I’m trying to figure out if I want to add UshiTen or UshiSemi into one of my fics and I can’t decide which. I’m leaning more towards UshiSemi for….. reasons. But then again the UshiTen could really work out beautifully too………


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crazy ex-girlfriend rewatch >> 1.15 josh has no idea where i am!

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hi. there's only so many times I can reread Queen's Thief and not die waiting for the next book. tell me there are other series I can die for meanwhile???

God I feel you anon, I feel you. Let’s see… @shaelit did a rec list for people suffering from withdrawal symptoms, and while I don’t know a single one of the books mentioned there I do trust Shae’s taste, so give that a try! As for books I know…

If you’re looking for someone as ruthlessly manipulative and absolutely brilliant as Gen, against a backdrop of politics and exile, you could try Finnikin of the Rock. As far as I know it’s a series, though my library only had the first book and I ended up never finding the rest. I have only faint, hazy memories of this book, other than falling in love with the cunning schemer, so let me know what it’s like if you read it!

For characters to fall in love with and the weight of being mythical in your own time, I suggest E. Jade Lomax’s Leagues and Legends series, starting with Beanstalk. You can read these books free on the author’s website! Or if you like you can order paperback versions for… I don’t remember exactly, but it’s a very reasonable price. It’s kind of hard to come up with a blurb that does these books justice, to be honest, but suffice to say the first book’s tagline is “the adventures of a Jack of All Tales.” Click the links for more, see if it’s up your creek.
(You could also check out the author’s stuff on ao3 if you enjoy being brought to tears by beautiful prose.)

For intricate plotting, complex worldbuilding, and edge-of-your-seat tension born not from action scenes but from characters’ conflicting goals, you could go for the Split Worlds series. These feature family politics to rival Game of Thrones, Fae Lords of the terrifying kind, and intriguing new forms of sorcery involving gargoyles and dislocated souls.

This last one isn’t really very similar to Queen’s Thief at all, but it does have some nice quasi-historical worldbuilding and characters who grow more distant and more mythical as the books progress, even as you meet more and more characters to fall in love with. The Squire’s Tales are Arthurian legend told from the inside, from the perspective of someone who wouldn’t have been the hero in the stories that got told. It’s a great way to get into Arthurian legend, or if you already love the tales of Camelot it’s a great new take on a lot of the stories you’ll be familiar with. (I suggest starting with the first two books and ending with the last two, but all the middle ones can be read in any order.)

I’ve become an exact copy of that one person I hated and tbh I always knew I had more in common with them than anyone wanted me to believe I did when I mentioned is so it’s not even a surprise.

I think I’m still not as much of an asshole to other people but then again, they didn’t think they were being an asshole either. Probably neither did their friends.

But in many things that matter to me, I am the same. I could always relate a bit too much anyway.

And no matter how much I told myself I have to try to not be like them…it doesn’t work. It just…doesn’t. Because I feel the same things and I want the same things and I have the same insecurities so ofc I’m going down the same stupid path.

In the end I’ll have to face the same fucking fall and I do /not/ want that. I want anything but that. But see, they didn’t want it either. And yet that’s what they got. And most people thought this person deserved it too.

So maybe I do as well.


Roswell: Hey, slide over a second, will ya?

Harmony: Why can’t you just sit on the other side of me?

Roswell: Because I’m lazy and don’t wanna walk that far.

Harmony: *sighs and slides over*

Roswell: *moves to couch* So you really escaped your parents house?

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The number 47 hangs in Mashu’s memory more often than she’d like to admit. So do numbers like 60 and 200, but 47 is the first.

This time she sees it while collecting Dr. Roman’s things after the Eighth Singularity. With an empty office, there’s no reason for it to hold these old papers. With an empty office, there’s no reason for her to hang around. She does so anyway, her brain latches onto the number at the top of this document.

47 lives, kept in cryofreeze in their own coffins, though likely have perished. Forty-seven humans, Master candidates. 38 from mage families, 10 civilians who showed potential. No older than Mashu herself. Only 47 lost from Leff’s betrayal. Is she relieved or saddened for that number? That it’s just 47, when it could have been so many more?

Yet one ultimately survived. That’s enough cause for a celebration, right? Out of a tragedy springs hope.

She takes a breath and tears the number from the corner, slipping it into her pocket. She wouldn’t let that last one fall.