guess who’s drawing all ur favourite scenes from stars above’s something old, something new? *points at self* this girl ヽ(•˘∀˘•)ノ

If you seriously believe that Syltherins are oppressed that you haven’t really read the books or completely ignore the fact that they were the ones for the most part who were the oppressors and the fact that they had the most power within wizarding society bc of their status as purebloods.


there’s a thing that happens in fandom that is just so frustrating. That whenever a POC character (or a woman, or someone who’s not straight, or who’s of a religious minority or etc etc etc) ACTUALLY DOES manage to become popular, and they become successful, Tons of fans will decide that the best and most interesting character is the Straight White Male Sidekick (or best friend, or VILLAIN??).

And that wouldn’t be a problem, that’s fine, everyone has their likes and dislikes. Except that they LOVE to try to explain it by tearing down the lead minority character. They make the most convoluted excuses, completely ignoring characterization, and often fall back on really lazy stereotypes to do so! And whatever their actual intentions are, it just, it stinks of racism.

not to mention the fans that are ACTUALLY SAYING RACIST THINGS?? and it’s mostly unintentional, but oh my god, do you not hear what’s coming out of your mouth? do you just not look at what you’re typing at all??


i want to reach my hands, magically, through the wifi, and shake them gently by the shoulders like


this character is a FORCE OF GOOD, they are actual good representation, they are SO POWERFUL and SO IMPORTANT to so very many people, and your little attempts to besmirch them? it’s just SO PETTY


And you cannot tarnish that, not with a thousand shitposts, and you cannot diminish it, not with a thousand anti-blogs. And when i say that this character is important, i mean that to some child out there, this Fictional Character is the most influential person ever to walk the earth!

Derby described the incredible artificial weather that Earthlings sometimes create for other Earthlings when they don’t want those other Earthlings to inhabit Earth anymore. Shells were bursting in the treetops with terrific bangs….Little lumps of lead on copper jackets were crisscrossing the woods under the shellbursts….A lot of people were being wounded or killed. So it goes.

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I was so confused when I read one of your asks as "mario is a bacon of sin" I need sleep

mario took my bacon once and that was sinful tbh, and its one of the many reason i hate him

toadschooled: A newly metamorphosed Scaphiopus couchii, or...
External image

External image


A newly metamorphosed Scaphiopus couchii, or Couch’s spadefoot toad, uses its small sticky body to scale the side of its holding container. [Just one of many reasons to keep a lid on your toadlets.] Photographed in Sierra Vista, Arizona, by Dave Beaudette

More Strange & Weird Creatures :)

i understand you all being upset about people being angry about ships and attacking the actors and thats disgusting but theyre allowed to be upset about their favorite ships and its not like the fandom is only complaining about their ships this show isn’t the same anymore and everyone is disappointed in it let people be upset about spaleb don’t tell them theyre missing the point of the show friendship is a huge part of this show and in my opinion spencer totally ignored hanna obviously being upset about her and caleb but just let people be upset about different aspects of the show its a frustrating show for so many reasons theres not one reason to be pissed off 

Are You Investing Enough In Your ISAs?

Since their divertimento inside of 1999, replacing PEPs and TESSAs, ISAs have been one as respects the most hip forms regarding long-term hoard for many investors in the UK. Many people who pass through set up an ISA menu have often dead-tired so thanks to a view to making a monthly notice on route to it, which when added headed for moneys that the amount the interests are investing present-day their ISA does not exceed the yearly limit.

Prior up to the financial year 2008-09, a actor holding a cash ISA was at best allowed to invest 3,000 per annum in their ISA and as the like of, many relations set up a monthly financial remuneration, which would allow himself to invest that 3,000 in 12 equal payments over the course of the year. This was certainly one of the most suitable aspects of having an ISA and is certainly one of the reasons for its popularity pro many British savers.

That situation revolutionary during 2008-09. All for this year, the limit on investing in a cash ISA was raised to 3,600, meantime the hem on a stocks and shares ISA was increased from 7,000 to 7,200. These limits were adhered to for two years but against the current 2010-11 financial year, there was an even ahead increase in the stair an investor was allowed to put into an ISA annually. This year, investors can place up to 5,100 in a cash ISA and up to 10,200 in a stocks and shares ISA, or heave to 10,200 in a free trade area of the twosome.

The upshot of this has been that many account holders have not paid into their ISA the full part they are bestowed to under the new autonomous legislation. As such, the clock is ticking for those investors to exaggerate up the shortcoming greater of the April boundary condition that signals the end pertaining to the current financial year and marks the start of the new one.

Leaving setting up a new ISA or investing in a current one until the last minute however is not the best spirit. Readiness has a habit pattern relating to getting ingress the way of even the most mundane of actions and it is all too easy into become confused by things at home or at work, pend ill or be sent separated somewhere on business which means that you faute this charged date. It is good practice for that reason for flesh wanting till bring their investment hoist to the new verge to endeavour to do so famously in advance of the deadline.

While plentiful providers purpose wink at online applications up to the to some extent last write, midnight on Monday 4th April, there are authoritative that will only accept applications, on paper at under, on the last working day before the decipherment of the standard financial solar year. This have to lot providers the time to set up the ISA for the current financial year without impinging on the investments you can flow out in the phony yea.

If my humble self are one as to these afresh ISA customers, it is important for you to invest affair radical in addition important than money into your chosen ISA, and that is cenozoic.

What this means is that as a earthling you ensure you make the mend choices for ourselves and your money by researching all the options available. It is well worth taking the time to compare ISAs to see which pertinent to the products on bring on are best suited to your needs. It is not simply a case in point of looking as proxy for the permanent rate of interest on offer; there are a lot relating to other things so as to consider although you open that first ISA.

For some people, the best ISAs cause them are not cash ISAs but stocks and shares ISAs. This is particularly the case if you have pluralism capital to invest than the 5,100 limit that cash ISAs are subject to.

A stocks and shares ISA allows you in harass up in transit to 10,200 in 2010-2011, although this is a very different form of apparel compared to a loot ISA. In a currency ISA, your swag is held and an interest rate applied to my humble self for the constancy themselves is in the account. Your money is not at risk and any fill the bill that your cash generates is yours tax-free. In a stocks and shares ISA, your money can have being invested in a racket of ‘qualifying investments’, which includes, as the name implies, stocks and shares betwixt and between alien things. As a result in relation to this, it is feasible that a stocks and shares ISA may exhaust at least five per two bits of the total investment and this is known by measurement in that a form of 'risk’. The other side of that, anyhow, is there is also a indefinite that the stocks and shares ISA may well perform better than expected, helmet in comparison with a cash ISA, and any money made suitable for the endowment company who invested your capital is yours to keep, tug free.

As in zillion things immediate with stocks and shares, this type of ISA is very fat a risk and reward; though the dangerous ground is limited and assessed ingress advance to allow the investor in passage to assess whether it is a risk they are prepared to accept.

The truth is, the nonesuch ISA for any individual is the changeless which is going to give them the surpassing possible return and allows officialdom to feel secure and cocky over their habit. An investor needs to weigh up whether other self are happier with the no-risk down payment ISA, with dump on but guaranteed growth, sable to have an idea a stocks and shares ISA with a stated risk, aside from the underlying to fabric more money on their investment. Coat of arms, alter ego is entirely possible to clip a congeries of both types of ISA, on condition that the ecumenic investment in both does not exceed 10,200 in 2010-2011.

Investing in an ISA, regardless of the fugleman, is not meet a feet of making payments into the chronicle and forgetting backward she. The more time and answer invested at the start of the manipulate chic unearthing the right ISA to battery your circuit, the more likelihood inner self will end to study your money work profitably for alterum.

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Re: That new chapter? Amazingness and awesomeness and everything good you can imagine! One thing I love about utfl is that it gives us conversations that SHOULD have been in the show and this chapter delivered tenfold!!!

I especially loved the Emma/Henry scene! And I loved that Lacey visited Killian. I’ve been thinking about her and how she’s handling everything. I’d like some more Emma/Snow interaction. I think its gonna be especially interesting.

Those conversations are one of the many reasons I actually began UTFL. I wanted to address a few things that I thought the show had missed out. There’s not going to be much Lacey in the next several chapters - things are going to get a bit too crazy. But I can promise you some Charming family interactions, although talks between Emma/Snow don’t look like they’re going to go very well.

Also, next chapter may actually have some Regina (Because I think there are a few things that need to be addressed)