Daughters of Persephone!
My women only Space Marine Chapter. Not my best illustration work, but its really starting to take too much time for a quick fan work / colour concept, and I should work on more original works really (though I’ll probably end up doing other fan stuffs :P)

Threw together another quick sketch, playing with the general out of armour look.

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My teacher said that the Macbeths were a really unhappy couple, but I've always thought that they really loved each other until the end. What do you think?

This is a complicated question because happiness is a hard thing to measure (especially for fictional characters), and because the Macbeths’ relationship changes through the play. There is one thing that probably shouldn’t be confused though: the Macbeths are less and less happy as the play progresses, but their unhappiness is not really related to their being a couple, it’s more an effect of the murder.

As a couple, the two very close: neither needs explicitly to tell the other what is on his or her mind; they’re attuned, and that suggests an intimacy and like-mindedness exceedingly rare in Shakespeare’s married couples. The wording of their interactions suggests that they have love and respect for one another. When Lady Macbeth addresses Macbeth for the first time, she says:

Great Glamis, worthy Cawdor,
Greater than both, by the all-hail hereafter,
Thy letters have transported me beyond
This ignorant  present, and I feel now
The future in an instant. (1.5.53-57)

The address by title is either playful or formal. In either case, she shows respect and a vested interest and joy in her husband’s success. Her wording is also reminiscent of Macbeth’s imaginative reaction to the prophecies, where he feels transported into the time to come: ‘nothing is / But what is not’ (1.3.142-43). This adds to the sense of similarity in their temperaments (even though Macbeth’s reaction is initially fear, hers is delight). Macbeth, in his turn, is consistently loving towards his wife, calling her  ‘my dearest love’ (1.5.57), dear wife’ (3.2.39), and ‘dearest chuck’ (3.2.78). It’s also notable that they regularly share iambic pentameter lines. That is, they finish off each other’s lines. This means that their responses to one another are fast-paced, and even their dialogue shows their intimacy.

How one understands this intimacy between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth depends on whether one sees them as united by love or ambition. Some read Macbeth as (initially) the weaker one in the relationship, either besotted or intimidated by his powerful and bloodthirsty wife. Those who emphasise this point see it as significant that Lady Macbeth addresses her husband using titles from the beginning, revealing her pervasive interest in power. Another possibility is that Lady Macbeth is a loving wife who wants the best for her husband. She forcefully supports her husband’s ambitions for his sake (Judi Dench played it this way). This interpretation is reinforced by the fact that Lady Macbeth never directly expresses any wish to be queen. All of her ‘encouragement’ is framed in terms of what’s good for Macbeth, even when she’s guilt-tripping him. And, importantly, Macbeth listens to Lady Macbeth. He’s interested in what she thinks of him and what she says, even admires her ability to make him ‘man up’ (I hate that phrase) which is why her persuasion works so strongly on him. Whether it’s out of love or ambition, they have a kind of mutual respect that makes them equals insofar as they are partners in crime. 

But this equality and intimacy does break down. Where Macbeth starts fearful and becomes stronger and more callous, Lady Macbeth is at her strongest at the beginning of the play. Macbeth plans the murder of Banquo and Fleance alone, partly to keep his wife ‘innocent of knowledge’ (3.2.48), that is, to protect her. The fact that he sees her as someone in need of protection makes it clear that their mutual reliance is not fully present anymore. Even though they have the capacity for similar kinds of actions, their character trajectories are chiastic, and after Act 3, scene 4, when Macbeth sees Banquo’s ghost, they never have a scene together again. 

The last indication of the feeling between the two in the play is Macbeth’s reaction to Lady Macbeth’s death. There are so many ways of reading this speech, but I think it significant that it’s her death that leads to some of the most lyrical and haunting lines in the whole play. ‘She should have died hereafter’ (5.5.17) indicates not only that she should have died when there was time for him to mourn her, but that, even though death is ultimately inevitable, she should have lived longer. It’s an implicit acknowledgement of the unnatural course their lives have taken: that if he had done the right thing, he wouldn’t have lost her so soon. It can seem a short and callous reaction in some interpretations, but I think it does suggest that he is in love with her to the end, as you say.

So the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth is loving and close to start with and breaks down as the play progresses, but it’s mainly due to their individual guilt. Both of them become unhappy because of the murder rather than because of one another. They might be despairing by the end, but they hardly cause each another’s unhappiness. To put it more simply: they’re not an unhappy couple so much as two unhappy people who are a couple. 

Today’s Amusement

Is sponsored by dust2dust34 and her inability to handle Stephen Amell/Oliver Queen’s face. I say amusement because I’m the kind of girl who very strongly adheres to the philosophy of Laugh or Cry in times of distress. If I didn’t chuckle and smile a little smile at dust2dust34‘s truly justified agita (sometimes expressed as anger) over That Man and his Goddamn Face, I would be in a puddle of my own anguished tears. Why is his face, you guys? Why?

[whispers] Why?

Here every step of the way (Peter Parker X Reader) *WARNING! EATING DISORDER*

Characters: Peter Parker X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers, Spiderman


Based off this:

Would you, by any chance, be able to do an imagine based off of the Peter Parker x bulimic reader that I requested a while ago? If not that’s fine. X

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Peter wasn’t sure whether it was the spider senses or just the fact that he’d known you for so long, but he knew that something about you had changed recently, and it was definitely not a good change.

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Headcanons about dating Sirius and being Remus’s sister!

Asked by @cherrymartin, hope you’ll like this! <3

I don’t know which would be the worst over-protective big brother between James and Remus?

  • You would have tried to hide it from your brother at first because Remus could be very protective and you knew he wouldn’t approve of your relationship with one of his best mate.
  • And to this horror, you wouldn’t be kidding him.
  • But it was happening. The first time he saw the two of you kissed he pretended to vomit and turns away when Sirius wink at him.
  • Face it, he would come between the two of you as much as he can. Every time you would be about the kiss, or you were holding hands.
  • He would never let the two of you walk together (People could see you holding hands! What would I tell them!?)
  • He would be super upset about the age gap (The what? - The age gap between you two! - Rem’ he’s one-year older…- so? That’s still gross!- Oh come on stop it already!)
  • Then James would probably tell him that he needs to chill out a bit about all this because it was Sirius and he wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. (Yeah, I’d like to see if you’d still say the same things if Sirius was dating your sister, James. Remus would groan.)
  • He would have figured it out, because he would have smell Sirius’s leather jacket on you. (Hang on… oh my god… this scent.. this is Sirius’s leather jacket!!? Y/N are you kidding me!?)

  • Remus would be: Nope, I can’t handle this, nope this is not happening!

  • Sirius would try to make some jokes about the two of you, nope, Remus would just go somewhere else trying to forget that Sirius had said your name and the word sex in the same sentence. 
  • He would probably lecture you about the fact that Sirius is a womanizer… and manizer too… well he sleeps around a lot with a lot of people. (You do know that right Y/N… I’m just concern about your health..)
  • He would never let the two of you cuddle… like ever.
  • But since annoying him would be your favorite hobby (little sis’ y'a know) you would wink at him everytime Sirius touches you.

  • And he would glare furiously at you (He is my best mate! What are you thinking! Don’t tell me this is serious! -Ohh right you are, this is indeed Sirius! -Don’t play the puns with me Y/N!)
  • You would be angry at him (Rem’ you are so fucking predictable! I saw you watching us from across the common room, we are going out together, whether you like it or not!)
  • Sirius would steal some of your brother’s chocolate to give it to you. (I’m risking my life for you right now Y/N, you know that? If Remus sees me steal his chocolate, I’m a dead man!)
  • Because you are Remus’s sister you loved a bit too much chocolate too!
  • You would often borrow your brother (XL wtf Rem’?) sweater and it would bother Sirius a bit, so he’ll try, casually, like you hadn’t notice, to let one of his own shirts in your sight, just so you could take it and claim it as your own.
  • Remus would certainly have a fight with Sirius at some point because of that.
  • They would yell at each other. (She is my sister! - I know! - I won’t let you hurt her! -I’m not gonna hurt her! - You better not or I’ll reap you apart! - Calm down now Moon’)
  • Then Remus would accept it. After a while, but still accepted it.
  • Mostly because you threaten to hex him once and for good if he didn’t stop being that stupid. But he didn’t mention it.
  • He would still turn his head away when you would kiss Sirius, but he would have a little smirk that wasn’t there at first.
  • You were happy, that’s all he ever wanted you to be.
  • He would put his hand on Sirius’s shoulder when he would tell him that he was, madly in love with you. (I’m happy Pads, but I’ll crush you if you hurt her, -We’ve already been through that conversation thousands of time, - Yeah I know, it was just a friendly reminder – Yeah I know. -I know you do you stupid arse)
  • And you would think that you definitely have the best brother in the world.

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Are you taking requests ? Because if so, you said you liked angst, and I looove angst. So, hum, could you write, maybe just headcanons you know, about Momo being like badly hurt and Todoroki's reactions, actions, anything ? Sorry if it's too much. Really sorry.

DON’T BE SORRY WHATTT, feel free to send me an ask like this anytime! I don’t bite HAHA plus I love todomomo so you’re doing me a favour! Oh my, getting excited before even starting (^  ^)

-When Momo got a head injury and was in a coma for a few days, Todoroki went to visit her throughout those times, unbeknownst to Kirishima who saw him at the hospital. Todoroki would just sit there in silence with a book in hand, hoping to keep her company. He brought flowers once as suggested by his sis.

-After many head-spinning choices, He picked fire lilies because it reminded him of her: elegant and sophisticated. Todoroki lamented afterwards, thinking about how the colour red reminded him of Endeavor.

-Momo never found out who brought the second bouquet of flowers when she came to. The lilies were falling apart, but the colour was still as lively as ever. The crimson ignited her awake. She just assumed they were all from her family though. Momo’s parents were curious, however, never bothering to pry any further.

-During their third year sports festival, Momo got to the semi-finals. Heart racing, her opponent’s name came bolded in white: Todoroki Shouto. She started off creating skates, fabricating anti-freeze chemicals out of the tips of her fingers, and even made blades to cut through the ice. The fire was the biggest challenge though. She had no way of dodging it without repercussions.

-He ended up searing her skin, all black and purple. He slammed his fist on the wall, vibrating it to its core after he watched helplessly as she was towed to the recovery room immediately. Midnight shook her head, wondering why they couldn’t have stopped him earlier. He felt like a monster.

-  “Todoroki, its not your fault…stop punching the…” “I thought I pushed past it, I really did. The fire…seeing her like that…I just…” “It was a competition, Yaoyorozu won’t blame you.” “I don’t care if she does. She’s in there because of me.”

-She was under immense pain but she never complained once. In fact, she was more worried about why he never came to see her when all of her friends did. She was hoping the first person she’d see would be him.

-He was secretly the one that made sure she had a full kettle of hot water beside her when she fell asleep; sometimes, he’d pull the blanket so she wouldn’t get cold.

-After sitting outside her room everyday since she was transferred to another facility, he finally realized how moronic he was.

      -”Yaoyorozu, sorry for not coming earlier-” “Can you look me in the eye, Todoroki-san? What are you afraid of?” “The scabs on your arms and neck. The pain that I must have inflicted on you. Knowing that my left is still as destructive as I remembered. That’s what I’m afraid of.”

-Momo leaned her head against him after she scolded him, of course, about how silly he’s being and he’s taken aback by how forgiving she was.

    -”Your fire is warm to me. So don’t dwell on it, Todoroki-san.”

-He took her out to a picnic after her recovery, and she asked for flowers as compensation.

-It’s fire lilies that he brought, yet again.


Sam teasing Cait in the q&a video

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If it's really not too much to ask, could you perhaps do a 'Peter Parker dating reader with bulimia woukd include . . .' Or a 'New Avengers and reader with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency' I obviously understand if you don't want to do this as it's a bit of a deeper topic than other requests but thank you in advance anyway. :)

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Peter Parker dating reader with bulimia would include …

-          You’d try to keep it hidden for a long time, but eventually he’d find out.

-          He’d notice the signs first, like how you’d rush off after eating, or your swollen glands, or how you always criticise your body and your bruised knuckles.

-          He’d eventually pull you away to be alone and ask you to tell him the truth.

-          After some trial and error, you eventually tell him.

-          Of course you’ll be crying, but he’s happy to hold you for as long as you need him to and tell you everything is gonna be okay.

-          He’d do his research. He wants to know how to help in the best way.

-          Compliments all day every day and all the reassurance you need and more.

-          When you come home, he’s snuck in and stuck notes around your mirror to tell you what he loves about you and telling you you’re beautiful.

-          When he notices your knuckles haven’t got new bruises, he gets really chipper and it radiates off him and it affects you as well.

-          When you do relapse he doesn’t get mad. He just hugs you and tell you that it’s a work in progress.

-          He’d only tell someone and get help if he was really concerned you weren’t getting better or with your permission.

-          He’s gonna stand by you every step of the way.

Hope you like it! If the subject has affected you or you just need advice or someone to talk to, you’re welcome in my DMs and inbox.

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Dame of Camelot: Part 1

I’ve got a second part coming up soon :)

Hey!! I just wanted to say I LOVE your blog!! I look at it every day to see if anything new is there. I kinda hope you don’t mind me asking for a reader x Arthur from Merlin, were the reader is tired of being judged because she’s a woman, so she challenges him and wins, and she ends up as a knight of Camelot and they get together. I really hope its not too much to ask. Send a message to let me know if you’d ur taking this please!! Ciao!!

 (Hope you like it!)

Author: Queen of Geeks

I balanced the box of sewing supplies in one hand and a basket against my hip with my other hand. All of them had or tears in them that needed stitching. They’ve all been washed, but I was the one with the most nimble of hands.

“Ah yes, and here’s the maid with the clothes.” One of the knights snickered. I rolled my eyes.

“About time.” Another laughed. “They look too pretty to do actual work.”

“Yes, because we’re the ones who do actually work.”  I shrugged my shoulders. There were snorts and I carried on making my way to the servant’s quarters. Most other maids dealt with the rude comments, but I chose to speak back.

Taking a seat in a chair, I put the basket on the floor and opened up my sewing box. Pulling one of the many shirts out, there was a large tear in the sleeve. Sighing, I began threading a needle and started sewing. Many shirts and trousers later, I was close to finishing. There were still a few clothes left, but my hands were aching. Standing up, I separated the finished clothes from the others. Most of them belonged to Arthur which was slightly concerning, but it gave me a job. I didn’t mind taking them up for Arthur. Sometimes it was nice. But sometimes he made me want to stab him with his own sword.

Those would be the days that I understood why Merlin tended to hate him. Unlike my brother, I couldn’t turn Arthur into something with magic. Merlin was lucky in that sense.

Resting my basket against hip, I knocked on the door of Arthur’s bedroom. Eventually it was opened by Merlin. I smiled at him.

“I have some clothes to drop off.” I explained when he gave me a curious look.

“I was just leaving.” Merlin opened the door and let me in. I let the door close behind me, I placed the basket on the table and looked around to see Arthur was gazing out the window.

“Your highness?” I asked. Arthur turned around and smiled at me. “Yes?” He asked looked at me. I gave him a small smile. “I have your clothes.” I told him folding my hands in front of me.

“About time.” He scoffed. I raised my eyebrows at me.


“The clothes. Why does it always take so long for them to be brought up? What else you people do?”

“Cook. Clean.” I muttered under my breath. “I’m sorry, but I have to leave. Have a nice night.” I gave a quick curtsy before leaving.

Pacing back and forth in front of Merlin, I began ranting as he sat with Giaus. “All these men are sexist pigs! All they think they can do is make fun of women! If it weren’t for women, they’d have no food! Or clothes for that matter.” I was close to screaming. Taking a deep breath, I moved my hair out of my face.

“You just need to prove that they can’t do this.” Merlin told me. Giaus looked at us.

“Don’t give your sister-” Giaus began but I interrupted.

“I got it!” I whirled around to face both men. “Merlin, Arthur is having try-outs for new guards and knights.”

“Yes, but (Y/N), that requires you knowing how to fight.” Giaus pointed out. I put my hands on my hips.

“Are you on my side or not?” I asked. “I do know how to fight. I have learned.” I told him. Giaus smiled at me.

“We have faith in you, my dear.”


I rolled my shoulders back and listened to the clinking of the armor. Merlin and I were able to convince everyone we needed to polish armor. We then decided that we’d return it after the tournament. Thankfully we took one that fitted me. I tilted my head and looked at Merlin through the helmet.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Merlin asked me.

“Yes. I am completely sure.” I told him as I picked up my sword.

“Good luck.” Merlin smiled as I made my way into the field. Everyone was looking at me and I took a deep breath. Looking back at Merlin, he smiled at me and I nodded.


In front of me stood the last man trying out. It was him against me. I had to win. Mainly because I had no magic that I could use to win. I raised my sword and looked at my opponent. The signal to go went off and I dodged a swing right away. I parried and swung back. Hitting the ground, I rolled away missed another stab. Getting too my feet, I swung my sword and the force of him blocking it caused my arm to shake. He kicked and I dodged his foot. Stumbling, I fell back and rolled away. Kicking at the back of his knee, I caused him to fall.

Jumping to my feet, I swung my sword and the sword skittered out of his hand. I pressed my sword to his chest. My breath was heavy and I would feel myself sweating under the armor.

“And it appears we have a winner.” Prince Arthur walked over to us and took my wrist. Raising it in the air, everyone cheered. I took my arm from him and sheaved my sword to help my opponent.

“Good fight.” he told me. I nodded.

“Let’s see who our winner is, shall we?” Arthur asked. I looked at Merlin who was grinning.

“Fine.” I muttered to myself. Pulling it off, there was a gasp and everyone went silent. I turned to Arthur. “That’s right. It’s me. A woman.” I told him. “I won fair and square.”

“Then so be it. A Dame of Camelot. (Y/N)!” There were more cheers.

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Hi! I am trying to find someone to make an unusual facial hair for a Sim I would like to have. I loved Starz Black Sails, in particular Jack Rackham. i.pinimg com/736x/bf/87/67/bf876723b5b477dc3f960d69453fec94 jpg Would you be interested?

Possibly? It looks similar to something I already have so I could probably give it a go when I have more time. :)

Okay, but imagine that Zant had never been called ‘pretty’ before meeting Ghirahim.  Not because there weren’t any other Twili who thought he was pretty, but because he was kinda awkward and shy and didn’t really like talking to anyone, so no one ever really got the chance to tell him that. And so he grew up assuming that he wasn’t really anything special, and believing that he wasn’t attractive in any way. (rest under cut it got kinda long)

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concept: Mickey crossing the border and then looking at his rear-view mirror and seeing that Ian is there, looking at him, standing still, and neither of them is able to tear their eyes off of one another until Ian disappears from the mirror and the car disappears from Ian’s eyesight. And then everything turns blurry for both of them because of the tears. 

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I read somewhere that it's dangerous to give a bird vitamin supplements if theyre on a pellet diet. I have a hard time getting my tiel to eat fruits and veggies and would like to give him some kind of vitamin but he's on a mostly pellet diet and I dont want to hurt him. Would something like Nekton-S not be suitable in a situation like that?

No. They don’t need it.
Your bird doesn’t need extra vitamins if they’re on a pelleted diet. Please don’t give them any supplements as pellets already have the required nutrients needed and vitamin supplements are designed for animals lacking in necessary nutrients to stay healthy.
So its not really too much of an issue if they’re only eating pellets as long as fresh water supply is readily available.
Keep introducing veg to your birdy though.


Sure can do! The pleasure is all mine hohohoho.

But seriously, they’re supposed to end up together at some point but I also love having them like that… What should I do? Torture Marco a bit more or make them official at the next opportunity?


Despite my mixed feelings for this show, I just can’t get over these two.