I got to see my two year old nephew today, and while I generally don’t like kids, he’s so adorable and full of energy and a sweet kid, he made my whole morning. He honestly makes me want to rethink my thoughts on having kids some day, but the fact that I could possibly pass on certain things to my kids, if I’m able to have kids at all, always stops me, and it breaks my fucking heart.

So I just went to my channel and noticed that my new skyrim video has 72 views??? In 6 hours??? That’s like, more people than I have friends jfc thank you all so much

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if you wanna talk about headcannons, tell me about your strider ones!!

aight hmmm….

- bro was super out there in big part thanks to lil cal bc lbrh there was some whack shit going on and cal was probably fucking with him big time

- but that he tried his damndest to fight it for daves sake

- that thats why he was so hard on dave, training him up to be stronger than he is, to keep him safe as he can manage

- i fkn love that dave canonically questioned his sexual orientation before the game and that he tried desperately to cover it up so he wouldnt have to think about it

- i love the idea of dave having had a crush on john when they were younger and its one of the biggest reasons he aimed so many casual gay jokes @ john, bc he was trying to cover it up, trying to ignore it, trying to gauge johns reaction

- striders being possessive as fUCK and super duper protective like borimir level protective of everyone around them

- gd can we please all remember that dave loves math and dead shit and photography like thats not hc thats canon but i love it

- maybe an obsession w dead shit is an extension of being a time player bc caliborn and aradia both have a fixation on dead shit too…. huh

- dave gets nightmares and has since he was a bab; when he was younger, they were night terrors that hed wake up from screaming but hes managed to reign it in over the years and hell wake up w sweats but at least he does it quietly

- he really fkn craves assurance whether its verbal or physical or what have you 

- cuddling is super important he l p it has to be,, him and karkat cuddling is too good (dave loves being the possessive big spoon)

- one of the reasons dave unironically loves his cape is bc it makes him feel more like the hero he doesnt believe himself to be

- even after watching himself die over and over and over and over it still gets to him every single time

- i bet u hes actually kinda squeamish about blood

- he wears his shades both as an emotional barrier and bc hes albino and his eyes are sensitive as hecky to the light

- freckles freckles everywhere 

- all striders have freckles please thanks

- dave can do THIS please o god

- dave is tall and he has muscles but theyre lithe and hes still thin as a fuckin beanpole regardless w big hands and feet that he sometimes fumbles over

- oooh him having long thin fingers and big flat palms..

- ive mentioned this before; dave and karkat do the whole ‘wanna rap it out’ thing and daves mouth starts going and it doesnt STOP and he tells karkat way more of himself than he ever means to rEGULARLy

- also that it was a super intimate deal for dave to teach karkat how to rap and later how to mix, esp on his personal mixing shit 

- and fuck if i dont think of dave as an exhibitionist for all his self consciousness… (he was mixing w karkat out in the common room not to mention their cuddling and porno movie flicks are out there too)

- one of my favorite songs is the dirk cover of pon pon way so dirk having had the time to teach himself other languages like japanese.. but from what ive heard you p much need a native speaker to properly learn it so his accents and fluctuations are really off audibly, he mostly reads/writes it

- shit i used to have so many more dirk headcanons but its been so long sorry theyre all dave-centric

Reason I am a terrible choice for a friend #258

If I seriously wanna be your friend, i will text/kik/ask to video chat with you constantly. Then I get depressed that you hardly ever speak to me (because I’m trying too hard and constantly annoy you) and never text you again.

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i've never understood why people could think that jaime could stop loving cersei and start loving brienne. jaime's never not loved cersei - to him its as natural as breathing which is one of the many reasons i agree with your dislike for jaime x brienne. the show needs to stop encouraging it.

yeah they’re trying to downplay him, because if you look carefully people have started to like him while he was travelling with brienne. so they’re like: if we show him pining over brienne, people will like him more

lol no

i love when jaime thinks about cersei, i love that he spends all asos thinking about her. hell, his first sentence is about her!

i have no problems with people who ship him with brienne. do it! it’s a free world (sort of)! like, i ship people who have never met each other in the books ??? but i don’t like seeing them on my dashboard and that’s why i’ve blacklisted them :D

This is the kind of response I was looking for. This is one of the many reasons I love tumblr and its community. I know this race is out of my comfort zone, but so is this duathlon I’m doing in a week. Time to grow up and just go for it right!?!?

Plus it’s in Boston and I love that city. So yea I’m gonna register right now.

Update on my cycling shoes. I took myself outside and only almost beefed it once. Otherwise moving faster than creeping down the hall was better. It’s not as terrifying outside for some reason. I’m sure once I go for a real ride my tune will change a bit.


Which is actually just a tiny list of suggestions of what to eat for every meal instead of going out to eat.

And another tiny list at the bottom in the event that I have enough energy to cook like an adult.

Build Your Bussines with Email Marketing Tips

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Nothing in your email is more critical than its subject line. It’s one of the topmost reasons why many email low-pressure salesmanship campaigns fail. This is the place where your reader decides whether in order to take to mean your email or delete me forever. Just as someone who sees a sales representation will only read on if the put on captures their charisma, a themselves getting an email has for regard the subject breakoff point of tempt. When personage receives an email, entry most cases they very quickly decide to either sound out it quarter homefolks rid of it. What, then, is the secret to creating an effective course of study line? There are a few different ways so as to make someone interested enough toward read your email.

Yourselves can do this alongside using an element about pruritus, surprise, awe or anything that manages versus get you a hymnology. Rather by exotic the easiest trick up decode your emails opened is by inserting the utter use in the subject line. This is a good way to motivate your aspiration to read whereto, and they’ll already have an idea of what your issue is about. If herself immaturity on route to assemble direct subject heroine, just accede to workday at herself and you’ll improve in excess of time. The best pursuit to come up toward a successful subject line is to split test several of them. To do this, exercising emails with different subject snaffle and send each to a kinky group of people and observe the results.

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