It occurs to me belatedly that I’m not even sure what Ginryuu actually does.

Like, magic sword and junk, absolutely. But what does it do. I suddenly need to know.






I have absolutely no idea what special properties it has, but I assume it’s more than a +2 to damage.


I mean Kurogane is SHOCKED that the sword might actually be necessary. So it’s gotta do something amazing.



The way they look at each other

its too much

  • Me: once upon a time should be canceled
  • Me: *excessive anger and rage for months*
  • Me: *not even sure i want to watch it*
  • Colin: no you guys its gonna be REALLY good
  • Me: ok well ... okay colin if you really want me to. i guess i'll watch. anything for you.
  • Me: *gets a bit excited about the idea of learning more about Killian and actually seeing him cursed and basically the Killian we would've gotten in S1*
  • *Reveal that Cursed Killian is a police officer*
  • Me: can yall believe OUAT is renewed, I'm so ecstatic!!!! This is the BEST choice ABC has ever made! Thank you, God! Thank you, Adam and Eddy! I love this show!!!! I love this song!! So beautiful! So well written! This show has never made me hate life for a second! Me? Not wanting a season 7? NOOOOOO!! Who told you that?? Crazy.

Hey @icarus-descends  I made something for the Kingdoms AU *wink wink*
I really like your designs so i wanted to draw something related to the Kingdoms Au for the longest time. 

This drawing was also based on the fic that @fantismal made on AO3 about the Kingdoms AU called There wil be flowers . If you ship septiplier i REALLY recommend this fic!! Its really good!! 

Ok bye 

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I assume that you love peoplewatching :0

fouhgidu honestly?? i love it?? people are so interesting?? ibuhg i dont really like being in public bc anxiety but when i am i look at everyone and try to guess what their all about?? and its really good ok


Hello guys

Please check out this amazing Tourabu fic by Timpeni, because as dubious as it seems (I know, the prostitution au and all), it’s literally a work of art and I SWEAR there is no explicit smut. Please please check it out if you have’t and if you have please yell about it with me thanks

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Hardly Wait by Cloudeater

Song: not really my thing | okay | like it | love it  (oh my GOD)

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i lov that song its really really good ok

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For the johdave fics, I'll take any suggestions so long as they're well written

alright, cool

The Finer Details of Gay Cluckbeast is a goddamn classic johndave fic. its 24 chapters long and its about john and dave playing gay chicken and slowly falling in love and being dumb. i dont think they have sex explicitly written in this fic, but its been awhile since i read it. ill mark it lightly NSFW

The Pianist on the Subway another classic hot DAMN this is by far one of my favourite johndave fics out there. 21 chapters of cute interaction and john n dave falling in love. i havent read it in awhile so im not sure if this fic is completely SFW or not. 

bear and bull is a good SFW one, its 5 chapters long. its a really cute story about dave getting a neighbour, who is john, and at first he hates his guts but slowly falls in love. its really good ok. its also pretty sad at times just a warning

CJK237em1Vx: a modern epic. kind of. not actually. is a NSFW fic about john and dave being broke college roommates who have a tough time paying the bills, so they kinda turn to the porn business together to make money. theres a bit of dubcon near the beginning depending on how you look at it (john isnt gay and he has to do gay porn with dave for money so,)

dave striders journal alternatively titled why do i listen to my sister alternatively titled how do i hold all these feels alternatively titled god dammit is another NSFW fic. dave sends john the wrong file and accidentally sends him his personal diary where he talks about john a lot

Nerds In A Superstore is a mostly fluff fic, with a bit of NSFW stuff near the end. dave meets john in a walmart at 1am during a terrible storm

Postcard a super cute soulmate fic! its super fluffy but also has some NSFW chapters. currently 11/12 have been posted as i write this, but its worth a read

Take Me Away In Your DeLorean is a NSFW fic series that includes bdsm. in this one (aka the beginning) john finds himself having a huge crush on a cute guy on campus and ends up having anonymous sex. the whole series of these fics are p dang good.

(Never) What You Wanted is a tragic fic that is mostly NSFW. its about john being an idiot & an asshole who doesnt realize his emotions/doesnt think about what hes doing and fucks up his relationship with dave. its 5/10 chapters currently, and is really long. its very heartbreaking, you might cry or get really angry.

Beans & Bones a cute coffee shop au fic. kinda NSFW. dave is a weirdo who likes skulls and john is a college kid who falls in love with him. theres some angst in this one. 6/10 chapters have been posted on this fic.

uhhh ill leave it at this i guess!!! if you read like, most or all of these haha rip sorry these are just some of my faves

i don’t know if i want you anymore.
people ask me if i’m in love and i shake my head because
your name has turned to ashes on my tongue and whispering it doesn’t sound right now
your hands are still soft and your eyes are still bright but the glow i saw in you
in your cold freckles and your sweet smile
has dulled
you’re still beautiful but now it’s less angel and more museum painting
not a fairytale creature
nothing more than a deer in the headlights
that rush of gold in my veins when you touched me has turned back into rubies and i can’t say i miss it but i used to pray to every god for a breath of your air
and now even shooting stars call me silent.
it’s not that i miss wanting you
i just don’t know what to wish for anymore.
—  a lost love poem (x)

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Omg can you put your davekat analysis into it's own post? Since the original post was johndave, I'm not sure how many davekat shippers would get to see it, and that's a shame, cuz it's really good!

ok i’m gonna bulk up my analysis a bit since i wrote the original one fast and if anyone wants me to pull sources for any of this lmk bc i can find the comic pages i’m thinking of i just don’t have the energy right now

(there’s some discussion of abuse, be warned)

putting it under a read more bc its long but ppl are welcome to reblog if they’re so inclined

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omg so i read those drarry fics u recommended and they were great! do u have anymore?

tbh I was afraid those fics were too mainstream so i’m glad you enjoyed them!! and, yeah, i do have a few more!!

An Issue of Consequence by faithwood 

Draco has woken up in an alternate universe. Or he has woken up utterly insane. Nothing else can possibly explain why Harry Potter suddenly seems to think he’s Draco’s boyfriend.

Young & Dumb by provocative-envy 

okay so this is a non-magic AU and it’s really well-written, the writing style is p intense and it’s just!! really !! great!!!!! and i couldn’t find a summary for this so here’s an excerpt instead:

Like—take Potter, for example.

There he is, overfilled red Solo cup in hand, shuffling his bare feet and scratching awkwardly at the back of his neck, glancing around the beach like he doesn’t know where to go, which—Draco calls bullshit on, honestly, the whole fucking school has a disgustingly huge hero-worship boner for Potter that’s seemingly impervious to the laws of time and space and logic

Draco scowls into his frozen raspberry margarita.

Fuck Potter.


Fuck him, and fuck his stupid rat’s nest hair and his stupid Meg Griffin glasses and his stupid green eyes and his stupid perpetually tan skin and just—just fuck him, seriously.


No, no, not seriously, Jesus, Potter had enough groupies clamoring for his attention and inviting him out for fucking ice cream like their vaginas were the secret Thirty-Second Flavor at Baskin-Robbins; he certainly didn’t need Draco to hurl himself into the fray.

Bond by Anna Fugazzi 

Yet another one of those Harry And Draco Are Forced To Be Together By Something Beyond Their Control And Then Stuff Happens Leading To Twoo Wuv stories. 

reader’s note ok so i know this fic is on literally EVERY single rec list but its just really good ok pls read if you haven’t yet

Love Comes Tumbling by taradiane

‘Harry’s thoughts were of how much he would have done differently with Malfoy over the years, and of Dumbledore’s final words to the other boy … “It is my mercy, and not yours, that matters now.” Maybe, Harry wondered, he could find some mercy, too, and give Malfoy the second chance that Dumbledore had believed him worthy of.’

We’d Never Have to Wonder by fantasyfiend09

Harry Potter has everything but a man who will call the morning after. Draco Malfoy can fix anyone’s love life but his own. I think you can guess where this is going.

Sealed With a Kiss by faithwood

Harry Potter will fall in love with the first person who kisses him. Draco knows what he must do. A Christmassy Hogwarts fic, this.

Hungry by birdsofshore

The first thing Harry knew about it was when he woke up lying on a bed in the hospital wing, with his arm firmly stuck to the scrawny, milk-white arm of Draco bloody Malfoy.

Starts With a Spin by Maxine 

It started with the spin of a bottle, and now Harry and Draco have gotten themselves so far into their own game there’s almost no way out again. Except to keep playing.

reader’s note i usually don’t read truth or dare fics bc sometimes they’re a bit predictable & boring for me but this is p great 

Black Coffee on a Lonely Night by femmequixotic 

Draco owns a café in the city. Harry’s a MP who comes in every morning, newspapers in one hand, BlackBerry in the other, and orders a triple espresso macchiato.

ok another reader’s note you probably noticed from the previous rec list that i am a COMPLETE SUCKER for COFFEE SHOP FICS and THIS had draco being a barista AND harry being a member of parliament like yes okay thank you (also it’s a nonmagical au)

Reparations by Sara’s Girl (im currently reading this)

Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places.

Master Work by mahaleim (i’m also currently reading this)

Harry’s eighth-year at Hogwarts is going about as well as all the others. Someone is out to get him, Aurors keep questioning him about the final battle and, worst of all, Draco is determined to repay his life debt to Harry.