aviewfromtheclouds25 reagiu à tua publicaçãoyes, iain, keep bringing the ‘they meant the vows’…

My thoughts every time. The more he mentions those vows, the more convinced I become…

exacly! why are they always mentioning the damn thing? or because he loves to make us suffer and rewind to that beautiful moment (and well its actually a bit destroyed) or bc there’s a twist..

the fact that we never saw the day after they…well…in bed… makes me always doubt that shit didn’t actually happen. (not that i wanted to see, but you know)




“Hey Y/N!” Conor shouted as he walked into your and Joe’s flat before being pushed aside as Jack ran past him and embraced you in a hug. 

“Y/N!!” He said lifting you up and spinning you a little before setting you back down.

“Well hey guys.” You said setting away from Jack to pull Conor in for a hug. “I missed you two.” 

“Not as much as we missed you.” Jack corrected, turning his head when Joe came down the stairs.

“Thought I heard you two.” Joe spoke running a finger through his hair. 

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  • doctor: humanity is doomed to never learn from its mistakes
  • bill: i guess its part of our charm
  • doctor: no, its really quite annoying
  • bill: why do you put up with us then?
  • doctor: in among seven million, there's someone like you. thats why i put up with the rest of them.
“Hello Ladies” Sentence Starters
  • ❝ well, it seems phony now! ❞
  • ❝ first reason im doing comedy is because any money i make i dont have to share with you-know-who. ❞
  • ❝ i’m looking for a wife, not a groupie. ❞
  • ❝ to be fair, the photographer did only have a couple of seconds to decide if he should include the top of my head. ❞
  • ❝ i have slept with a prostitute. she doesnt want anyone to know, though. its quite annoying, if im honest. ❞
  • ❝ she said i was tremendous, and she would know, she’s a professional. ❞
  • ❝ as a teenager, i spent a lot of the time in the distance. ❞
  • ❝ could i talk to you about god? at all? ❞
  • ❝ i dont even know what situation id be in where id need a venn diagram. ❞
  • ❝ i got this… this triangle. and i know the length of two sides but i need to know the length of the third side. ❞
  • ❝ oh, fuck off! ❞
  • ❝ mankind coped fine from the beginnings of civilization without the venn diagram. ❞
  • ❝ how cocky was john venn to name it the venn diagram? ❞
  • ❝ putting it kindly, he was rather ungainly - like a giant albatross hopping on stilts. ❞
  • ❝ in what way is that putting it kindly? ❞
  • ❝ well, his dancing wasnt great but it did take my mind off my fear of immigrants. ❞
  • ❝ i knew one woman who said she met her husband because he was her gynecologist. ❞
  • ❝ at what point do you ask her out? ❞
  • ❝ if i ever get married, i’m not paying that! ❞
  • ❝ what kind of person gets an invitation and thinks ‘they shouldnt be getting married! … i wont say anything now, though, ill wait for the special day’?  ❞
  • ❝ the groom is also shagging her and her. ❞
  • ❝ its quite complicated, i put it in this venn diagram for you. ❞
  • ❝ what if you get to the church a bit late? ❞
  • ❝ i wish youd got here earlier, i gave you a window of opportunity for that. ❞
  • ❝ youre gonna have to forever hold your peace on this one, if im honest. ❞
  • ❝ if it was a mate of yours, telling you about these events, you wouldnt be eating popcorn, would you? ❞
  • ❝ firstly, i… i should tell you im gay. ❞
  • ❝ i will… ultimately, i will pass away. ❞
  • ❝ no! lets not split the bill! ❞
  • ❝ i will… ultimately, i will pass away. ❞
  • ❝ he wasnt wanking, sorry, that wasnt clear. ❞
  • ❝ have you ever met someone so dull, that they turn away and you literally cant remember what they look like? ❞
  • ❝ i’m twenty minutes of bullshit about how hard it is to get a kid into a school. ❞
  • ❝ at least ive been on the six o clock news. the only way you are gonna get on the six o clock news is if her body is found in a bin. ❞
  • ❝ and i said ‘hes like a cunt’… i blew it with the girl, if im honest. ❞
  • ❝ i was the only person in there that ever watched porn on vhs. ❞
  • ❝ girl on girl. man on girl. girl on toaster. i dont know what you’re into. ❞
  • ❝ despite my best efforts, at 11:52, i… had to declare him dead… i will leave you with your thoughts. ❞ 
  • ❝ calm down, sweetheart, let me explain. ❞ 
  • ❝ not a problem, i dont got any money, i spent it all on you. ❞ 

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Can I get a one shot, where George and Fred (eventually some other friends) are meeting the reader on the Hogwarts Express and then there are sitting in the same Cabin? George is totally in llove with her. Later he sees her sitting on the ravenclaw table in the great Hall and he asks Luna who she is etc. And he asks her to the yule ball? And the reader is very cheeky but interested in (?) george Sorry for the bad English. I am from germany. And I LOVE your Imagines. 💕

awwww, this is dedicated to you and I really hope you’re somewhat okay with how it turned out! x I might write a sequel to that one some time soon, but due to the busy times ahead, I only managed to come up with something rather short! really hope you like it cutie and thank you so much for reading xxx

Even though the Hogwarts Express was gradually increasing its speed, Fred and George Weasley still hadn’t found a compartment to sit down for the journey – usually, they were amongst their fellow Gryffindors, but this year, they had been split up a bit. Only Lee was with the twins, and as they could barely manage to squeeze through the small corridor of the train, they took their next chance to finally settle in one section that wasn’t packed with people. When George saw Luna Lovegood sitting in the very left corner with her eyes unwaveringly fixed on the book she was reading, he understood why merely two others were in the same compartment. He did like her, though; Ginny had told him a lot about her over the summer vacation and thus, he had to admit that he had changed his point of view. What made him stop for a second was someone else sitting opposite to Luna, though. She seemed to be a Ravenclaw as well; when she noticed George’s glimpse, she gave him a rather playful smile before looking down again. “What’s the matter, just walk on already, my legs are beginning to hurt from all this rubbish-“ – “Excuse me, Frederick, I am tremendously sorry to hear that you’re going through so much pain after some unbelievable 5 minutes of standing” George walked on, rolling his eyes, and sat down next to Luna. The girl opposite of him was smiling again as if appreciating his joke, but when he smirked back, she lowered her head – who was she? George remembered seeing her some time in the hallway, but he had never explicitly noticed her, as far as he could remember. “Oh, hello, George” – A bell-like voice was speaking to him, and when he turned around, he looked directly into Luna’s blue, round eyes. “I suppose all the compartments were full?” – “Yeah, they were” Fred threw in before George could answer – “First graders, I s’pose. But good finding one to sit down for a while. You don’t mind, do you?” – “No, of course not” Luna responded, whereupon her glimpse rested on Fred for a moment and she smiled. “Ginny has told me a lot about you two” she then continued, a smile tracing her face. While the twins waited for her to go on, she just quietly lowered her head again. Fred shrugged, grabbing a packet of sweets from his bag and opening it promptly. “Y’want some as well?” he suddenly asked the girl opposite of Luna. “Um, yes, sure- thank you, F-“ she said quite shyly; it seemed as if she wasn’t sure about whether it was Fred or George offering her sweets, but Fred understood and nodded. “It’s Fred, you’re right, just go ahead. People don’t even bother telling us apart sometimes” – “Thank you, Fred” – She grabbed a single sweet and fumbled on its wrapping – “Must be quite annoying, I s’pose, I’ll certainly try telling who’s who. Well, now it’s easy… that means that you’re George” She turned to him; he was quite fascinated when she looked into his eyes with her playful smirk. “Yes, yes” he smiled. They occasionally had a quick conversation here and there, but when George got off the train, he realized that he hadn’t asked for her name at all. He only remembered seeing her rushing through the heap of people at Hogsmeade, but he could have sworn that she had given him a quick glimpse as well.

For some reason, the girl from the compartment remained in the back of his head wherever George went; he was absolutely eager to find out more about her. Thus, he found himself looking at the Ravenclaw table quite a lot at dinner. Something about her was immensely magnificent to George, and when the tables slowly emptied, he decided to seize the chance and ask someone who was most likely to know who the girl was.

George drew nearer to Luna, not knowing how to approach her properly; she seemed absentminded once again and he didn’t know whether she would be noticing him or not. “Um, Luna?” – “Oh, sorry, George. Good to see you again. I’m not used to someone coming over” She smiled brightly at George. “Good seeing you too, Luna. Listen, not to be strange, but I was just wondering if you could… help me out” – “Is it about (Y/N)?” – “Come again?” – “Is it about (Y/N)? The pretty girl in the compartment. I know you gave her quite a lot of looks. You could feel it, actually. Do you want to talk about her?” Luna’s directness irritated George for a moment, but considering how Luna had avoided awkward ways of approaching the manner, he felt rather appreciative afterwards. “Yes, exactly. Hope I didn’t screw it up though if it was that obvious. Anyway, I never really see her in the hallway, and I thought you must know her quite well, so-“ – “Oh, don’t worry, George, I think nobody really thought about it too much. I just felt it. And I’m sure she will be fine with me giving you some information about her” – Luna smiled; her comprehension made him develop a huge liking for her at the moment. “Well, her name’s (Y/N) (Y/L/N). She’s your age, obviously. I like (Y/N), but we’re sadly not too close; I’m pretty sure things will change, though. I think she likes Quidditch… And I just remembered, she often spends her free time down by the lake; I’ve seen her taking walks quite a lot. I suggest you talk to her” – Again, Luna stared at George with her googly eyes, whereupon he hesitated for a moment. “Well, thanks so far for the information, Luna, but I don’t know if she even remembers me-“ – “Oh, don’t worry, George Weasley, I’m pretty sure she gave you quite a lot of glimpses as well” – And with these words, Luna got up, grabbed her books from the table and carelessly hopped away.  

It was irritating to George how he kept thinking about (Y/N) even weeks after their encounter in the train; whenever he saw her in the hallway, something about her fascinated him so much he couldn’t help but give her glimpses. She sometimes returned them – thus, George mostly thought about going up to her, but it surprised him to see how shy he was. Again, finding a good way to approach her seemed to be the hardest part. Although to his fortune, the Yule Ball had been announced – for George, there was only one person he truly desired to ask for this occasion.

He made his way down the soft grass with his bag over his shoulder, heading for the Black Lake. The wind was making him shiver in his sweater, but when he saw (Y/N) sitting alone by a tree, he could feel his ears reddening –now or never, he thought. Luna had been right, she did like some time off on her own – for a moment, George hesitated, but then he smoothly drew nearer; she seemed to have noticed him quite early since she turned around even before he had been in her eyesight. “Oh, hello. I heard your footsteps, people never really come here” – “Not everyone’s too fond of nature nowadays, I s’pose. Nice place it is, though. Would you mind if I join you?” – “Of course not, George” – (Y/N) blushed heavily when she said his name; they hadn’t had a direct conversation before, but it delighted him that she nevertheless knew his name, and most of all, that she could tell that he was George. “Been practicing?” he joked, whereupon she chuckled shyly. “I dedicate my whole life to the art of telling the difference between you two” she countered. George liked her wit, and now, he could feel something tingling in his chest. “I’ve been told worse things, (Y/N)” – “Wait, you know my name?” – “Obviously” (Y/N) smirked slightly at George’s playful answer, but she did seem surprised, if not even delighted. “How come?” she wanted to know. “Well, I have my sources” – “Ah, right. Hope these sources haven’t given you too much extra information, then” George smirked, looking into (Y/N)’s (Y/e/c) eyes. “What, you mean like the fact that you have a huge crush on good ol’ Snape?” – “Stop it, George” she chuckled while she put on a disgusted expression for a moment, but then she smiled at him again. A breeze was tousling her hair slightly as their eyes met, and they both remained silent. “No love story with Snapey? How tragic. Does that mean you don’t have a partner for the Yule Ball yet?” – “Very smooth, I must admit” – “Eh, that was a pretty nice transition, if you ask me!” – “Of course, George. But to answer your question: No, I don’t” Before George could reply, their eyes had met again, and it surprised him slightly to see her smirking cheekily. “Would you like to go with me, George?” She had actually asked him out of free will; she seemed incredibly pleased about being the one to ask. “Of course, yes- I’d love to, (Y/N). I’ve actually been wanting to talk to you for quite a while-“ – “I know, George, I felt the same. All my friends kept urging me to talk to you. I’m glad you came here today. And, about your sources… I guess you talked to Luna?” George blushed slightly, but he felt relieved to hear those words coming from her mouth. “Yes, it was Luna. I s’pose I had developed a certain liking for you right from the start, could’ve punched myself for not asking who you are” – “You’re pretty lucky I felt the same. Except that I knew your name, of course” Both smirked at each other, and it was then that their gazes became deeper until (Y/N) found herself leaning forward slightly, her eyes almost shut. When she felt a pair of lips pressing against hers, she couldn’t quite comprehend, but it just happened, and thus, she let it be. Both would have never imagined to kiss the other one on this very day – nevertheless, they felt like they had secretly been waiting for it ever since they had first met each other.  

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Hey Peach! Can I get some headcanons/reactions from the tfp decepticons witnessing their s/o get a random and violent bloody nose, but the s/o insists that "it's okay, happens all the time nbd"~ (I get them all the time and it's quite annoying tbh)

Oh geez hope you’re ok man! 

Knockout TFP

He would flip

‘EW WHY ARE YOU LEAKING DON’T YOU NEED THAT- I mean are you ok? DON’T TOUCH ME EW EW um but how can I help?’ 

He loves you and cares about your health and safety but he thinks human fluids are gross

Breakdown TFP

‘BABE ARE YOU OK??!?!!’ 

He didn’t know bloody noses were a thing and he’s very concerned 

Starscream TFP

‘Is that a normal human thing or should i be concerned?’ 

He would jump a little but wouldn’t know if it was good or bad, humans are weird

Soundwave TFP

Completely unfazed, he already has a tissue on stand-by, he’s good like that

Airachnid TFP

‘Oh my is that normal?’

She’s more curious than concerned 

Megatron TFP

He would do a double take, ask if you were ok, then ask Soundwave to hand you a tissue 

Shockwave TFP

He’s fascinated honestly, and probably wants a blood sample 


Hi lovelies,

As some of you may know (I’ve whined my fear share about it - sorry!), I’ve been working on a fic for a while that I’ve gotten quite stuck on. Inspiration has, so to speak, left me. So, I’m gonna try something new, and post this sneak peak for you - it’s the first 4,7k of chapter one of what is known as ‘The Vegas Fic’ and which will probably be titled ‘The Greatest Thing’ unless I come up with something better. I’m hoping that the fic will be something you’d like to read (?) and that posting this sneak peak will sort of obligate me to finish it! Hopefully, knowing that there are people out there waiting will work as motivation for me. I hope you enjoy? And please let me know what you think - whether it’s even worth finishing and all. x
(Oh, by the way, I copied this from google docs, so all the italics and such disappeared, soz!) 

CHAPTER ONE (or half of it, anyway):

If Harry had to describe Vegas with one word, it would be ostentatious. He’s never cared much for the city to be honest, all the flashing lights, the partying, the gambling, the countless amount of strippers, the sense that you could just throw away all your inhibitions and let go… yeah, he appreciates the quiet life nowadays.

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You're Just Good With Babies (Part 1)

Authors Note: I’ll Make a part two if anyone wants it because this was supposed to be happy but it really just wrote itself! 

               “Dean,make it stop.” You heard Sam tell Dean as you walked up to the boys in thesupermarket, trying to suppress a laugh. “How?!” Dean asked looking at Sam. “Everyone is staring at us, like were child abusers!” Sam said staring at him. “Move. Amateurs.” You said before picking the baby boy up and cradling him to you. The baby whimpered and cried alittle more but began to settle down. “Oh I know, those two big morons don’t know what theyre doing do they?” you said in baby talk as you began to walk around the store grabbing things the baby needed. “How’d you do that Y/N??” Sam said coming up behind you. “It’s called swaddling. He just wanted to be held, and felt like he was loved. Its not rocket science.” You said grinning at the two men. Once you were finished and got some disapproving stares from your cashier as Dean and Sam mumbled about who the father would be, you grinned. “Thank you ma’am you have a wonderful day.” You kicked a leg back and managed to hit both the brothers. “Get the bags you guys. Quit bickering its annoying.” You grabbed the baby and headed to the car. Once you sat in the back with the baby, you noticed he was sleeping. You covered him and then turned grabbing the Winchesters ears pulling on them. “Where. Did. You.Get.A.Baby.” you said with venom dripping in your voice. “It was on the side of the road! Let go!! It hurts!!” Dean said yanking away from you. Sam following him, “We think the demon killed its parents and left it in the car to die” you looked from Sam to Dean. “So we’re turning him over to the state right?” you asked. They glanced at each other before looking at you. “We can’t…we don’t know why the Demon left him…we have to protect him until we find the demon.” You sighed leaning back and staring out your window as they took off.

               You were like a mother for the next couple of days, the boys were out on a hunt so you were in the bunker with the baby. “I cant keep calling your baby…what shall I name you?” you thought aloud as you rocked him in your arms. “how about…William…” you grinned down at him, tears forming in your eyes, you were never going to be a mother. Not with everything you’ve been through, and trying to live in this world, with a child scared you. Plus you needed someone to create a baby with and that wasn’t happening anytime soon. You would never admit your feelings for Sam, he didn’t see you like that and you wouldn’t make yourself feel even more stupid. You hadn’t noticed William drift to sleep, wrapped in his warm blue blanket with his binkie. You smiled down at him, caressing his face softly. All too soon it was time to put him to bed in his pack n play. “Goodnight sweet baby…” I stopped yourself from saying the three words you wanted say the most, instead you flipped the light switch and headed to bed with the baby monitor lying next to your head, you slowly cried yourself to sleep listening to his soft snores on the monitor.

               The next morning there was a crash, that startled you from your slumber; then the sound of a baby crying. You jumped out of bed and ran to his room, there, in the middle stood Crowley, holding the baby in his arms. “You put him down!” you yelled running towards him. “No…don’t you see, you found my child…thank you for taking care of him. I’m not much of a fan of you hunters…or the Winchesters” he grumbled, before looking down at the baby. “But I am very thankful you took care of my son for me. I’d left him with those humans thinking he would be safe…but I can see that his only safety is with me…Thank you again” he said. You felt the sting of tears again. “It’s true Y/N…that is his child” you heard from behind you, you looked to see Cas. You nodded hiding your tears as you gathered the baby stuff you had gotten. “Um…he really likes this blanket, oh, and mr. teddy…and don’t forget binkie…oh um, in the kitchen there are some bottles…he’s gonna be hungry soon…” Cas left and got the bottles and baby food. Once returning Crowley took the bags setting off to leave before you stopped him; “whats his name?” you asked suddenly. Crowley looked at you before the baby. “I don’t know…his mother took him when he was born so I never knew his name…” “well….he looks like a William” you said softly smiling at Crowley before backing away to let him leave. “William it is then…Thank you Y/N” you nodded as he left. “Are you alright? Dean and Sam just pulled up…I already told them what was going on…” you nodded “yeah Cas, Im fine…I’m just really tired…” you said quietly before walking back to your room and closing your door. You slid down it crying softly into the palm of your hands realizing you would never have the chance to be a mother.

Part 2

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i guess i just never saw the point of intricate identity politics its quite annoying and the idea that you have to put a specific label for every single thing ends up being pretty homophobic and transphobic and it hurts a lot of gay people in the end

yeah exactly…its simple guys dnt make it hard

What They're Like With Your Child (Kissed By The Baddest Bidder Headcanon)
  • Eusike: Tolerant. He's incredibly tired, but you can't help but feel like he still looks so perfect. You're child, who is still an infant, is cradled in his arm. Slim pale fingers holding the bottle for him to drink from. "Mommy is tired, so I'll have to do for now."
  • Baba: Affectionate. He keeps pressing kisses to your two year old daughters face. Though it's clear she's quite annoyed that someone is coming in between her and her favorite cartoon. He doesn't seem to understand, until she pushes him away. "I'm sorry, I just can't help it when you look so cute."
  • Soryu: Careful. He treats her how he treats you, with the utmost care. His hand is soft, and feels like a feather as it brushes against her forehead. He presses a soft kiss to he forehead. "It looks like you have a fever, let me get your mother."
  • Mamoru: Sweet. Though family members and friends held doubts about his ability to nurture effectively, you always knew he would be brilliant. And you were right, it's the dead of night and your son is cradled in his arms as he puts him to sleep. "Don't wake Mommy up."
  • Ota: Childish. Sometimes you swear, it's like you have two children, not one. You've made dinner, and it's ordinary to see your son make a mess, his hands covered in carrot sauce. Your husband laughs, hardly even recognizing his own face has rice on it. "Will you clean it off for me, my beloved wife?"
  • -SKY

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I'm sorry for saying this, and I'm sure you all would hate me. But let me just get this clear. I miss the old viria. Viria used to post so many stuff: Percy Jackson, Anime, Manga, Fandom stuff, etc Now all she posts is this stupid anime called Haikyuu or whatnot. Listen, I myself am a huge anime fan. I really don't mind Haikyuu, but tbh it's getting quite annoying with all these posts filling up my timeline. Viria, I know you're probably pissed off, but please post more than one thing Thank you.

Dear, the unfollow button is just there, in the right upper corner. This way, my annoying posts won’t be filling your timeline. Have a nice day.

literal transcript of a 5sos interview | 10
  • *mashton on screen*
  • Ashton: *smiling into the camera*
  • Michael: *stuttering* Hi uh, we're with MTV today, and today we're gonna be doing awkward questions. Um so, first question: um, which one of us is the worst kisser and why?
  • Ashton: *still silently smiling at the camera*
  • Michael: *waits 5 seconds and laughs* Okay, thank you
  • --- *cake on screen*
  • Calum: Well, from all of you that i've kissed before–
  • Luke: As you do in a band
  • Calum: *laughs*
  • Calum: I dont know, I think i'd have to go with *points to luke* you
  • Luke: Michaels– *mumbles*
  • Calum: You can't answer your own question, mate.
  • Luke: *laughing* okay, alright, alright
  • Luke: What are the three things you hate most about me?
  • Calum: *laughing* only three?
  • Luke: Only three
  • Calum: Only three
  • Luke: Just three things
  • Calum: Umm.. Just your general face. It's quite annoying. You're overenthu–overenthusiastic with things you shouldn't be overenthusiastic with.
  • Luke: Okay
  • Calum: Like mornings
  • Michael : *off-camera* your laugh
  • Calum: *louder* Your laugh
  • Calum: *looking off screen* What else guys
  • Luke: Just three guys thanks
  • Ashton: *off-camera* your hair
  • Luke: Just three–
  • Calum: Uhh your legs are too long.
  • Luke: My legs are too long?
  • Calum: Your existence, Ashton brought up
  • Ashton: *still off screen* your nose
  • Calum: *louder* your nose.