you know what maybe if it hadn’t been implied that oikawa and iwaizumi are going to different universities, i wouldn’t be so sad about seijoh’s loss against karasuno. maybe i wanted to believe that they still have a chance to fight together and make it to nationals in university.

We can’t go back to the path
We’ve walked while being huddled up to each other, goodbye
The more I embrace you, even though we’re so in love
We both hurt, hurt each other
But I still wanted to be with you
Sorrowful diamond, diamond crystal

It would have been okay if I broke, I didn’t want us to go separate ways. 

Trying to Get to the End of the Semester Like...
Dear Supergirl writers we need to talk

No this is not about Mon El. By now you should know that this was a bad idea. No what we need to talk is your writing in general. You need to get your affairs in order because you have some serious problems you need to work on.I know that this is the CW and not Netflix but that doesn’t mean you can slack off so badly. So let’s get started:

-I get that Dean Cain is a bit of an ass and you may not like working with him much but Jeremiah Danvers is a HUGE plot point. You can’t just treat him like a stale old pizza. You ca’t have the Danvers sister forgetting about their father and not even mentioning him for whole episodes. You can’t show him inured in an exploding warehouse and not show the Danvers sisters freaking out and wondering what happened to him

- for some reason you seem to hate James Olsen but this is no reason to treat him like this. Do you remember that he is supposed to be in charge of CatCo? He is literally the boss. You seem to have forgotten everything about this especially in the last episode. And can you stop making Guardian so incompetent? If you want him to be  a vigilante at least make him effective. Taking on enemies Supergirl has a hard time defeating by himself ? Deciding that launching his little rope around someone who is holding a hostage at gun point is a good idea? This is not “cool” or “heroic” . This is just stupid and likely to get James and some innocent person killed.

- I get that you want to address relevant issues of today . But you can’t do it at the expense of of the show. Cadmus is a monstrous organization that has engaged in Mengele level of medical atrocities and has attempted actual GENOCIDE and now you have just merely deporting aliens outside of Earth? Seriously? Evil people escalate they don’t go take a few steps back and downgrade to non murderous tactics

- You are not very good at handling the discrimination aspect of the show. So far you showed two of the main characters having huge prejudices against entire races. J’onn against White Martians and Kara against Daxamites. Rather then fighting prejudice you confirmed them. M’gann turned out to be the only “good” White Martian and she outright said that her entire race were monsters. Rather then show that White Martian society is dominated by monsters but there are still many White Martians who are trying to do the right thing you literally made an entire one dimensional race. And let’s not even mention the fact that M’gann gained her huge popularity (aka the reason why you used her)with Young Justice a place where they specifically said that White Martians are a minority that is suffering discrimination under the Green majority. You literally turned the entire situation on it’s head and escalated it to the extreme. Same with Daxamites. Mon El confirmed every single one of Kara’s prejudices by being a complete douche.

TL;DR -Making a monstrous organizations like Cadmus a one dimensional villain yes.In fact it’s preferable. Making two entire races one dimensional no

-you have two lesbians in your show and the only times you have ever used the word “lesbian” is when Winn made a fuckboy joke in the pilot. Listen to Sara Lance. Lesbian is not a bad word. You can use it

Every else feel free to add stuff. Supergirl writers can do with a lot of criticism

New Fic

I will be posting the first 3 chapters of my new fan fiction tonight!

It’s about Carl’s life–never having been found by Rick. Eventually all paths lead to the same destination, and he gets shot by Ron. He loses his memory, and after a lot of pain and suffering, he encounters Rick with no idea who the man actually is.

Chapter 1: Recap of season 1-6 rewritten to adjust for Rick’s absence.

Chapter 2: Carl’s captivtiy/pain.

Chapter 3: Rick and Carl meet.

Chapter 4: (not posted) Rick and Carl bonding.

Chapter 5: ?

Chapter 6: ?

What a great day to remember that Bucky and Steve are holding hands somewhere on a park bench and they’re sorting through the years together and everything is calm and lovely and quiet