal seconds out, and approaching fast. I for one don’t think we should be anywhere near it’s back-end after it passes.”
“Spin up the engines, and move us to a safe distance.”
“I don’t think there’s a safe place in this sector.” Ran-gee said, swiftly moving to activate the drive systems.
The scanner unit chimed an alert.

They both turned in dawning horror to see that some kind of radio signal was suddenly focused on them. A quick repeating ping.
The strange ship was altering course toward them.
Their heads swung in unison as the Communications console on the other side of the bridge also chimed its own alert.
“it’s trying to contact us.” Ran-gee moved to the com panel. “The Identifier says its Iderant.”
“All of the Iderant died in the old wars ages ago.”
“Maybe there were some hiding out here?”
“I guess we are about to find out.” Kurthar said, as Xe opened the channel. The face that appeared on the screen was… disquieting. Snoutless, flat. Some raised, bulbus structure in the center of what must have been its face. It was scaleless, and a greyish pink color, as if it had been burned and had its skin removed. It sprouted some kind of growth from the crown of its skull, like a brown moss. It opened what must have been its thin, round, tiny mouth and bared its teeth in a show of aggression. The screen froze, and alarm klaxons began sounding from nearly every ship system. The drive system went into emergency shutdown, forcing the reactor into standby mode.
Ran-gee was trying to make sense of it. “The ship is outputting some kind of defense screen around it. It generating some kind of pulsing wave of gravity distortions, and a magnetic field that forcing our systems into triggering their safety protocols. Its scrambling the main processor, and radiation levels are high enough that the core thinks there has been a breach.”
A ship so wrong in so many ways, that even nearby vessels would lock up in panic. A ship that seemed to have been stitched together from trash, insanity, and nightmares. A ship filled with snarling, scaleless monsters.
Kurthar could only look on helplessly as it moved into position to dock with him, the door responding to a hail from what it believed to be one of its own kind.

This was how the Nuklan met what called its self the Human race. A race that after throwing itself into space atop giant explosions, had found the void riddled with relics and artifacts. They had taken everything they had found apart, and learned from it, or used it. Often repurposing simple devices with complex and insane new uses. One of these was how the E.S.S Clark, The ship which so confused, and frightened Kurthar, had repurposed simple gravity units into containment for its drive core. A small, artificially constructed quantum singularity.

The worlds had to be cautious. If a human even saw an image of some technology unknown to them, or worse yet got to touch it, the humans would have their own version of it in less than a cycle.

They had a nickname for the humans. These reckless, naïve beasts from the junkyard. Creatures that would build a black hole out of spare parts, strap it to a pile of trash, and take it out for a spin. They were named for a small pest animal that would frequently cause headaches by evading traps, and cleverly thwarting attempts to keep them away from refuse.

Roughly translated, Humans are the Trash Pandas of the galaxy.