With this 2nd win I definitely got brought back to their first win with What’s Happening. Gongchan once again stood by our shocked leader, watching and making a mental checklist to make sure he thanked everyone, and that he was OK. Thank you Gongchan~ 

His Last Vow to feature 'more tears' than ever before
  • Sherlock fandom: These first two episodes are positively uplifting! It's not like the writers to make them so happy! Let Gatiss write them aall they'll be based on fanfiction and they'll be funny and happy and no one will die-
  • Moffat: You think your feels are safe
  • Sherlock fandom: Oh no
  • Moffat: It is an illusion
  • Sherlock fandom: We are ignoring you, you are being ignored
  • Moffat: A comforting lie told to protect you
  • Sherlock fandom: I caaaan't heaaaaar youuuuu
  • Moffat: Enjoy these final moments of peace
  • Sherlock fandom: Nope, not listening we're not listening
  • Moffat: For I have returned
  • Sherlock fandom: Oh God no
  • Moffat: To have. my. vengeance