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After their first date.

The biggest problem with Panem is how small it is.

There’s literally three eateries in the entire town; four if you count the country club and its four figure a year annual membership. If you’re going on a dinner date, your options are even more limited as the Mellark’s cafe closes at five. So that leaves two options - Greasy Sae’s which does great burgers but no alcohol, and Rooba’s Bar which serves alcohol and burgers which are adequate at best, and only if the cook is having a good day.

Gale and Madge opt for Rooba’s on their first date. They could have gone to the country club - Madge’s father has membership there, but Madge remembers sitting in a debate club meeting one evening back in high school, her cheeks burning, as Gale delivered a diatribe on how the country club was a symbol of everything that was wrong with America. So, she never even suggests it.

“I should have thought this through,” Gale muses over a shared plate of cheese fries. “Or postponed until we got back to the city.”

Madge wants to assure him that’s fine, but she’s interrupted before she can. It’s the fourth or fifth time that’s happened. Gale was always well-liked and admired back when he was just the town heartthrob, now that he’s also the ‘local-boy done good’ it feels like everybody wants to talk him.

Nobody realizes they’re on a date. People are usually surprised to see them together, but assume they’re just friends. Gale never corrects any assumptions. She’s fine with that - she doesn’t want the whole town knowing her business - until she hears Gale say that he’s helping her with the remodel of her new apartment.

After that she loses her appetite, and when the waitress asks if they’d like to see a dessert menu, she says no even though Gale clearly wants to say yes. She turns down his offer of another drink too. “I’m tired, I think I’ll have an early night,” she tells him.

He looks disappointed, but pays the bill and walks her home. The walk is uncomfortable and silent, but mercifully brief.

Gale pauses on the sidewalk in front of her house and Madge feels another wave of annoyance with him. Is he not even going to walk her to the front door? She’s glad to see her father’s car is missing from the garage which means he’s still at the club. She’s not in the mood for any company right now. She just wants to change into her pjs, devour an entire chocolate cake and wallow on the couch.

She wants to forget about this whole date, draw a line under the whole endeavour and go back to being email acquaintances with Gale.

“So…” Gale begins awkwardly. He scratches the back of his head. “This went well.”

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1st medical marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts opens

SALEM, Mass. (AP) - The first medical marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts opened Wednesday - by appointment only - nearly three years after voters overwhelmingly approved the drug’s therapeutic use.

Patients lined up outside the Alternative Therapies Group’s dispensary in Salem a day after state regulators signed off on its final paperwork.

Access to the dispensary in a converted factory building that houses other businesses will be restricted to patients with a state-issued marijuana registration card.

No marijuana is grown or processed at the Salem site. The company said their cultivation facility is not open to the public.

On its website, Alternative Therapies Group said Department of Public Health regulations prevent dispensaries from advertising the price of marijuana. Pricing is available only to qualifying patients and personal caregivers at the dispensary facility.




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For the first time ever the exquisite settings and captivating characters of the hit TV show, Downton Abbey, come to life in its first interactive gaming experience.

It was one of the most exciting days of the year for everyone living and working at Downton Abbey. The day of the village fete had arrived and everyone joined in the day’s festivities. A great time was had by all, however upon returning to the Abbey it was quickly discovered that all was not well… The house had been ransacked! An unknown intruder had been through every room, stealing priceless objects and scattering items everywhere! With the Crawley family’s fortunes on the line and with so many Abbey residents with secrets to hide, no one is safe and everyone is a suspect. The Earl of Grantham has hired YOU to help return the castle to its original state of glory. However, the real reason for your employment is to uncover the real mystery of the break-in as discreetly as possible.

Imagine meeting the raptors

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Imagine.. You had worked in a coffee stand inside Jurassic World for little over a year and after seeing the great Raptor boy himself, Owen Grady day after day, you developed a crush on him. It started with just getting excited when seeing him at the stand and going out of your way to make sure only you served him, then you began thinking of him constantly. Eventually, it happened, he asked you out. It’s been two weeks since that day it felt like you and him had been growing closer and closer by the second. 

While standing around in the stand, waiting for customers you get a call from him. No one else is there besides a co-worker who spends all her time pampering her nails, so you pick up knowing there wont be any conflict.


“Bleh!” He responds. “Hey so…I was wondering if you maybe wanted to meet my raptors after work. Then we can grab some dinner and cuddle and other couple shit?” He sounded a bit nervous, which is something very odd for someone like Owen.

“I like the second part, but meeting that raptors…I don’t know,” you sigh. Your co-worker looks at you and your eyes lock. She mouths yes. “They may not like me.”

“(Y/N), I’m there alpha. If they think you’re my mate then they’ll respect you, and I want you to know that no matter what, i’ll always protect you. Okay?”

“okay,” you mumble, hardly able to control your smile.

“So you want to meet them?!” 

“Yes” you say, laughing. 

You arrive at the raptor exhibit and see Owen and Barry talking. He looks at you when you close the car door and his lips form a smirk. 

You sigh and walk up the stairs onto the steel bridge. He kisses you on the forehead and gently places his hand on your back. “You ready?”

“What exactly did you mean by ‘meeting’ them?” You ask, suddenly becoming shaky.

“He’s taking you in there with him,” Barry says. “Good luck.”

“Wait no, I didn’t agree to that”

“(Y/N) trust me, okay. I’ve done this 1000 times.”

“Owen…They are raptors and I’m not and you’re their alpha, I am not” 

“Well we’ll have to show them not to mess with you…” He uses his clicker and summons the four raptors to his attention. “You see this, she i- Delta hey! Eyes on me. She right here” he pauses and points at you. The four raptors all glance at you, then respectfully gives there attention back to their alpha. “She’s to be respected. She’s my mate” 

“Owen..” you try to stop him, but he cuts you off with a passionate kiss that makes butterflies  a whole zoo of animals and dinosaurs fly around in your stomach. 

“Don’t mess with her, got it?”

“Was that really necessary…or” you ask. Your cheeks are burning red.

“No not at all,” he chuckles, taking you hand and leading you to the gate. He opens it and walks in, wrapping his arms around you. 


“shhh, trust me” he says, the raptors circle you, and he puts his hands up to hold them back. “Look into blues eyes.” You do as told and she looks back into yours. Seconds go by and she calls out. “She approves, now Charlie” the process repeats and they all give you the approval. Delta even leans in to sniff your hand. Just like a dog would. 

Once you and Owen are safe outside the gate he pulls you closer. “You’re being very touchy-feely like today.”

“I think I love you (Y/N)” he sighs. You look up at him, who has already focused on you. “I know its early to be saying it but I am just so happy with you and I can’t help but hold you.”

“I love you to” you say. He kisses you for a while, until you are both gasping for air. He later takes you out for dinner and keeps his promise to do couple shit with you.

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EMMYS: Stars Overdue for a Nomination

WHY SHE’S OVERDUE: Emmy voters have always seemed a bit frightened of FX’s brutal “Hamlet on Harleys,” which has only ever been nominated for its music (the main title theme in its first year, and the original song “Day is Gone” last year). Despite Sagal winning a Golden Globe in 2011, her portrayal of Gemma, TV’s most fierce and manipulative mother, has been ignored by the Academy (which, by the way, never nominated her for “Married… With Children” either).

WHY IT’S TIME: Yes, Gemma took a carving fork to the head of her son’s wife in the Season 6 finale and her cover-up birthed a street war and massive body count in the show’s final ride. But it’s the quiet, dialogue-driven scenes that we remember: Gemma asking a teary Nero (an equally Emmy-worthy JIMMY SMITS) if they really deserve something better, Gemma saying goodbye to her Alzheimer’s-stricken father (HAL HOLBROOK), and most of all, Gemma calmly coaxing Jax (CHARLIE HUNNAM) to remain true to who she always wanted him to be in her final moments. — (Yahoo! TV)

Pantydraco caducus

Source: thewoodparable

Name: Pantydraco caducus

Name Meaning: Hollow of the Spring Dragon

First Described: 2007

Described By: Galton, Yates and Kermack

Classification: Dinosauria, Saurischia, Eusaurischia, Sauropodomorpha

Pantydraco was another sauropomodomorph dinosaur from the Late Triassic, specifically the Rhaetian age, and potentially into the early Jurassic, around 208 to 200 million years ago. It was originally described as a species of Thecodontosaurus and was only known from a skull and partial skeleton of a juvenile individual. However, understanding basal sauropodomorphs more lead to its reclassification and its own genus. It was probably an omnivore, and mostly bipedal. It was found in the Pantyffynnon quarry of Wales in the United Kingdom.


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First name basis

Summary: It’s been nearly ten years since then, and only now has Oga decided to call Furuichi by his first name.
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: OgaFuru
Word count: 1.6k
Notes: My submission for ogafuru week, day one: First Time.

The first time Oga calls Furuichi by his given name, barely a day has passed since Oga finally came back from the Demon World.

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(posted from my go fund me)

HI, my name is Kieren, i am a Chilean, DFAB trans man, i am 17 years old, I am an artist hoping to get a degree soon and this is my go fund me for the beginning of my transition. iv'e put down a small goal first of 180 dollars because its only for the first couple gender therapy sessions, and i really dont know if this i going to go anywhere with people…

I generally do not like asking for help, but it seems that right now, i need it. My insurance does not cover the gender therapist that i want, which basically blows away any shot i had at maybe starting T soon. Everyone in my household, except for me and my 5 year old brother, works daily, and practically all day, to be able to get through a month, and it would hurt me to even think about asking them for money.

If you can’t donate thats okay! but if you can, but you’d like somthing in return, i am offering commissions, where the money used to pay for that commission that i draw you, will go into my gofundme here. All of this money will go towards my transition. If you want to see my art, with the intent to commission please visit my tumblr here and message me on tumblr or ask me for a different way to communicate with you. we can talk about a possible commission and prices there. i’ll make a price chart if anyone wants one as well, with examples and the respective amount i’ll charge for a piece similar to that example.

My goal really is to have the money to start living my life in an image that aligns with the person i know i am. I am constantly fighting anxiety and depression due to not feeling comfortable in myself and having to go out in public, afraid of not passing, afraid of speaking and not sounding the way i wish i sounded, and being misgendered and put in awkward and emotionally and sometimes physically harming situations. so often am i told my insecurities are present because im “over weight” or because i haven’t “FULLY EXPERIENCED BEING A WOMAN”…

I am not a woman, i am a man, and i want to feel like a man that’s finally comfortable in his body. please donate and spread this if you can,
Thank you.
i appreciate your support so much.
every dollar counts.


The therapist i want is opening a spot in 2 weeks and is offering to charge me her lowest price of 60 per session. if i could just raise 60 dollar in two weeks, that would be enough for now.


anonymous asked:

nobody gives a fuck about your gay rights just shut the fuck up about that bullshit already your marriage is only allowed because of how many children without parents are out there and the earths over population.


First, why are you so troubled with that? If nobody gives a fuck about this, you don’t have to worry about that.

Second, of course this is ONE of reasons.

LGTB’s are trying to win your space a lot of years, and today is a great day, not just for USA, for all world!

That isn’t just about gays and lesbians, its about LOVE, EQUALITY, FREEDOM, people need to understand that.

WE ARE ALL HUMANS, we have bones, eyes, arms, and heart, like everyone, so we need to accept the fact the everyone have choices, and we don’t have the power of interfering in others life.

So Fuck you,

I don’t give a shit for what you said ;D

Arcusaurus pereirabdalorum

Source: thewoodparable. Holy crap my friend can draw. 

Name: Arcusaurus pereirabdalorum

Name Meaning: Rainbow lizard 

First Described: 2011

Described By: Yates et al. 

Classification: Dinosauria, Saurischia, Eusaurischia, Sauropodomorpha

Arcusaurus was a basal sauropodomorph from the Hettangian to Sinemurian ages of the Early Jurassic, somewhere between 201 and 190 million years ago. It was found in the Elliot Formation of South Africa, and is known from a partial skull and some remains from juvenile individuals. As such, its adult size is uncertain; not only are the juveniles themselves not complete and not able to have size extrapolated from them; but adult size cannot be determined from these scant remains either. Phylogenetic studies place it as a basal sauropodomorph, sister taxon of Efraasia, however its scant remains does leave this under some confusion. Arcusaurus also lived much later than Efraasia, creating a 35 million year ghost lineage of sauropodomorphs. Arcusaurus also has many features unique to more advanced groups including Plateosauria. More remains will need to be found to answer the questions at hand. As to the question of feathers, given its basal position in the dinosaurian family tree, and the ancestral trait of feathers for all dinosaurs, and its relative distance from the known to be scaly sauropods; it is not unreasonable to suppose that it would have been covered in a similar coating as Kulindadromeus. 

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Answer the questions using songs from ONE artist only. Pass it on to other people. Try not to repeat a song title, its a lot harder than you think!

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Artist: the mountain goats

What is your gender: foreign object

  • Describe yourself: spent gladiator 2
  • How do you feel: choked out
  • Where do you currently live: down here
  • If you could go anywhere where would you go: in the hidden places
  • Your fave form of transport: leaving home
  • Your best friend: you or your memory
  • You and your best friends: broom people
  • Favourite time of day: first few desperate hours
  • What is life to you: this year
  • Your relationship: love love love
  • You fear: get lonely
The British public have been out in force this week snapping up a slice of Christian Grey for their own private collections as Fifty Shades Of Grey is set to dominate this week’s Official Video Chart with massive opening-week sales. At the mid-week stage, Universal Pictures’ erotic drama is whipping the competition, having shifted 379,000 copies after three days’ trade, according to Official Charts Company data. Fifty Shades’ sales rate puts it in good stead to become the fastest selling DVDs/Blu-rays of 2015 so far. The current leader is The Hobbit – Battle Of The Five Armies, which sold 477,000 in its first week, while Paddington is the only other video to sell over 400,000 copies in its opening week this year (464,000). Martin Talbot, chief executive, Official Charts Company said: “This is a quite stunning success for Fifty Shades Of Grey, which looks on course to outstrip the first week performance of both The Hobbit and Paddington by this Sunday – and thus helping make it a great week for home entertainment.”
—  “Fifty Shades Of Grey DVD dominating race to become 2015’s fastest seller” (x)

Sunday is summer solstice, the longest day of the year above the equator and the turning point after which the sun starts rising later and setting earlier.

“Solstice” comes from the Latin solsitium, or “sun stands still.” The sun does indeed appear to stand still on the solstice, as it reaches its highest point in the sky. This illusion occurs because the Earth’s is tilted as far as it goes toward the sun.

The solstice marks the official first day of summer, and has been celebrated for its symbolic importance since ancient times. In England, pagans and travelers visit Stonehenge to watch the sun rise among the stones. In Sweden, the solstice is tied to the celebration of Midsummer, though the date is set at June 24 every year while the date of the summer solstice moves.

Whether you stare at the sun, feast, drink or dance, be sure to enjoy the solstice—the days only get darker from here.

Today has been a special day for me. It has now been 2 years since I first came out and admitted I’m gay. I cannot tell you how good it feels to say that 😄 I definitely remember when I was first coming out. It was quite emotional and I remember crying for a good amount of time because I had never told anyone, and I was finally admitting the truth not only to me, but everyone else that I would tell at a later time. To be honest, I am actually tearing up a little bit as I’m writing this post because of all the indescribable emotions of happiness :’) I would like to say thank you to everyone who as only given me love and support for just being myself ☺️ I love all of you! ❤️💛💚💙💜 Remember, always be the best version of you. There’s no point in being someone who you aren’t.

On this day - 1st July 1988

The first ever issue of ‘Off The Wall’ magazine is published by Adrian Grant, who names the fanzine after his favourite Michael LP.

Only 200 copies of the first issue are ever available, but it isn’t long before readership grows around the world as does the magazine. Infact, within 2 years its circulation grows from 200 to 25,000 and is read in over 47 countries around the world, not only by Michael’s fans, but also by the man himself!

It was this magazine that lead to the ultimate tribute when Adrian is later invited not only to Neverland, but to the studio also to hear unreleased tracks from a then planned greatest hits package. On behalf of 'Off The Wall’ magazine Adrian presented Michael with his first ever Fan’s Appreciation Award on that trip.