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Tony dressed in cute clothes with soft make-up is just the greatest thing ever, Its one of the many reasons why I love your non binary Tony so much.

!!! I’m so glad you like my nb Tony too, anon! I get super excited whenever someone writes/draws/mentions non binary Tony so this was a happily surprising ask to receive :D 

While I do draw them in cute clothes, I don’t purposely think about make-up. It just appears that way, I guess? haha 

Here’s my attempt at a little eye make-up!

 like i’m really unhappy about the fact merlin was a servant for the entirety of the show right, but my favourite thing is that he must have been the top bitch at this castle. like there must have been a chief of the servants, obviously, and it’s not even the fact he’s a very likeable person, but it’s also due to the fact everyone knew what happened with other arthur’s servants.

the fact that he made it, and then never left, and you could get shit done with merlin, he must have been kind of the top figure in the backstage of the castle. obviously not everybody liked him (like the cook), but he must have had people idk, saving him spots, or freeing others because they know how busy he is.

they would always know they can come to him and he actually has ins everywhere, including arthur, and he must have had a lot of contacts, and a lot of people owing him favours which they probably didn’t mind very much. some would probably find him napping off in different places and just find him a special merlin blanket. or give him food when he was running around and he probably forgot to get some for himself. 

idk but it’s a nice thing to think about, and just the fact that merlin’s clothes (which were only seen worn by HIM) george decided to copy bc clearly arthur must have liked those is telling you enough. merlin was just the top bitch at the castle.

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Write about an old old monkey who happens to be a virgin. And all the pressures he feels from his fellow mates.

Only you. Okay, here goes nothing:

Fred the Monkey

Fred the monkey
was the oldest virgin
in his tribe

his friends gave him crap, said he wasn’t a man,
all of which filled Fred with sadness and dread,
he knew it would happen just didn’t know when

he needed a female monkey
to accomplish this task
until he met Gloria he thought his virginity would last

he loved Gloria and she loved him back
they moved together as one
under the moonlight

Fred was no longer a virgin,
the other monkeys were surprised
they were happy for Fred and Gloria

Fred and Gloria were happy too.

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“ don’t you think you’re a little old to be using cheesy pick-up lines? ” DAMN DO THIS WITH PETER AHA

A/N: I really loved writing this, you saved me, i love this I’m proud. I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it!

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Peter had been on your back all week, shooting you with pick up lines which were…. Well, some flattering others seemed like he had the youngest lost boy tell him what to say. You were already attracted to him and part of you was aching to just jump him. But you couldn’t help milk to situation a little more, it was just too funny how hard he was trying. 

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Hi Rissa could i please ask for a male ship with Hawaii Five-O and Macgyver if i can ask for two? I am 5'5 with brown hair and eyes. I am always anxious and little timid. I love helping others but worry i might annoy others. I am athletic, patient, creative, organized, and trustworthy. Also i'm bilingual and my first language is Greek. Thank you so much if you do this. I love you and your blog.

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Lover: Steve McGarrett  Steve is always there for you when you feel anxious, pulling you into his strong arms. He loves to watch you help others; its one of the many reasons he is with you. He loves that you join him when hes working out or just playing basketball.

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Best Friend: Kono Kalakaula   Dating Steve means you’re “dating” his team as well. You and Kono clicked off from the beginning. She taught you how to surf. The two of you teach each other your first language, which means you can have conversations in front of the team without them what you are saying

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Lover: Jack Dalton   Jack is very overprotective of you. When the two of you aren’t together, he likes to hear from you multiple times a day. He loves how your patient with his work schedule and with Macgyver. He supports you when you want to help others and will volunteer his time if he can.

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Best Friend: Riley Davis   Riley helps you with your anxiety while you help her stay on the straight and narrow as much as she can. At first, Riley didn’t like you because you were dating Jack, but after her and Jack’s relationship was mended, do did yours. She wants to be more like you when it comes to caring for others.

Just a random ramble and thanks

Just something that kept me awake thinking last night, cause its one of the many reasons iv’e been staying away from the AniManga community for almost the last 6 or 7 years. I had some really terrible experiences (especially in my country, no offense. there are plenty of amazin people here too!) concering different fandoms with different people.

To what it sums up is mostly “ my ships are the only true ones and my AniManga opinions and favourites are always better than yours. Your wrong and your fandom sucks.”

So, having civilized and interesting conversations, theories and fun talks was nearly impossible. So i ended up being alone these past years without having the chance to have talks with tolerant and mind-like people and i only realized how much i missed being able to share my love for AniManga and my favourite characters and ships and im happy that i already found many nice people with interesting thoughts, characters and open minds here on tumblr.

I enjoy sharing opinions and hearing other peoples thoughts. Different likes and dislikes and differences in opinions is what makes the AniManga fandom so interesting for me (and ofc falling in love with 1001 ficitonal characters, then sobbing cause they will never exist in rl). Even if our opinions differ, as long as your not judging someone elses preferences, thoughts or think that you are superior, the conversation will be fun. It’s so enjoyable to get to know different points of views and exchange informations no matter what the subjects are.

Open minded people with tolerance for different opinions is what i missed the past years and im glad i finally got around to make a tumblr and get back into my favourite fandoms and share my love for them with others.

This was a long ass rambling post and to anyone who might have bothered reading this: You’r awsome and i probably love you!

The rational side of me knows that I need some kind of release. But I can’t cry anymore. I’m empty. I’m drained. And I can’t move.
Not that I’d want to.
Because that’s the thing about depression. When I feel it deeply, I don’t want to let it go. It becomes a comfort. I want to cloak myself under its heavy weight and breathe it into my lungs. I want to nurture it, grow it, cultivate it. It’s mine. I want to check out with it, drift asleep wrapped in its arms and not wake up for a long, long time.

Stephanie Perkins, Lola and the Boy Next Door

When I was reading Lola, this passage really spoke to me because not only is it so honest, it’s one of the most accurate narrative depictions of depression that I’ve come across. Depression is a very grown up thing, but it doesn’t pick and choose its victims. That’s one of the many reasons why Young Adult books matter.

So I reread ToG today and had a lot  of feelings. Mainly about Doraelin.

Rereading ToG today has actually been so surreal. Like there’s so many things that went waaaaay over my head the first time I read it. Like fucking Cain knew she was Aelin. Boom there it is. Page bloody 10 there is foreshadowing that she’s royalty.

The first time I read the Throne of Glass books Queen of Shadows had been out for a few months and it took me all of four days to read every book, including the novellas, and to reread QoS. I never skimmed or anything but hell there was a lot of stuff I feel like I missed.

Until now, ToG was the only book in the series I hadn’t reread. I remember the first time I read the ToG I was like ‘oh yeah I guess I ship Celaena with Dorian.’ And then after Crown of Midnight I had similar feelings but about Celaena and Chaol. I didn’t really ship her with anyone in Heir of Fire, but at the same time I was still like 'may as well ship her with Chaol.' It wasn’t until QoS that I was actually devoted to a ship in this series. It's one of the many reasons why the first books were so easy to read for me - no matter who the end paring was (until I read QoS) I wouldn’t have been upset.

That sounded long winded and probably idiotic, because I love Aelin and she can be with whomever she damn well pleases, but as I read Empire of Storms I got really sad when I realised that Dorian fucking loved her. Our lil kinky sinnamon roll walked in on her intimately hugging his best friend and practically brother and then was dumped, and then had to see said people start dating and ultimately fail as a couple, all the while loving her but wanting the best for his friends. He had actual, very real feelings for her only for it to end disastrously.

I was so sad at the thought of his pain that I wondered why I hadn’t shipped them more the first time I read ToG and CoM, because I really didn’t care about them that much. But I LOVE DORIAN.

Rereading ToG today made me realise why I didn’t ship it all that much the first time around, and why I think they never could’ve been endgame. In fact, it made me legitimately confused as to why people still ship Doraelin. This isn’t hating on this ship or that ship, I just genuinely don’t understand.

Their relationship was never fleshed out, and honestly the vibe I got was that Celaena never felt anything for him but fleeting lust. They never had any moments after ToG that would’ve made my shipper heart swoon, or anything to imply that they may be together (other than Dorian’s continued feelings and my all time favourite “You can’t choose which parts of her to love”) after ToG.

There is also of course the obvious problems their relationship would’ve faced if they had been together, but that’s an entirely different story that is completely speculative because it’s never going to happen. Even if her mate dies I don’t see Aelin being able to love someone else for an extremely long time, certainly longer than Dorian’s (probably) mortal lifespan.

This is just my opinion and seriously I’M NOT HATING ON THE SHIP. I would love to hear anyone’s thoughts, whether you agree or disagree! However if you want to talk to me directly and not just add your two cents to the conversation (which I emplore you to do!) message me because my replies are fucked and I can’t actually reply to anyone on this account.

Imagine Damon confessing his love to you, but still refusing to be nice to Stefan

“Really Damon? Why can’t you just be nice for one day? Its his birthday!” You sighed, Damon was being a real pain and you didn’t know what to do with him.

Stefan was your friend, and as annoying and funny as there bickering was, you just weren’t in the mood for it today

“Nice? I invented nice” he smirks, the one he always uses to get his way. You sent him a withering glare before sitting down at his mirror and you began fixing your make-up.

“Why do you do that?”

Your foundation brush freezes in motion.

“Do what Damon?”

“Put on make-up, you never need it” he explains, coming up behind you, placing soft kisses on your neck.

“Its one of the many reasons why I love you Y/N” he whispers in your ear before placing his mouth on yours.

Moments go by, and only the feeling of his lips and the words he had said register in your head.

“I love you too Damon” you reply once his lips are no longer attached to yours. His reply is a blinding smile, one only you have had the pleasure of seeing, before he lays back on his bed.

“I’m still gonna give Steffie hell though ”

You can’t help but laugh at that.

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Day 7: Free Day

So for free day I decided to show the importance of their relationship.

Val and Zendaya are possibly my favorite pairing on DWTS because their relationship is so genuine. The odds were against them. Val had his past and Z had her age. When season 16 started no one expected them to come so close to winning and no one expected them to have such a powerful friendship.

Valdaya will always be my OTP but most importantly they are my BrOtp. I admire their relationship so, so much and I hope we get more moments like these soon.

As for the video. I like to think of it as a milestone in their relationship. This wasn’t for DWTS Z didn’t have to be there yet she took time out of her hectic sechudle to do so (That’s love). This video kinda symbolizes their relationship and its one of the MANY reasons why I admire them both so much. I know this reason may seem crappy but…..idc
22 - “Please stop, you’re scaring me.” | M. C

You were currently in New York in a very tall building overlooking the beautiful skyline. Michael and the rest of the boys had a show there in about a week, but he decided to spend some time off in the city with you before then. He thought that with the busy city he might be spotted less because of all the people, so you all spent the day doing all the touristy things you could think of. You went to time square, the indoor ferris wheel, the M&Ms store, and especially the nintendo store where Michael ran straight to the Pokemon section.

After the Nintendo store you both were exhausted after running around all day, so you decided that you would order room service for dinner and just relax at for the rest of the night at the hotel.

When you both walk through the door he grabs you from behind kicking the door shut behind him, “What does my lovely girl want for dinner?” he says into your neck.

You smile, “Hmmm I’m thinking some pizza,” you say turning your head to look at him and he shakes his head, “Seriously? We have this fancy hotel with great food and you want pizza?” he questions as you look at him with a straight face making him smile, “This is why I love you,” you roll your eyes, “Because I want pizza and not some fancy fish in a tiny ass portion that shouldn’t ever count as a meal? That’s why you love me?”

He laughs, “Its one of the many reasons I love you.” He presses his lips to your cheek and you push him away, “I’ll order the pizza,” you say laughing taking your phone out looking up the number before dialing. 

When the pizza comes and is quickly eaten you both find yourself dancing along to one of Michael’s playlist. With a beer in your hand and one in Michael’s you both jump up and down on the couch in the living room singing along to the songs, well, more like screaming. You both down your beers and Michael pulls you close to him falling back onto the couch pulling you on top of him, and you lay your head on his chest, “Damn i’m tired. You wore me out with all your amazing dancing skills,” you say but start laughing not being able to keep a straight face.

He chuckles and you pull him up by his hand towards the bedroom first turning off the music. Once in the bedroom he kisses the top of your head, “I’ll be right back baby. I’m just going to use the restroom,” you nod and head over to the sliding door that leads out into the balcony. You look out the door to the skyline admiring the view when Michael comes up next to you sliding the door open, “You know it looks better without a layer of glass in the way.”

You roll your eyes, “I’m fine I just…um…,” you hesitate and Michael knits his eyebrows together, “What’s wrong?” 

You sigh, “I’m..I’m afraid of heights,” you say looking out into the skyline and he takes your hand, “Come on,” he says pulling you gently onto the balcony and you try to pull away, “I got you. I would never let anything bad happen to you.”

You smile and follow him onto the balcony, and he pretends to fall over the side, “Michael Clifford!” you scream and he smiles, “Relax sweetheart,” he says and does it one more time to mess with you, “Please stop, you’re scaring me,” you say and he walks towards you pulling you into his arms, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist. I wont do it again, but come here i’ll hold you,” he says slowly walking you towards the railing so that you are in from of him, “See? Not so scary. Right baby?” he says and you turn your head towards him, “Just as long as your next to me,” you say, and he smiles, “I’m never going anywhere,” he says sealing the deal with him attaching his lips to yours.

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I just reached a followers milestone and I owe it all to you!! 4 digits! Holy cow! 

I have to thank you all for the likes, reblogs, lovely messages, replies and words of encouragement while working on this blog. Its a lot of fun and it gives me an excuse to hang out with cats. 

A quick behind the scenes on this blog. I  started several years ago as a way of showcasing all of the cat photos I had taken since my arrival in Istanbul. On days when I don’t have a lot of work obligations, I pick an area of Istanbul and take a walk, camera in hand. Ideally, I would love to bring my Nikon DSLR (D3000 50mm 1.4g lens, in case you’re curious) everywhere with me, but sometimes the size is a bit cumbersome. Many of my photographs are actually taken with my Samsung Galaxy A5. 

I also have my favorite cats and my favorite neighborhoods. Cihangir is a cat gold mine, as well as Moda on the Asian side and Yesilkoy. In the area around our home, we have some recurring characters as I like to call them. There is the ‘Manav Cat’, who is always fast asleep at the green grocers. And of course you may have seen the very large, very orange cat who tries and tries to fit his own massive body on that little wall. I call him B.O., for ‘big orange.’. I had another we called ‘Goggles’, but she has been missing for the last 6 months… :(

When I’m out, usually have some cat food in my bag and a bottle of water. Unfortunately, not all the cats I come across are as healthy as the ones I photograph. We bring the worst of the worst to the vet and see what we can do, but sometimes, all we can do is make sure they have a full belly, are hydrated and get a warm lap with some behind the ear scratches. Typically though, in Istanbul at least, people are generally friendly towards cats. During the summer months some municipalities encourage people to leave out water and many people, restaurants too, will leave food. But its neither perfect, nor ideal and life is ultimately hard for them. Its one of the many reasons why I encourage adoption. 

And finally about me. I’m American, living in Istanbul for the last 6.5yrs. I love so much about this city from the rich history, amazing food and of course how cats pretty much rule and are really part of the fabric of Istanbul. I married a really terrific, cat-loving Turkish guy last year and we have two cats of our own, with the occasional rehabilitating stray. We adopted the sickly brother and sister at 5wks old, spending the first month with them clearing them of all the infections and diseases. We named them Katu and Cimu, which in the Black Sea language of Laz means ‘Cat’ and ‘Salt’. Now they’re 4 years old and have complete control of the house. 

I have other interests besides cats too, but they’re not so blog worthy. I actually love all animals and we dream of owning a rehabilitation/retirement farm in western Turkey for cats, dogs, sheep horses, cows, goats and anything else. I love traveling, both around Turkey and internationally. Cooking, baking and also eating as a past time, crocheting lopsided scarves and learning more and more about my Nikon and photography in general. 

Wow! That became quite a lengthy post. Thank you all!

(In the photo, I’m on the right and while out with friends we spotted the famous Gil in Hagia Sofia.).